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SFB7 Running Diary I

Snapshots from the early rounds of our staff's Scott Fish Bowl VII discussion

Yes, #SFB7 has been dominating your Twitter feed. If you're involved, or merely following the action, you know it's Scott Fish Bowl 7 (SFB7) that we're all discussing. With 13 of us individual Footballguys participating, it was only a matter of time until we started talking SFB7 heavily at the e-watercooler. And the floodgates have opened; Scott Fish's never-boring format has us FBGs joining brains and poring over the wild scoring/lineup requirements, as well as the wonky ADPs that it creates. In the process, we've churned out a lot of interesting overall (non-SFB) discussion, and we wanted to pass as much of it as we can manage along to all of you.

As the draft opened, we fell into a free-flowing chat that was primarily centered around the nuts and bolts of SFB football: the quarterback and tight end positions. They're heavily boosted by Scott's unconventional format (superflex, with 2.5x the production scoring for TEs), so it throws all typical ADP and value data right into the river.

Early-Round Discussions: Quarterbacks, Tight Ends, and Everything In-Between

Justin Howe 5:09pm 

So from the 7-hole, I've opened up Gordon / Kelce.

Phil Alexander 5:10pm

Nice start. I'm hoping Kelce will be there for me at the 2-3 turn but doubt it

N/M he just went 2.05


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