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Minnesota Vikings red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Kirk Cousins122368346745971178
QB TOTAL122368346745971178
Dalvin Cook3210274382849466
Alexander Mattison2226241524
C.J. Ham11111117
Ameer Abdullah11114
Mike Boone1146
RB TOTAL532139488393959611107
Justin Jefferson124121112
Adam Thielen112411331111121
Chad Beebe224
Olabisi Johnson0
Tajae Sharpe0
WR TOTAL11124513362132237
Irv Smith112211412
Kyle Rudolph1111116
Tyler Conklin11
Brandon Dillon0
TE TOTAL11113211112419


Kirk Cousins232146521084124256
Sean Mannion55
QB TOTAL2321465210841242561
Dalvin Cook3142256447312549
Alexander Mattison141426142227
Mike Boone161513
Ameer Abdullah1135
C.J. Ham1111217
RB TOTAL4192499106123351239101
Stefon Diggs21115
Adam Thielen11237
Olabisi Johnson231118
Laquon Treadwell0
Chad Beebe0
Alexander Hollins11
Josh Doctson0
WR TOTAL2112424211121
Kyle Rudolph1111132111
Irv Smith1122111110
Tyler Conklin0
Brandon Dillon0
David Morgan0
TE TOTAL11221541111121


Kirk Cousins3327837103953525378
Trevor Siemian0
QB TOTAL3327837103953525378
Dalvin Cook211231214219
Latavius Murray314331143124
C.J. Ham11
Roc Thomas224
Mike Boone0
Ameer Abdullah11
RB TOTAL51321443431357349
Adam Thielen11322222112120
Stefon Diggs1122222121218
Laquon Treadwell11114
Aldrick Robinson2114
Chad Beebe0
Brandon Zylstra0
Stacy Coley0
Cayleb Jones0
WR TOTAL31662452332322246
Kyle Rudolph1111331314
Tyler Conklin0
David Morgan11
Kevin McDermott0
TE TOTAL2111331315


Case Keenum6114147775932158
Sam Bradford11112
Teddy Bridgewater0
QB TOTAL116124147775932170
Jerick McKinnon141213222211123
Latavius Murray1223324494146449
Dalvin Cook47213
C.J. Ham11
Mack Brown0
RB TOTAL6174645376116357586
Adam Thielen21111222416
Stefon Diggs3221122114
Laquon Treadwell11
Jarius Wright112
Michael Floyd0
Stacy Coley0
WR TOTAL541112531522133
Kyle Rudolph2112212112116
David Morgan11
Blake Bell0
Kyle Carter0
Kevin McDermott0
TE TOTAL2112222112117


Sam Bradford3454319435610412679
Shaun Hill0
Teddy Bridgewater0
QB TOTAL3454319435610412679
Jerick McKinnon25412221411530
Matt Asiata2112346412102240
Cordarrelle Patterson21111118
Ronnie Hillman11
Adrian Peterson33
Zach Line11114
RB TOTAL5369641054421524786
Adam Thielen11111113111
Stefon Diggs12151313
Charles Johnson112
Jarius Wright22
Laquon Treadwell11
WR TOTAL121126111316329
Kyle Rudolph13212221414225
Rhett Ellison11215
MyCole Pruitt0
David Morgan0
Kevin McDermott0
TE TOTAL132132121615230


Teddy Bridgewater2816574613555159
Shaun Hill0
QB TOTAL2816574613555159
Adrian Peterson126533313224448
Jerick McKinnon23112413
Matt Asiata111238
Zach Line11114
Cordarrelle Patterson0
RB TOTAL15757144242711473
Stefon Diggs2112118
Mike Wallace2211118
Jarius Wright1113
Adam Thielen0
Charles Johnson11
WR TOTAL142312131220
Kyle Rudolph311212111
Rhett Ellison1113
MyCole Pruitt1113
Kevin McDermott0
TE TOTAL31231141117


