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  NFL | Roddy White talking to teams    Tue Jul 26, 03:15 PM

Free-agent WR Roddy White (Falcons) wants to play this season and is in contact with a few teams, according to a source.

Footballguys view: There can't be that many teams interested in White at this point of his career. He's nowhere near the player he used to be, but there might be a squad interested in adding veteran depth.

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  NFL | Devin Hester not retiring    Tue Jul 26, 03:08 PM

Free-agent WR Devin Hester (Falcons) does not plan to retire from the NFL after being released by the Atlanta Falcons Tuesday, July 26.

Footballguys view: We can't imagine the phone lines burning up to get in touch with Hester. At this point in his career, Hester will only contribute as a return man. The new rules for kickoffs have almost completely negated a player like him.

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  NFL | Corey Wootton retires    Tue Jul 26, 01:18 PM

Free-agent DE Corey Wootton (Vikings) announced his retirement via Twitter on Tuesday, July 26. Wootton recorded 12 sacks in 86 career games with the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

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  NFL | Antonio Cromartie may not play again    Mon Jul 25, 05:19 PM

Free-agent CB Antonio Cromartie may not play in the NFL again due to lingering concerns with his hip.

Footballguys view: At this time, Cromartie is insisting that his hip is not a problem and that he has no plans to retire. We'll see if the 32-year old can latch on with a team before the season starts. Perhaps injuries in training camp will get teams interested in the veteran.

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  NFL | Peyton Manning cleared by NFL    Mon Jul 25, 11:26 AM

Former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning was cleared Monday, July 25, following a seven-month investigation that found no credible evidence he used human growth hormone or violated the league's performance-enhancing drug policy, according to sources.

Footballguys view: Manning's legacy as one of the greatest QBs of all time is insured with this investigation wrapped up. We saw his game fall off over the last year and a half, but Manning was able to become the first QB to ever win a Super Bowl with more than one team (Colts, Broncos).

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  NFL | Greg Jennings retires    Mon Jul 25, 09:59 AM

Free-agent WR Greg Jennings (Dolphins) announced his retirement Monday, July 25.

Footballguys view: Best remembered for his time with the Packers, Jennings finishes his career with 572 catches for 8,298 yards and 64 TDs. Fantasy owners remember him most fondly for two top-5 seasons (2008, 2010). We'll see if the Packers end up with a spot for Jennings in the team's Hall of Fame.

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  NFL | Darnell Dockett calls it a career    Sun Jul 24, 03:40 PM

Free-agent DL Darnell Dockett (49ers) is expected to sign a one-day contract with the Arizona Cardinals before announcing his retirement from football on Monday, July 25, according to a source. The 35-year-old three-time Pro Bowler accumulated 40.5 sacks over 10 seasons as a Cardinal - seventh in team history - and tied a Super Bowl record with three in Super Bowl XLIII.

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  NFL | John Kuhn wants to join contender    Sat Jul 23, 12:07 PM

Free-agent FB John Kuhn (Packers) said he would like to sign with a Super Bowl contender if he is not able to re-sign with the Green Bay Packers.

Footballguys view: It's sad that Kuhn isn't with the Packers, but we could see him latch on with another team at some point before the regular season. The fullback is a dying position, so only a small handful of teams would be interested.

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  NFL | Wes Welker not retired yet    Sat Jul 23, 09:57 AM

Free-agent WR Wes Welker (Rams) said he is not retired at this point but is not sure what his next step will be.

Footballguys view: Welker has a dream of playing again...but we think he's done. Concussion problems have plagued him in recent years, and he needs to think about his long-term health.

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  NFL | Michael Vick committed to football    Fri Jul 22, 09:34 PM

Free-agent QB Michael Vick (Steelers) said Thursday, July 21, he remains optimistic about playing in 2016 and wants to be able to make a contribution to a contender.

Footballguys view: Vick is no longer the player he used to be...and he hasn't been for quite some time. Nobody has brought him in for a workout this offseason, so Vick's playing days might be done.

