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SFB Running Diary II

Snapshots from the middle rounds of our staff's Scott Fish Bowl VII discussion

Yes, #SFB7 has been dominating your Twitter feed. If you're involved, or merely following the action, you know it's Scott Fish Bowl 7 (SFB7) that we're all discussing. With 13 of us individual Footballguys participating, it was only a matter of time until we started talking SFB7 heavily at the e-watercooler. And the floodgates have opened; Scott Fish's never-boring format has us FBGs joining brains and poring over the wild scoring/lineup requirements, as well as the wonky ADPs that it creates. In the process, we've churned out a lot of interesting overall (non-SFB) discussion, and we wanted to pass as much of it as we can manage along to all of you.

See Part I of our discussions here.

On Mid-Round Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and Their Tricky Scott Fish Bowl ADPs

Ryan Hester 10:45am

I have this feeling that if I go two WR here, in Round 11, I'm going to be starting a TON of WRs each week in a league where WR scoring isn't a premium. However, taking any of these crap-tastic RBs here probably means the SAME result (only with lesser WR options).

Daniel Simpkins 10:46am

I wouldn't. You have two good ones and you can extract the most value by going elsewhere with this pick. You'll still have a shot at some of those guys later. It's a pretty flat tier.

Ryan, what TEs left?

Ryan Hester 10:47am

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I like Hooper, but I don't think he's worth taking over Jackson or Benjamin here. And I can get any of those others later, I think (save for Fiedo and Cook perhaps)


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