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RB Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints

5-9, 215Born: 12-21-1989College: AlabamaDrafted: Round 1, pick 28

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2015 Week 13 vs CAR (12 / 56 / 1 rush, 6 / 4 / 23 / 0 rec)

Despite not getting quite the workload he could have thrived on, Mark Ingram showed good vision and patience to find the holes in the Panthers defense. Getting good blocking up front for the most part, Ingram showed a beautifully subtle cut on an early 14-yard carry. He often encountered resistance at the line of scrimmage, but continued to battle away. The ball was knocked out his grasp on one carry, but the Saints managed to recover it. Ingram was involved in the passing attack as well, reeling in a couple of short dump-offs from Brees. Ingram showed his guile as a runner on his touchdown run, making two tacklers miss with shifty moves. He also punched in a two-point conversion, getting behind left guard and powering forward for the extras.

2015 Week 12 vs HOU (9 / 52 / 0 rush, 8 / 6 / 45 / 0 rec)

Ingram's first carry occurred on New Orleans' third play from scrimmage, an inside handoff for a single yard. His next carry came two drives later, a loss of two off left tackle. Midway through the second period, Ingram took a pitch to the right edge before tiptoeing his way down the sideline for 29 yards, easily serving as New Orleans' best offensive play to this point. Ingram bailed out his quarter from an impending sack with a 17-yard swing pass to the left flat in the team's two minute drill. He opened New Orleans' second half with a chunk of 16 yards up the middle. However, he dropped a screen pass two plays later on a third-and-20. Ingram was the recipient of another swing pass to begin his team's next drive, taking it for three yards from the left flat. His next two carries were small victories considering the level of overall offensive success on the day, picking up five and four yards up the middle, respectively. Ingram caught a pair of checkdowns midway through the fourth in New Orleans' no-huddle attack, picking up five and six yards. The veteran back stayed involved with a catch two plays later, netting 16 yards against a vacant defensive zone. His role will remain steady as a capable professional back, but this is a team that appears ready for an early offseason.

2015 Week 10 vs WAS (5 / 77 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

Ingram's day began on New Orleans' third play from scrimmage, taking a pitch off right tackle for a monstrous 70 yards before being pushed out of bounds. He tiptoed the sidelines for the majority of the impressive run, but would only have seven additional rushing yards for the rest of the day. His next carry, again off right tackle, went for a loss of one. He opened his team's third offensive possession with a cutback run off left guard for 12. Receiving puzzlingly few carries in the first half, Ingram caught a screen pass in the right flat for eight yards to end his contributions until much later. His next touch didn't occur until the final play of the third quarter, a screen pass to the right flat that featured a nice move to gain 12 yards. He caught a similar swing pass to the right flat, but the blocking this time was only sufficient for a yard. Midway through the fourth, Ingram found no space off right tackle before running out of bounds for a loss of one. His momentum took him into the stadium's wall, but he appeared okay afterwards. His day was done, however, as New Orleans gave the reins to Tim Hightower with an insurmountable deficit. A big day looked to be in store for the veteran RB after exploding for 70 yards on his first carry, but falling behind by numerous scores forced the Saints to abandon their running game. Ingram has the opportunity that every owner loves in their RB1, but the production of a mid-range RB2 in a pedestrian rushing attack.

