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  NFL | No Ezekiel Elliott discipline this weekend    Fri Jul 21, 03:00 PM

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott will not learn of any potential discipline from the league Friday, July 21, or over the weekend, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Footballguys view: The best hope for the Cowboys is they hear before the start of camp so they can plan for the opening week or two. We don't expect a long suspension, if one at all. Given how mercurial the league is in levying penalties, your guess is as good as ours. If he misses just a game or two, you can survive it though and he remains a strong choice for your first pick if he is available.

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  NFL | Anquan Boldin talking with teams    Mon Jul 17, 06:08 PM

Free-agent WR Anquan Boldin (Lions) said he has talked with several teams about the possibility of signing and is scheduled to meet with an undisclosed team Sunday, July 23.

Footballguys view: Boldin showed last year that he could still make plays at the pro level. We should see him sign with a new team sometime around the start of training camp.

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  NFL | Johnny Manziel talks with teams    Sat Jul 15, 05:49 PM

Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) said he has talked with a few teams about returning to the NFL.

Footballguys view: There has been little news about Manziel this year, but first and foremost he needs to convince teams that his life is back in order. We'd be surprised if some team took a chance on Manziel at this point of the offseason with training camp right around the corner. Perhaps he'll be able to get on board with a new team at a later date.

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  NFL | Multiple teams interested in Greg Hardy    Sat Jul 15, 10:27 AM

Several NFL teams have expressed interest in free-agent DE Greg Hardy (Cowboys), according to agent Drew Rosenhaus, although no deal appears imminent.

Footballguys view: Hardy was out of the league last year due to his off-field issues. There may be some interest but we don't see teams falling all over themselves to add an oft-troubled player like Hardy.

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  NFL | Tony Romo committed to retirement    Fri Jul 14, 02:14 AM

Retired QB Tony Romo said he was 'done' playing football during an interview on the NFL Network Tuesday, July 12. That was a modification of what he initially said in April when he stated that his odds of staying retired were 'about 99 percent.'

Footballguys view: Romo is getting some sweet TV money to be in the broadcast booth for CBS. He's not going to get hit anymore and has a job he could be in for the next 20 years. Even when injuries hit in training camp, we can't see Romo walking away from that.

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  NFL | DeAngelo Williams healthy    Wed Jul 12, 05:32 PM

Free-agent RB DeAngelo Williams (Steelers) missed nine games this past season because of a knee injury but said he is completely healthy.

Footballguys view: Williams wants to sign on with a team for the 2017 season, and he might get some interest when injuries hit in training camp. He's drawn zero interest on the open market so far this offseason.

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  NFL | DeAngelo Williams won't play for four teams    Wed Jul 12, 09:44 AM

Free-agent RB DeAngelo Williams (Steelers) said the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys are four teams he wouldn't be interested in playing for.

Footballguys view: His split with the Panthers was rough, so he's not going back there. He doesn't want to play in Dallas because he grew up a 49ers fan. The Browns are pretty much self explanatory and the Jaguars are better than Cleveland but not enough for Williams to want to play there. He's gotten zero interest on the open market to this point, and Williams might only get interest when injuries strike in training camp.

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  NFL | Rashad Jennings expects to sign with club    Mon Jul 10, 11:59 PM

Free-agent RB Rashad Jennings (Giants) said he expects to sign with a team before the season begins. He mentioned how he's in the best shape of his life and that's what he's 'known for across the league.'

Footballguys view: Jennings should be somewhere for training camp. He's a good all-purpose back, but it's a young man's position so that's why he's a free agent right now. Once injuries hit in camp, Jennings should get some interest.

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  NFL | Rashad Jennings hoping to find a home    Sun Jul 9, 08:22 PM

Free-agent RB Rashad Jennings (Giants) said he has maintained a strict workout regimen and is in the best shape of his life, and he is hoping to sign with a team before the start of the season.

Footballguys view: Jennings is fresh off of a stint on Dancing with the Stars. His pass blocking and receiving should get him a look as we get closer to the beginning of the season and teams assess the readiness of their younger backs to handle passing down work.

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  NFL | Tavares Bingham eligible for supplemental draft    Sat Jul 8, 10:11 AM

Georgia Military College DL Tavares Bingham will be eligible for the NFL's supplemental draft Wednesday, July 12, according to a league spokesman. He had exhausted his junior college playing eligibility after the 2015 season and was academically ineligible to sign with a four-year college last year.

