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  NFL | Five clear waivers    Fri Aug 22, 05:11 PM

Free-agent DT Anthony McCloud (Cardinals), WR Jabin Sambrano (Falcons), DT Marcus Forston (Patriots), TE D.J. Williams (Patriots) and DE James Ruffin (Buccaneers) all cleared waivers Friday, Aug. 22.

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  NFL | Isaac Redman retires    Fri Aug 22, 10:42 AM

Free-agent RB Isaac Redman (back) said he is no longer able to play football after suffering a spinal cord injury in 2013.

Footballguys view: Neck injuries are difficult to come back from, and they've ended multiple careers around the NFL.

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  NFL | Kyle Cook retires    Thu Aug 21, 12:26 PM

Free-agent C Kyle Cook (Bengals) has decided to retire.

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  NFL | Four clear waivers    Wed Aug 20, 05:31 PM

Free-agent WR Kevin Elliott (Bills), LS Chad Rempel (Bears), QB Pat Devlin (Dolphins) and DT Jibreel Black (Buccaneers) all cleared waivers Wednesday, Aug. 20.

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  NFL | Nick Collins announces retirement    Tue Aug 19, 10:21 PM

Free-agent S Nick Collins (Packers) officially announced his retirement from the NFL Tuesday, Aug. 19, on his official Twitter account.

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  NFL | Four clear waivers    Fri Aug 15, 05:32 PM

Free-agent RB Ben Malena (Cowboys), FS Shelton Johnson (Raiders), LB Marshall McFadden (Raiders) and DE Doug Worthington (Redskins) all cleared no-recall waivers Friday, Aug. 15, and are free to sign with any team.

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  NFL | Ed Reed return odds dwindling    Fri Aug 15, 02:19 AM

The odds that former Baltimore Ravens FS Ed Reed will return to the NFL are decreasing, especially with the news on Thursday, Aug. 14, that Reed has joined the cast of the Showtime weekly series Inside the NFL.

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  NFL | Aaron Hernandez excused from hearing, next court date set    Thu Aug 14, 06:16 PM

Former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was excused from a pre-trial hearing for his double homicide case Thursday, Aug. 14, and will be due in court October 21.

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  NFL | Three clear waivers     Thu Aug 14, 06:01 PM

Tampa Bay Buccaneers S Mycal Swaim and Tennessee Titans DE David Gilbert and OT Viondy Merisma cleared no-recall waivers and became free agents Thursday, Aug. 14.

  NFL | Raymond Webber clears waivers    Wed Aug 13, 08:26 PM

Free-agent TE Raymond Webber (Dolphins) cleared waivers Wednesday, Aug. 13, and is eligible to sign with any team.

  NFL | Two RBs clear waivers    Wed Aug 13, 08:25 PM

Free-agent RBs Tim Cornett (Texans) and Dennis Johnson (Texans) cleared waivers Wednesday, Aug. 13, and are eligible to sign with any team.

Dennis Johnson player page

  NFL | Andre Cureton clears waivers    Wed Aug 13, 08:25 PM

Free-agent OG Andre Cureton (Cowboys) cleared waivers Wednesday, Aug. 13, and is eligible to sign with any team.

  NFL | Andre Brown clears waivers    Tue Aug 12, 05:06 PM

Free-agent RB Andre Brown (Texans) cleared waivers Tuesday, Aug. 12, and is eligible to sign with any team.

Footballguys view: Brown is now clear to sign with any team. He may have to wait until after the start of the regular season to find a new home. However, a team like the Broncos could be interested in the camp cut.

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  NFL | Several players become FAs    Mon Aug 11, 06:10 PM

Free-agent LB Trevardo Williams (Cardinals), WR Jeremy Johnson (Bengals), DT Zach Minter (Bengals), OG Darius Morris (Cowboys), WR Kofi Hughes (Texans), OG Chad X. Anderson (Colts), CB Brandon Burton (Colts), DT Jordan Miller (Jaguars), WR Danny Coale (Steelers), SS Dion Bailey (Seahawks), LB Jeremy Grable (Buccaneers) and CB Peyton Thompson (Redskins) have cleared waivers and became free agents Monday, Aug. 11.

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  NFL | Yeremiah Bell retires    Sat Aug 9, 06:02 PM

Free-agent SS Yeremiah Bell (Cardinals) has retired.