2015 Week 9 vs TEN (22 / 54 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 42 / 0 rec)

Ingram began his day with a minimal one-yard gain rush up the middle, a trend that would become familiar as the day progressed. His next two runs followed the same pattern, picking up four and three yards, respectively. Ingram continued his string of uneventful runs through the entirety of the first quarter. He was on the receiving end of a checkdown for five yards to end the opening period. Finally breaking free for a meaningful run to open the second quarter, Ingram followed his blockers off right tackle for 12 yards. His carry on the very next play went for just one. Later on the same drive, Ingram caught a 14-yard screen pass to the left flat that featured some nifty moves and nice blocks. He was unable to break the plane on his next carry from the one, a rush off right tackle for no gain. Ingram began the second half with another modest pickup of five off left tackle. He ran the rock up the middle on the next two plays, picking up four and zero yards before the Saints had to punt. Late in the third quarter, Ingram found space out of the backfield off play-action for nine yards. Adding yet another checkdown to his receiving total, Ingram sat down just in front of his offensive line before running after the catch for 14 yards. He got another opportunity from the one-yard line, but failed to gain anything off right guard to continue a frustrating day for fantasy owners. Ingram's slow day was certainly not for a lack of opportunity, as it was clear Sean Payton wanted his ground attack to run through him. Some credit is due to Tennessee's defensive front, but an overall poor performance by his blockers left Ingram with very little running room all day long. He provides a steady floor given one of the heaviest RB workloads in football, with decent touchdown-upside every week.

2015 Week 8 vs NYG (16 / 80 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 39 / 0 rec)

Ingram found space in the left flat to begin his team's second drive, a play-action dumpoff that picked up 17 easy yards. His first carry was an inside handoff off right guard for seven yards near the end of the opening period. He caught another play-action checkdown two plays later, again uncovering in the left flat for nine yards. Near the onset of the second quarter, Ingram took a rush off left tackle for a modest gain of three. Much later in the frame, Ingram powered it up the middle for six yards and a new set of downs deep in enemy territory. He lost two yards off left guard a few plays later. An inside handoff on the very next down simply won back his lost yardage. Ingram opened New Orleans' second half offense with a swing pass to the right flat for ten easy yards. Several plays later, Ingram failed to gain a single yard off right tackle. His next carry was a cutback off left guard, bouncing through contact for ten impressive yards. Several minutes later in the third, Ingram showed impressive burst off left tackle for nine yards. Two plays later, he sifted through bodies off left tackle for five more. After getting a breather, Ingram came back into the contest to bounce a rush off left tackle for a well-blocked 11 yards. He kept his chunk runs going on the next drive, taking the rock off left guard for eight. Ingram was the recipient of a three-yard dumpoff as the safety valve for Drew Brees on the following drive. A few plays later, Ingram dove over the top of the pile as if reaching for the endzone to pick up a potentially game-saving first down. After being stopped for no gain much later in the series, the Saints went back to Ingram with a pitch off left tackle for 16 critical yards deep into New York's redzone. He took the subsequent handoff up the middle for two more to keep positive momentum going. Ingram was the complementary option his offense needed to keep things on schedule. New York's opposing offense was lighting up the scoreboard on the other side, necessitating his team to ride Drew Brees' right arm until it fell off. Still, the Giants weren't able to stop Ingram from running through their defense much of the day, and game script is the only thing that kept his stats as low as they were. His opportunity with Khiry Robinson out for the season puts him in the weekly RB1/2 conversation.

2015 Week 7 vs IND (14 / 143 / 1 rush, 2 / 2 / 5 / 0 rec)

Ingram got into the game to open New Orleans' second series, taking a carry off right tackle for four yards. His next carry didn't come until early in the second period, when he bounced off right tackle for a modest pickup of two yards. Ingram showed nice burst through the well-blocked middle of Indianapolis' defense for a quick gain of 20 yards to open the following series. Two plays later, he was unable to pick up any yards off right guard. Ingram impressed again through the middle on his next carry, showing leg drive to finish his run of 11 yards. He took a well-blocked pitch off left tackle on the very next play for 44 yards, exhibiting good speed to navigate his way through the second level of Indianapolis' defense. The veteran back was rewarded with another carry two plays later for four yards. Ingram's first catch opened the next drive, a screen that went for a loss of five to the left flat. New Orleans' first two plays from scrimmage of the second half were well-blocked Ingram runs right up the gut for 35 and 17 yards, respectively. It was a refreshing change of pace for a running game in dire need of explosive plays. Ingram found paydirt to punctuate his impressive drive with a powerful one-yard surge off left guard. Staying involved on the next possession, he caught a swing pass in the left flat before turning it upfield for 10 relatively easy yards. Late in the third period, Ingram found additional space off left guard for five yards to keep his running game churning. He caught a lucky break on his next carry of one yard off right tackle in which Ingram was ruled down to prevent a potential fumble. Ingram received a brief injury scare late in the fourth quarter, but returned to the game on the next drive with a carry up the middle for three yards. The very next play went back to Ingram, but Colt Anderson and company were ready, taking the ball-carrier to the ground four yards behind the line of scrimmage. Ingram had his best rushing day of the year, finally breaking through with 20-plus gains in a year that has been marred by inefficient rushes. His touches remain as strong as ever, while the promising signs for the offense at large secure Ingram as a surefire RB2 at the very least.

