FanDuel GPP Domination - Week 5

A Deeper Look at Who to Target for FanDuel GPPs this Week

For those of you who are new to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), GPPs are "Guaranteed Prize Pool" Tournaments with larger, sometimes very large prize amounts.  FanDuel is one of the biggest sites in DFS and offers some of the biggest prizes in the industry.  The goal of this article is to guide you towards some players that could help you take home that big prize.  Footballguys offers a ton of resources to help you build that winning lineup, and this is just one of the many - but I hope that you will find it a valuable resource and check this article out on a regular basis.

Before we talk about the players for this week, we cannot completely ignore cash game plays.  Typically a "GPP player" for the week is one that can score big or score terribly - the classic "boom or bust" player.  A wide receiver that can catch two deep balls for two scores can get you 30+ points - or he might wind up with nada.  Chasing 1-3 big plays can win you a tournament, but filling out a roster completely with these types of options will likely leave you well short of first place.  That is why you cannot ignore the cash game plays each week as well, as combining the two groups is what usually leads to those big victories in GPP contests.  So expect some mention of players who are cash game plays each week, as well as some players that could be considered for both GPP and cash games.

Note - this article is not intended to provide a fully exhaustive list of every possible player.  That would be an immensely long group of players.  These are just some of the best options I see for GPPs this week when considering value, price, upside, and matchups.

Second note - Keep in mind the multiplier target(s) you want to hit for both cash and GPP / tournaments on FanDuel.  In general, you are looking for 2x in cash (twice the cost of the player in $1,000 increments) and 3x in GPP.  That means a player that costs $6,000 should produce 12 or more points in cash and 18 or more in GPPs.

Now, on with this week's top options:


To help you out each week, I will give you some general thoughts as we progress through the season (you can also find more on the weekly Power Grid show - be sure to watch and subscribe!).  For this week, there are many options at all positions, almost more than last week.  The problem is that the salaries feel a little tighter, and most everyone is waiting for Sunday inactives to hopefully find one (or more) value plays to get better players in the lineups.

This week on FanDuel, the first question comes in at the running back position. Do you roster LeVeon Bell or fade him? Given the general overall pricing (there is enough value to fit Bell in without too much roster compromise) and the matchup (great), I say start with Bell in your lineup in nearly every format. In very large GPPs, I can see fading him some - but not all lineups. I think his price is still reasonable at under $10,000. 

After the Bell decision, questions circle around how to get exposure to the biggest game on the Main Slate - Dallas and Green Bay., Aaron Rodgers is expensive, and so is Jordy Nelson, but the Dallas options (Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant) at the same spots are much easier to roster. That means Rodgers and Nelson are better in GPPs because their ownership should be much lower. Even better for tournaments is to find pivots or other players to get exposure to these offenses at a lower cost - such as using Randall Cobb. Ezekiel Elliott is an interesting case here as he offers exposure to the Cowboys but costs not only a lot of cap money but also your second running back spot. 

In general this week, teams are going to be constructed around Bell and the Cowboys-Packers matchup. Finding reasonable pivots to those choices, and also to the likely roster construction of paying up at running back and saving at quarterback will lead to more unique rosters this week.


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