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  NFL | Arian Foster a month away from usual form    Thu May 26, 01:17 PM

Free-agent RB Arian Foster (Achilles') said he would need about a month to get to where he needs to be physically. 'I probably need another month to get where I am, the person everyone is used to seeing,' Foster said. 'I can definitely play but I need another month to be where I want to be and be at that pro-bowl level I can be at.'

Footballguys view: We don't know where he'll end up, if anywhere and so we have no idea what his value is. You have to wait and see what the situation is in his new "home." Put our chips on the Miami Dolphins as the team to sign Foster. However, the Patriots, Seahawks, Lions and even the Chargers could be interested.

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  NFL | Wes Welker undecided about playing    Thu May 26, 09:59 AM

Free-agent WR Wes Welker (Rams) said he's still weighing his options and hasn't decided if he'll play in 2016.

Footballguys view: Welker has had a lot of concussions and we would rather see him healthy and with a good quality of life down the road than another 20 catches. It's good he's taking his time with a critical decision, but we think he's better off hanging up the cleats for good.

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  NFL | Knowshon Moreno wants to return    Tue May 24, 08:35 PM

Former Miami Dolphins RB Knowshon Moreno (knee) plans to return to NFL action in 2016.

Footballguys view: Good luck with that. Moreno's knees have long been shot. At his best, Moreno was a decent all-purpose back. However, he never played up to his first-round draft status with the Broncos. At this point in his career, we can't imagine teams falling all over themselves to sign the veteran.

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  NFL | Ryan Fitzpatrick not retiring    Mon May 23, 12:48 PM

Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) dispelled rumors that he was considering retirement Monday, May 23. 'I'm playing,' Fitzpatrick said. 'I'm playing football next year.'

Footballguys view: Fitzpatrick is running out of options. The Jets could bring him back, but the price tag would likely be a lot lower than the veteran had hoped for. We think he winds up with the Jets as other QB-needy teams have already filled the positions.

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  NFL | Arian Foster close to passing physical    Sat May 21, 10:32 PM

Free-agent RB Arian Foster (Achilles') expects to pass his physical in the next couple of weeks, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Footballguys view: Things are starting to heat up a bit with Foster. If he's able to pass a physical, then we could see a team like the Dolphins signing him to a short-term deal packed with incentives. There have been a small handful of teams that have already reached out to Foster this offseason.

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  NFL | Arian Foster on the mend    Fri May 20, 09:07 AM

Free-agent RB Arian Foster (Achilles') is about a week or two away from being able to pass a physical, and his market should begin to heat up then.

Footballguys view: Foster should have plenty of interest on the open market, and whichever team signs should have plans to use him. The Dolphins are the most obvious landing spot, but Foster has also been connected to the Seahawks and Patriots during the offseason.

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  NFL | James Ihedigbo wants contender    Thu May 19, 05:31 PM

Free-agent SS James Ihedigbo (Lions) isn't ready to retire from the NFL and wants to play for a team that is capable of winning right now.

Footballguys view: Well he didn't play well last season, starting just eight and doesn't add all that much to a secondary. Once camp starts he might find a home, but only as depth or a rotational player.

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  NFL | Dashon Goldson has contacted two teams    Wed May 18, 04:45 PM

Free-agent FS Dashon Goldson (Redskins) has reached out to the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams, saying he wants to finish his career in the west. Goldson has already worked out for the Rams.

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  NFL | Zach Mettenberger had two other claims    Wed May 18, 10:07 AM

San Diego Chargers QB Zach Mettenberger had failed waiver claims from the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants placed on him before the Chargers claimed him.

Footballguys view: The Giants only have Ryan Nassib as a developmental QB behind Eli Manning. The Bengals are interesting because they have A.J. McCarron behind Andy Dalton, and McCarron is one of the most talked about reserve QBs in the NFL. Many think McCarron could one day be at least a solid starter.

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  NFL | Tom Coughlin ready to return?    Mon May 16, 12:38 PM

Former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said he's already considering a return to coaching and that his 'motor is starting to run again.' 'We'll see,' Coughlin said. 'It'll take two to tango. The 70-year-old man stuff will be a factor, and I'm sure they'll know this would be a three- and four-year thing.'

