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Denver Broncos red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Joe Flacco81154141438
Drew Lock41058128
Brandon Allen1313
QB TOTAL8115414141341058179
Phillip Lindsay3372222351535
Royce Freeman224132242232332
Devontae Booker11
Andy Janovich22
RB TOTAL5511154446593870
Courtland Sutton2222113131321
Emmanuel Sanders34119
DaeSean Hamilton1111116
Tim Patrick415
Diontae Spencer11
Fred Brown0
River Cracraft0
Juwann Winfree0
WR TOTAL67323117142542
Noah Fant1141119
Jeff Heuerman11114
Andrew Beck1113
Troy Fumagalli11
TE TOTAL111152221117


Case Keenum1741118183261623872
Chad Kelly0
QB TOTAL1741118183261623872
Phillip Lindsay435123251133134
Royce Freeman3221152117
Devontae Booker11111211413
Andy Janovich11
RB TOTAL735533431014552565
Emmanuel Sanders411511
Courtland Sutton4217
Demaryius Thomas13228
Tim Patrick11
DaeSean Hamilton1113
River Cracraft0
Andre Holmes0
Isaiah McKenzie0
WR TOTAL148312532130
Jeff Heuerman121134113
Matt LaCosse1146
Jake Butt112
Brian Parker11
Temarrick Hemingway0
TE TOTAL231135111422


Trevor Siemian894692428254
Brock Osweiler6532319
Paxton Lynch336
QB TOTAL894692465332843379
C.J. Anderson672412243132
Devontae Booker1141522131122
Jamaal Charles4121122215
De'Angelo Henderson22
Andy Janovich1113
RB TOTAL1085531543722862374
Demaryius Thomas1123111131217
Emmanuel Sanders13211210
Bennie Fowler211329
Cody Latimer112
Jordan Taylor11
Isaiah McKenzie11
WR TOTAL3433624221151340
A.J. Derby1111116
Virgil Green213
Jeff Heuerman11
Austin Traylor11
TE TOTAL12211111111


Trevor Siemian4391557771241368
Paxton Lynch4610
Austin Davis0
QB TOTAL43956557771241378
Devontae Booker1125115221434
C.J. Anderson652422425
Kapri Bibbs1124
Justin Forsett3216
Andy Janovich112
Juwan Thompson112
RB TOTAL6636421012642331573
Demaryius Thomas221321161120
Emmanuel Sanders1252222112121
Jordan Norwood1124
Jordan Taylor13116
Bennie Fowler123
Cody Latimer11
WR TOTAL12853452551111255
Virgil Green21115
A.J. Derby11
Jeff Heuerman0
John Phillips11
Henry Krieger-Coble0
Garrett Graham0
TE TOTAL2111117


Peyton Manning825833534
Brock Osweiler7644107644
Trevor Siemian0
QB TOTAL82583357644107678
Ronnie Hillman121221512312431132
C.J. Anderson4234111211424
Juwan Thompson11
Kapri Bibbs0
RB TOTAL126455622432442557
Demaryius Thomas2212111132420
Emmanuel Sanders21111118
Jordan Norwood31116
Bennie Fowler1113
Andre Caldwell13217
Cody Latimer123
WR TOTAL634213543254547
Owen Daniels2221111111
Vernon Davis11114
Virgil Green213
James Casey0
Richard Gordon0
TE TOTAL2222111231118


Peyton Manning8585378810131227610112
Brock Osweiler11
QB TOTAL8585378810131227611113
C.J. Anderson1365561330
Ronnie Hillman136263324
Juwan Thompson12131112113
Montee Ball44412
Jeremy Stewart123
RB TOTAL44425856676782882
Demaryius Thomas412221425632539
Emmanuel Sanders1121312113420
Wes Welker11311119
Andre Caldwell11
Cody Latimer0
WR TOTAL62422372488156969
Julius Thomas2223121215
Jacob Tamme121217
Virgil Green11
Dominique Jones0
TE TOTAL23231232121123


Peyton Manning55571481210244817379120
Brock Osweiler0
QB TOTAL55571481210244817379120
Knowshon Moreno1147823344711248
Montee Ball221442262227
Ronnie Hillman3442215
C.J. Anderson0
RB TOTAL23481210477661331490
Demaryius Thomas1112142151120
Eric Decker1212141425225
Wes Welker3123224211223
Andre Caldwell1214
Trindon Holliday0
WR TOTAL5445448721151026472
Julius Thomas1144312218
Jacob Tamme112
Joel Dreessen1113
Virgil Green1113
TE TOTAL11144321313226


Peyton Manning755752954646948793
Brock Osweiler11
QB TOTAL755752954646949794
Willis McGahee47263163234
Knowshon Moreno1143826227
Ronnie Hillman41213112
Lance Ball1331412
Jacob Hester2215
Chris Gronkowski0
RB TOTAL5959311033343978890
Demaryius Thomas213313132221
Eric Decker213222321212225
Brandon Stokley111115
Matthew Willis11
Andre Caldwell0
Trindon Holliday0
WR TOTAL342332631523344452
Jacob Tamme211116
Joel Dreessen2111211211114
Virgil Green11
Julius Thomas0
TE TOTAL22211222231121


