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QB Tyrod Taylor - Buffalo Bills

6-1, 217Born: 8-3-1989College: Virginia TechDrafted: Round 6

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News you need to know

From the upgrade/downgrade report (Mon Dec 5): Taylor had a healthy-ish Sammy Watkins and was able to run in a score on his own against the Raiders to cobble together a reasonable fantasy day at Oakland. Watkins should be able to contribute against the Steelers in Week 14, keeping Taylor in streamer consideration.

General News (Fri Dec 9): practiced fully on Friday and is not on the team's injury report. He will play this week.

General News (Thu Dec 8): practiced fully on Thursday.

General News (Wed Dec 7): practiced fully on Wednesday.

General News (Tue Dec 6): hasn't been guaranteed the starting job next season by head coach Rex Ryan. Taylor's completion percentage and yards per attempt are down from 2015, and he's on pace to throw fewer touchdown passes while being sacked more. Taylor is owed $27.5 million from the Bills if he remains on their roster through the fourth day of the 2017 league year.

Week 14: vs Pittsburgh Steelers

All QB vs PIT

Mark and Joe say: Tough matchup. Tyrod Taylor didn't throw the ball very far in Oakland (18/35 for 191 yards passing, zero TDs and one interception with four sacks taken for -21 yards) - three receivers went over 30 yards last week. LeSean McCoy led the team in receiving with seven targets for 7/61/0, followed by Sammy Watkins (nine for 3/38/0, while still nursing a broken foot) and Marquise Goodwin (eight for 4/35/0). Taylor has gone the entire season without going over 300 yards passing, and hasn't managed to go over 200 yards passing for three weeks in a row (with one passing TD and two interceptions thrown during that time span). Yes, Taylor has six rushing TDS this year, including two in the last two games - but the Bills' passing game is anemic entering the final four games of the season. The Steelers' pass defense gave up 24/39 for 178 net yards passing to Eli Manning last week, with two passing scores given out vs. two interceptions and two sacks generated for -17 yards. Two games ago Scott Tolzien was held to 22/36 for 184 net yards passing, one TD and two interceptions (with three sacks taken for -21 yards) while Pat McAfee added 1/1 for 35 yards passing, for a team total of 23/37 for 219 net yards. Of late, the Steelers' secondary is blanketing the opposition. From Week 10 to Week 13 of the 2016 season (over the last four weeks, but includes 10 teams on bye during that time span - each team has at least three games played in the last four weeks), Pittsburgh has averaged 17.3 fantasy points allowed per game to opposing quarterbacks (seventh-least in the NFL); and 18.9 fantasy points per game allowed to wide receivers (ninth-least); with 7.3 fantasy points given up per game to tight ends (15th in the league). This is a tough matchup for the bottom-feeding Bills' passing attack.

Recent Stats and Projections

11 at CIN 65 19 27 166 0 1 9 39 0 0 11.2
12 vs JAX 55 12 18 166 1 0 7 38 1 0 22.1
13 at OAK 72 18 35 191 0 1 3 30 1 1 16.55
14 vs PIT PROJ-Dodds * 19 31 * * * 6 * * * *
14 vs PIT PROJ-Tremblay * 19 30 * * * 6 * * * *
14 vs PIT PROJ-Bloom * 16 24 * * * 7 * * * *

Recent Game Summaries

2016 Week 13 vs OAK (18 / 35 / 191 / 0 / 1 pass, 3 / 30 / 1 rush)

Tyrod Taylor had a rough go of it against the Raiders, especially in the second half. Taylor did not attack the defense deep and instead relied on short- and medium-depth passes. He inconsistently was able to hit the holes his receivers provided him. Taylor has not seem to have made any progress in improving his accuracy this season; he needs to be better at taking what the defense gives him. Taylor occasionally tried to force throws but his sole interception was not the result of one. Instead, Taylor was hit while throwing and the ball popped up for a defender to run under it. Pressure around Taylor was a constant theme of the game that got worse as the Raiders started to comeback and then pull away. Khalil Mack in particular was ferocious in collapsing the pocket and preventing Taylor from escaping. On the ground, Taylor did score a TD on a fake handoff. The only defender in position to make a play completely bought it and went after the running back instead. Other than that play, Taylor was merely adequate scrambling, not his normal dynamic self.

