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New Orleans Saints red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Drew Brees867106340
Teddy Bridgewater238599238
Taysom Hill212211110
QB TOTAL102395111198106488
Alvin Kamara32623261227
Latavius Murray221172226
Zach Line11
Dwayne Washington11
Zach Zenner11
Daniel Lasco0
Matthew Dayes0
RB TOTAL527232128481256
Michael Thomas11252223119
Ted Ginn Jr111115
Tre'Quan Smith213
Deonte Harris0
Austin Carr11
Justin Hardee0
Keith Kirkwood11
Krishawn Hogan0
Lil'Jordan Humphrey0
WR TOTAL3111354234229
Jared Cook1211319
Josh Hill121217
Dan Arnold0
Brian Parker0
Jason Vander Laan0
TE TOTAL1321133216


Drew Brees11615115546833484497
Taysom Hill13231321218
Teddy Bridgewater347
QB TOTAL116161410856113549446122
Alvin Kamara941571655614335377
Mark Ingram II3221611614229
Dwayne Washington0
Zach Line1211117
Mike Gillislee112
Jonathan Williams11
RB TOTAL961884858885410672116
Michael Thomas342212141313128
Tre'Quan Smith211211210
Ted Ginn Jr2125
Keith Kirkwood112
Cameron Meredith112
Austin Carr1113
Tommylee Lewis11
Justin Hardee0
Brandon Tate0
WR TOTAL544713124322433351
Ben Watson11111128
Josh Hill11
Dan Arnold11
TE TOTAL1112112110


Drew Brees8849384165366104388
Taysom Hill0
Chase Daniel0
QB TOTAL8849384165366104388
Alvin Kamara4614216314131542
Mark Ingram II222164461724445
Adrian Peterson2114
Trey Edmunds0
Zach Line1113
John Kuhn0
Daniel Lasco0
RB TOTAL83377862123211385694
Michael Thomas2211132416
Ted Ginn Jr221211110
Brandon Coleman1111127
Tommylee Lewis213
Willie Snead IV11114
Justin Hardee0
WR TOTAL354321212448140
Coby Fleener314
Josh Hill1111116
Michael Hoomanawanui112
Garrett Griffin0
John Phillips0
TE TOTAL32111111112


Drew Brees1041065691041176610712123
QB TOTAL1041065691041176610712123
Mark Ingram II11464541141236750
Tim Hightower213212425132
Travaris Cadet312121111
John Kuhn21411111113
Daniel Lasco33
Marcus Murphy11
RB TOTAL6151557146258261189110
Brandin Cooks3211132114
Michael Thomas32121122418
Willie Snead IV121121112113
Brandon Coleman211111119
Tommylee Lewis11
Jake Lampman0
WR TOTAL427412342632343555
Coby Fleener113132231219
Josh Hill1113
John Phillips11
Michael Hoomanawanui0
TE TOTAL114133331323


Drew Brees715964441946104882
Luke McCown22
QB TOTAL7125964441946104884
Mark Ingram II443525335438
Tim Hightower646622
C.J. Spiller1121117
Khiry Robinson111224112
Travaris Cadet22
Kendall Hunter0
Marcus Murphy0
RB TOTAL55464876515746881
Brandin Cooks11111121110
Willie Snead IV12211119
Marques Colston112318
Brandon Coleman11114
T.J. Graham0
Joe Morgan0
Seantavius Jones0
WR TOTAL2122313114441231
Ben Watson12113116218
Josh Hill12111111110
Michael Hoomanawanui11111117
TE TOTAL23412252272335


Drew Brees794593663774667392
Luke McCown0
QB TOTAL794593663774667392
Mark Ingram II43511355243550
Pierre Thomas32112110
Khiry Robinson2115413
Travaris Cadet1121128
Erik Lorig21216
Brian Leonard0
Edwin Baker0
RB TOTAL9442837123853253987
Kenny Stills11114
Marques Colston1111111113113
Brandin Cooks3132110
Nick Toon123
Joe Morgan0
Robert Meachem22
Jalen Saunders0
WR TOTAL431244132133132
Jimmy Graham1313122411221
Josh Hill111126
Ben Watson111115
TE TOTAL24232334123332


