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  Giants | Evan Engram ticketed for versatile role    Fri Apr 28, 01:31 AM

New York Giants TE Evan Engram will be used 'in a variety of ways,' according to head coach Ben McAdoo. GM Jerry Reese also said the team viewed Engram as someone that could 'line up anywhere.'

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  Chiefs | Alex Smith to remain starter    Fri Apr 28, 01:19 AM

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith will remain the team's starter, according to head coach Andy Reid.

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  Bengals | John Ross an option on returns    Fri Apr 28, 01:17 AM

Cincinnati Bengals WR John Ross (shoulder) is a candidate to handle kickoff returns, according to head coach Marvin Lewis.

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  Bengals | John Ross could return in July    Fri Apr 28, 01:06 AM

Cincinnati Bengals WR John Ross (shoulder), who underwent labrum surgery following the NFL Combine, indicated he'd be cleared to practice in July, and head coach Marvin Lewis said he should be ready to go near the start of the season.

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  Panthers | Christian McCaffrey to fill many roles    Fri Apr 28, 12:37 AM

Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey will be used in a similar capacity to his time at Stanford, according to head coach Ron Rivera, who also indicated McCaffrey will serve as a punt returner.

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  Bears | Mike Glennon to remain starter    Fri Apr 28, 12:16 AM

Chicago Bears QB Mike Glennon will remain the team's starting quarterback, according to GM Ryan Pace.

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  Packers | Green Bay looking to deal 33rd pick?    Fri Apr 28, 12:11 AM

The Green Bay Packers are fielding calls from teams looking to trade up to the first pick of the second round (33rd overall) to draft Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer or Cal QB Davis Webb, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

  Texans | Tom Savage will be the starter    Fri Apr 28, 12:02 AM

Houston Texans QB Tom Savage will be the starting quarterback in 2017, according to head coach Bill O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith, and QB Deshaun Watson will come in and learn.

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  Browns | David Njoku selected by the Browns    Thu Apr 27, 11:31 PM

The Cleveland Browns selected Miami (Fla.) TE David Njoku with the No. 29 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: Njoku isn't a finished product but he's well on his way. He's athletic, can block and can catch the ball. While we don't know who will throw him it, the Browns bring in a guy who will only get better as he develops, but is already very good.

  Chargers | Mike Williams to open up offense    Thu Apr 27, 10:54 PM

San Diego Chargers WR Mike Williams' presence will help open up the offense, according to WR Keenan Allen.

Footballguys view: Williams is dangerous as all get out, and is a big threat in the red zone. Teams cannot focus on any one aspect of this offense and Williams will attract attention, meaning other players will pop free.

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  Giants | Evan Engram selected by the Giants    Thu Apr 27, 10:51 PM

The New York Giants selected Mississippi TE Evan Engram with the No. 23 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: A bit of a surprise from the standpoint of protecting their quarterback, Engram is a nightmare to matchup against. He doesn't have the size you look for but the speed and overall athletic ability make up for it. He's a dynamic playmaker who joins a lot of other playmakers, including Brandon Marshall who plays a similar role in this offense.

  Texans | DeAndre Hopkins wanted Deshaun Watson    Thu Apr 27, 10:37 PM

Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins told the media prior to the 2017 NFL Draft that he would love to have QB Deshaun Watson throwing him the ball.

Footballguys view: And he will. Watson has the arm to make defenses pay and Hopkins can take advantage of that. The Texans could be very dangerous if Watson is as good as we think he can be.

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  Buccaneers | O.J. Howard selected by the Buccaneers    Thu Apr 27, 10:32 PM

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Alabama TE O.J. Howard with the No. 19 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: Well you can sell your Cameron Brate stock. Howard is an athletic freak and a great move tight end. He didn't quite live up to expectations at Alabama, but with a little seasoning he should be a big weapon for Jameis Winston, especially with Mike Evans attracting defenses.