Footballguys view: Bingham is a massive 6'4" 290 but he is an unknown quantity with no experience above the junior college/military academy level. He's a defensive line project who is unlikely to be chosen in the supplemental draft.

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  NFL | Marques Rodgers eligible for supplemental draft    Sat Jul 8, 10:04 AM

Western New Mexico RB Marques Rodgers will be eligible for the NFL's supplemental draft Wednesday, July 12, according to a league spokesman. He was academically ineligible to play in 2016 and had one year of college eligibility remaining.

Footballguys view: Rodgers was a Division II All-American. He's a small back at 5'9" 175, but an accomplished pass catcher. He's likely to go undrafted but could get into a camp.

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  NFL | Marcus Gilchrist rehabbing well    Thu Jul 6, 02:36 PM

Free-agent FS Marcus Gilchrist (Jets) is recovering well in his rehabilitation from a torn patellar tendon. He is expected to be medically cleared in early August.

Footballguys view: Gilchrist may not end up on the team, one which is clearly blowing everything up. If he does stick, expect him to see a reduction in time and an expulsion in 2018. Gilchrist has little fantasy upside and has been wildly inconsistent for Fantasy GMs.

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  NFL | Dorial Green-Beckham unclaimed    Wed Jul 5, 05:18 PM

Free-agent WR Dorial Green-Beckham (Eagles) cleared waivers and is now an unrestricted free agent, according to a source.

Footballguys view: Green-Beckham has the skill but has not been able to put the rest of it together. Even if someone gives him another chance, he probably won't walk into a situation where he is able to contribute right away. Now that he has busted out in OTAs with what is being reported as a lazy and near-effortless performance. We think it's safe to write him off as a bust.

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  NFL | DeAngelo Williams still wants to play    Wed Jul 5, 09:10 AM

Free-agent RB DeAngelo Williams (Steelers) said he's waiting on a phone call from an interested team to continue his playing career.

Footballguys view: Once someone gets hurt, he may hear his phone ring, but unless he drops into a perfect situation - which he had to an extent from a fantasy standpoint when he backed up a suspended Le'Veon Bell - his fantasy value will be a bit shaky. He did look a step closer last season when he played, so age and ability are also a concern.

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  NFL | Darrelle Revis training to play    Tue Jul 4, 08:59 AM

Free-agent CB Darrelle Revis (Jets) is training in Florida in anticipation to play in 2017.

Footballguys view: The question is, which team is going to sign him and for how much? Revis' best days are clearly behind him, and there has been talk of him moving to safety, but is he willing and what is he asking? He didn't have a huge impact last season and we don't think he will this season either.

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  NFL | Mitchell Henry dies    Sat Jul 1, 10:35 AM

Free-agent TE Mitchell Henry (Ravens) died Friday, June 30, due to complications from acute myeloid leukemia. He was 24 years old. Henry played in two games for the Denver Broncos in 2015 and also spent time with the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens organizations.

Footballguys view: We at send our condolences to Henry's family and friends during this tragic time.

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  NFL | Roy Miller receives interest    Fri Jun 30, 04:42 PM

Free-agent DT Roy Miller (Jaguars) said he has received interest from several teams and expects to visit with some teams in July. Miller has received clearance to practice after recovering from an Achilles' injury.

Footballguys view: Miller is a seasoned veteran but is more of a rotational player at this point in his career. Now that he's been cleared, we're certain at least a handful of teams will be interested.

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  NFL | Zach Orr will have to manage neck issue    Thu Jun 29, 09:39 AM

Free-agent LB Zach Orr (neck) has been told by doctors that the strength of the tendons and ligaments should protect his C1 vertebra, which is only 80 percent formed. He has received the green light to play, but he'll have to manage his congenital neck issue.

Footballguys view: Player safety is on the front burner more than ever in the NFL, so any team interested in Orr must have a plan for managing this injury. Neck problems are tricky and can be quite problematic. Orr's agent says he's now been contacted by 15 teams in the NFL, so there's no doubt the league is interested in the free agent linebacker. His price tag will likely be incentive laden to cover the team's backside in case the neck becomes problematic again.

