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QB Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions

6-2, 225Born: 2-7-1988College: GeorgiaDrafted: Round 1, pick 1

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Week 8: at Houston Texans

All QB vs HOU

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Recent Stats and Projections

4 at CHI 63 23 36 213 0 2 2 17 0 0 10.35
5 vs PHI 61 19 25 180 3 0 6 16 0 1 21.6
6 vs LA 62 23 31 270 4 0 5 14 0 0 30.9
7 vs WAS 53 18 29 266 1 0 2 32 0 0 19.5

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 7 vs WAS (18 / 29 / 266 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 32 / 0 rush)

Stafford and the Lions passing offense came into this game with a matchup problem on one side (Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Lions receiver Marvin Jones) and a matchup advantage (Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland) on the other. It is worth noting that the Lions were missing two critical pieces of their passing game in running back Theo Riddick and tight end Eric Ebron. Stafford and the Lions had trouble in the first half and could not put the ball into the end zone, but they moved it well at times and were plagued by a few critical drops. Wide receiver Andre Caldwell had a bad drop and Tate dropped an easy ball that would have led to a first down. His drop led to a field goal attempt that ended up way wide. One of Stafford's two biggest plays of the first half came on a strange play. Stafford threw an inaccurate ball and it hit the back of Breeland and bounced straight in the air, and Tate caught it and took it for 16 yards. Stafford's biggest play of the half came on a tunnel screen to Tate, and it went for 27 yards, all coming after the catch. In the first half, Stafford was 9-of-12 of throws that were graded, with one ball being batted down at the line of scrimmage. Stafford used his legs early in the second half, avoiding pressure and gaining 18 yards and a first down. Early in the second half, he also took a shot deep down the field to receiver Marvin Jones who had a step on Norman, and Stafford placed the throw about as perfectly as a quarterback can with Jones extending to make the catch even while drawing an interference penalty on Norman. Norman was hurt on the 52-yard play, and missed the rest of the game and that opened up things for the Lions offense. Stafford immediately threw at Jones twice in the red zone, completing one for 11 yards down to the one-yard line and he targeted Jones on the next play as well. The two weren't on the same page as Jones ran a fade into the corner and Stafford threw a slant route. The miscommunication led to an incompletion and eventually a one-yard touchdown for running back Zach Zenner. The Lions took more shots down the field with Norman out, but continued to utilize the short passing game as well. Stafford hit Tate with a shovel pass that went for 22 yards and then hit Boldin for a nine-yard toss that moved the chains and set the Lions up in the red zone. Stafford clearly was hot as he hit Tate with a throw in the back corner of the end zone that may have been a score, but it was negated by a holding call. With the Lions backed up and on third-and-long, Stafford forced an inaccurate throw to Tate, and it was a bad decision as Tate wasn't open or is a great position to catch the pass. On the next drive, Stafford hit Jones for seven yards and a first down and on the next play he attacked the defense vertically as Tate beat his man at the line of scrimmage and streaked down the left sideline. Stafford dropped the pass perfectly and it was a fantastic throw, but safety Will Blackmon made an outstanding play breaking up the pass which would have been a huge play. With less than two minutes in the game and trailing by four points, Stafford and the Lions got possession of the ball at their own 25-yard line. Rolling to his left, Stafford threw from a sidearm angle to his right and hit Jones on a deep crossing route that went for 23 yards. This throw was unbelievable and set up the Lions on their last possession. On the next play, Stafford was pressured and took off for a 14-yard gain which helped push the Lions down the field. On the third play of the drive, Stafford threw an inaccurate ball but was helped out by a great catch from receiver Andre Caldwell. The play went for 20 yards and the Lions were now in the red zone at the Washington 18-yard line. On first down, Stafford hit Tate with a perfectly placed ball that might have been a touchdown, but Redskins cornerback Greg Toler made a perfect play with his body and prevented Tate from getting his feet in bounds in the end zone. On a third-down play and needing 10 yards, Stafford hit receiver Anquan Boldin with a bullet and an 18-yard score to put the Lions up 20-17. Boldin ran a stop-and-go route, finding the soft spot of the Redskins zone defense and Stafford fit the ball into a tiny window over the linebacker and in front of the cornerback. It was a perfect throw that showed the arm strength, accuracy and confidence that Stafford is playing with right now. Stafford was 12-of-16 from an accuracy perspective in the second half and 21-of-28 on the day overall.