  Panthers | Carolina in love with Christian McCaffrey     Thu Apr 27, 10:10 PM

Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey has 'elite skills,' according to general manager Dave Gettleman. 'So much value there,' Gettleman said. 'He was a guy we targeted.'

Footballguys view: He can do a lot of different things very well and he's faster than people expect. He doesn't have the size to run people over but he can make them miss and teams can use him so many ways, it's ridiculous. The Panthers are going to love this guy.

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  Titans | Corey Davis loves Marcus Mariota    Thu Apr 27, 09:52 PM

Tennessee Titans WR Corey Davis said QB Marcus Mariota is his 'favorite' quarterback. 'He is smart, he is very accurate and I told you before I like the swagger he has going on,' Davis said. 'He is very poised, and he is a great leader. Catching passes from him, it is going to be right.'

Footballguys view: Well the dude knows how to kiss butt. Which is wise when you are the new guy. That said, Davis doesn't have to work that hard, as he is the best receiver they have without any doubt. He and Mariota should have a lot of success.

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  Texans | Houston selects Deshaun Watson    Thu Apr 27, 09:36 PM

The Houston Texans selected Clemson QB Deshaun Watson with the No. 12 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: We love the move up since Houston is in such dire need of a quarterback. Watson has the athleticism, height, production and leadership in the huddle which all teams look for in a quarterback prospect. Watson's ability to avoid sacks and his general mobility are another plus in a league which has begun to find new ways to take advantage of those traits, and anyone who has seen him play in the last two National Title games knows he can step up in big moments and lead his team when they need it. This is a great pick for Houston.

  Browns | Cleveland not pursuing Kirk Cousins?    Thu Apr 27, 09:27 PM

The Cleveland Browns have not made any trade offers for Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins, according to Jason La Canfora.

Footballguys view: Sounds like this was wishful thinking on somebody's part. It seems like this would have been a very expensive answer for a team rebuilding and one which values picks a lot.

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  Chiefs | Kansas City selects Patrick Mahomes    Thu Apr 27, 09:21 PM

The Kansas City Chiefs selected Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes with the No. 10 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: When you trade a first this year and a first next year (put aside the third this year) and hop up 17 spots, it's a quarterback. We knew they loved Mahomes and now they've proven it. Mahomes has confidence and the arm to back it up, with the accuracy to make big throws downfield. When he needs to fit a ball into a tight window, he has no issue adding a little extra zip on the ball as well. The problem with all that confidence - and the knowledge that you can beat the odds - is you get a bit too confident. He will get a year or so to season behind Alex Smith and that's a good thing.

  Bengals | Cincinnati selects John Ross    Thu Apr 27, 09:16 PM

The Cincinnati Bengals selected Washington WR John Ross with the No. 9 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: We're not huge fans of this pick but we like Ross. The Bengals have so many holes elsewhere though, this is a bit of a shock. Were they enamored of the 40 time at the Combine? They need someone across from AJ Green, but this is a bit less of a need than we wanted.Ross can be a big time weapon and was very productive. He could be a deep ball threat if the Bengals can protect Andy Dalton.

  Panthers | Carolina selects Christian McCaffrey    Thu Apr 27, 09:07 PM

The Carolina Panthers selected Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: His draft week rise is finally over. With Jonathan Stewart aging, McCaffrey is going to see reps sooner than later. He's not a big back and struggles at times to break arm tackles but he can do everything else - catch the ball, create his own yards, carry a big load - and shows tremendous patience when looking for his holes. Not as huge as Leonard Fournette and not going to wear defenses down the same way, but an very talented back in every other way. We like him here and he should see a lot of work sooner than later

  Jaguars | Leonard Fournette a three-down back?    Thu Apr 27, 09:07 PM

Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette's ideal playing weight is around 230 pounds, according to executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin, and Coughlin said he doesn't have any questions about Fournette being able to play all three downs.

