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Los Angeles Rams red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Jared Goff887875743914421066108
Sean Mannion0
QB TOTAL887875743914421066108
Todd Gurley711351488434371583
C.J. Anderson4812
Malcolm Brown52119
John Kelly11
Justin Davis0
RB TOTAL7163514108444471558105
Robert Woods331511216
Brandin Cooks1222313111219
Cooper Kupp43231114
Josh Reynolds13324215
Khadarel Hodge11
Nick Williams0
JoJo Natson0
Pharoh Cooper0
Mike Thomas0
WR TOTAL857514324103153465
Gerald Everett12111211111
Tyler Higbee1111116
Johnny Mundt0
TE TOTAL1131212211217


Jared Goff248991846561047588
Sean Mannion44
QB TOTAL2489918465610475492
Todd Gurley241052468344557574
Malcolm Brown3121119
Lance Dunbar33
Justin Davis0
RB TOTAL5510524883445686386
Cooper Kupp111235211212123
Robert Woods1112218
Sammy Watkins2112111110
Tavon Austin314210
Josh Reynolds12238
Mike Thomas0
Pharoh Cooper1113
WR TOTAL11747633356353562
Tyler Higbee111115
Gerald Everett2111128
Derek Carrier11
TE TOTAL112211113114


Case Keenum22568765243
Jared Goff31831117
Sean Mannion0
QB TOTAL2256876531851160
Todd Gurley1749721243444
Benny Cunningham2316
Malcolm Brown0
Chase Reynolds0
Tre Mason0
Aaron Green0
RB TOTAL17497415143450
Kenny Britt132113112
Tavon Austin1141221113
Brian Quick112217
Pharoh Cooper0
Bradley Marquez11
Mike Thomas11
Paul McRoberts0
Marquez North0
Stedman Bailey0
Nelson Spruce0
WR TOTAL22444321154234
Lance Kendricks1121117
Tyler Higbee1113
Temarrick Hemingway0
Cory Harkey0
TE TOTAL1113111110


Nick Foles227522143836
Case Keenum2136
Sean Mannion0
QB TOTAL227522143821342
Todd Gurley42312431136232
Benny Cunningham22217
Tre Mason1135
Malcolm Brown0
Isaiah Pead0
Trey Watts0
Chase Reynolds0
RB TOTAL21435124332362344
Tavon Austin22311111113
Kenny Britt1124
Stedman Bailey11
Brian Quick1113
Wes Welker112
Chris Givens0
Nick Toon0
WR TOTAL233232411223
Jared Cook12112119
Lance Kendricks112
Cory Harkey0
Justice Cunningham0
TE TOTAL12111121111


Austin Davis387434130
Shaun Hill454143425
Case Keenum0
QB TOTAL3874341454143455
Tre Mason1611324321125
Benny Cunningham1221211131217
Zac Stacy333212115
Trey Watts123
Chase Reynolds0
RB TOTAL46748312356331460
Kenny Britt111115
Tavon Austin11112219
Stedman Bailey111115
Brian Quick123
Chris Givens11
Austin Pettis1214
Damian Williams0
WR TOTAL232311114412227
Jared Cook2211121111
Lance Kendricks211116
Cory Harkey112
TE TOTAL142111112121119


Kellen Clemens7317835438
Sam Bradford61252103543
QB TOTAL6125210357317835481
Zac Stacy24636241259145
Daryl Richardson32139
Benny Cunningham312410
Isaiah Pead24118
Chase Reynolds0
RB TOTAL32485667482259172
Chris Givens1111111111111
Tavon Austin522110
Austin Pettis121111119
Brian Quick221212111
Stedman Bailey112
WR TOTAL48414114114512243
Jared Cook2122111111
Lance Kendricks121111119
Cory Harkey112
Mike McNeill0
TE TOTAL21122322221222


Sam Bradford1855875613393468
Kellen Clemens11
QB TOTAL18558715613393469
Steven Jackson24512626132236
Daryl Richardson42211111114
Isaiah Pead22
Terrance Ganaway0
Brit Miller0
RB TOTAL2852336371143452
Chris Givens1113
Brandon Gibson11131119
Danny Amendola23222112
Austin Pettis111112119
Brian Quick1111127
Steve Smith235
WR TOTAL6324613512252345
Lance Kendricks1111116
Matthew Mulligan11
Mike McNeill0
Cory Harkey0
Michael Hoomanawanui0
Wayne Hunter0
TE TOTAL11111117


Sam Bradford2964042532
Kellen Clemens224
A.J. Feeley4610
Tom Brandstater0
QB TOTAL29644604252246
Steven Jackson41421311320
Cadillac Williams13213111
Jerious Norwood0
Brit Miller11
RB TOTAL13434314413132
Brandon Lloyd22112210
Brandon Gibson1113
Danario Alexander41128
Greg Salas314
Austin Pettis0
Mike Sims-Walker11
Danny Amendola11
Mark Clayton0
Nick Miller0
Dominique Curry0
WR TOTAL181124224227
Lance Kendricks1121117
Michael Hoomanawanui0
Billy Bajema22
Stephen Spach0
TE TOTAL11211219


