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DFS Roundtable: Bankroll Management

Several DFS staffers offer their insight on how to successfully manage your DFS bankroll.

What's your bankroll management strategy heading into the season?

James Brimacombe: With DFS growing as a whole you have to really study up on what type of contests are giving you the most bang for your buck, knowing the rake, and your history with the types of contests you’re entering. The goal is to make a profit over the course of the NFL season, so you can’t just go all in every single week.

Bankroll management is one of the hardest areas of DFS for me personally. Since I feel I always have all the answers and best plays every week, I’m tempted to max out on cash games and GPPs. But in reality, even when you pick the players with the best matchups, all it takes is one injury to ruin your entire week. You have to be smart with how you allocate your bankroll so you can live to play again and give yourself a shot at winning big money each week without having to reload your DFS accounts.

I tend to be more loose with my bankroll management and play 25% of my bankroll weekly. Typically, I play 2-3 cash lineups and enter a lot of the 100-man 50/50 style games at the $1 and $2 entry fees. About 80% of my action is on those types of cash game contests, with the remaining 20% in GPPs. I usually enter all the single entry contests from $1-$25, as well as most 3-5 entry max contests. And just because you never know, I’ll throw a single entry into the site’s biggest GPP of the week (Millionaire Maker on DraftKings or the Sunday Million on FanDuel). The top-heavy aspect of those contests make it hard to gain a profit, but it’s fun having a single bullet to fire towards a life changing pay day. I also like to enter satellites where I can win tickets to next week's bigger GPPs, as I’ve found the competition in those to be softer.


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