DFS Single Lineup Builder Quick Start Guide

A quick overview of how to use our DFS single lineup builder.

Simple, accurate, and accessible, our DFS Single Lineup Builder helps you create winning lineups with a few clicks on any device. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to build hassle-free competitive rosters quickly.

If you have questions or encounter a bug, please visit our HelpDesk.

The DFS Single Lineup Builder replaces the Interactive Value Charts (IVC). Tons of you requested updates to the IVC, and we listened. You'll find all the features of the IVC you loved, and it's easier to use. Plus it actually has a name that reflects what the tool does. Let's get started!

Choose the Site

First things first, choose the site you want to play on by hitting the site dropdown. The app supports builds for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo:

On mobile, you can access this screen by hitting the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner.

Next, make sure the correct week is selected (it will choose the current week by default), choose the slate. Then determine if you’re building a lineup for cash games or GPPs (guaranteed prize pool). A quick refresher on the difference: cash game lineups are generally considered "safer," featuring a lower ceiling and a higher floor, while GPP lineups target higher ceilings but assume some risk with boom-or-bust players (Will Fuller, for example).

Build Your Lineup

Begin your build by picking at least two players as your core. To add a player to your lineup, click or tap on the green button next to their name. Then simply hit the “complete lineup” button. That’s it! If you selected a cash game build, the points displayed above your lineup represent the total points that roster is projected to score. If you selected GPP, it displays upside, which is the ceiling for the roster if every player performs to their highest expectations (or above expectations).

Don’t like the lineup? No problem. Hit the red minus button to remove players or start over by hitting clear. Note, when you clear the roster, it will hold onto the players you manually added. This maintains your initial building pieces. Hit clear again to remove all of them, or hit the red minus button by each player individually.

You can remove players from the pool entirely by hitting the “X” in either the lineup or the main player list. The app will then exclude that player from all future builds.

We’ve also built in the ability to adjust the projection source. It defaults to consensus, which is the average projections from our three veteran analysts: David Dodds, Maurile Tremblay, and Sigmund Bloom. Hit the projections dropdown menu, and you’ll see these options:

This menu gives you the ability to quickly and easily adjust your projections srouce, which determines the players the optimizer selects. For example, if you only want Tremblay’s projections, select Tremblay from the dropdown. If you only want the app to choose players based on that player’s highest projections, select the “highest for each player” option.

Win Some Cash

Choose some players. Click complete lineup. Win some cash. Okay, it's obviously not that simple. DFS is a difficult game where nothing is guaranteed. But our DFS Single Lineup Builder will help you stay profitable and save you a great deal of time in the process. Click here to get started. Reminder: if you’re looking for advanced features and multi-lineup optimization, we have an app for that too, our DFS Multi-Lineup Optimizer. Have a great season, and as always, thanks for being a part of Footballguys.

If there are any other questions or issues, please check out our HelpDesk page.

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