Best Ball Advanced Tournament Strategies

Advanced Strategies for Large Best Ball Tournaments

While most best-ball leagues are standard 12-team affairs, large-field best ball tournaments have seen an explosion in popularity over the last 12 months. DRAFT has been able to manage some especially large events. The $3.5M Draft Championship with a $25 entry fee and $1,000,000 first prize has already started drafting and similar tournaments at different buy-in levels are likely to be introduced later this summer.

The draft experience in these large-field tournaments is no different than in your typical best ball league. You will be matched against 11 opponents for a 12-team snake draft. You will compete against only these 11 opponents for the first 12 weeks of the season, with the winner of each 12-team league advancing to the playoffs, which begin in Week 13.

While the draft process is identical to other best ball leagues, the optimal strategy for these tournament drafts is drastically different. The top-heavy payout structures put a huge premium on advancing deep into the playoffs. You need to assemble a team that is even better than most of the other league-winning teams and you need to do your best to assemble a team that is capable of finishing strong in the all-important four-week playoff stretch (Weeks 13-16).

In this article, we will outline some of the key strategies that can increase your chances of making a deep run in one of these large-field best ball tournaments, including:

  1. Stacking
  2. Targeting Youth
  3. Prioritizing Late-Season Production
  4. Maximizing Upside with Roster Construction

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