Footballguys view: Apparently he caught some balls for people as well. This could be big news for fantasy owners this season. We'll keep you posted but if true, Fournette could produce a lot of fantasy points.

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  Chargers | Mike Williams selected by the Chargers    Thu Apr 27, 08:58 PM

The Los Angeles Chargers selected Clemson WR Mike Williams with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: We love Keenan Allen but the man can't stay healthy and Philip Rivers needs help. Williams has excellent body control and is equally effective digging the ball off the turf as he is snatching it out of the air. A natural hands-catcher, Williams is also able to use his arms to ward off defenders and create separation, though at his size he should be more physical. Williams is an instant red zone threat too, something the Chargers need with Antonio Gates aging. He's a huge help to this offense and an aggressive receiver the Chargers need.

  Browns | Cleveland looking to acquire Kirk Cousins    Thu Apr 27, 08:56 PM

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is a player the Cleveland Browns are trying to acquire.

Footballguys view: So the ownership is panicking now that Mitch Trubisky is off the board. We're lukewarm on this overall, but would reserve judgement until we saw how much it cost them. On the other hand, are you so close to being a contender that you need a veteran quarterback right now?

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  Titans | Tennessee selects Corey Davis    Thu Apr 27, 08:47 PM

The Tennessee Titans selected Western Michigan WR Corey Davis with the No. 5 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: Tennessee picks up some help for Marcus Mariota, Davis didn't work out for anyone because of an injury. A touchdown machine, Davis is going to have to prove he can do it against better competition than he saw in college. He runs a solid route and has good hands, though, so we think he could be special with Mariota throwing the ball.

  Jaguars | Jacksonville selects Leonard Fournette    Thu Apr 27, 08:36 PM

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Louisiana State RB Leonard Fournette with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: This can only help Blake Bortles as they get an upgrade in the backfield. A big, bruising back who can hammer you all game, Fournette is going to wear defenses down in the AFC South. He won't make guys miss but he will stomp them flat. With the receivers they the Jaguars have, he is not seeing many stacked fronts we'd expect.

  Bears | Chicago picks Mitchell Trubisky second    Thu Apr 27, 08:22 PM

The Chicago Bears selected North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: So that escalated quickly. The Bears traded up big time giving up the 3rd overall, 67th, 11th this year plus a 3rd next year. Trubinksy has a good build, exactly the type you look for in an NFL quarterback prospect. He's mobile, and can be dangerous with his legs, but also delivers a crisp ball. He can make a throw to anywhere on the field, with good velocity from any angle. The problem is experience, but if you liked what you saw, he's got the upside. We guess Mike Glennon isn't pleased.

  Chiefs | KC could trade up to pick Patrick Mahomes    Thu Apr 27, 06:37 PM

The Kansas City Chiefs are 'known to love' Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes and have 'entertained' trading up in the draft in order to select him. Many around the league expect Mahomes to go in the top-10.

Footballguys view: We think this would actually be a good fit for Mahomes. He could sit behind Alex Smith for a couple of seasons as he knocks off the rough edges of his game. The question is whether he is a smokescreen for someone trying to move back or if the Chiefs are really interested in him and moving up to get him.

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  NFL | Evan Engram's stock rising?    Thu Apr 27, 05:47 PM

Mississippi TE Evan Engram has suddenly become a late first-round option, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Footballguys view: Well, it's a pretty good tight end class so it's not a surprise to see another good tight end move up the board. This could make three tight ends in the first round which we actually don't expect. One of the storylines that should be fascinating to see play out. Seems like the Giants are looking for the answer at tight end. Could this be it?

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  Browns | Cleveland wants to trade up    Thu Apr 27, 05:00 PM

North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky could still be drafted by the Cleveland Browns even with the Browns taking Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett at No. 1. The Browns have been calling teams in an effort to move up from their No. 12 overall pick to draft Trubisky.