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  NFL | Richie Incognito receives interest    Fri Aug 8, 03:55 PM

Free-agent OG Richie Incognito (Dolphins) has received interest from NFL teams. Incognito said his agent is looking for opportunities for him and there have been "some nibbles."

Footballguys view: Incognito was a part of the disaster known as "Bully-gate" with the Dolphins in 2013. He's a mean, aggressive interior lineman who still has the ability to play in the NFL. Some team may add him later in the year if injuries hit up front.

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  NFL | Joshua Brent meets with commissioner    Fri Aug 8, 12:13 PM

Former Dallas Cowboys DT Joshua Brent's meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday, Aug. 7, went well, according to a source. Brent met with Goodell to determine if he'll be suspended after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter. Brent was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation. The league has not announced if Brent will be suspended.

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  NFL | Dan Connor takes new job    Fri Aug 8, 02:09 AM

Free-agent LB Dan Connor, who recently tried out with the Atlanta Falcons, has taken a job with Division II West Chester University as an assistant coach. Connor hasn't officially retired from football.

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  NFL | Two go unclaimed    Thu Aug 7, 05:50 PM

Free-agents QB Tyler Wilson (Titans) and WR Jonathan Baldwin (Lions) were unclaimed Thursday, Aug. 7, and are eligible to sign with any team.

Footballguys view: Baldwin has knee issues so nobody will touch him while Wilson has given being underwhelming a bad name. Our guess is Wilson heads to Canada and Baldwin to rehab.

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  NFL | Chris Johnson retires    Thu Aug 7, 10:48 AM

Free-agent CB Chris X. Johnson (Ravens) has retired.

Footballguys view: The Jets must be pretty upset--oh, not THAT Chris Johnson? Nothing to see here, move along.

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  NFL | Six clear waivers    Wed Aug 6, 06:03 PM

Free-agent DB Darwin Cook (Browns), TE James Oboh (Browns), DE Hall Davis (Broncos), WR Lestar Jean (Vikings), NT Tyrone Ezell (Saints) and LB Marcus Thompson (Saints) all cleared waivers Wednesday, Aug. 6, and are now unrestricted free agents.

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  NFL | Chad Johnson still hoping for NFL opportunity    Wed Aug 6, 04:28 PM

Free-agent WR Chad Johnson (Dolphins) is still hopeful for a return to the National Football League, according to agent Drew Rosenhaus. 'If they did [call], he would jump for it,' Rosenhaus said. 'Of course, he would love it. But right now, he's operating as a Canadian Football League player. We will see what happens. It's not like we're holding our breath that he's going to play in the NFL. But he's trying. That's the goal.'

Footballguys view: Johnson is donating his entire CFL salary to charity while he plays for the Montreal Alouettes. He's not looking great up in Canada, and we doubt if he ever plays in the NFL again.

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  NFL | Eight clear waivers    Tue Aug 5, 11:34 PM

DE Rakim Cox (Vikings), LB Brandon Denmark (Seahawks), FS Brandon Hardin (Jets), WR Ronald Johnson (Seahawks), WR Chandler X. Jones (Browns), OG Jason Pinkston (Browns), WR Reese Wiggins (Lions) and WR Rantavious Wooten (Dolphins) each cleared waivers Tuesday, Aug. 5, and are now unrestricted free agents.

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  NFL | Several clear waivers    Mon Aug 4, 05:42 PM

Free-agents RB Roosevelt Nix (Falcons), OT Brice Schwab (Texans), WR Greg Moore (Colts), RB James Baker (Chiefs) and CB David Van Dyke (Chiefs) have cleared waivers and are eligible to sign with any team.

  NFL | Five players clear waivers    Sun Aug 3, 08:14 PM

Free-agent DB Todd Washington (Cardinals), TE Chris Coyle (Texans), WR Cole Stanford (Patriots), RB Alvester Alexander (Steelers) and WR Jamaine Sherman (Rams) have cleared waivers and became free agents Sunday, Aug. 3.

Footballguys view: The only player to watch here in super, super deep dynasty leagues is Alexander (maybe). He's a good all-around back with the ability to play on special teams. All of these guys are long shots to make it in the NFL.