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Michael Vick player page

  NFL | John Kuhn waiting to sign    Fri Jul 22, 05:14 PM

Free-agent FB John Kuhn (Packers) has been working out this offseason and is waiting for interested teams to call him. Kuhn said he would like to re-sign with the Green Bay Packers but does not know what will happen.

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  NFL | Ray Rice would donate entire salary    Thu Jul 21, 10:03 PM

Free-agent RB Ray Rice said that if he gets a chance to return to the NFL this season, he would donate his entire salary to organizations with programs focusing on education and prevention of domestic violence and supporting survivors and their families. 'Me donating my salary is something that'll be from the heart for me,' Rice stated. 'I only want to play football so I can end it the right way for my kids and for the people that really believed in me. But I know there are a lot of people affected by domestic violence, and every dollar helps. It's raising awareness.'

Footballguys view: Second chances are the American way....but we don't think Rice will get that chance. Perhaps some team out there would take a look at him (maybe teams who missed out on Arian Foster?), but we doubt we ever see Rice in an NFL uniform again.

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Ray Rice player page

  NFL | Ray Rice willing to give up salary    Thu Jul 21, 06:02 PM

Free-agent RB Ray Rice (Ravens) will donate his salary to organizations with programs focusing on education and prevention of domestic violence if he is given another chance in the NFL.

Footballguys view: We believe in second chances and could see him get another shot, given that out of the three players suspended back in 2014 Rice is the one who truly seems sorry and is trying to have a positive impact around domestic violence. Unfortunately he's just not a great runner anymore, which means his chances are not likely coming any time soon.

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Ray Rice player page

  NFL | Eugene Monroe cites medical concerns    Thu Jul 21, 09:46 AM

Updating an earlier report, free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) cited medical concerns in his retirement announcement on The Players' Tribune Thursday, July 21. Monroe cited memory loss, head and body trauma as factors in his decision.

Footballguys view: This is notable mostly for the fact that he is having as many CTE-style issues after only six years in the NFL. Of course, added to football played during college and high school (eight years) that's a lot of opportunity for head injury, but it is notable that he is feeling the effects enough to force retirement. We wish him well in his future recovery and endeavors, which includes medical marijuana advocacy.

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  NFL | Eugene Monroe set to retire    Thu Jul 21, 09:09 AM

Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) is expected to retire Thursday, July 21.

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  NFL | Amini Silatolu visits multiple teams    Wed Jul 20, 01:26 PM

Free-agent OT Amini Silatolu (Panthers) has visited with the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel says he will 'be back'     Tue Jul 19, 12:20 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel told his fans on social media that he will 'be back.' Manziel told The Washington Post last weekend that he's 'actually doing well.' 'I have good friends around me supporting what I do and I try to support them in what they want to do. I'm not saying I'm never drinking again, but for now just mostly being healthy. I've got a killer gym in my house and I can spend time working out. I'm interested in doing a lot of different things in my life -- including football -- but, right now, I'm just exploring options and waiting to see what the future holds.'

Footballguys view: Manziel was fraudulent as a pro prospect for multiple reasons on the field. His off-field antics got him out of the league, but don't think there's anything worth taking a chance on if he ever plays in the NFL again. Manziel will be a cautionary tale more than a player who is able to get his career on track.

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  NFL | Charles Tillman retiring after 13 years    Mon Jul 18, 06:40 PM

Free-agent CB Charles Tillman announced his retirement following a 13-year career with the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears Monday, July 18.

Footballguys view: It will be sad to see 'Peanut' Tillman off the field in 2016. He suffered a knee injury late last year in his lone season with the Panthers, and his status for the start of the regular season this year was in question.

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  NFL | Ray Rice says window is closing    Fri Jul 15, 03:37 PM

Free-agent RB Ray Rice (Ravens) said he still hopes to play in the NFL but understands that his window to play again is closing because of his age and his off-field incident.

Footballguys view: We'd be shocked if any team took a chance on Rice at this point in his career. His playing days in the NFL are likely done.