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  NFL | Karlos Williams suspended at least one year    Wed Jun 28, 04:39 PM

Free-agent RB Karlos Williams (Steelers) has been suspended for at least one year, according to a source.

Footballguys view: The Steelers waived Williams in March and now it looks like his pro career is done. Williams flashed some talent with the Bills in 2015 but will now be remembered as a cautionary tale.

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  NFL | Several teams interested in Zach Orr    Wed Jun 28, 02:42 PM

Free-agent LB Zach Orr (Ravens) has been contacted by eight teams since announcing he is looking to return to the NFL.

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  NFL | Zach Orr contemplating a comeback    Wed Jun 28, 08:06 AM

Former Baltimore Ravens LB Zach Orr is exploring an NFL comeback, and he's an unrestricted free agent.

Footballguys view: Orr said he was going to call it a career back in January due to neck problems. The leading tackler for the Ravens in 2016, the two sides were talking about a contract extension before he retired. They didn't tender him as a restricted free agent and now Orr can sign with any team. Doctors have given Orr a new opinion on the neck/spine injury, but he'll have to pass a physical before signing anywhere.

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  NFL | Alterraun Verner confident he'll play    Tue Jun 20, 06:04 PM

Free-agent CB Alterraun Verner (Buccaneers) is confident he'll sign with a team this offseason. Verner has worked out for a few teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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  NFL | Justin Gilbert's suspension increased    Tue Jun 20, 05:08 PM

Free-agent CB Justin Gilbert's (Steelers) four-game suspension was increased to one year by commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday, June 20.

Footballguys view: Cue the "That Escalated Quickly" drop from 'The Anchorman'and write 'done' next to his career. That puts both of the Browns 2014 NFL Draft first round picks out of the league. Well done, Cleveland.

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  NFL | Anquan Boldin waiting to sign before camp    Tue Jun 20, 12:16 AM

Free-agent WR Anquan Boldin (Lions) said that his preference is to sign with a team 'right before training camp.'

Footballguys view: Boldin proved last year with the Lions that he still had something left in the tank. He's looking for the 'right situation' and previous reports had indicated Boldin wants to stay near his Florida home. The veteran receiver will still be playing somewhere in 2017.

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  NFL | No decision from Vince Wilfork yet    Sat Jun 17, 02:43 PM

Free-agent DT Vince Wilfork (Texans) said he still has not decided if he will continue his playing career and that he does not have a timetable for his decision.

Footballguys view: Wilfork is not the player he used to be, and we can't see a ton of interest generating for him even if he wants to play in 2017. Texans GM Rick Smith believes Wilfork is likely done playing football.

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  NFL | Tramon Williams looking for contender    Sat Jun 17, 02:43 PM

Free-agent CB Tramon Williams (Browns) said he looking to sign with a contending team and is willing to play cornerback or safety.

Footballguys view: At 34-years old, Williams is not the player he once was during his heyday with the Packers. Williams started five games at cornerback for the Browns last season and two games at safety. If someone picks him up, it's likely going to come with the expectation that the veteran will play safety.

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  NFL | Anquan Boldin may want to play close to home    Fri Jun 16, 06:12 PM

Free-agent WR Anquan Boldin (Lions) may prefer to sign with a team closer to his Florida home, according to people close to Boldin.

Footballguys view: None of the Florida teams (Jaguars, Dolphins, Buccaneers) really have a need at the wide receiver position. Boldin has something left in the tank and could find a new home before the start of the regular season.

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  NFL | King Dunlap retires    Mon Jun 12, 03:06 PM

Free-agent OT King Dunlap (Chargers) announced his retirement from the NFL Monday, June 12.

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  NFL | Retirement not an option for David Harris    Sun Jun 11, 07:29 PM

Free-agent LB David Harris (Jets) is not considering retirement at this point and has received interest from a few teams.

Footballguys view: Harris isn't the player he used to be, but he can still be a sound starter in the NFL. We should see him latch on with a new team before training camp.

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  NFL | James Ihedigbo hopes to play    Sat Jun 10, 11:21 AM

Free-agent SS James Ihedigbo (Bills) said he hopes to play in 2017 even though he will be suspended for the first four games of the season. He said his broken leg is completely healed and has received interest from some teams.

