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Pittsburgh Steelers red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Ben Roethlisberger5583324
Mason Rudolph0
QB TOTAL5583324
James Conner654217
Benny Snell11136
Anthony McFarland Jr0
Jaylen Samuels112
RB TOTAL2675525
Chase Claypool314
JuJu Smith-Schuster2114
Diontae Johnson112
James Washington1113
Ray-Ray McCloud III0
WR TOTAL3224213
Eric Ebron1113
Vance McDonald11


Mason Rudolph332131142332
Devlin Hodges2433511120
Ben Roethlisberger314
Joshua Dobbs0
Paxton Lynch0
QB TOTAL3432343114263511156
James Conner132452219
Jaylen Samuels2237212120
Benny Snell26531522
Trey Edmunds2114
Kerrith Whyte1113
Tony Brooks-James11
Roosevelt Nix11
RB TOTAL1522772104185641570
James Washington123
Diontae Johnson111137
JuJu Smith-Schuster111211119
Deon Cain0
Tevin Jones22
Johnny Holton00
Ryan Switzer0
Donte Moncrief22
WR TOTAL22122212323123
Vance McDonald111418
Nick Vannett112
Zach Gentry0
Xavier Grimble0
TE TOTAL11151110


Ben Roethlisberger3144484210467210610498
Joshua Dobbs0
QB TOTAL3144484210467210610498
James Conner33125546431340
Jaylen Samuels22242113
Stevan Ridley1214
Roosevelt Nix11
Trey Edmunds0
RB TOTAL331265466315444158
JuJu Smith-Schuster823211211241129
Antonio Brown2214131231424
Ryan Switzer1111127
James Washington1113
Eli Rogers0
Justin Hunter0
Darrius Heyward-Bey0
WR TOTAL211347125125926363
Vance McDonald1111112210
Jesse James2114
Xavier Grimble0
TE TOTAL13121112214


Ben Roethlisberger4483736341410596894
Landry Jones336
QB TOTAL448373634171059683100
Le'Veon Bell45494610288256578
James Conner224
Stevan Ridley235
Fitzgerald Toussaint33
Terrell Watson11
RB TOTAL45511461028102567691
Antonio Brown1212122423121
JuJu Smith-Schuster22121311215
Martavis Bryant211131110
Eli Rogers1112229
Darrius Heyward-Bey11
Justin Hunter112
WR TOTAL46251331874444258
Jesse James31121111112
Vance McDonald11114
Xavier Grimble112
TE TOTAL3112221122118


Ben Roethlisberger452474910265967
Landry Jones459
Bruce Gradkowski0
Zach Mettenberger0
QB TOTAL45247449102659576
Le'Veon Bell33279394242
DeAngelo Williams3321312
Fitzgerald Toussaint0
Daryl Richardson11
RB TOTAL3331332793942355
Antonio Brown1122132315
Eli Rogers224
Sammie Coates Jr11226
Cobi Hamilton2114
Darrius Heyward-Bey22
Markus Wheaton112
DeMarcus Ayers22
Martavis Bryant0
WR TOTAL12254154234235
Jesse James21111221213
Ladarius Green2226
Xavier Grimble1113
David Johnson11
TE TOTAL222124242223


Ben Roethlisberger445561169363769
Landry Jones3429
Michael Vick336
QB TOTAL4453334561369363784
DeAngelo Williams6739445724152
Le'Veon Bell54143118
Fitzgerald Toussaint11
Will Johnson33
Jordan Todman0
Dri Archer0
RB TOTAL975414619445724274
Antonio Brown11114233221324
Martavis Bryant221422114
Markus Wheaton11212132215
Darrius Heyward-Bey112
Sammie Coates Jr0
Jacoby Jones0
WR TOTAL121113345737363555
Heath Miller322113113
Jesse James11
Matt Spaeth11
TE TOTAL32211131115