2016 Week 6 vs LA (23 / 31 / 270 / 4 / 0 pass, 5 / 14 / 0 rush)

Stafford and the Lions passing offense came into this game with a clear plan to do their best to get the ball out quickly because of the amount of pressure the Rams can bring from their front four. Pressure is a very big deal for Stafford as he deals with it very poorly and his success this year is because of a scheme tailored to his strengths as a player. Those strengths were on display in Week 6 as Stafford was about as accurate as possible, even if the throws he was making were not down the field and challenging the defense vertically. Stafford was particularly sharp getting the ball to his receivers without making them stop their feet which allowed them to generate lots of yardage after the catch. Stafford with receiver Golden Tate on a short tunnel-screen and he made a defender miss, taking it 34 yards into the red zone. Stafford hit receiver Marvin Jones on a back-shoulder throw for a seven-yard score. Stafford's throw displayed great accuracy and allowed only Jones to get the ball and not the defender. The Lions used the screen game to slow down the pass rush, but it was limited with running back Theo Riddick out to injury. Stafford worked the middle of the field and threw quick slants throughout the game, and also displayed great arm strength on a few throws to receiver Anquan Boldin between the linebacker and the safety. Stafford's second touchdown throw came on a bit of a broken play that saw pressure come up the middle of the offensive line. Stafford flushed to the right and threw a pass to the corner of the end zone to receiver Andre Caldwell for a two-yard score. This throw came off his back foot and was remarkably accurate, but dangerous as well. Stafford threw 16 passes in the first half but one was tipped at the line of scrimmage, one was a throwaway and one was dropped. Of the 14 throws to be graded, Stafford was accurate on 13 of them. The only inaccurate throw came on a miscommunication between Stafford and Jones in the end zone. Stafford was expecting Jones to run a slant but Jones ran a fade to the pylon. Stafford's hot play continued in the second half as he continued to exploit open areas in coverage over the middle of the field. Stafford utilized the hard-count and drew the Rams off-side, and on the free play he threw to a wide open Tate running down the left sideline. The play ended up going for 61 yards and set the Lions up first-and-goal at the Rams one-yard line. A few plays later he whistled a throw to Boldin for a four-yard score, and it was a great throw as Boldin was only open for a split-second between two defenders. Stafford's weapons dealt with a bad case of drops in the second half as Jones, Tate and newly acquired running back Justin Forsett all had drops within minutes of each other. Stafford hit Tate on a 23-yard throw on a slant route, and it was an easy pitch and catch that allowed Tate to waltz into the end zone. Stafford's only mistake of the half came on a very poor decision when he forced a throw all the way across the field rolling to his left and throwing back to the right. It could easily have been intercepted but it was an accurate throw, arriving late and getting broken up by a Rams defender. With the game tied at 28, Stafford worked the Lions deep into Rams territory hitting Boldin in the middle of the field and Tate on quick hitting plays. Stafford threw 15 passes in the second half and was accurate on all but one of them (the mental error to Jones), connecting on 14-of-15 throws. Overall, Stafford was 27-of-29 on the day from an accuracy perspective, throwing for four scores and zero interceptions.

