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Eliminator Pool: Week 14 - Footballguys Staff Pick One Team to Win Each Week in a Eliminator / Survivor Pool Format

Over the past few years, we have given the subscribers of some help in playing office pools, one of the most popular methods to follow the NFL aside from fantasy football leagues. For the past few seasons, the staff members have done the Staff Confidence Pool Challenge, where numerous staffers try and pick the winners each week with a confidence ranking, and Jeff Pasquino’s “For The Win” column where Jeff attempts to pick each and every NFL game against the Las Vegas spread. Both of these have been very popular features, so this year Footballguys is adding a combination of the two called the “Against the Spread” Challenge and also the Eliminator Challenge, where staffers have to pick a team to win each week. Just one? That sounds easy, but here is the catch – you can only pick the team you choose in a given week once all season long. Many contests and pools out there get pretty big, so an Eliminator (or Survivor) Pool can go 16 or 17 weeks.

Jeff Pasquino has provided some insight into this kind of contest with two preseason articles. The first one that describes this kind of contest along with some advice on how to pick a team each week:

Survivor Pool Strategy

The second article is rather interesting, which describes Jeff’s preseason plan to get all the way through 17 weeks. Will it work? We are about to find out.

I Will Survive

This pool will run all season long, but to keep participation up, the pool will crown the staffer with the best W-L record for the season (which means that everyone in the pool will continue to make picks every week).


NFL Week 13 was pretty scary, with no less than six true upsets by the end of Sunday. Losses by the Colts took out two staffers' picks (Will Grant, Bear Heiser) while upsets of the Panthers (Sean Settle), Packers (Jeff Pasquino) and Bears (Mark Wimer) gave the staff three more losses. Overall it was a tough week, but Aaron Rudnicki (12-1) and the three staff members with just two losses (Devin Knotts, Jeff Haseley and James Brimacombe) all got through with Seattle's big win over the 49ers. There is still a logjam for the staff with those three people at 11-2, one step behind Aaron Rudnicki in first with an 12-1 record through 13 weeks.


Here are the picks for this week:

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