Sam Bradford728463755696663689
QB TOTAL728463755696663689
Steven Jackson431533543185335157
Ken Darby32121110
Keith Toston314
Mike Karney11
Chris Massey0
Chauncey Washington0
Brit Miller0
RB TOTAL437743853195335272
Danny Amendola322121122141224
Brandon Gibson211121210
Laurent Robinson21111129
Mark Clayton12126
Danario Alexander12115
Mardy Gilyard1113
Dominique Curry0
WR TOTAL626432222543452557
Daniel Fells12111118
Michael Hoomanawanui415
Billy Bajema22
Fendi Onobun11
Derek Schouman0
Darcy Johnson0
TE TOTAL22411311116


Marc Bulger663553533
Kyle Boller297119
Keith Null642113
QB TOTAL66293553571642165
Steven Jackson351432533433342
Ken Darby1113
Chris Ogbonnaya0
Samkon Gado11
Mike Karney0
Chris Massey0
RB TOTAL35151325334431346
Donnie Avery111111129
Brandon Gibson3126
Danny Amendola11111218
Keenan Burton1113
Laurent Robinson224
Ruvell Martin11
Tim Carter22
Jordan Kent0
Nate Jones0
Derek Stanley0
WR TOTAL333141243341133
Randy McMichael211111119
Daniel Fells12126
Billy Bajema11
TE TOTAL312211131116


Marc Bulger1214275422333
Trent Green4228
Brock Berlin0
QB TOTAL1421422725422341
Steven Jackson311513435733
Antonio Pittman4331112
Ken Darby2114
Travis Minor1113
Brian Leonard0
Samkon Gado0
Chris Massey0
Dan Kreider0
RB TOTAL4125513524435852
Torry Holt113111131114
Donnie Avery11111117
Dane Looker112
Keenan Burton11
Derek Stanley11
Dante Hall11
Drew Bennett0
Eddie Kennison11
WR TOTAL121141242322227
Randy McMichael0
Joe Klopfenstein11
Daniel Fells11
Anthony Becht112


Marc Bulger442342923437
Gus Frerotte7608223
Brock Berlin0
Todd Bouman0
QB TOTAL4423764292823460
Steven Jackson3523615122131
Brian Leonard2352214
Travis Minor1214
Antonio Pittman11215
Madison Hedgecock0
Chris Massey0
RB TOTAL35235535727123154
Torry Holt312121312117
Isaac Bruce112151112
Drew Bennett22212110
Marques Hagans22
Dante Hall112
Dane Looker11
Derek Stanley0
Travis Taylor0
Brandon Williams0
WR TOTAL4422332272713244
Randy McMichael211217
Dominique Byrd0
Joe Klopfenstein0
Aaron Walker11
Richard Owens0
TE TOTAL1211218


Marc Bulger1135694108549454289
Gus Frerotte0
Ryan Fitzpatrick0
QB TOTAL1135694108549454289
Steven Jackson73265635243673567
Stephen Davis2311211314
Tony Fisher123
Madison Hedgecock0
Kay Jay Harris0
Chris Massey0
Paul Smith11
RB TOTAL73289666255786585
Torry Holt2133231121423230
Isaac Bruce311111131114
Kevin Curtis114322114
Shaun McDonald11114
Dane Looker11
Willie Ponder0
WR TOTAL73556454437241363
Joe Klopfenstein121116
Aaron Walker0
Dominique Byrd0
TE TOTAL121116


Marc Bulger125451835
Jamie Martin14332417
Ryan Fitzpatrick626216
QB TOTAL1254511438362622468
Steven Jackson3314333387133146
Marshall Faulk2121221211217
Aveion Cason11
Madison Hedgecock112
Arlen Harris167
David Allen0
Chris Massey0
RB TOTAL543535539716521073
Torry Holt41111332218
Kevin Curtis311131111
Shaun McDonald2114
Isaac Bruce1111116
Dane Looker11
Dominique Thompson0
WR TOTAL103231534421240
Brandon Manumaleuna2114
Jeff Robinson0
Roland Williams0
Cameron Cleeland0
Jerome Collins0


Marc Bulger5346537410616363
Chris Chandler0
Jamie Martin0
QB TOTAL5346537410616363
Marshall Faulk21331313363534
Steven Jackson4141444224
Arlen Harris0
Joey Goodspeed11
RB TOTAL6238141376349259
Torry Holt21113211214
Isaac Bruce221222213
Shaun McDonald11121118
Kevin Curtis211116
Dane Looker11
Mike Furrey0
WR TOTAL531411627414342
Brandon Manumaleuna112
Cameron Cleeland112


Marc Bulger691084651535847687
Kurt Warner33
QB TOTAL3691084651535847690
Marshall Faulk3744537636351
Arlen Harris133211222
Lamar Gordon239721125
Chris Massey11
RB TOTAL497131021124738637399
Torry Holt2223221212123126
Isaac Bruce33111212115
Dane Looker21111211212
Mike Furrey11114
Shaun McDonald11
Kevin Curtis11
WR TOTAL146744251333545259
Brandon Manumaleuna121116
Cameron Cleeland1113
Spencer Nead0
TE TOTAL231129


Marc Bulger663631034
Kurt Warner4527422
Jamie Martin2735320
Scott Covington0
QB TOTAL4522766363743105376
Marshall Faulk531234105511141
Lamar Gordon113133315
Trung Canidate123
James Hodgins112
Chris Hetherington11
RB TOTAL64324513563414262
Torry Holt111112111212
Isaac Bruce11222312121220
Ricky Proehl111126
Troy Edwards123
Terrence Wilkins11
Yo Murphy0
WR TOTAL122144323143253242
Ernie Conwell111216
Brandon Manumaleuna11114
TE TOTAL1112121110