2016 Week 5 vs PHI (19 / 25 / 180 / 3 / 0 pass, 6 / 16 / 0 rush)

Stafford and the passing offense came out of the starting gate on fire as they had three first-half possessions and out the ball in the end zone three times. With the running game helping to put the passing game in manageable situations, Stafford gashed the Eagles taking intermediate shots and utilizing the short passing game. Stafford also tucked the ball and ran with it when he was flushed from the pocket and his runs resulted in two first downs in the first half. Stafford hit running back Theo Riddick twice in the first half for scores and then hit receiver Marvin Jones in the back of the end zone for a third score. In the first half, Stafford threw 15 passes, but one was a throwaway. He had 14 throws to be graded and was accurate on 12 of them. The second half started rough as the Eagles applied immediate pressure to Stafford and he took a sack and then dropped the football scrambling away from pressure which led to Eagles points. Everything that happened on the second half came from very short throws as the Lions offensive line wasn't holding up at the point of attack or creating any push in the running game. Stafford only completed two throws that went for more than 10 yards, one going to receiver Marvin Jones for 10 yards and the last throw of the game going to Tate for 27 yards. On the last throw, Stafford was patient and let Tate clear the trash in the middle of the field on an intermediate crosser and threw off his back foot and hit him in stride, not forcing Tate to stop his feet. Tate caught it in stride and took the ball into the red zone. Stafford threw ten passes in the second half and threw one away due to pressure. He had nine throws that were graded and was accurate on all nine of them. Overall, Stafford was 21-of-23 on the day, but the inconsistency between the first half and second half are alarming.

2016 Week 4 vs CHI (23 / 36 / 213 / 0 / 2 pass, 2 / 17 / 0 rush)

The passing offense was incredibly inefficient in this contest as Stafford was only able to generate 213 yards passing on 36 attempts. While he was accurate, he just didn't challenge the deeper parts of the field as he only attempted two throws of 20+ yards, one close to being complete and another that was clearly overthrown. Stafford was forced to move off of his drop as pressure pushed him out of the pocket multiple times in this game. When he moved to his right he was still somewhat accurate but when he moved to his left he had a hard time being accurate with his throws. The passing attack looked out of sorts from the start and Stafford actually crossed the line of scrimmage by at least two yards before throwing a pass in the first quarter. The offense had zero flow and rhythm throughout the entire game, and the only way the offense moved the ball was utilizing short throws and screen passes. It was a tight game pretty much the entire way and the Lions out up only three points in the first half. Stafford drove the Lions down the field and into Bears territory late in the second quarter, but a miscommunication between Stafford and receiver Golden Tate caused an interception, taking away an opportunity to put points on the board in a very close contest. From an accuracy standpoint, Stafford was 15-of-19 on 20 throws in the first half, not counting the interception that wasn't his fault. The Lions got behind in the second half but stuck to their offensive script which called for runs that were mostly ineffective. Stafford remained accurate in the second half but the Bears defense contained the offense throughout the game, limiting them the entire day. Most of Stafford's throws were to the short and intermediate areas of the field and his biggest play was actually a screen pass that went to running back Zach Zenner for 22 yards. Stafford worked the middle of the field throughout the game, hitting slants to receiver Marvin Jones and crossing routes to receiver Anquan Boldin and tight end Eric Ebron. It stands out that Stafford didn't challenge the boundary at all in this game. The Lions got the ball trailing 17-6 midway through the fourth quarter, and Stafford put together a nice drive to push the Lions down the field, but an errant throw/miscommunication led to an interception that ultimately ended the ball game. Stafford led Ebron too far or underthrew Boldin, and it wasn't a good throw or decision as there were three defenders covering two Lions. However, it's not too difficult to see a problem in the route with Ebron and Boldin ending up so close together. That sums up the offense on this day, as they only accumulated two field goals and a two-point conversion in the game.