Teddy Bridgewater361212423262135
Matt Cassel3238
Christian Ponder11112
QB TOTAL3267111212423262155
Matt Asiata49511147436
Jerick McKinnon3238
Cordarrelle Patterson1113
Ben Tate22
Joe Banyard22
Adrian Peterson22
Jerome Felton11
Zach Line0
RB TOTAL2512411811177454
Greg Jennings113111111213
Jarius Wright11215
Charles Johnson11
Adam Thielen11
WR TOTAL12161111112220
Chase Ford111115
Kyle Rudolph1113
Rhett Ellison11
MarQueis Gray0
TE TOTAL11112129


Matt Cassel121310110937
Christian Ponder26103642437
Josh Freeman44
Joe Webb III11
QB TOTAL26101243655410111979
Adrian Peterson35731127416646
Cordarrelle Patterson112312212
Toby Gerhart1121128
Matt Asiata1212
Jerome Felton0
Zach Line0
RB TOTAL4583113755108214278
Greg Jennings3111212112
Jerome Simpson21111118
Jarius Wright1113
WR TOTAL13113132312223
John Carlson1113
Kyle Rudolph3115
Rhett Ellison1113
TE TOTAL42112111


Christian Ponder465191515477454683
Joe Webb III0
QB TOTAL465191515477454683
Adrian Peterson445363156335531167
Toby Gerhart1121229
Jerome Felton0
Matt Asiata112
RB TOTAL556383168335561178
Percy Harvin32123421119
Michael Jenkins1123111212
Jarius Wright11125
Jerome Simpson11
Devin Aromashodu1113
Stephen Burton111115
WR TOTAL44226724122131445
Kyle Rudolph13321321117
Rhett Ellison112
John Carlson112
Allen Reisner11
TE TOTAL1133411421122


Christian Ponder151306532329
Donovan McNabb27756229
Joe Webb III11725521
QB TOTAL2775631513071257879
Adrian Peterson1754813311741
Toby Gerhart2111122222218
Lorenzo Booker1124
Ryan DImperio0
Jordan Todman0
RB TOTAL1875923412222211263
Percy Harvin21123112513426
Devin Aromashodu1123310
Michael Jenkins11316
Greg Camarillo11
Bernard Berrian0
Stephen Burton0
WR TOTAL3243131222823743
Visanthe Shiancoe2111117
Kyle Rudolph1111116
Allen Reisner0
Jim Kleinsasser0
TE TOTAL2211111111113


Brett Favre1331366932542
Joe Webb III53210
Tarvaris Jackson1539
QB TOTAL133136793255353261
Adrian Peterson93541061231347
Toby Gerhart312123134121
Albert Young0
Naufahu Tahi11
Lorenzo Booker11
RB TOTAL12456128415721370
Percy Harvin112211111213
Sidney Rice1214
Bernard Berrian1113
Greg Camarillo1121117
Greg Lewis11114
Randy Moss1315
Hank Baskett11
WR TOTAL22145333212232237
Visanthe Shiancoe111115
Jim Kleinsasser11114
Jeff Dugan11
TE TOTAL112212110


Brett Favre576267685635291289
Tarvaris Jackson325
QB TOTAL5106267685635291494
Adrian Peterson74364115282813468
Chester Taylor31331313313227
Naufahu Tahi111216
Albert Young22
Darius Reynaud0
RB TOTAL112569714531159169103
Sidney Rice112121121414223
Percy Harvin3121313519
Bernard Berrian321124111117
Greg Lewis11
Jaymar Johnson0
WR TOTAL45414245342527860
Visanthe Shiancoe21121112111216
Jim Kleinsasser1113
Jeff Dugan123
TE TOTAL21122232112322


Gus Frerotte7122543153235
Tarvaris Jackson33142114
QB TOTAL337122543153342149
Adrian Peterson332246542237142353
Chester Taylor1531313415128
Naufahu Tahi11114
Thomas Tapeh0
Maurice Hicks0
Darius Reynaud0
RB TOTAL3582788423711293385
Bernard Berrian1221129
Bobby Wade12115
Sidney Rice12115
Aundrae Allison0
Robert Ferguson11
WR TOTAL11214221122120
Visanthe Shiancoe11111117
Jim Kleinsasser112
Garrett Mills0
Jeff Dugan11
TE TOTAL11111211110