2016 Week 12 vs JAX (12 / 18 / 166 / 1 / 0 pass, 7 / 38 / 1 rush)

Tyrod Taylor continues to play well enough to win games; he's not playing great by any means but he is doing enough to put his team in positions to thrive. Taylor is not putting up large chunks of passing yards with his injured (and frankly not very good in the first place receiving corps). But he is getting the ball downfield when he needs to. Taylor is still having issues with accuracy but the problems are not as pronounced when he throws as little as he did against the Jags. He also got spooked and pulled his eyes down too quickly a few times but was saved by the likes of LeSean McCoy catching his outlet pass and getting big yardage. Most notably, Taylor threw two very dangerous throws (one of which was actually intercepted) where he was saved by DPI. In both cases, the throws should not have been made regardless; Taylor continues to be very lucky regarding interceptions. When keeping the ball in his hands, Taylor maintained his status as a threat. As he has all season, Taylor escaped a few sure sacks. Read-option plays, when they are dialed up, tend to be successful because defenders have to respect both him and McCoy. Additionally, Taylor's TD run was a great play where he navigated a collapsing pocket, gets to the edge, and outruns all the defenders. He could have chosen to dive forward for the first down but confidence in his running ability gave the Bills a guaranteed score.

2016 Week 11 vs CIN (19 / 27 / 166 / 0 / 1 pass, 9 / 39 / 0 rush)

Given the conditions and current state of Buffalo's offense, Tyrod Taylor turned in a mediocre performance against a mature Cincinnati defense. Losing Green crippled Cincinnati's offense, which, in turn, didn't put pressure on Taylor to counter with big plays of his own. In fact, the game plan called for a conservative, run-heavy attack against Cincinnati's maligned run defense - and Taylor executed that well. In fact, Taylor's mere rushing presence was enough to keep linebackers and safeties honest. As a runner, Taylor earned every yard and took several big shots throughout the game. Buffalo called several triple option plays in the red zone--and Taylor opted to keep the ball instead of pitching it and took some unnecessary hits. Taylor did score on a four-yard rushing touchdown, but was negated due to a holding penalty. Buffalo prides itself on having a strong rushing attack and Taylor's toughness as a runner fits the identity of this offense. As a passer, Taylor left a lot to be desired. Taylor struggled with 'phantom pressure', opting to improvise and leave the pocket when pressure wasn't there. In fact, many times he would 'run into' defenders by leaving the pocket. When leaving the pocket, Taylor would take check downs and allow his playmakers to generate yardage after the catch. Short, check down throws were there and Taylor didn't have any issue completing them. Taylor took a few shots downfield - and the results weren't pretty. Right before halftime, Taylor targeted Marquise Goodwin on a deep corner route, but the ball was underthrown and intercepted by Dre Kirkpatrick. Some of the blame lies at the feet of Goodwin, who made no attempt to work back to the ball. Fortunately, Cincinnati's offense did not capitalize on this turnover. In the third quarter, Taylor missed Charles Clay on a deep crossing route that would have put the offense into field goal range. In a fourth quarter, red zone situation, Taylor was caught staring down Mke Gillislee in the flat and a defender jumped the route. Luckily, the ball deflected off the defender's hands and fell incomplete. Taylor did enough to win this game- and that's all his team can ask for.

2016 Week 9 vs SEA (27 / 38 / 289 / 1 / 1 pass, 8 / 43 / 1 rush)

Tyrod Taylor had one of his best games in a long while on Monday night against the Seahawks. As he has his entire career, Taylor was electric on the run. He escapes almost certain sacks with ease and can hit his receivers on the run while rolling out. When it is designed carry, Taylor can beat defenders to the edge with his speed like he did on his TD run on the Bills first play. Taylor has always had problems with overthrowing receivers but that was not a significant problem in this game. He was consistently accurate in targeting his receivers with only a few exceptions. Most notably, his interception was either a mistake by Taylor or by Robert Woods; the route Woods ran did not match the pass Taylor threw. In a 3rd and 21 play that will certainly be in Taylor's end-of-year highlight reel, Taylor navigated a quickly collapsing pocket to get around several defenders. When he got himself some space, he launched the ball to a waiting Woods on the sideline to convert late in the game. Taylor can be a major weapon when he plays well and he was a weapon against the Seahawks.

