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RB Todd Gurley - Los Angeles Rams

6-1, 222Born: 8-3-1994College: GeorgiaDrafted: Round 1, pick 10

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18 vs ATL 62 14 101 0 10 4 10 0 0 11.1

Recent Game Summaries

2017 Week 18 vs ATL (14 / 101 / 0 rush, 10 / 4 / 10 / 0 rec)

Gurley in the first half had very little going as he was taken out of the game due to stacked boxes and the Falcons put Keanu Neal as a spy on Gurley for most of the night instead of doing what most teams have done and put a linebacker on him. After a rough first half, Gurley was able to get it going in the late parts of the second half once the defense backed off the stacked boxes and Gurley was able to pick up some big plays once he got out into space on a 33-yard run in which Gurley remained patient for the hole to develop and once it was there he used his speed and power to hit the hole and was not touched for the first 20 yards of the run. From a receiving standpoint, Gurley had a tough go of it in this one as the aforementioned Keanu Neal did a great job preventing Gurley who had ten targets from doing anything with them as Gurley did catch four passes but was hit almost immediately each time he caught the ball.

2017 Week 16 vs TEN (22 / 118 / 0 rush, 13 / 10 / 158 / 2 rec)

If you haven't heard by now, you probably aren't reading this in week 17. Todd Gurley had a game for the ages as he was the focal point of this offense, through the air and on the ground. We have talked about Gurley in open space all season and he showed off his ability on an 80-yard screen route in which he seemed untouchable as once he gets to full speed he is almost impossible to bring down. Gurley showed off his signature hurdle move several times in this game on receptions as he turned these into extra yards. As great as Gurley was in this game, he could have had an even bigger game as he was brought down by shoestring saving tackles on two separate carries early in the game that would have potentially led to additional long touchdowns.

2017 Week 15 vs SEA (21 / 152 / 3 rush, 3 / 3 / 28 / 1 rec)

Gurley put up his best game of the season with 3 rushing touchdowns and a receiving touchdown for good measure. There was even potential for a 4th rushing touchdown, but Gurley was tackled on the 1-yard line and the Rams elected to throw it from the 1 instead of giving Gurley another shot. The first 2 touchdowns were of the 1-yard variety and was just straight power football up the middle. His third touchdown was a 57-yard scamper down the sideline where he made several defenders miss on his way to the end zone. Even if you took out this 57-yard run, Gurley still would have had 95 yards rushing. He was also the second-leading receiver on the team this week with 28 yards and a 14-yard touchdown catch. Gurley almost singlehandedly ran over the Seattle defense this week and he looks primed to continue that run with matchups against the Titans and 49ers to close out the season.

2017 Week 14 vs PHI (13 / 96 / 2 rush, 5 / 3 / 39 / 0 rec)

If you look at Todd Gurley's overall stats you should be very happy as the running back had a huge day running the ball and looked terrific. Gurley's best play was on his first carry of this game as less than two minutes into the game the Rams faked the end-around to Tavon Austin and then pitched it out to Gurley who was able to use his speed to get around the corner and tight-rope along the sideline avoiding going out of bounds until the one-yard line. Gurley was able to finish the drive shortly after as he carried two defenders into the end-zone. In the fourth-quarter Gurley was able to take an off-tackle handoff from the nine-yard line and get to the pylon for a second touchdown. Most of Gurley's success in this game came on counter plays or off-tackle runs as the Rams tried to utilize the speed and size of Gurley instead of having him go up the middle against this very tough Eagles defensive line. The problem for Gurley if there was one this week was the game script, as he only ran the ball 13 times in this game largely due to the Rams falling behind early and the Rams abandoning the run in the second and third quarters of this game as they tried to catch back up.

2017 Week 13 vs ARI (19 / 74 / 0 rush, 7 / 6 / 84 / 0 rec)

Todd Gurley continues to be one of the best players in football this season as when you get him into open space he is incredibly difficult to stop. As great of plays as Gurley made in space and there were plenty in which he would not get touched until he was 10 or more yards downfield, his best play of the game was on a 1st and 10 on the Rams two-yard line in which the game was still close at the time in the third quarter. Gurley who has struggled in short yardage situations at times this season was able to go straight up the middle and get nine yards which was incredibly encouraging as most of his work this season has been outside the tackles.

2017 Week 12 vs NO (17 / 74 / 0 rush, 7 / 4 / 54 / 0 rec)

The Rams seem to be resting Todd Gurley a little bit now that they know they have a strong chance at a playoff spot. Gurley had just four carries in the first half, and 10 carries in the first three quarters. He did finish strong as he had seven carries in the fourth quarter to seal the win for the Rams, but it is something to keep an eye on if the Rams fall behind. Gurley was effective when he was carrying the ball as he averaged 4.4 yards per carry, and did not have a big run to inflate that yard per carry number. Gurley's best weapon this season continues to be as a receiver as he made a tremendous juke play once he got into space for a 31-yard reception.

2017 Week 11 vs MIN (15 / 37 / 1 rush, 4 / 3 / 19 / 0 rec)

Todd Gurley had the worst game of his season this week as he only had 37 yards rushing on 15 carries. The issue for Gurley was different than other poor games. In the past, we have seen Gurley have games where his yards-per-carry is very low due to negative rushes, but in this game, Gurley was unable to get past the linebackers as his longest run of the day was just eight yards.

