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Target Practice: Players to Target at Different Stages of the Draft

Values, sleepers and players that you should be targeting as your draft unfolds. 

Target Practice: Players to Target at Different Stages of the Draft

In every draft, I am armed with two things: a tiered ranking sheet and a list of players I’m targeting in each round. Then as the draft plays out, I’m crossing guys off both lists as they go off the board, allowing me to have a big picture view of the draft as it unfolds, while still being able to track my guys.

This article is a compliment to my Tier Rankings, which are available now and which will be updated, as we get further along into camp. While my Tier Rankings provides you with how I view all the players, this article shows you which players I am targeting in those tiers. 

Additionally, I say this every year, it is important for you to get your guys as opposed to just taking players that may fall to you. By just taking players, even using a tiered ranking sheet, you will often end up with a team consisting of Kelvin Benjamin and Matt Jones instead of Marvin Jones and Duke Johnson. It’s okay to reach for players if they are your guys, as long as you are not reaching too much. That’s where ADP and tiered sheets come in handy. For instance, a friend recently heard the buzz about Frank Gore, so he grabbed him in the 5th round. I’m all for Gore this year, but with an ADP in the 7th, you don’t need to reach for him two whole rounds early to get him.

With that in mind, here are guys I’m targeting in each range, keeping in mind that I am not necessarily down on any player not listed here, but these are the guys that are in my sites as the draft unfolds.

Last note, these ranges are listed according to current ADP (Average Draft Position) and not as I rank them. Once again, make sure to check out my Tier Rankings to see how I actually have them ranked.


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