Footballguys view: Forget popcorn, get your Werther's Originals ready. Coughlin has been an interesting head coach with the Jaguars and the Giants. He won two Super Bowl championships leading the Giants, but it will be interesting to see if any team wants to add him as Coughlin is no spring chicken.

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  NFL | Greg Hardy devoid of suitors    Fri May 13, 12:09 PM

Free-agent DE Greg Hardy (Cowboys) is having trouble finding a team, and the prevailing opinion from general managers around the league is that no one wants him.

Footballguys view: This is not shocking news. Hardy may be able to rush the passer, but he's a PR nightmare off the field. We'd be surprised if someone picks him up to play in 2016.

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  NFL | Dwight Freeney wants to play in 2016    Thu May 12, 12:48 PM

Free-agent DE/LB Dwight Freeney (Cardinals) said he definitely wants to play in 2016.

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  NFL | Ryan Fitzpatrick could affect draft     Wed May 11, 07:31 PM

If free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) is signed Thursday, May 12, or onward by a prospective team, then he will not count against that team's compensatory draft picks.

Footballguys view: The question is, who is the market for him? We know the Jets are holding fast and the rest of the league seems disinterested. His best scenario is if he and the Jets can come to terms as he is comfortable in the offense Chan Gailey runs.

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  NFL | Jace Davis suspended    Fri May 6, 07:36 PM

Free-agent WR Jace Davis (Broncos) has been suspended for the first four games of the 2016 season, according to a source.

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  NFL | Bernard Pierce suspended two games    Fri May 6, 06:47 PM

Free-agent RB Bernard Pierce (Jaguars) has been suspended for the first two games of the 2016 season, according to a source.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel booked, posts bond    Wed May 4, 06:32 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) was booked and posted bond for his domestic violence case Wednesday, May 4, just one day before his first court hearing. Manziel was indicted last month after allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend and threatening to kill her in January. He faces a Class A misdemeanor that carries up to a year in jail with a $4,000 fine.

Footballguys view: The legal process will take its course, then Manziel will have to deal with punishment from the league. We hope he gets the help he needs. It's not about football right now...and maybe won't be ever again. The kid needs a new direction as his life has spiraled down for quite some time.

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  NFL | Several Florida State UDFAs find landing spots    Mon May 2, 01:31 AM

Several Florida State undrafted free-agents have found homes. DT Nile Lawrence-Stample signed with the Cleveland Browns, S Lamarcus Brutus signed with the Tennessee Titans, LB Reggie Northrup signed with the Washington Redskins and DB Javien Elliott will be in the rookie minicamp of the Pittsburgh Steelers on a tryout basis.

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  NFL | Amobi Okoye continues to work out    Fri Apr 29, 09:32 PM

Free-agent DT Amobi Okoye (Cowboys) is continuing to work out, hoping for one more chance at an NFL comeback.

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  NFL | Early second-round picks popular    Fri Apr 29, 05:03 PM

Cleveland Browns director of football operations Sashi Brown, Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson and Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones have the first three picks in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft and are receiving interest from teams looking to acquire the picks.

Footballguys view: There are tons of defensive players worth a look and so a lot of teams want to move up, especially with guys like Myles Jack still on the board.

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  NFL | Myles Jack doesn't need surgery    Fri Apr 29, 02:53 PM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) was told by Dr. James Andrews in December that he does not need to have microfracture surgery on his knee.

Footballguys view: The key phrase you aren't hearing but is there would be "at this time." Right now he's fine. Three years from now? We don't know. That's why he dropped, but we can't imagine he will drop much further.

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  NFL | Myles Jack has insurance policy    Fri Apr 29, 10:45 AM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) has an insurance policy that activates if he's not selected by pick No. 45. He'll receive $60,000 per pick after that worth up to $5 million.

Footballguys view: Something we have seen more and more the last few years. If you think you might make big money and you are worried you could get hurt, protect your investment - yourself.

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  NFL | Myles Jack bigger risk than Jaylon Smith?    Fri Apr 29, 10:14 AM

UCLA LB Myles Jack's (knee) is more troubling in some ways than Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith's (knee) injury, according to an NFL medical source. Smith's knee is expected to heal in time, but Jack's is expected to deteriorate.