2016 Week 3 vs GB (28 / 41 / 385 / 3 / 1 pass, 2 / 11 / 0 rush)

Stafford had a very good day on the road in a hostile environment at Lambeau Field, but he was helped by the game script that forced him to throw and score just to keep pace with the high flying Packers offense. The Packers took the opening kickoff and easily carved up the Lions defense to score a quick seven points. Stafford drove the Lions into Packers territory hitting his receivers in stride and taking what the defense was giving him in in the middle of the field. However, on third down and needing 16 yards for a first down, the Packers applied pressure and flushed Stafford and he threw the ball away, taking the points instead of forcing the ball into a bad spot. The Lions were down 14-3 the next time Stafford got the ball and the Lions went three-and-out. It was a bad possession as they had a batted ball and pressure on third down forced another punt. The next time the Lions got the ball the score was 21-3 and the rout was on. However, Stafford stayed calm and made a great back-shoulder throw down the right sideline for 37 yards to wide receiver Marvin Jones. The Lions were driving and Stafford hit tight end Eric Ebron up the seam, and Packers cornerback Damarious Randall made a game changing play by ripping the ball out of Ebron's hands as he was sandwiched between two defenders going to the ground. The Packers kicked a field goal and Stafford got the ball with the Lions down three touchdowns. The Lions moved the ball down the field as Stafford hit receiver Golden Tate a few times and Ebron down the seam to get the Lions into scoring territory. He forced a throw to Jones in the end zone as Jones was open by a half-step and Stafford underthrew the ball, and the dangerous throw was knocked to the ground by Packers defensive back Ladarius Gunter. On third down, the Packers got pressure up the middle and Stafford could get his plant leg set as defenders rolled into him as he was throwing, and he threw incomplete, setting up a field goal that was missed. Now trailing by four scores with less than a minute in the first half, Stafford hit Jones down the right sideline and Jones raced 73 yards for the score. From an accuracy perspective, Stafford was 14-of-18 in the first half. Stafford came out hot in the second half and continued to push the ball down the field. He hit Jones for 23 yards down the right sideline on a nifty design which got Jones isolated on a safety down the field. He continued to hit the Packers in the middle of the field and in the short throwing game. Stafford hit receiver Anquan Boldin for a two yard score to start the half. He continued to move the Lions and put points on the board, making it a game late. Stafford moved the Lions into the red zone on a 19-yard throw to Jones, but they got called for a false start on third down and Stafford was sacked on third down. The Lions settled for a field goal and cut the lead to 14. Stafford continued to push the ball down the field late in the game and hit Jones on a 35-yard touchdown to cut the lead to seven points and that's as close as the game would get. Accuracy wise, Stafford was 17-of-20 in the second half, and combined for a 31-of-38 total on the day, throwing for 385 yards and three scores.

2016 Week 2 vs TEN (22 / 40 / 260 / 1 / 1 pass, 2 / 31 / 0 rush)

Stafford had an up and down day, and those looking only at the box-score aren't going to understand how well he played in this game. He saw significantly more pressure in this game than he did in Week 1, and for the most part he was accurate, delivering the ball quickly into his receiver's hands and allowing them to generate yards after the catch. However, he was not in the same rhythm as he was versus Indianapolis, but neither was anyone else playing on offense for the Lions. The receivers had seven (maybe eight) drops and penalties brought back three touchdowns (two from Stafford). This was an incredibly ugly football game as penalties stunted the tempo of the offense. Stafford's touchdown came on a 24-yard throw to wide receiver Anquan Boldin. It was a dangerous throw, forced into triple coverage, but Boldin was working back to Stafford and Stafford ripped the throw across his body as he was rolling left and throwing to his right. The throw was on the money as the defenders never turned to find the ball and Boldin plucked the ball to score six. From an accuracy perspective, Stafford was 14-of-18 in the first half. He threw a one-yard touchdown pass to tight end Eric Ebron, but Ebron was flagged for offensive interference. On the very next play he fit the ball into an incredibly tight window to Boldin for a touchdown, but again, it was called back on a holding call on the offensive line. On the Lions first drive in the second half, Stafford was injured as he was hit below the left knee as he was throwing the ball. He looked injured and limped a bit over the new few sets of plays. Stafford looked to hit receiver Golden Tate deep in the second half, but they look a little out of sync right now. Stafford was a touch off with his accuracy in the second half as well, but he was still accurate enough for the offense to have made enough plays to win this game. The Lions receivers dropped at least four passes in the second half, some of them at critical times in the game. In the end, Stafford was undone via pressure he saw stunting between guard Laken Tomlinson and center Travis Swanson, throwing off his back foot right to Titans cornerback Perrish Cox who read the play perfectly to come off of his primary assignment to step into the throwing lane and pick off the pass. From an accuracy perspective, Stafford was 16-of-22 in the second half and 30-39 (with one throwaway) on the day. Stafford did show off some athleticism via a couple of quarterback runs, one going for 24 yards, with the end of the run coming on just about the worst slide ever attempted. He finished with 31 yards on two carries.