Ben Roethlisberger231091274847797394105
Bruce Gradkowski0
QB TOTAL231091274847797394105
Le'Veon Bell35323242652737357
LeGarrette Blount221232214
Dri Archer11
Will Johnson0
Ben Tate0
Josh Harris0
RB TOTAL57435274852737372
Antonio Brown3413132133424236
Markus Wheaton11417
Martavis Bryant223119
Lance Moore111216
Justin Brown122117
Darrius Heyward-Bey0
WR TOTAL14734746336744265
Heath Miller231111114116
Matt Spaeth0
Michael Palmer112
TE TOTAL232111115118


Ben Roethlisberger7121454711513484687106
Landry Jones0
QB TOTAL7121454711513484687106
Le'Veon Bell6456310613557364
Jonathan Dwyer1113
Felix Jones1113
Will Johnson1113
LaRod Stephens-Howling0
Isaac Redman55
RB TOTAL516557410814558478
Antonio Brown14211221122423
Emmanuel Sanders21111311211116
Jerricho Cotchery2214133121222
Markus Wheaton112
WR TOTAL42822284625354663
Heath Miller2121129
David Paulson11
David Johnson0
Matt Spaeth112
Michael Palmer0
Richard Gordon0
TE TOTAL2121221112


Ben Roethlisberger10264561063442567
Charlie Batch33
Byron Leftwich224
QB TOTAL1026456106523442574
Jonathan Dwyer4411421211425
Isaac Redman1224281121
Rashard Mendenhall31116
Chris Rainey11114
Will Johnson11114
Baron Batch213
RB TOTAL56376279211223763
Mike Wallace221214211218
Antonio Brown31121210
Emmanuel Sanders11215
Jerricho Cotchery11114
Plaxico Burress112
David Gilreath0
WR TOTAL51322241521341339
Heath Miller413113312120
David Paulson11
Leonard Pope112
TE TOTAL4131134221123


Ben Roethlisberger5521724116653211070
Charlie Batch33
QB TOTAL55217241166532131073
Rashard Mendenhall46333225344342
Isaac Redman121612142424
Mewelde Moore2114
Jonathan Dwyer33
John Clay11
RB TOTAL5869345255846474
Mike Wallace111111212213
Antonio Brown1151311
Hines Ward12211119
Emmanuel Sanders211116
Jerricho Cotchery321118
Arnaz Battle0
WR TOTAL3342276233112847
Heath Miller1121121110
David Johnson11
Weslye Saunders11114
TE TOTAL111312311115


Ben Roethlisberger65258348511764
Charlie Batch2417
Dennis Dixon22
Byron Leftwich00
QB TOTAL224165258348511773
Rashard Mendenhall153482462342136761
Isaac Redman111212121214
Mewelde Moore111115
Jonathan Dwyer22
RB TOTAL1645955726542371182
Mike Wallace1112121110
Hines Ward11112112212
Emmanuel Sanders3227
Antwaan Randle El111126
Antonio Brown0
Arnaz Battle0
WR TOTAL211221262425535
Heath Miller211228
Matt Spaeth123
David Johnson11
TE TOTAL1211122212


Ben Roethlisberger1663255310663831279
Dennis Dixon0
Charlie Batch0
QB TOTAL1663255310663831279
Rashard Mendenhall5222346514640
Willie Parker351111416
Mewelde Moore3121119
Carey Davis0
Stefan Logan0
Isaac Redman0
Frank Summers0
RB TOTAL34572433475341165
Santonio Holmes11142111214
Hines Ward11332214219
Mike Wallace1111217
Joey Galloway0
Tyler Grisham11
Limas Sweed0
Shaun McDonald0
WR TOTAL111223834272541
Heath Miller13311121417
Matt Spaeth112
David Johnson11
TE TOTAL243111121420