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  Cowboys | Shaquelle Evans waived    Thu Apr 27, 04:16 PM

Dallas Cowboys WR Shaquelle Evans was waived Thursday, April 27.

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  Giants | Odell Beckham's option picked up    Thu Apr 27, 03:58 PM

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. officially had his fifth-year option exercised Thursday, April 27.

Footballguys view: In other news, someone will get picked first overall Thursday night. This, like the probability someone is selected with the first overall pick, was a pretty sure bet. Even with some of His tantrum issues, Beckham was going to get that fifth year activated.

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  Eagles | Carson Wentz had eye surgery    Thu Apr 27, 02:50 PM

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz (eyes) underwent laser eye surgery this offseason.

Footballguys view: This should have no impact on training camp, much less the season. Went might see defenses a little better but more realistically this provides him with a good advertising deal and sponsorship.

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  Lions | David Njoku has intriguing connection    Thu Apr 27, 01:07 PM

Miami TE David Njoku has a connection with the Detroit Lions in that his former coach, Al Golden, is the tight ends coach for the Lions. Detroit possesses the No. 21 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Footballguys view: Njoku is a name coming up a lot in regards to the first round and we know the New York Giants are interested as well. We expect he'll be gone by the end of the first round.

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  Jaguars | Deshaun Watson linked to Jaguars    Thu Apr 27, 09:02 AM

Clemson QB Deshaun Watson has been linked in chatter to the Jacksonville Jaguars as a possible selection at No. 4 overall in the NFL draft.

Footballguys view: We're not sure we buy the Jacksonville quarterback rumors, but Watson's name has been coming up more and more as a potential top ten pick. Of course, you can also chalk it up to teams looking to trade down stoking the fires of interest.

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  Ravens | Corey Davis of interest to Baltimore    Wed Apr 26, 10:21 PM

Western Michigan WR Corey Davis is reportedly drawing 'considerable interest' from the Baltimore Ravens, according to league sources.

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  Steelers | No hope for Ladarius Green?    Wed Apr 26, 09:05 PM

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not appear to have much faith in TE Ladarius Green producing for them, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette.

Footballguys view: Jesse James is in line to be the starter with Xavier Grimble coming on as a receiving tight end. Don't be surprised if the Steelers take a receiving tight end this weekend. They have been linked to Ole Miss TE Evan Engram in the first round more often as the draft has gotten closer.

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  Raiders | Marshawn Lynch contract update    Wed Apr 26, 07:02 PM

Updating previous reports, Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch signed a two-year deal worth a base salary of $9 million, according to a source. The deal could be worth as much as $16.5 million.

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  49ers | Several miss 49ers practice    Wed Apr 26, 06:18 PM

San Francisco 49ers WR Bruce Ellington (undisclosed), C Jeremy Zuttah (undisclosed), TE Je'Ron Hamm (leg), RB Raheem Mostert (undisclosed), LB Eli Harold (toe) and TE Blake Bell (head) did not participate in practice Wednesday, April 26.

Footballguys view: Ellington has a chance to be the #3 receiver after an injury denied him that opportunity last year, but he needs to stay healthy. Jeremy Kerley is his main competition for the job.

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  Ravens | Three Ravens ERFAs sign tenders    Wed Apr 26, 05:56 PM

Baltimore Ravens exclusive rights free-agent WR Keenan Reynolds, OT De'Ondre Wesley and LB Brennen Beyer have recently signed their tender offers.

Footballguys view: Reynolds is a very poor man's version of Christian McCaffery with his RB/WR/KR/PR skillset. He got on the 53-man roster at the end of the season and could make it to open the 2017 campaign.

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  Titans | Coach has not talked with Derrick Henry    Wed Apr 26, 04:53 PM

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Mularkey said he has not talked with RB Derrick Henry since Henry decided not to report for offseason workouts. Henry is currently taking classes at the University of Alabama.