Footballguys view: The question is, how long will that take? If a team thinks they can get five years from him, they will pull the trigger. If not, Jack will continue to fall. Footballguys Andrew Garda and Cecil Lammey are covering the draft in Chicago and other thing reportedly weighing on the minds of GM was his almost casual acceptance to the idea of dropping. You want a player to fight, not accept the inevitable.

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  NFL | Myles Jack falls out of first round    Fri Apr 29, 09:01 AM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) was not selected in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft Thursday, April 28.

Footballguys view: If Laremy Tunsil was the potential steal with a lot of risk in the first round, Jack fills that roll in the second. Someone is going to see the risk/reward even out and take a chance with one of the best linebackers in the NFL Draft.

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  NFL | Video hurting Laremy Tunsil's stock?    Thu Apr 28, 09:22 PM

Mississippi OT Laremy Tunsil's Twitter account posted a video shortly before the start of the NFL draft that showed someone wearing some type of mask and smoking a pipe. Tunsil's agent, Jimmy Sexton, said the account was hacked

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  NFL | Two teams looking to trade back    Thu Apr 28, 07:42 PM

The Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns have both inquired about trading back into the back part of the first round of the NFL draft, according to sources, possibly for Memphis QB Paxton Lynch.

Footballguys view: There will be a lot of activity in the second half of the first round if Lynch drops and you can include the Chiefs and Broncos among their number.

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  NFL | Myles Jack could fall outside top 10    Thu Apr 28, 07:22 PM

UCLA LB Myles Jack is likely to fall outside of the top 10 picks in the NFL draft, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. He does have potential landing spots in the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders soon after, though. The New Orleans Saints, who have the 12th pick, have also shown a good deal of interest in Jack.

Footballguys view: The New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears are strong possibilities as well.

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  NFL | Reggie Ragland has heart condition    Thu Apr 28, 01:38 PM

Alabama LB Reggie Ragland (heart) was diagnosed with an enlarged aorta in his heart, which isn't expected to alter his football career. It's an issue that he must watch closely, according to seven teams, and he could fall in the 2016 NFL Draft because of it.

Footballguys view: It shouldn't matter much, as many teams know that monitoring it is all that really needs to be done. Ragland is a very good player who won't drop far if he does at all.

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  NFL | Teams shying away from Myles Jack    Thu Apr 28, 01:26 PM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) has 'buyer beware' stamped on him going into the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday, April 28. Scouts and executives are starting to shy away from him because of the uncertainty surrounding the degenerative meniscus issues in his right knee. He's expected to be available Day 1 as a rookie, but his knee likely will require microfracture surgery eventually. Teams are likely to be reluctant to use a first-round pick on him.

Footballguys view: Whether this is smoke or not, we were surprised that Jack was so candid about the injury. That said, Footballguys Cecil Lammey and Andrew Garda are in Chicago covering the draft and both have heard he won't fall out of the first, although mid-round is no longer out of the question.

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  NFL | Paxton Lynch may fall out of first round    Thu Apr 28, 09:46 AM

Memphis QB Paxton Lynch could fall out of the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft unless the Dallas Cowboys trade back into the round to draft him, in the opinion of ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Footballguys view: This isn't happening, in our opinion. You always take an extra minute to consider when a guy like Schefter posits something like this, but we don't think he gets past Jets-Chiefs-Broncos.

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  NFL | Myles Jack might need injury waiver    Wed Apr 27, 10:54 PM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) might need to sign an injury waiver before certain NFL teams will consider selecting him in the 2016 NFL Draft, according to a source.

Footballguys view: Teams have known about this already, so it's questionable how much this impacts his draft stock. Plenty of media pundits have him going in the top ten, with a few dropping him into the 11-16 range. His talent is undeniable. The question is, how many years do you get before he needs microfracture surgery? If the formula works out to where you can get at least his rookie contract length from him (four years with a fifth year option), then you grab him.

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  NFL | Three more visits for Daniel Lasco    Wed Apr 27, 07:25 PM

California RB Daniel Lasco recently worked out privately for the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, according to a source.

Footballguys view: Lasco was a sensation in 2014, but a hip injury slowed him down in 2015. He had one of the two highest SPARQ scores in this years class and is loved by measureables analytics. Consider him a high upside sleeper for the second or third round of rookie drafts.