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  NFL | DeAngelo Williams not playing football    Fri Jun 9, 12:25 PM

Free-agent RB DeAngelo Williams (Steelers) is expected to put his NFL career on hold and join Impact Wrestling.

Footballguys view: At 34 years old, no team was interested in signing Williams. He's turning the page and going on to the next part of his career. Football to wrestling has been a pipeline for multiple guys, all with varying degrees of success. We can't say we'll be glued to the TV when Williams is on Impact Wrestling, but good luck to him in his future endeavors.

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  NFL | Chris Johnson expects to join a team    Wed Jun 7, 07:11 PM

Free-agent RB Chris Johnson (Cardinals) said he expects to sign with a team before training camp and hopes to join a contending team.

Footballguys view: The Cardinals could well be that team. Right now they have only roster fringe but underrated Kerwynn Williams and Andre Ellington behind David Johnson, and Ellington was just moved back to running back after an aborted conversion to wide receiver.

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  NFL | Zach Line cleared    Tue Jun 6, 09:31 AM

Free-agent FB Zach Line (hip) has been cleared for full contact following hip surgery.

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  NFL | Vance Walker clearance coming    Tue Jun 6, 09:31 AM

Free-agent DT Vance Walker (knee) is expected to be medically cleared from a torn anterior cruciate ligament next week.

Footballguys view: Walker was going to play a big role for the Broncos last year as their Malik Jackson replacement, but a knee injury in camp ended his season before it got started. If cleared, Walker could provide a team with a valuable rotational player on the defensive line.

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  NFL | Fred Jackson wants to play    Mon Jun 5, 07:01 PM

Free-agent RB Fred Jackson (Seahawks) said he would like to play again in the NFL even though he is 36 years old. He said he hopes to receive some interest during training camp if a team loses a running back or two to injury.

Footballguys view: Jackson hasn't played since 2015 and is likely done in the league. Running back is a young man's position, and Jackson isn't the same player he used to be. Even when injuries hit in camp, we may not see Jackson get much if any interest.

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  NFL | Chris Johnson not ready to step away    Fri Jun 2, 02:29 PM

Free-agent RB Chris Johnson (Cardinals) wants to continue his career and has stayed in 'close contact' with the Arizona Cardinals.

Footballguys view: There are also a few other teams interested according to CJ2K. Johnson also notes becoming the 30th player to reach 10,000 career rushing yards - a mark from which he is 463 yards shy of - is a motivating factor. We'll see when injuries strike in training camp if Johnson gets a call.

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  NFL | Free agents to serve suspensions    Thu Jun 1, 03:29 PM

Free-agents SS James Ihedigbo (Bills), LB Jason Fanaika (Steelers) and LS Josh Latham (Jets) were recently handed four-game suspensions.

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  NFL | Gary Barnidge awaiting starting chance    Thu Jun 1, 10:06 AM

Free-agent TE Gary Barnidge (Browns) hasn't signed with a team because he's holding out to land a starting spot.

Footballguys view: Barnidge showed he can play and play very well, so we're not shocked. Someone will probably get hurt in the next few months, and we'll see some movement then. However, it is impossible to know his fantasy value until he lands on a team as there are too many variables otherwise.

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  NFL | Devon Still near full health    Wed May 31, 09:55 AM

Free-agent DE Devon Still (foot) is nearing full health from October Lisfranc surgery, according to a source.

Footballguys view: Still played a small handful of snaps for the Texans last year before a Lisfranc injury ended his season. He has never become an impact player, but there should be some interest in the former second-round pick when he's cleared medically.

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  NFL | Thaddeus Lewis medically cleared    Tue May 30, 10:03 AM

Free-agent QB Thaddeus Lewis (knee) was medically cleared Tuesday, May 30, after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in August.

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  NFL | Michael Vick retiring as Falcon?     Mon May 29, 03:05 AM

Retired QB Michael Vick has indicated he would like to sign a one-day contract to retire as an Atlanta Falcon, but he has not spoken with Falcons owner Arthur Blank as of yet.

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Michael Vick player page

  NFL | Joseph Fauria eyeing comeback    Sun May 28, 01:57 PM

Free-agent TE Joseph Fauria (Lions) is attempting an NFL comeback after sitting out last season, according to the Sporting News' Alex Marvez.