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Ray Rice player page

  NFL | LaMarr Woodley awaiting a call    Fri Jul 15, 02:11 AM

Free-agent LB LaMarr Woodley (Cardinals) said Thursday, July 14, he'll be ready if a team calls him with interest. 'Yeah, I'm staying in shape, but the thing is, I've put myself in a situation where I've been hurt these past few years, so I don't really control my situation right now,' Woodley said. 'I still can go out there and play at a high level. I just have to be out there on the field to go out there and play at a high level and not just be used for certain situations as far as going out there stopping the run.'

Footballguys view: Woodley's last two seasons have ended on I.R. and there may not be much left for him to contribute in the NFL. He's appeared in 16 games over the last two years, but he hasn't played a full 16-game season since 2010. Most around the league consider him to be washed up at this point in his career.

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Lamarr Woodley player page

  NFL | Andre Johnson working out    Wed Jul 6, 06:13 PM

Free-agent WR Andre Johnson (Colts) has been working out this offseason and still intends to play in 2016.

Footballguys view: Johnson's career is about at the end, but he's hoping to latch on with a team (perhaps a contender) after injuries hit in training camp. Last year with the Colts, Johnson ran 440 routes and snared 41 passes for 503 yards and four TDs. He averaged 10.24 air-yards-per-target, ranking 47th in the league for that category. He's not what he used to be, and Johnson will have to be used as an underneath target if some team ends up giving him a shot.

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  NFL | AFL an option for Johnny Manziel?    Tue Jul 5, 12:57 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) is drawing interest from the Arena Football League. 'We could provide a strong platform for him to demonstrate that he is back,' AFL commissioner Scott Butera said. 'We would also work with him and provide him whatever help he needed to live a healthy life.'

Footballguys view: If Manziel is serious about a return to football, he may need to start in the Arena League or the Canadian League before the NFL comes calling again. The AFL (and the CFL) could use the hype a name like Manziel would bring to their game, and he needs a chance to show that he can stay clean and play football. He's suspended by the NFL for four games, and there's still likely another suspension upcoming for his role in a domestic violence incident that is still being litigated.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel eyeing 2017 return    Fri Jul 1, 05:03 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) has been telling people privately that 2017 may be the best chance for him to play in the NFL again.

Footballguys view: Good luck with that. He'll be suspended for four games (and maybe more) regardless of where or when he ends up back in the NFL. Recent pictures of Manziel show just how out of football shape he is, so if he's truly committed to the game he needs to stop partying and add muscle. It's a QB desperate league, so perhaps there would be some team willing to take a chance on him....but the odds he's back in the NFL in 2017 are slim.

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Johnny Manziel player page

  NFL | Johnny Manziel suspended four games    Thu Jun 30, 01:00 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) was suspended four games by the NFL Thursday, June 30, for substance abuse, according to sources.

Footballguys view: And this doesn't even include the likely suspension for his domestic violence case. Nobody was interested in bringing Manziel in so in many ways this is a non-factor, but it seems as though his days in the NFL are close to done.

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  NFL | Eugene Monroe taking his time    Wed Jun 29, 01:24 PM

Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) is still weighing his options and is no rush to sign with a team. 'I don't feel like I have to jump on one of the first opportunities that come up,' Monroe said. 'I'm just trying to be patient, wait on the right opportunity.'

Footballguys view: Monroe could still be an effective starter in the league, and it's wise for him to take his time. When training camps start in the NFL, we feel the market should (and will) heat up for the veteran tackle.

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  NFL | Cory Redding announces retirement    Wed Jun 29, 12:33 PM

Free-agent DE Cory Redding (Cardinals) announced his retirement from football Wednesday, June 29.

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  NFL | Preston Parker gets three years probation    Wed Jun 29, 02:06 AM

Free-agent WR Preston Parker (Giants) received three years of probation after pleading guilty to drug charges Tuesday, June 28. He is hopeful of resuming his NFL career at some point.

Footballguys view: We highly doubt that Parker plays in the NFL again.

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  NFL | Antrel Rolle has heard from teams    Mon Jun 27, 05:54 PM

Free-agent FS Antrel Rolle (Bears) said he has heard from a few teams this offseason, but he is waiting for the right situation before signing.