2016 Week 8 vs NE (19 / 38 / 183 / 0 / 0 pass, 5 / 48 / 1 rush)

Tyrod Taylor needs LeSean McCoy to help drive this offense. Because of a lack of McCoy, Taylor had to throw a lot to mediocre receivers. Additionally, Taylor continued his pattern of overthrows and didn't give his receivers chances at the ball. His one interception was a terrible throw far behind the receiver but the play was nullified by an unrelated defensive penalty. He did have some nice throws including a great throw that was dropped but overall Taylor did not have a good passing day. On the ground Taylor had more success including a 26 yard TD run untouched down the middle of the field.

2016 Week 7 vs MIA (14 / 28 / 221 / 1 / 0 pass, 7 / 35 / 1 rush)

Tyrod Taylor is losing his skill players one by one. As the talent around him slowly gets worse, Taylor will follow suit. As it is now, he still had a decent game against the Dolphins. There seemed to be more designed rollouts that Taylor had done in the past but for the most part they were fine. When passing, Taylor had his share of inaccurate passes but he did throw a few bullets and had a perfect touch on Marquise Goodwin's TD reception. On the move, Taylor was his normal agile self and managed to avoid a few sure sacks. His best play on the ground was a fake handoff where all the defenders bit and Taylor was able to dive through for a TD. Taylor has been effective because he has (or had) players who could complement him such as Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy. Without them, Taylor will be a diminished player.

2016 Week 6 vs SF (17 / 26 / 179 / 2 / 0 pass, 8 / 68 / 0 rush)

Tyrod Taylor had a better passing game than he has had in the past few weeks. He rolled out of the pocket only when necessary and threw some decent middle-distance strikes. There wasn't much success in the deep ball game but being hit while throwing will do that. Taylor's best throw of the night was his perfect ball on the Justin Hunter TD strike. The Bills' offense has started to run more and more read-option plays and it suits Taylor's skill set. He was able to freeze the defenders twice with one of them turning into a TD. This is the Taylor that the Bills want to see every week.

2016 Week 5 vs LA (12 / 23 / 124 / 2 / 0 pass, 5 / 28 / 0 rush)

Tyrod Taylor was not an effective pocket passer against the Rams. A large portion of his throws were inaccurate with at least one sure TD wiped away because of an overthrown pass. Separately, there was an opportunity for his receiver to get yards after the catch in the redzone but Taylor's poor throw required the receiver to adjust and get tackled immediately after the reception. It wasn't all bad; the game sealing TD had Taylor standing tall and taking a hard hit to fit the ball into a tight window. But the big advantage of Taylor has always been in his legs. Taylor was continuously able to run effectively for big gains. Not many defenders can be so easily juked by a QB. A pump fake by Taylor made a defender completely jump in the air and gave Taylor an open field to work with. But Taylor's greatest play involved a redzone snap. Taylor couldn't find a receiver open with his progression so he tucked the ball and tried to run. When he didn't see a hole in the line, he rolled out to the left. This rolling out action caused two defenders sitting in the endzone to run toward the line of scrimmage and Taylor popped the ball over everyone to the waiting open WR. It was a great play very few QBs could effectively pull off. Astoundingly, there was one shotgun snap where Taylor lined up behind the guard and not the center. When the ball was snapped, it went into open space and Taylor had to recover what was essentially a fumble.

2016 Week 4 vs NE (27 / 39 / 246 / 1 / 0 pass, 5 / 28 / 0 rush)

Tyrod Taylor played decently enough to win with his defense shutting out the Patriots. However, in a more competitive game, his effort would not have been good enough. Taylor continues to have a poor season in terms of accuracy. A large amount of middle and long distance throws were simply off the mark. Taylor also has been having issues with staying in the pocket so far this year. There were quite a few instances of phantom pressure or not resetting after getting away from defenders. When Taylor does reset his feet, lots of yardage is the result. If he can reestablish himself as a passer after scrambling, the big play potential is enormous. In an effort to take more advantage of Taylor's feet, the new OC has started using read option plays. It makes sense given Taylor's skill set but the lack of a strong WR threatening the back of the defense does dull the effect. If the read option can start providing good returns, it may make Taylor more comfortable in other ways as well.