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  NFL | Vonta Leach has no plans to retire    Sun Aug 3, 03:20 PM

Free-agent FB Vonta Leach (Ravens) said he has no plans to retire and continues to work out twice a day. He has been running and lifting weights and said he has been contacted by several teams and coaches to make sure he's remaining in shape.

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  NFL | Four clear waivers     Fri Aug 1, 04:59 PM

Free-agent CB Brandon E. Smith (Bills), WR Terrence Toliver (Bears), TE Brett Brackett (Dolphins) and OG Jared Smith (Seahawks) all officially cleared waivers and became free agents Friday, Aug. 1.

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  NFL | Joshua Brent has support system    Fri Aug 1, 02:16 AM

Former Dallas Cowboys DT Joshua Brent has a support system in place if he opts to apply for reinstatement into the NFL. Fellow former Cowboys WR Michael Irvin and OG Nate Newton have reached out to Brent to offer their guidance.

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  NFL | James Gayle clears waivers    Thu Jul 31, 04:56 PM

Free-agent LB James Gayle (Titans) cleared waivers Thursday, July 31, and is eligible to sign with any team.

  NFL | Kalonji Kasham clears waivers    Thu Jul 31, 04:53 PM

Free-agent DE Kalonji Kashama (Lions) cleared waivers Thursday, July 31, and is eligible to sign with any team.

  NFL | Six clear waivers    Wed Jul 30, 08:05 PM

Free-agent WR Aaron Burks (Colts), QB Brock Jensen (Dolphins), LB Derrell Johnson (Dolphins), QB Kory Faulkner (49ers), CB Chandler Fenner (Seahawks) and OG Bronson Irwin (Seahawks) cleared waivers and have officially become free agents Wednesday, July 30.

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  NFL | Eight players clear waivers    Wed Jul 30, 02:03 AM

LB Darrin Kitchens (Bills), OT Chris Faulk (Browns), PK Jake Rogers (Browns), OT Aslam Sterling (Broncos), RB Chris Rainey (Colts), WR Gerald Ford (Dolphins), OT DeMarcus Love (Giants) and RB Brendan Bigelow (Buccaneers) all cleared waivers Tuesday, July 29. Each player is free to sign with any team.

Chris Rainey player page

  NFL | Four clear waivers    Tue Jul 29, 02:08 AM

OG James Dunbar (Bears), OT Anthony Dima (Texans), OT Jack Breckner (Colts) and LB Brandon Jenkins (Redskins) all cleared waivers Monday, July 28, and are free to sign with any team.

  NFL | Several clear waivers    Mon Jul 28, 06:17 PM

DE Jamil Merrell (Bears), OT Curtis Feigt (Bengals) and DeWayne Cherrington (Seahawks) all cleared waivers Monday, July 28, and are free to sign with any team. DB De'Quan Menzie (Panthers) also cleared waivers but has opted to retire from the NFL.

  NFL | De'Quan Menzie retires    Sun Jul 27, 06:26 PM

Free-agent CB De'Quan Menzie (Panthers) has retired.

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  NFL | Travelle Wharton to retire    Sun Jul 27, 03:49 PM

Free-agent OL Travelle Wharton (Panthers) will officially announce his retirement from the NFL Tuesday, July 29.

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  NFL | Darius Johnson arrested in May    Sun Jul 27, 12:56 AM

Free-agent WR Darius Johnson (Falcons) was arrested in May by the Atlanta Police Department for driving under the influence, expired or no driver's license on person, failure to have license on person and failure to obey signs or control devices.

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  NFL | Eric Winston waiting for right opportunity    Fri Jul 25, 11:20 PM

Free-agent OT Eric Winston (Cardinals) said he has been contacted by several teams this offseason but is waiting for the right situation to come up. He said he does not need to be guaranteed a starting job but wants to compete for a starting job.

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  NFL | Six players clear waivers    Fri Jul 25, 05:09 PM

P T.J. Conley (Bengals), RB Jourdan Brooks (Browns), WR Kenny Shaw (Browns), LB DeRon Furr (Chiefs), LB Kion Wilson (Steelers) and TE Chase Dixon (Seahawks) all cleared waivers Friday, July 25, and are free to sign with any team.

Kion Wilson player page

  NFL | Kevin Burnett update    Fri Jul 25, 05:06 PM

Updating a previous report, the Oakland Raiders released LB Kevin Burnett (ankle) with a failed physical designation Friday, July 25.