2015 Week 6 vs ATL (20 / 46 / 2 rush, 3 / 3 / 10 / 0 rec)

Ingram began the game for New Orleans with a run up the middle for a gain of four. His next carries came later in the drive, a rush of two off right guard, followed by a dive up the middle for a yard and first down. Ingram found the end zone on this opening series, initially colliding with his own blocker before powering through two defenders for the score made possible by impressive leg drive. He wasn't able to get going on his next carry, as Ingram was tripped up by an Atlanta defender on an inside handoff that netted just one yard. His next several carries were uneventful ones through the heart of the defense that picked up very little yardage. In the two-minute drill before halftime, Ingram caught a screen off left tackle that lost two yards. The next play went back to him, a dumpoff over the middle for five yards. Ingram's next meaningful carry, on New Orleans' opening drive of the second half, was an inside draw on a key third down deep in Atlanta territory that gained five, but fell short of first down yardage. Ingram finally broke through for a decent ground gain early in the fourth quarter, rushing off right guard for 11 yards to begin another long New Orleans drive. He took an underhand dumpoff pass from his quarterback under duress for seven yards later in the series. Ingram plodded through a congested mess of bodies to finish the drive with a one-yard touchdown off right tackle to salvage a decent fantasy day even with a brutally low YPC. Two short gains for Ingram late in the fourth quarter were used to bleed the clock before an attempted field goal. His next three carries were uneventful short gains against a defense that knew the run was coming since the game was already in hand. With only 2.3 YPC, Ingram found almost no space to run for the majority of his night. The two touchdowns result in a solid fantasy day, but it's clear that running the ball in New Orleans remains an inefficient exercise in futility.

2015 Week 5 vs PHI (12 / 57 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

Ingram got his first tote on New Orleans' second play from scrimmage, taking it off left guard for four yards. His second carry came on the subsequent drive, rushing up the middle for nine yards by impressively keeping his legs moving after contact. He followed it up with ten more off right guard, again driving through defenders after contact. Ingram's next carry came two plays later, registering four yards off left tackle. To open the Saints' third series, he took a swing pass in the left flat for four yards before being pushed out of bounds. Ingram's next two carries went off-tackle for gains off three and four, respectively. Ingram stayed active throughout the third quarter, but his carries were hardly noteworthy, going for less than five yards each right up the middle. His last carry of the third quarter temporarily broke his season-long minutiae of short gains, however, with a quick 17 yards off left guard. Ingram's next touch, late in the fourth quarter, was a 13 yard dumpoff that occurred in garbage time. Ingram remained heavily involved as he has throughout the year, but remained settling for short gains much of the day. His volume keeps him locked in for most fantasy lineups, but his upside is certainly capped in this struggling New Orleans offense.

2015 Week 3 vs CAR (14 / 50 / 1 rush, 5 / 5 / 49 / 0 rec)

Ingram got rolling on New Orleans' second offensive possession of the day, rushing off right tackle for three yards. His next two carries went back into the middle of the line and off right tackle for no gain and three yards, respectively. Ingram began the next drive with a carry off left guard for five yards. Ingram's first catch came late in the first quarter as the checkdown option for Luke McCown, picking up ten yards. He took three inside handoff through the middle of the Carolina defense for five, nine and three yards respectively to get his team's rushing attack going in the second quarter. With his fourth consecutive carry, Ingram found space off right tackle on a well-blocked play to scoot into the end zone for a five yard touchdown. He got his first touch of the second half midway through the third quarter, rushing up the gut for four. He managed just one on the very next play with a swing pass to the left flat. Ingram ended the third quarter with a modest two yard gain off left guard, then took an inside handoff for two midway through the fourth quarter. Ingram kept his trend of short gains going with a short burst of four off right tackle, then serving as a checkdown option on the next play for three more to set up a short third down. The ball was dumped back to Ingram on their last offensive drive underneath for 12 yards. There were no big gains to be found on the ground for Ingram for the third straight week, but his role as the RB centerpiece is secure. Ingram also adds some bonus value as a fairly consistent safety valve for his quarterbacks.

