Guides for Using the DFS Lineup Optimizer

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About The DFS Lineup Optimizer

Click here for our DFS Lineup Optimizer.

The full version is available for Daily Fantasy Pro and All Pro subscribers to use online.

With the DFS Lineup Optimizer, you'll get all of this:

  • An unlimited number of lineups each week, for every slate, for DraftKings, FanDuel, FantasyDraft, and Yahoo!
  • Our unique Optimizer Algorithm, that automatically generates the right amount of upside and uniqueness for your specific contest
  • Our three weekly projection sets and corresponding upside numbers
  • Ownership projections for GPPs
  • The ability to export your lineups so they can be easily added into DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft or Yahoo!
  • Advanced lineup management, featuring exposure reports and charts comparing upside, correlation, uniqueness, and projections of all your lineups in a given slate
  • A vast array of advanced settings, including forcing and avoiding certain stacks, cap range, randomness, team limits, and flex distribution

Lineup Optimizer Help

As you can see, the Lineup Optimizer is a robust tool. Because there is so much that the app can do, you might have some questions the first time you use it. Here's some help.

Written Articles

DFS Optimizer: Getting Started
This article will give you a quick rundown on how to get started using the DFS Optimizer.

DFS Optimizer: Customizing the Player Pool
This article will teach you how to customize your player pool in the DFS Optimizer.

DFS Optimizer: Advanced Controls
The DFS Optimizer is designed to automate many of your choices, but if you want to adjust the Advanced Controls, this article will guide you.

DFS Optimizer: Managing Lineup Exposure
If you want to sharpen your multi-entry skills, this article will teach you how the DFS Optimizer helps you manage your lineup exposure.

Quick Videos

The DFS Lineup Optimizer YouTube Playlist
Here you can find five quick videos from our Lead Apps Engineer. These will allow you to master the Optimizer. You can either use the full playlist above or get to each video using the links below.

  • Getting Started
    An explanation of how to start generating and exporting lineups.
  • Customizing the Player Pool
    Learn how to change projections, upside, maximum exposures, and lock/exclude players.
  • Advanced Controls
    A rundown of the advanced aspects, including Stacks, Randomness, Flex, Team Limits, and Cap Ranges.
  • Controlling Exposure
    An explanation of why and how this works in the DFS Lineup Optimizer.
  • Managing Lineups
    An explanation of how to pick the best lineups from those you've generated, filtering by lineup profiles, deleting the worst, and favoriting the best before exporting them in CSV format.

If there are any other questions or issues, please check out our HelpDesk page.