Footballguys view: Rolle had a disappointing season for the Bears in 2015. In seven games, he played 360 snaps and compiled 35 tackles with only one pass breakup. There's a possibility he ends up with the Dolphins, but Rolle may not find a new team until after training camp starts.

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  NFL | Eugene Monroe prefers left tackle    Sat Jun 25, 10:02 AM

Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) would like to stay at left tackle but is open to playing right tackle for his new team.

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  NFL | Tarvaris Jackson arrested    Sat Jun 25, 08:58 AM

Free-agent QB Tarvaris Jackson (Seahawks) was arrested Friday, June 24, and has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly pulled a gun on his wife.

Footballguys view: Jackson was still seen as a possible signing for the Seahawks, since rookie UDFA Trevone Boykin is currently the backup quarterback. Boykin has been impressing, and the Seahawks wouldn't be the first contender to have a rookie UDFA as a backup. The Patriots had Brian Hoyer as the backup after they traded Matt Cassel in 2009. This arrest could nudge the Seahawks to go with Boykin.

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  NFL | Shaun Suisham retires    Fri Jun 24, 01:13 PM

Free-agent PK Shaun Suisham (Steelers) has retired Friday, June 24, due to his knee injury.

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  NFL | Curtis Lofton hopes to play    Thu Jun 23, 04:45 PM

Former Oakland Raiders LB Curtis Lofton (ankle, knee) underwent offseason surgery on his ankle and knee, but he hopes to continue playing in 2016.

Footballguys view: Lofton is more of a downhill thumper than a versatile linebacker, and his surgeries probably won't help his case. He will likely have to wait for an injury to a starter before he gets a call.

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Curtis Lofton player page

  NFL | Reggie Bush has received interest    Thu Jun 23, 02:19 PM

Free-agent RB Reggie Bush (49ers) has received calls from two teams, but he hasn't made a decision on where he'll play in 2016.

Footballguys view: Bush was a non-factor in 2015 and he has only appeared in 16 games over the last two seasons. He would have to land in a plum situation opened up by injury to even get on our radar this year.

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Reggie Bush player page

  NFL | DeMeco Ryans wants to play    Wed Jun 22, 11:17 AM

Free-agent LB DeMeco Ryans (Eagles) hopes to sign with a team for 2016, but he is prepared if his career comes to an end.

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  NFL | Another felony charge for Joseph Randle    Wed Jun 22, 01:15 AM

Free-agent RB Joseph Randle (Cowboys) has added another felony charge to the two he's already facing. He made an alleged threat against a Sedgwick County (Kan.) Jail deputy while incarcerated for two other pending felony cases, according to court and sheriff's office records.

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  NFL | Davone Bess arrested after standoff    Wed Jun 22, 01:15 AM

Free-agent WR Davone Bess (Browns) has been arrested after a standoff with police at his suburban Phoenix home. Police say Bess fled a traffic stop early Monday, June 20. He is being held on one felony count each of endangerment, flight and failure to stop for a police officer.

Footballguys view: It has been a somewhat quiet offseason on the NFL police blotter, but the troubles for Bess and Joseph Randle have reminded us how turbulent life after football can be for some players.

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Davone Bess player page

  NFL | Leon Hall may sign soon    Mon Jun 20, 07:25 PM

Free-agent CB Leon Hall (Bengals) may sign with a team at some point next week, according to sources.

Footballguys view: The Cardinals have to be considered the frontrunner to sign Hall at this time. We'll see if they make a move for the veteran CB before the start of training camp. We could also see teams like the Dolphins, Giants or Falcons showing interest in Hall.

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Leon Hall player page

  NFL | Arian Foster expects to be ready    Mon Jun 20, 05:15 PM

Free-agent RB Arian Foster (Texans) anticipates being healthy enough to participate in training camp, according to a source. Foster is eager to regain his 2012 form, but he has not been signed yet despite at least three teams having had interest in him.

Footballguys view: The Dolphins, Patriots and Seahawks could be the three teams most interested in Foster. He's supposedly able to pass a physical right now, but Foster may not be able to get on a new team until training camp hits. Wherever he goes, Foster will be a player fantasy owners need to monitor as he could still be an effective starter if healthy.