2015 Week 2 vs TB (16 / 53 / 1 rush, 3 / 3 / 5 / 0 rec)

Mark Ingram was heavily involved for New Orleans once again against Tampa Bay, but this time his continued struggles on the ground were not bailed out by success receiving out of the backfield. His role in the offense is not a concern for fantasy purposes, but the effectiveness of the team at large may be. Ingram's first carry came on the fourth play from scrimmage, a run off left tackle that went for no gain. Ingram ran up the middle for a modest five yards to begin New Orleans' second offensive possession, and followed it up on the next series with another jaunt down broadway that failed to gain a yard. The ball went directly back in his direction on a second down swing pass to end the first quarter, netting a pickup of six yards. Ingram's next four carries followed his early theme of the day, going right back through the middle for gains of zero, five, four and one yard, respectively. Finally running in a different direction, Ingram fell forward for a yard off right tackle late in the second quarter. His next tote was an inside handoff with Drew Brees lining up in shotgun in which Ingram made a nice cutback move off right guard to spring himself loose for an 11 yard touchdown to put his team's first points on the board. Ingram picked things up in the second half right where he left off in the first, with a minimal pickup of two yards into the heart of the Tampa Bay defense. He finally got some traction in his legs up the middle near the onset of the final quarter, plowing forward for six crucial yards on fourth-and-short. The offense went right back to him on an inside handoff for a gain of five. After receiving a play off for a C.J. Spiller carry, Ingram paid no mind to an eight-man Tampa Bay box with seven yards off right guard down to the three yard-line. New Orleans hurried back to the line with a quick inside handoff to Ingram, but he fell just inches short of a touchdown that was stolen by fullback Austin Johnson on the next play. Ingram coughed up the football on a screen pass behind the line of scrimmage with only three minutes left in the game, seemingly icing a loss, but the Saints were able to get the ball back just about a minute later. They went right back to Ingram just two offensive plays later on a screen to the same area of the field, gaining five yards in the no-huddle.

2015 Week 1 vs ARI (9 / 24 / 0 rush, 9 / 8 / 98 / 0 rec)

Ingram started New Orleans' day off with a toss off left tackle for a gain of one. His first reception of the day came on a well-blocked screen that picked up 24 yards. Ingram sparked the Saints' third offensive possession with cutback runs off right tackle for nine, then through the middle for four. Ingram pitched in on the subsequent series with four yards up the middle, then was on the receiving end of a Brees checkdown for five. He got things going on the second play of the latter half with a short run for two yards. As with a theme throughout the day, Ingram moved the chains on the successive drive with a swing pass for seven yards on a third down from about midfield, but ran directly into an unblocked Calais Campbell on his next touch. Ingram spearheaded New Orleans' drive following a fumble recovery with an explosive nine yards through the middle of Arizona's front seven. He was unable to get back to the line of scrimmage on the very next play when Tyrann Mathieu chased him down for a loss of three. Ingram snuck out of the backfield for a trademark swing pass against the Arizona blitz, accelerating down the right sideline for 59 yards. Ingram final touches out of the backfield were unable to give New Orleans the offensive spark needed to get them back in the game. Ingram began his 2015 campaign looking like a very capable back in all facets of the game. Against a stout Arizona front, he struggled to find consistent yards on the ground, but proved very valuable as a checkdown and screen option out of the backfield against the blitz. His receptions may dip a bit with C.J. Spiller back on the scene soon, but Ingram will remain a vital part of the New Orleans offense regardless of game script.


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