Tarvaris Jackson211112210534
Kelly Holcomb1225
Brooks Bollinger1135
QB TOTAL21213131112210544
Adrian Peterson1212344118
Chester Taylor2253571227
Mewelde Moore1111217
Tony Richardson1214
Naufahu Tahi33
RB TOTAL2321491771341559
Bobby Wade1112229
Sidney Rice11125
Robert Ferguson11136
Troy Williamson0
Aundrae Allison112
WR TOTAL1111211516222
Visanthe Shiancoe1111116
Jeff Dugan0
Jim Kleinsasser11
Garrett Mills0
TE TOTAL11111117


Brad Johnson23452125992852
Tarvaris Jackson358
Brooks Bollinger516
QB TOTAL2345262599383566
Chester Taylor712173222464445
Mewelde Moore111231123116
Artose Pinner112711
Tony Richardson1113
Ciatrick Fason123
RB TOTAL743110573466512578
Travis Taylor1121111111213
Troy Williamson11
Marcus Robinson11114
Billy McMullen11114
Bethel Johnson0
Martin Nance0
Jason Carter0
Maurice Mann0
WR TOTAL212121133112222
Jermaine Wiggins11121111110
Jim Kleinsasser11114
Richard Owens0
Jeff Dugan1124
TE TOTAL1111133231118


Brad Johnson1781653155547
Daunte Culpepper45536326
Shaun Hill0
QB TOTAL455373781653155573
Mewelde Moore12114223212122
Michael Bennett1215243220
Moe Williams23139
Ciatrick Fason24232215
Joe Echemandu0
RB TOTAL216126692724544566
Travis Taylor1221111110
Marcus Robinson21111312113
Troy Williamson11125
Koren Robinson11121111110
Nate Burleson11114
Keenan Howry0
WR TOTAL334121271141234342
Jermaine Wiggins151221113
Jim Kleinsasser0
Richard Owens0
Richard Angulo0
Jeff Dugan0
TE TOTAL151221113


Daunte Culpepper6913814775811858141115
QB TOTAL6913814775811858141115
Onterrio Smith13313282528
Mewelde Moore11316
Michael Bennett42118
Moe Williams14431411221
Larry Ned0
RB TOTAL33317544488352363
Nate Burleson1312331232122
Randy Moss225312131222
Marcus Robinson2221122113
Kelly Campbell111115
Keenan Howry0
WR TOTAL439755414633412162
Jermaine Wiggins312212213
Sean Berton0
Richard Owens11
Jim Kleinsasser0
TE TOTAL1312212214


Daunte Culpepper1075149746244467
Gus Frerotte3238
QB TOTAL107823149746244475
Moe Williams5833151442238
Onterrio Smith172155122
Michael Bennett111126
Doug Chapman134
Charles Stackhouse0
John Avery112
RB TOTAL6815132116245175572
Randy Moss4441111321522132
Kelly Campbell112
Nate Burleson11114
D'Wayne Bates21115
Keenan Howry0
WR TOTAL64511115316124243
Jim Kleinsasser1211117
Hunter Goodwin112
TE TOTAL22111119


Daunte Culpepper8161143455546911675109
Todd Bouman0
QB TOTAL8161143455546911675109
Michael Bennett232131611324313642
Moe Williams1525144223141338
Doug Chapman11
RB TOTAL3946451033638314981
Randy Moss386122215433141
D'Wayne Bates21114211
Kelly Campbell3115
Chris Walsh112217
Derrick Alexander1214
Cedric James0
Nick Davis0
WR TOTAL5911022222157936268
Jim Kleinsasser211217
Byron Chamberlain1113
Hunter Goodwin112
TE TOTAL3111311112