2016 Week 1 vs IND (31 / 39 / 340 / 3 / 0 pass, 2 / 5 / 0 rush)

Matthew Stafford was very consistent in this contest as the game plan put him in a position to be successful. Stafford finished completing 31 passes on 39 attempts and threw for three touchdowns with no interceptions. The Lions had Stafford throwing the ball before pressure could arrive for the majority of the day, and he was 27-of-30 on passing attempts of under nine yards. The Lions have talked about tailoring an offensive scheme to Stafford's strengths and that was fully on display in this game. Expect the Lions to continue to make short throws which allows for their offensive playmakers to generate yards after the catch. Not only does this make Stafford and the offense more efficient, but it also makes it easier to protect the quarterback which has been an issue in the past. Part of Stafford's success on this day is on the coaching staff and the understanding of the staff to just get out of the way of the playmakers on offense. Stafford's first touchdown pass came on a very nice throw into a tight window to tight end Eric Ebron from six yards out. Stafford displayed accuracy and timing with this throw as he hit Ebron just as he came open dragging along the goal line. A split second later and this pass is broken up. Stafford hit running back Ameer Abdullah for his second touchdown pass of the day on a relatively easy pitch and catch. The play was a fantastic concept that allowed Abdullah to cut to the sideline and waltz into the end zone. On his third and final touchdown of the day, Stafford showed great patience in a critical time to allow the scree to set up. He took a shot to make a play, and he hit running back Theo Riddick for a 13-yard score. There were a few throws that Stafford would probably want back, specifically the long throw down the left sideline in the first half to receiver Marvin Jones. Jones did not have his man beat as Stafford threw the ball and it could easily have been an interception. Stafford was 4-of-5 on throws of 11-20 yards and 1-of-4 on throws longer than 20 yards.


Latest News

Lions | Matt Stafford has mediocre stat line (Sun Oct 23, 08:39 PM) - Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford completed 18 of his 29 pass attempts for 266 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions in the Week 7 game against the Washington Redskins. He also ran twice for 32 yards while picking up his 100th career NFL victory.

Our View: Stafford didn't have a huge game against Washington, but he used all three of his top receivers to move the ball at key times, including hitting Anquan Boldin for the game-winning score in the last minute. He'll be a QB1 against Houston next week.
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Lions | Elite status for Matthew Stafford? (Thu Oct 20, 12:23 AM) - Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford will play in his 100th game in Week 7 against the Washington Redskins. He is finally performing at an elite level and showing no signs of slowing down, according to beat writer Justin Rogers. Over his past 14 games dating back to last season he has completed 65.9 percent of his passes with 33 touchdowns and six interceptions.

Our View: Stafford was an inconsistent mess for a bit, having a huge day and then falling apart he next week. He's looked much more stable the last two weeks, throwing for 450 yards and seven touchdowns. We expect a solid QB1 game from him this weekend, and he should be started in all formats.
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Lions | Matt Stafford sparkles in victory (Sun Oct 16, 09:08 PM) - Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford completed 23 of his 31 pass attempts for 270 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in the Week 6 game against the Los Angeles Rams. He also ran five times for 14 yards.

Our View: Stafford took advantage of a Rams defense missing Robert Quinn and Trumaine Johnson. Golden Tate had his "get right" game and Stafford was excellent at finishing drives and the game with a long field goal drive. He'll have a good matchup and should remain in the lineup as a QB1 next week.
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