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Arian Foster player page

  NFL | Jake Long healthy again    Sat Jun 18, 02:27 PM

Free-agent OT Jake Long (Falcons) said he's the healthiest he's felt in five or six years, adding that his knee is back to full health. Long said he's been working out and is ready for his next opportunity in the NFL. 'When I wake up and my knee doesn't hurt, you know what I mean,' Long said. 'I feel the strength back. You can see it. You can feel it. My body feels good the way I'm moving, working out and how good I feel moving on it.'

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  NFL | Eugene Monroe to meet with teams soon    Sat Jun 18, 09:12 AM

Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) is expected to start meeting with teams as early as next week. Monroe will take his time before signing with a team.

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  NFL | Eugene Monroe won't play right tackle    Fri Jun 17, 02:12 PM

Free-agent OT Eugene Monroe (Ravens) turned down an offer from the New York Giants to play right tackle and isn't interested in playing the position.

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  NFL | Nate Robinson facing tall task    Wed Jun 15, 12:21 PM

Free-agent CB Nate Robinson, better known as an NBA player, faces an 'all but impossible' task to latch on to an NFL team, according to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Footballguys view: This is a nice story, but we're betting the ending is storybook. There are few basketball players who can make the transition this late in life.

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  NFL | Michael Vick not retired    Mon Jun 13, 06:20 PM

Free-agent QB Michael Vick (Steelers) said he has not retired and would love to play in 2016. Vick said he will be selective about the offer he accepts this offseason.

Footballguys view: We can't imagine teams lined up to sign Vick. He may want to be selective about any offer he accepts, but he may not get that many offers to begin with.

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Michael Vick player page

  NFL | Ben Grubbs likely done    Mon Jun 13, 02:20 PM

Free-agent OG Ben Grubbs (Chiefs) will probably not play in the NFL again due to a neck injury that ended his season.

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  NFL | Contend or retire for Roddy White    Thu Jun 9, 12:42 PM

Free-agent WR Roddy White (Falcons) wants to sign with a contender for the Super Bowl or he could retire. White said he would let it go to maybe Week 4 or Week 5, and he would retire after that.

Footballguys view: If anything, he'll sign for a little money as depth. So you don't have to worry where he lands as he is unlikely to provide any fantasy value.

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  NFL | Brandon Boykin nursing serious injury    Tue Jun 7, 11:13 PM

Free-agent CB Brandon Boykin (hip) is dealing with a hip injury and the injury might be career threatening, according to a source.

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Brandon Boykin player page

  NFL | Derrick Coleman facing jail time    Mon Jun 6, 12:40 PM

Free-agent FB Derrick Coleman (Seahawks) was charged with vehicular assault and felony hit-and-run coming from a collision in Washington last October. He's scheduled for arraignment on June 16 and could face 12 to 14 months in jail if convicted on both charges.

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  NFL | Multiple teams interested in Joique Bell    Sun Jun 5, 10:36 AM

Free-agent RB Joique Bell (Lions) said he has received contract offers from three NFL teams this offseason and believes at least two of those proposals are still on the table.

Footballguys view: Bell's 3.5 YPC from 2015 isn't going to fire teams up. His injury history won't either, so we're not seeing the interest here. Perhaps Bell could latch on with a team as veteran depth, but his fantasy value would likely be close to none.

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  NFL | Blake Frohnapfel receiving interest    Sat Jun 4, 09:28 AM

Free-agent QB Blake Frohnapfel (Massachusetts) is scheduled to work out for the Los Angeles Rams. Frohnapfel has already worked out for the Indianapolis Colts.

Footballguys view: Frohnapfel is a big pocket passer who can distribute the ball somewhat accurately on short to intermediate routes. If he latches on with the Rams, it's only as a camp arm.

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  NFL | Lamarr Woodley not receiving interest    Sat Jun 4, 09:12 AM

Free-agent LB LaMarr Woodley (Cardinals) said he would like to continue his playing career but has not heard from any teams this offseason.

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Lamarr Woodley player page