2016 Week 3 vs ARI (14 / 25 / 119 / 0 / 1 pass, 9 / 76 / 1 rush)

In a game without his star receiver and a new OC, Tyrod Taylor mostly kept the ball on the ground with his own legs and handoffs to LeSean McCoy. For the first time this season, Taylor looked comfortable tucking the ball and running for the holes. This is Taylor's strength and he was able to do great work on the ground; both his 49 yard run and his 20 yard TD run were examples of what he brings to the table. The passing game was less of a success. He displayed more comfort in the pocket than he did last week but he did not have any great players to throw it to. Taylor's accuracy also continues to be an issue; quite a few passes went off of receivers outstretched fingertips. Getting Sammy Watkins back should help his stat line in this respect.

2016 Week 2 vs NYJ (18 / 30 / 297 / 3 / 1 pass, 2 / 25 / 0 rush)

Tyrod Taylor's second pass of the game was an absolute beauty. It was a drop in the bucket for a streaking WR that resulted in an early touchdown. He was throwing downfield much more often than he did in the first game against the Ravens and he had success because of it. He did suffer from some accuracy issues occasionally but for the most part he was able to get the ball where it needed to go. Surprisingly, this was a game where Taylor did not navigate the pocket as well as he has in the past. Multiple times he felt the ghosts of pressure and ran out of a clean pocket too early. Only one scramble turned to a good gain on the ground, most resulted either in a sack or a poor pass. Taylor was not a terrible pocket passer in this game but he does still need to find the perfect proportion of knowing when to stay and when to leave. It will be interesting to see how the new OC asks him to play.

2016 Week 1 vs BAL (15 / 22 / 111 / 0 / 0 pass, 5 / 11 / 0 rush)

Tyrod Taylor is great at escaping sacks. This is a conclusion that everyone has to come to when they watch Taylor play. But on days when Taylor doesn't make plays with his legs past the line of scrimmage, on days when Taylor doesn't take shots downfield, Taylor looks like an ordinary and mediocre QB. The Bills' offense featured a lot of checkdowns in the beginning of the game and the tempo did not really rise as the game went on. After being given the opportunity to play free last year, it looks like Taylor is being too controlled. He has talent and the potential to turn any game into an exciting one but did not show it in the first game of the 2016 season.


Latest News

Bills | Tyrod Taylor ready to play (Fri Dec 9, 05:06 PM) - Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor (groin) fully participated in practice Friday, Dec. 9, and is not on the injury report for Week 14.

link to story   

Bills | Full practice for Tyrod Taylor (Thu Dec 8, 08:24 PM) - Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor (groin) remained a full participant in practice Thursday, Dec. 8.

Our View: This is not a great matchup for a quarterback still lacking healthy weapons. The last two weeks Pittsburgh has held opposing quarterbacks under 200 yards passing and we thing this will make three weeks in a row. Taylor might rush for a touchdown, but through the air he's not going to do much. He's a low-end QB2.
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Bills | Tyrod Taylor practices in full (Wed Dec 7, 03:40 PM) - Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor (groin) fully participated in practice Wednesday, Dec. 7.

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Bills | Tyrod Taylor not guaranteed job (Tue Dec 6, 10:15 AM) - Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor hasn't been guaranteed the starting job next season by head coach Rex Ryan. Taylor's completion percentage and yards per attempt are down from 2015, and he's on pace to throw fewer touchdown passes while being sacked more.

Our View: We have to see how the rest of this season plays out. If Taylor plays well over the final month, then we should see him stick around next year. Taylor is owed $27.5 million from the Bills if he remains on their roster through the fourth day of the 2017 league year.
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Bills | Tyrod Taylor doesn't do much (Mon Dec 5, 01:35 AM) - Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor completed 18 of his 35 pass attempts for 191 yards, no touchdowns and one interception in the Week 13 game against the Oakland Raiders. He rushed three times for 30 yards and a score, too.

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