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  NFL | Brian Hoyer will wait    Wed Apr 27, 07:15 PM

Free-agent QB Brian Hoyer (Texans) will wait to see what happens with the NFL Draft this week before deciding where to sign, according to a source.

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  NFL| Germain Ifedi had several visits    Wed Apr 27, 06:30 PM

Texas A and M OT Germain Ifedi has visited the Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. He has also worked out privately for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks.

Footballguys view: Ifedi could be moved inside to guard, but he has a high ceiling if he can tighten up his game in the pros. He might sneak into the late first, but is more likely a second rounder.

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  NFL | Two favorites for Reggie Ragland?    Wed Apr 27, 06:20 PM

Alabama LB Reggie Ragland has been linked mostly to the Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers.

Footballguys view: Ragland is a thumper who would be a tone setter in any defense. He should one of the first IDPs off the board in dynasty rookie drafts.

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  NFL | Michael Thomas undervalued?    Wed Apr 27, 04:27 PM

Ohio State WR Michael Thomas appears to be undervalued and will make for a better NFL wide receiver than college wide receiver, according to several teams. Thomas has been in contact with the San Diego Chargers recently and is also highly thought of by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Footballguys view: Thomas has a big frame and underrated athleticism, and he was underused in the Ohio State offense. He has a chance to be selected in the first round tomorrow, but has stiff competition to get into the first day and could instead be an early second day pick.

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  NFL | Stock rising for two defensive linemen     Wed Apr 27, 04:04 PM

The draft stock of Louisville DT Sheldon Rankins and Mississippi State DT Chris D. Jones continues to rise a day before the NFL Draft. Rankins and Jones are viewed by many teams to be the best interior pass-rushers in this year's draft.

Footballguys view: Rankins could go in the top 12 and Jones could go in the first round, as players like Aaron Donald have shown the immense value of interior pass rush.

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  NFL | Leonard Floyd's stock rising    Wed Apr 27, 03:30 PM

Georgia LB Leonard Floyd is rising up draft boards and could be taken inside the top 10.

Footballguys view: Floyd has a similar combination of tools to Jamie Collins, which makes him very rare, but he is more projection than player. That won't stop a team from taking him very high in a league thirsting for more edge rushers.

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  NFL | Jalen Ramsey prefers cornerback    Wed Apr 27, 03:15 PM

Florida State CB Jalen Ramsey said 'corner' when asked what position he hopes to play in the NFL. Some evaluators think Ramsey will move to safety in the NFL while also playing cornerback in certain coverages. 'I will play anywhere a team wants me to play, just like I did in college it doesn't matter to me. I want to play ball,' Ramsey admitted.

Footballguys view: Ramsey should provide an excellent IDP profile for a corner with his ability to play some safety snaps. Even if he lines up at safety, he is such a dynamic athlete that he will be a consideration in the third round of IDP league rookie drafts.

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  NFL | Jalen Ramsey tops draft poll    Wed Apr 27, 02:19 PM

Florida State CB/S Jalen Ramsey was voted the 2016 NFL Draft's top player in a poll of 19 'national-oriented personnel men' earlier this month.

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  NFL | Noah Spence sends drug tests to teams    Wed Apr 27, 12:51 PM

Eastern Kentucky LB Noah Spence sent all 32 teams the past 20 drug tests he has taken since May, according to league sources. Eastern Kentucky gave Spence five drug tests from May through December and an independent drug-testing company conducted 15 more each week from January until this week. Spence is expected to be a first-round selection despite his checkered past.

Footballguys view: Spence might be the best pure edge rushing prospect in the draft. He is going above and beyond to prove his commitment to staying clean and could still go in the top 10, even as high as Tampa Bay at 9.

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  NFL | Jaylon Smith likely gone by Round 4    Wed Apr 27, 09:35 AM

Notre Dame LB Jaylon Smith (knee) is expected to be selected by the end of the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft, according to sources.

Footballguys view: A nerve in Smith's knee has to regrow to him full function in the leg before he can play football again. That could happen in the near future, but it is a huge risk for the team taking him. Smith has top 10 pick game, but won't go until the second day or maybe even third because of this injury. If he can get back to his old form in 2017 (Smith reportedly will not play in 2016 in any scenario), he will be one of the steals of the draft.