Footballguys view: He was out of the league in 2016, and Fauria bounced between the Cardinals and Patriots practice squads in 2015. The last time he played a down in the regular season was 2014, and he's a longshot to even earn a spot in camp with a team.

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  NFL | Justin Gilbert facing ban    Thu May 25, 10:04 PM

Free-agent CB Justin Gilbert (Steelers) will be suspended for the first four weeks of the 2017 season, according to a source.

Footballguys view: Gilbert was released by the Steelers in February, and he hasn't gotten a sniff on the open market. This suspension isn't going to help that matter. A first-round pick in 2014 (Browns), Gilbert has been a colossal bust.

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  NFL | Cecil Shorts will not play in 2017    Mon May 22, 06:18 PM

Free-agent WR Cecil Shorts (knee) said he still needs to undergo another surgery on his knee and will not be able to play in 2017. He said he hopes to be able to play in 2018.

Footballguys view: It would be one helluva comeback if Shorts could pull it off. Turning 30 in December, he tore his ACL, MCL, PCL and dislocated his knee during Week 13 last year.

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Cecil Shorts player page

  NFL | Reggie Bush still wants to play    Mon May 22, 04:29 PM

Free-agent RB Reggie Bush (Bills) believes he has a lot left to prove in the NFL and wants to continue his playing career. Bush added that he's still working out, staying in shape and looking forward to playing football 'this season.'

Footballguys view: Last year was a bad season for the veteran back. He only carried the ball 12 times for minus-3 yards with the Bills. His last 1,000 yard season was in 2013, and Bush simply isn't the player he used to be. Bush has spoken to a few prospective teams, but he's going to be patient and make sure he makes the right decision.

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  NFL | Gary Barnidge has talked to multiple teams     Mon May 22, 04:01 PM

Free-agent TE Gary Barnidge (Browns) has been contacted by the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos.

Footballguys view: Good ole "big play" Barnidge is still looking for a new team, but he doesn't need to be in any hurry. Barnidge had a career year in 2015 with the Browns, collection 79 passes for 1,043 yards and nine touchdowns. Last year his numbers weren't the same (55-612-2) but the offense was atrocious and the QB play left a lot to be desired. With the right team, Barnidge could be an effective starter and certainly a fantasy relevant player.

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  NFL | Darrelle Revis won't face discipline    Mon May 22, 10:22 AM

Free-agent CB Darrelle Revis (Jets) won't face league discipline after felony assault charges were dismissed in March by a Pittsburgh judge, according to a league spokesman.

Footballguys view: Charges were dropped in March, but the league wanted to conduct their own investigation with no wrongdoing found. He's not going to get suspended, but Revis is drawing zero interest on the open market. Teams may be questioning his commitment to the game after he seemed to mail it in last year for the Jets.

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  NFL | Andrew Hawkins receiving offers    Sun May 21, 04:15 PM

Free-agent WR Andrew Hawkins (Browns) said he has received contract offers from four teams this offseason and is looking to sign with a contending team.

Footballguys view: A recent graduate at Columbia University (4.0 GPA), Hawkins should be able to find a team...and a contender...before training camp. His quickness and route-running ability from the slot could work well for a team in need of a veteran reserve at the position.

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Andrew Hawkins player page

  NFL | Kedric Golston cleared    Sat May 20, 12:58 PM

Free-agent DT Kedric Golston (hamstring) received medical clearance a little over two weeks ago after he finished the 2016 season on the Reserve/Injured list because of hamstring injury. He worked out for the San Francisco 49ers earlier this week.

Footballguys view: Golston has been with Washington since he was a sixth-round pick out of Georgia in 2006. He only played in two games last year as injuries knocked him out for most of the season. He worked out for the 49ers this week and could latch on with some team for a minimum deal to work as a two-down run stuffer.

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  NFL | Ladarius Green hopes to play    Fri May 19, 05:49 PM

Free-agent TE Ladarius Green (Steelers) hopes to find a new team and play in 2017 after he was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to a player that has talked with Green.

Footballguys view: That's cool, but he's got to be cleared from the concussion protocol first. The Steelers released him with a 'failed physical' designation and we can't see teams lining up for the tight end tease now that he's available. Perhaps something will open up for him around training camp.

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