Drew Brees551153852554114132694
Luke McCown0
QB TOTAL551153852554114132694
Pierre Thomas1341221661522238
Darren Sproles231534119
Mark Ingram II221511113
Khiry Robinson111115
Jed Collins121111119
Travaris Cadet11
RB TOTAL55465101214721783585
Marques Colston112133516
Kenny Stills112
Lance Moore11136
Robert Meachem0
Nick Toon112
WR TOTAL1121311136626
Jimmy Graham253121622226
Ben Watson1214
Josh Hill112
TE TOTAL251312311622332


Drew Brees98812761254656987103
Chase Daniel22
QB TOTAL98812761256656987105
Darren Sproles4123112431224
Pierre Thomas243113141211226
Mark Ingram II4111222222423
Chris Ivory1113
Jed Collins1113
Travaris Cadet112
RB TOTAL47665434566877381
Marques Colston1123621211323
Lance Moore122112112215
Joe Morgan11
Devery Henderson11
Greg Camarillo0
Courtney Roby0
Preston Parker0
WR TOTAL13466312131123340
Jimmy Graham3211111122217
David Thomas1121117
Daniel Graham0
Michael Higgins0
TE TOTAL4212211111231224


Drew Brees95668714466377118107
Chase Daniel134
QB TOTAL956687144673771111111
Darren Sproles53131261121432237
Pierre Thomas212331211145228
Mark Ingram II254151221225
Chris Ivory2136
Jed Collins12115
RB TOTAL986711312253435788101
Marques Colston111132111113
Robert Meachem112
Lance Moore22111232115
Devery Henderson121318
Adrian Arrington0
Courtney Roby0
WR TOTAL2133126343224238
Jimmy Graham211315132124228
John Gilmore112
David Thomas11
Michael Higgins11
TE TOTAL221325132134332


Drew Brees2631087910118455828106
Chase Daniel0
QB TOTAL2631087910118455828106
Chris Ivory2211229242128
Pierre Thomas34221214
Reggie Bush31212110
Ladell Betts55314422
Julius Jones312211111
Heath Evans11114
DeShawn Wynn0
RB TOTAL3827784981036534289
Marques Colston2211321413222
Lance Moore231332231323
Robert Meachem1111127
Devery Henderson213
Adrian Arrington11
Courtney Roby0
WR TOTAL12274265452433656
Jeremy Shockey11121111110
Jimmy Graham11112129
David Thomas11111112110
Tory Humphrey11
TE TOTAL121223223211131330


Drew Brees993668695558135299
Mark Brunell145
QB TOTAL99366869555814524104
Pierre Thomas126144322271338
Reggie Bush6531231134130
Mike Bell54246142230
Lynell Hamilton145
Heath Evans212218
Kyle Eckel0
Marcus Mailei0
RB TOTAL13105512955683611346111
Marques Colston132122221422125
Devery Henderson11121118
Robert Meachem11221119
Lance Moore1214
Courtney Roby0
WR TOTAL34242352236441146
Jeremy Shockey211111119
David Thomas2221119
Darnell Dinkins1124
Tory Humphrey0
Buck Ortega0
TE TOTAL21111121221131222


Drew Brees2256782109773498796
Mark Brunell0
QB TOTAL2256782109773498796
Pierre Thomas13412243145434
Reggie Bush11411717124
Deuce McAllister7122322113226
Aaron Stecker111216
Mike Bell213
Darian Barnes0
Mike Karney112116
Olaniyi Sobomehin22
Kevin Houser0
RB TOTAL2481131159564113793101
Lance Moore124112313111425
Devery Henderson112228
Marques Colston112149
Robert Meachem11114
David Patten11
Courtney Roby0
Terrance Copper0
Skyler Green0
WR TOTAL1335115635126547
Billy Miller111115
Jeremy Shockey121116
Mark Campbell11114
Sean Ryan0
Buck Ortega11
TE TOTAL11111221131116


