Dynasty Trade Value Chart: July

Long-Term Player Values for Dynasty Leagues

July is our final opportunity to buy low on some undervalued veterans before the reality of trying to win fantasy matchups in the fall really sets in for everyone in August. The dynasty calendar has predictable ebbs and flows in player value. In the offseason, most dynasty owners get caught up in trying to build a pretty roster. In this context, “pretty” means a roster loaded with youth. A team that — at least on paper and with some optimistic assumptions built in — can be dominant over the long haul. That mindset starts to shift in August when we see depth charts solidify and the focus turns to actually trying to win. Some of the hype starts to wear off and veteran players poised to produce big numbers see their value rebound. Highlighting some of these remaining buy-low opportunities that are likely to disappear when training camps open will be a focus of this month’s Dynasty Trade Value Chart.

It may also be our last, best opportunity to cash in on some of the hype and optimism surrounding younger players who aren’t guaranteed to make an impact and who could see their trade value slide over the next few months. For example, we know that a decent percentage of the wide receivers in this rookie class isn’t going to make an impact. We should be willing to cut bait early if the opportunity arises to sell high and we feel there are some signs that our rookie or young veteran might be overvalued. We will also note some of these players this month.

The dynasty trade value chart is tailored to 12-team PPR leagues a starting lineup of one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, and one flex. It now also includes values for Superflex leagues. The chart is meant to serve primarily as a guide for trades but can also be a great resource during startup drafts. If the players and picks on each side of the trade offer add up to approximately the same number, the trade would be considered even. If you receive a trade offer that sends you players with a higher total number value than the players you are giving up, the offer is worth strongly considering. Each league is different, so pay close attention to the scoring and starting roster requirements specific to your league.

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