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  Jets | Several Jets waived Wednesday    Wed Apr 26, 03:49 PM

New York Jets RB Brandon Burks, WR Darius Jennings, LS Josh Latham, LB Jeff Luc and DE Julien Obioha were waived Wednesday, April 26.

Footballguys view: Burks had a chance to make the team as a third back and push Brandon Wilds. He's got NFL athleticism and could turn up at a camp.

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  Broncos | Vance Joseph expects long QB battle    Wed Apr 26, 03:28 PM

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph said he expects the competition between QBs Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch to last for a long time because both players are working hard.

Footballguys view: This one is a true quarterback competition and with Gary Kubiak gone, there should be no favorites. Siemian is probably more advanced and safer, but Lynch offers athletic and arm talent upside. The offense should be more pass-heavy this year, so the winner will be a deep league sleeper.

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  Saints | Mark Ingram fine with Peterson addition    Wed Apr 26, 02:49 PM

New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram said he is fine with the team's signing of RB Adrian Peterson if his addition helps the team win. Ingram said he expected the team would add another running back and is not concerned about sharing playing time with Peterson.

Footballguys view: Ingram responded extremely well to basically being benched for Tim Hightower at one point last year, so he should get motivation from the signing of Peterson and understand that he's not going to be a 300 touch back in this backfield. His ADP will fall, but he'll still be worth a pick in the fifth-eighth round range at worst after having an early third round ADP before the Peterson signing.

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  Raiders | Marshawn Lynch will be used on early downs    Wed Apr 26, 02:13 PM

Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch is expected to be on the field for first and second downs with the Raiders. RB DeAndre Washington, RB Jalen Richard and FB Jamize Olawale are expected to see time on third down.

Footballguys view: This is the same role Latavius Murray turned into solid RB2 numbers last year. Unless Lynch is horribly out of shape (which seems unlikely considering reports and the Raiders willingness to trade for and pay him), he can reproduce that level of production.

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  NFL | Davis Webb has 'Dak-like' intangibles?    Wed Apr 26, 01:57 PM

California QB Davis Webb 'has Dak (Prescott)-like intangibles, according to one national scout.

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  Browns | Davis Webb a fallback option?    Wed Apr 26, 12:04 PM

California QB Davis Webb is reportedly a target for the Cleveland Browns at the top of Round 2 if they fail to land North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky in the first round, according to Draft Analyst's Tony Pauline.

Footballguys view: Webb has gotten high marks from teams for his size and intangibles, but there are holes in his game, especially outside of structure. Buzz has him going in the top 50-60 picks, but it feels like a classic quarterback reach.

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  NFL | O.J. Howard receives clean report    Wed Apr 26, 11:50 AM

Alabama TE O.J. Howard received an A-plus medical report.

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  Chargers | Mike Williams works out for Chargers    Wed Apr 26, 10:54 AM

Clemson WR Mike Williams worked out for the Los Angeles Chargers Thursday, April 20, according to sources.

Footballguys view: The Chargers have the seventh pick and Williams is in consideration in that range of the first round, but the Chargers have three good wide receivers locked up long term. It would be a surprise if he went to Los Angeles.

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  Titans | Mike Williams worked out for Titans    Wed Apr 26, 10:54 AM

Clemson WR Mike Williams worked out for the Tennessee Titans Thursday, April 20, according to sources.

Footballguys view: Williams could be one of the Titans two first-round picks, although he is unlikely to fall to #18. He makes sense at #5, or at a pick later if the Titans can trade down, which they seem to be eager to do. Williams might not be the best fit with Marcus Mariota, who is more of a precision passer than a 50/50 ball chucker, but the Titans clearly have a need at wide receiver.

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  Seahawks | Fifth-rounder coming for Beast Mode    Wed Apr 26, 10:47 AM

Updating earlier reports, Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch's rights are headed to the Oakland Raiders, along with a sixth-round pick in 2018, for a fifth-round pick from the Raiders in 2018.

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