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  NFL | Ezekiel Elliott compared to NFL great    Tue Apr 26, 07:45 PM

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott can be an Adrian Peterson-type running back if he stays healthy, according to an anonymous scout. 'He can catch it, he can pass protect, he's got NFL size and he can run,' the scout said. Elliott has been compared to Peterson before by another anonymous scout.

Footballguys view: We don't think he's quite to Peterson's level, but Elliott could be close. Elliott has good burst, is a fine receiver out of the backfield plus he's intent when running between the tackles. He's clearly the best RB in this draft class, and he could be a top-10 pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

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  NFL | Chuckie Keeton has more interest    Tue Apr 26, 04:51 PM

Utah State QB Chuckie Keeton has also drawn interest from the Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals.

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  NFL | Two favorites for Ezekiel Elliott?    Tue Apr 26, 02:46 PM

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott believes the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears are heavily interested in him. Both teams have already been linked to the running back, but securing him may mean trading up in the draft, perhaps ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, who have also been linked to Elliott.

Footballguys view: The Cowboys may pass on Elliott in order to take a pass-rusher like Ohio State DE Joey Bosa. If they do, then expect the Dolphins to try and leapfrog the Bears to get back into the top 10 to pick up the talented RB. The Dolphins have been trying with every possible angle to add RB talent. They want someone other than Jay Ajayi as their lead back.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel pleading not guilty    Tue Apr 26, 12:59 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) will plead not guilty after he was indicted by a Texas grand jury Tuesday, April 26, on an assault charge after his ex-girlfriend accused Manziel of domestic violence. The Class A misdemeanor carries up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Footballguys view: The legal process will run its course, but then Manziel will have to deal with the NFL. The league is much more serious about domestic violence issues than they used to be. Expect Manziel to at least get fined if not suspended for this.

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  NFL | Myles Jack may need microfracture repair    Tue Apr 26, 12:45 PM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) may eventually require microfracture surgery on his knee, which has an osteochondral defect, where bone and cartilage are beginning to separate. If or when the bone and cartilage fully separate, microfracture surgery will enter the possibilities. 'Is he a four-year player or a 10-year player? But technology is better now. So we really don't know,' a top talent evaluator said.

Footballguys view: This knee problem is going to ding Jack's draft stock. A top-10 talent if healthy, Jack may now slide to the end of the first round. It will all depend on what teams think of his knee and how long he'll be able to play effectively with this condition.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel to turn himself in    Tue Apr 26, 11:51 AM

Updating an ongoing story, free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) is likely to surrender to authorities Tuesday, April 26, or Wednesday, April 27, after an arrest warrant is issued, according to his attorney. Manziel was indicted by a grand jury on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Footballguys view: Manziel will now face the justice system for this domestic violence incident. No matter the outcome, expect the NFL to hand down their own discipline on the young quarterback.

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  NFL | T.J. Green rising up draft boards    Tue Apr 26, 09:39 AM

Clemson S T.J. Green is a rising prospect that could go late in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Some teams have him highly rated as a cornerback as well.

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  NFL | Myles Jack could fall out of top 10    Mon Apr 25, 08:26 AM

UCLA LB Myles Jack (knee) could fall out of the top 10 in the 2016 NFL Draft because teams are scared of his knee condition.

Footballguys view: Each team is going to have their own medical opinion on his condition. Our very own Dr. Jene Bramel says this about Jack's injury: A chondral defect suggests a loss of cartilage in the knee. Without knowing exactly where in the knee or how much cartilage is missing, it's impossible to say how serious this is and how soon it'll affect him. It's possible he plays years without difficulty, but it's also possible he'll need microfracture at some point. Draft position will give us a good idea of how many teams flagged him as a substantial risk.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel indicted by grand jury    Mon Apr 25, 07:57 AM

Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has been indicted by a Dallas County Grand Jury on a misdemeanor assault with bodily injury charge, according to sources in the Dallas County District Attorney office.

Footballguys view: The legal process must run its course, but Manziel is likely to face discipline from the NFL for this domestic violence incident. Don't expect him back on an NFL field...or more accurately; sideline....anytime soon.

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