Ben Roethlisberger421177211674104158
Byron Leftwich015410
Dennis Dixon0
QB TOTAL421178711674104568
Mewelde Moore22628122126
Willie Parker5112424523231
Gary Russell42232215
Rashard Mendenhall11
Carey Davis1113
Najeh Davenport0
RB TOTAL71136848569923476
Hines Ward3212321321121
Santonio Holmes11311112112
Nate Washington111115
Limas Sweed11
Dallas Baker0
WR TOTAL3214552135141239
Heath Miller222111110
Matt Spaeth11
Sean McHugh11
TE TOTAL222113112


Ben Roethlisberger497227638321465684
Charlie Batch246
QB TOTAL4972276583214656490
Willie Parker77225544542342157
Najeh Davenport1131122210326
Carey Davis11114
Gary Russell0
Dan Kreider112
Verron Haynes0
RB TOTAL8932955686236212389
Santonio Holmes11112118
Hines Ward133121462124
Nate Washington112116
Cedrick Wilson1113
Willie Reid112
WR TOTAL13512334118422343
Heath Miller1111312312117
Matt Spaeth1113
Jerame Tuman112
Jon Dekker0
TE TOTAL31211412312122


Ben Roethlisberger856888942483477
Charlie Batch3115
QB TOTAL3857888942493482
Willie Parker29183337726611068
Najeh Davenport14131143725
Verron Haynes22
Dan Kreider112
John Kuhn11
Duce Staley0
RB TOTAL31121346487691411098
Hines Ward122321121116
Santonio Holmes11121219
Nate Washington21222110
Cedrick Wilson11212119
Sean Morey0
Walter Young0
Lee Mays0
Willie Reid0
WR TOTAL15364456422244
Heath Miller1122111211
Jerame Tuman1113
Tim Euhus0
TE TOTAL11312211214


Ben Roethlisberger27445528363352
Tommy Maddox1236
Charlie Batch3912
QB TOTAL2744155311328363370
Willie Parker4233311412125
Jerome Bettis4544124375544
Verron Haynes41111242117
Duce Staley3317
Dan Kreider11114
Noah Herron0
RB TOTAL84454649112267810797
Hines Ward311224214111124
Antwaan Randle El21111219
Cedrick Wilson1113
Quincy Morgan11
Sean Morey0
Nate Washington0
WR TOTAL1431225325223237
Heath Miller1113211111
Jerame Tuman11
Matt Kranchick0
TE TOTAL11113211112


Ben Roethlisberger31214108335145454
Tommy Maddox22812
QB TOTAL2512141083351454866
Jerome Bettis4441244754613664
Duce Staley7223541327
Verron Haynes11147
Willie Parker4610
Dan Kreider123
RB TOTAL1124747841164714715111
Hines Ward131321122117
Plaxico Burress11316
Antwaan Randle El2113310
Lee Mays1113
Sean Morey11
WR TOTAL251116412152637
Jerame Tuman2114
Jay Riemersma112
Matt Cushing0
TE TOTAL211116


Tommy Maddox55773616516437268
Charlie Batch112
QB TOTAL55774616516537270
Jerome Bettis11531511426451545
Amos Zereoue432721112225
Dan Kreider1212118
Verron Haynes3115
RB TOTAL859113712438494583
Hines Ward2212114212119
Plaxico Burress112121211113
Antwaan Randle El1113
Chris Doering1113
Lee Mays0
WR TOTAL3343411641213238
Jay Riemersma112127
Jerame Tuman112
Mark Bruener1113
TE TOTAL122121312


Tommy Maddox2635794252853
Kordell Stewart62464931
QB TOTAL626635794649252884
Amos Zereoue1153344211511041
Jerome Bettis23246425230
Dan Kreider1111116
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala112
Verron Haynes1113
RB TOTAL2333111055424411031282
Hines Ward2131131221132225
Plaxico Burress11111211211114
Antwaan Randle El12111219
Terance Mathis2112118
WR TOTAL414424453436232556
Mark Bruener112
Jerame Tuman112
Matt Cushing0