2017 Week 10 vs HOU (11 / 68 / 0 rush, 7 / 6 / 68 / 0 rec)

Todd Gurley as a running back reverted back to some of the tendencies we saw early this season and all of last season where he danced in the backfield trying to have a huge play. Of Gurley's 68 yards on the ground, 60 of them came on three carries including a 34-yard carry in which he took a run off-tackle in the fourth quarter and was caught by the shoelaces from behind in what otherwise would have been a 70-yard touchdown. Gurley was heavily utilized in the passing game this week as he saw seven targets, catching six of those passes including a 43-yard screen pass in which Gurley was able to use his open field

2017 Week 9 vs NYG (16 / 59 / 2 rush, 3 / 2 / 45 / 0 rec)

Todd Gurley continues to show the burst of big plays this season as he had a 36-yard run in which he should have been stopped in the backfield for a loss, but he found a crease in the defense and slipped through a small hole. Outside of this run, Gurley struggled out of the backfield, as he averaged just 1.8 yards per carry on the rest of his carries in this game. Gurley did find the end zone twice in this game both on runs inside the five-yard line. Gurley was able to show his burst as a receiver as he took a screen pass 44 yards down to the one-yard line as he broke three tackles as he was running along the sideline.

2017 Week 7 vs ARI (22 / 106 / 1 rush, 8 / 4 / 48 / 0 rec)

Gurley continues his tremendous season as this is another week where he continued to show his improvement in his vision and cohesion with the offensive line. The biggest improvement for Gurley continues to be the elimination of the negative runs that we saw last season and early this season. Gurley is using more cutbacks and hesitation in his running attack which plays a big part of his success. This was most evident on his 18-yard run in which he very easily could have been tackled for a loss of three yards but instead juked the oncoming defender and cut the ball outside utilizing his speed to get to the pylon. Gurley continues to be a big part of the passing game as he was able to turn a check-down pass into a 38-yard gain after outrunning linebacker Karlos Dansby.

2017 Week 6 vs JAX (23 / 116 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Gurley was the key piece in this offense as he was relied on to move the ball and to kill the clock as the Rams got out to the early lead. Gurley was successful doing both as he was very efficient running the ball averaging 5.0 yards per carry while his longest run was just 14 yards. Gurley who had problems both last season and early this season with negative or no yard carries as he would get hit in the backfield due to poor vision was able to avoid these carries as his offensive line did a great job creating holes for him in this game. One disappointing area is that Gurley was not used in the receiving game which is the second week in a row that he has not been utilized as a receiver and a large part of it is the emphasis that the opposing teams are putting on the running back with how successful he has been so far this season as a receiver in open space.

2017 Week 5 vs SEA (14 / 43 / 0 rush, 4 / 2 / 7 / 0 rec)

The first drive looked like the picture-perfect start for Gurley and company. The offense marching right down the field and Gurley appeared to score from 12-yards out. Gurley took the ball up the middle, broke to the sideline, and tiptoed into the end zone. The call on the field was initially a touchdown but upon further review, Gurley fumbled the ball as he tried to reach across the goal line and the ball hit the pylon. By rule, this is a touchback and Seattle ball. Gurley never really got going again as his longest going on the day was the 11-yards before the fumble at the goal line. Goff targeted Gurley four times in the passing game including a deep wheel route on the final drive, but he was not able to break one free. Jacksonville has one of the top-rated pass defenses in the league and the game plan should call for a lot of Gurley on the ground from the get-go.

2017 Week 4 vs DAL (23 / 121 / 0 rush, 8 / 7 / 94 / 1 rec)

After a relatively slow start to the year, Todd Gurley is looking more like 2015 Todd Gurley than 2016 Todd Gurley, as the team is utilizing his athleticism by trying to get him into open space. Gurley in open space has proven that he is incredibly difficult to tackle. Gurley has been tremendous as a receiver this year as he had the longest catch of his career on a wheel route setup by a tremendous block by Robert Woods.

2017 Week 3 vs SF (28 / 113 / 2 rush, 7 / 5 / 36 / 1 rec)

Gurley had a breakout game in this game as he found the end zone three times in this game. While all three of his touchdowns were within 7 yards of the end zone, his highlight reel carry was when his third touchdown in which he was given the ball and showed off his speed as he cut the ball to the outside to beat Dontae Johnson to the corner pylon. While Gurley continues to struggle to put up the yards per carry that we would like to see from all of his talent, he has been more effective catching passes out of the backfield as when Goff gets him into open space he is dangerous. Fumbling continues to be a problem for Gurley as he now has four fumbles in his first three games and while he has only lost one of those fumbles it is definitely a concern for the coaching staff for a player who fumbled just twice in 2016

2017 Week 2 vs WAS (16 / 88 / 1 rush, 4 / 3 / 48 / 1 rec)

This was the best that Todd Gurley has looked since 2015, as the running back continues to be a threat out of the back field as he was able to catch three passes including a 28 yard reception where he hurdled the defender on route to his first career receiving touchdown. Gurley continues to shine when out in space and his offensive line created more holes in this game than we have seen over the last year or so. Gurley was able to find the end-zone twice in this game once on a one-yard run and another on a swing pass in which he hurdled a defender and dove into the end-zone for a touchdown. The one criticism of Gurley is that he continues to have issues fumbling the football as he fumbled twice in this game which he now has three fumbles on the season.

2017 Week 1 vs IND (19 / 40 / 1 rush, 6 / 5 / 56 / 0 rec)

Todd Gurley looked the same as he did in 2016 which is disappointing as we had hoped that we would see some improvement since his disappointing year last year after not seeing much from him in the preseason. The issue continues to be that he has too many runs where he does not get any yardage as 9 of his 22 carries went for one yard or less. Gurley was able to find the end zone on a goal line shotgun carry where he was stopped at the one but a second effort found the end zone. The bright spot for Gurley is that he was productive in the passing game which made up for the lack of productivity in the rushing game. Gurley highlight was a play-action dump off pass that he was able to find open space to turn it into a 23 yard gain.


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