Drew Brees1859741037391656892
Jamie Martin0
QB TOTAL1859741037391656892
Reggie Bush1248224533337
Aaron Stecker221161477839
Pierre Thomas111710
Deuce McAllister11
Mike Karney111115
Artose Pinner0
Chris Barclay0
Jamaal Branch0
Kevin Houser0
RB TOTAL23611341154387810792
Marques Colston31221432312327
David Patten11111128
Devery Henderson1113
Lance Moore3111121111
Terrance Copper11114
WR TOTAL54341624341534453
Eric Johnson22311110
Billy Miller123
John Owens0
Ronnie Ghent11
TE TOTAL2231221114


Drew Brees612246659416836170
Jamie Martin44
QB TOTAL612246659416836574
Reggie Bush3311216138223137
Deuce McAllister8122131245733850
Aaron Stecker1113
Mike Karney11136
Jamaal Branch44
Fred McAfee11
Corey McIntyre0
Kevin Houser0
Keith Joseph0
RB TOTAL1115336319581685116101
Marques Colston2211311314
Devery Henderson111115
Joe Horn111115
Terrance Copper22116
Jamal Jones11
Lance Moore0
Michael Lewis0
WR TOTAL33212412111225131
Mark Campbell21115
Billy Miller11
Ernie Conwell22
John Owens11
Nate Lawrie11
TE TOTAL122112110


Aaron Brooks47763336613251
Todd Bouman454518
QB TOTAL477643336613254569
Antowain Smith214253113224
Aaron Stecker22231111
Deuce McAllister1226929
Mike Karney22
Anthony Thomas0
Fred McAfee0
Kevin Houser0
Jesse Chatman0
RB TOTAL1228111622733124266
Donte Stallworth111212132115
Joe Horn311121110
Az-Zahir Hakim11111139
Devery Henderson11114
Nathan Poole0
Michael Lewis0
WR TOTAL14212233242134438
Zach Hilton121116
Ernie Conwell221128
Lamont Hall0
Nate Lawrie0
Shad Meier0
TE TOTAL22212211114


Aaron Brooks451648455669345277
QB TOTAL451648455669345277
Deuce McAllister2410531461625655
Aaron Stecker4131110
Fred McAfee0
Mike Karney1113
RB TOTAL2413510532471626768
Joe Horn21111211311116
Donte Stallworth211111111111
Jerome Pathon12115
Michael Lewis0
Talman Gardner0
WR TOTAL24111322124233132
Boo Williams22131213116
Ernie Conwell1113
Lamont Hall11
TE TOTAL1123231213120


Aaron Brooks23333771518345661
Todd Bouman2215
QB TOTAL23353791518355666
Deuce McAllister11123312715135440
Ki-Jana Carter44
Lamar Smith11
Terrelle Smith0
James Fenderson11
Fred McAfee0
RB TOTAL11133712715145446
Joe Horn1112122212
Jerome Pathon1121128
Donte Stallworth11114
Michael Lewis11
Talman Gardner11
Derrick Lewis0
WR TOTAL11223411224326
Boo Williams111214212
Ernie Conwell212117
Walter Rasby112
TE TOTAL12121221214221


Aaron Brooks265631011643116636189
Jake Delhomme33
QB TOTAL265631011643116936192
Deuce McAllister17314958351134367
James Fenderson33
Terrelle Smith213
Curtis Keaton1146
Fred McAfee0
RB TOTAL1931410683751234379
Joe Horn1143111151120
Donte Stallworth1123119
Jerome Pathon212121212115
Jake Reed122117
Michael Lewis11114
WR TOTAL32516624374722155
Boo Williams112
David Sloan112
Lamont Hall11