Footballguys view: Burnett missed a lot of the offseason and underwhelmed last season after signing a big contract. When he gets healthy, we expect him to catch on somewhere as a run-stopper.

Kevin Burnett player page

  NFL | Will Hill loses appeal    Fri Jul 25, 10:26 AM

Free-agent FS Will Hill (Giants) lost his appeal for his six-game suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy. Hill signed with the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League in the offseason.

Footballguys view: Hill had a great season but the suspension is his third since he was drafted. He needs to get his head on straight if he is going to reach his potential.

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  NFL | Mike Shanahan interested in coaching again    Fri Jul 25, 10:07 AM

Former head coach Mike Shanahan is interested in coaching again for a contending team with the right ownership.

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  NFL | More on Titus Young's legal woes    Fri Jul 25, 01:31 AM

Updating an ongoing story, former NFL WR Titus Young (Lions) was in a Compton, Calif. courtroom Wednesday, July 23, for a preliminary hearing on five counts of battery, including one felony charge. He is due to return to court Aug. 22 and will remain in Los Angeles County police custody on a $105,000 bail.

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  NFL | Nine players go unclaimed    Thu Jul 24, 06:20 PM

WR Kelsey Pope (Cardinals), CB Royce Adams (Browns), OG Jarrod Pughsley (Cowboys), LB Shaun Lewis (Packers), RB Beau Blankenship (Jaguars), DE Spencer Nealy (Vikings), WR Tyler McDonald (Patriots), DB Lowell Rose (Jets) and LB Jonas Mouton (Chargers) all cleared waivers Thursday, July 24, and are free to sign with any team.

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  NFL | Kyle Orton wants to play in 2014    Wed Jul 23, 06:31 PM

Free-agent QB Kyle Orton (Cowboys) does not want to retire and wants to play in 2014, according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Footballguys view: Um, okay. We thought the whole reason why the team released him earlier this year was because he wasn't showing up in the offseason and wanted to quit football. Orton should be able to find a job as a clipboard holder somewhere.

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  NFL | Running backs compensation note    Wed Jul 23, 05:26 PM

Only Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will make more money than Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles, among their positional peers, following Charles' two-year extension.

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  NFL | Police and courts: Titus Young legal update    Tue Jul 22, 09:47 PM

Updating a previous story, free-agent WR Titus Young (Lions) was charged with felony battery with serious bodily injury from an alleged July 8 incident inside a Los Angeles-area hospital. The charges stemmed from Young reportedly punching his then-attorney Brian Hurwitz, 34, several times in the face, rendering him unconscious. The police report obtained by the Free Press stated Hurwitz complained of jaw and forehead pain, as well as suffering what he believed to have been a broken nose. According to the report, Young reacted to Hurwitz informing him that he wouldn't be released from the medical facility. The former NFL wide receiver had to be subdued with tranquilizers administered by hospital employees. In total, Young now faces 16 criminal charges in two Southern California counties.

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  NFL | Tim Tebow still working out    Tue Jul 22, 12:39 PM

Free-agent QB Tim Tebow (Patriots) is still working out, hoping for another shot at signing with an NFL team. 'I feel great,' Tebow said. 'I feel the strongest, healthiest, throwing the best I ever have. I'm just really excited about the improvement.'

Footballguys view: Oh Timmy. We would be shocked if a team took a chance on Tebow--even as a camp arm. Adding him would be a distraction that most teams don't want. He's a fine runner, but his struggles with accuracy are unlikely to be fixed. Tebow's a great guy, but his playing days in the NFL are likely over.

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  NFL | Darius Lipford draws interest     Mon Jul 21, 03:27 PM

Undrafted free-agent LB Darius Lipford (North Carolina) has three other potential suitors who are interested in working out the linebacker. The San Francisco 49ers worked out Lipford last week.

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  NFL | Phillip Hunt to work out soon    Mon Jul 21, 03:05 PM

Former Philadelphia Eagles DE Phillip Hunt (knee) has recovered from anterior cruciate ligament surgery and should begin workouts with teams in the near future.

Footballguys view: Teams will want to see if Hunt is healthy before signing him. If healthy, Hunt could work as a part-time pass-rusher. He might have to wait until after Week 1 to find a new team. After Week 1, veterans salaries are not guaranteed for the rest of the year.

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