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DFS Roundtable: Weekly Bankroll Split

Several DFS staffers describe how they split their weekly bankroll between cash games and GPPs.

How do you typically split your weekly bankroll between cash games and GPPs?

James Brimacombe: I mentioned in the Bankroll Management Roundtable how I like to spend 80% of my weekly funds in cash games. I prefer not to play Double-Ups as much as I used to. Cashing in low dollar 50/50s is much more doable. Even if miss on a player or two, I still have a shot at winning.

I spend the remaining 20% of my week's investment on GPP contests, entering all the single-entry contests from $1 to $25. I also look for 3-max and 5-max contests. And I will often play at least one entry in the biggest contest at each site. The top-heavy aspect of contests like DraftKings' Millionaire Maker and FanDuel's Sunday Million make it hard to profit from them, but I like giving myself at least a single-bullet chance at a huge payday. I also enter satellite contests to win tickets to next week's big GPPs. Those satellites often have softer competition.

Chris Feery: I’m a bit more aggressive than most folks, as I typically wind up heavier on GPPs. On the main slates, I have a specific dollar amount in mind that I’m comfortable risking on a weekly basis. I’ll take that amount and divide it into multiple lineups, with an equal amount played for each lineup. If it hits, fantastic. If not, I’m not losing any sleep as it’s a dollar amount that I’m comfortable with.

For smaller slates, I’ll do an even mix of Cash and GPP games with a single lineup. I employ what I refer to as a "high-upside cash lineup," and I should at least break even if all goes well. If it outperforms, I make a nice profit. If it underperforms, it’s still a lineup I have a good chance of cashing in 50/50s and Double-Ups.


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