Tim Tebow24411241445234
Kyle Orton749727
QB TOTAL749724411241445261
Willis McGahee241011211325
Lance Ball111141110
Knowshon Moreno0
Jeremiah Johnson11
Quinn Johnson0
RB TOTAL341112114321336
Eric Decker114211111
Demaryius Thomas22116
Brandon Lloyd1124
Matthew Willis1113
Eddie Royal11114
Quan Cosby0
WR TOTAL223622112312128
Daniel Fells2111117
Dante Rosario0
Virgil Green0
Julius Thomas11
TE TOTAL3111118


Kyle Orton49141123457221670
Tim Tebow1137517
QB TOTAL49141124461022167587
Knowshon Moreno3744423229
Correll Buckhalter3162214
Lance Ball11
Laurence Maroney426
Andre Brown0
RB TOTAL310582444232350
Brandon Lloyd21131221122220
Jabar Gaffney1421121113
Eddie Royal3311111314
Demaryius Thomas141129
Eric Decker11
Matthew Willis11
Britt Davis0
WR TOTAL35137222451245358
Daniel Graham12111118
Dan Gronkowski11
Richard Quinn0
Dan Coats0
TE TOTAL121111119


Kyle Orton763452389511611686
Chris Simms00
QB TOTAL763452389511611686
Knowshon Moreno2833231278533454
Correll Buckhalter143261118
LaMont Jordan224
Peyton Hillis13116
RB TOTAL417335414139554582
Brandon Marshall1354381429
Jabar Gaffney122218
Eddie Royal21112119
Brandon Stokley211138
Brandon Lloyd112
Kenny McKinley0
Matthew Willis0
WR TOTAL541431853917556
Tony Scheffler21212210
Daniel Graham111115
Richard Quinn0
TE TOTAL2112233115


Jay Cutler311710252376248216694
Patrick Ramsey0
QB TOTAL311710252376248216694
Peyton Hillis212524117
Michael Pittman54312217
Selvin Young113311111
Tatum Bell13318
Andre Hall21216
P.J. Pope3115
Ryan Torain123
Cory Boyd0
RB TOTAL1068322225924425167
Brandon Marshall3142321314226
Eddie Royal221111210
Brandon Stokley112312115219
Darrell Jackson112
Glenn Martinez0
Chad Jackson0
Cliff Russell11
Keary Colbert0
WR TOTAL164914125211719458
Tony Scheffler131112110
Daniel Graham11111218
Nate Jackson1113
Chad Mustard0
Jeb Putzier0
Mike Leach0
TE TOTAL25211113121121


Jay Cutler26454331265744359
Patrick Ramsey77
QB TOTAL264543371265744366
Selvin Young212241121312224
Travis Henry224425731131
Andre Hall178
Cecil Sapp21111129
Mike Bell11
Paul Smith0
Kyle Johnson0
RB TOTAL465646511389625273
Brandon Marshall12131322412224
Brandon Stokley1124
Javon Walker1315
Glenn Martinez112
Taylor Jacobs0
Brian Clark112
Domenik Hixon0
WR TOTAL2623111622513237
Tony Scheffler11111117
Daniel Graham113117
Chad Mustard0
Nate Jackson112
Mike Leach0
TE TOTAL11111114121116


Jake Plummer13413357427242
Jay Cutler1295421
QB TOTAL134133574271295663
Tatum Bell1224312251225
Mike Bell1236431174436
Cecil Sapp1113
Damien Nash0
Kyle Johnson112116
Cedric Cobbs0
RB TOTAL1423535745331135670
Javon Walker111412111
Rod Smith212112121215
Brandon Marshall2226
David Kircus11
Brian Clark0
Todd Devoe0
Quincy Morgan0
WR TOTAL32335112145333
Tony Scheffler2111117
Stephen Alexander111317
Nate Jackson11
Chad Mustard0
Mike Leach0
TE TOTAL1311131111115


Jake Plummer935513474716286172
Bradlee Van Pelt123
QB TOTAL935513474717286375
Mike Anderson37445541157459
Tatum Bell53231753223440
Ron Dayne11338
Kyle Johnson1111221110
Cecil Sapp123
RB TOTAL649728714918193977120
Rod Smith11111123213
Ashley Lelie3111118
Charlie Adams1225
Todd Devoe1113
Darius Watts11
David Terrell11
WR TOTAL431213121444131
Jeb Putzier21115
Stephen Alexander112112210
Wesley Duke11
Mike Leach0
Nate Jackson0
TE TOTAL3212213216


Jake Plummer91569436361538574
QB TOTAL91569436361538574
Reuben Droughns14554522525343
Tatum Bell23514419
Quentin Griffin822214
Kyle Johnson112
Garrison Hearst112
Cecil Sapp11
RB TOTAL824675453387210781
Rod Smith21112123417
Ashley Lelie11211118
Darius Watts11131119
Triandos Luke0
WR TOTAL313221353244134
Jeb Putzier112
Dwayne Carswell11
Nate Jackson11
Patrick Hape1111138
TE TOTAL1111311312


Jake Plummer4643373451747
Danny Kanell433414
Steve Beuerlein134
Jarious Jackson0
QB TOTAL474333433734517465
Clinton Portis56272342396857
Quentin Griffin2111620
Mike Anderson432112922
Reuben Droughns11125
Cecil Sapp44
RB TOTAL51152834445110882010108
Rod Smith221212113217
Ashley Lelie111111118
Ed McCaffrey1124
Chris Cole11
Adrian Madise11
WR TOTAL32122232123232131
Shannon Sharpe111114110
Dwayne Carswell11
Jeb Putzier0
Patrick Hape11
TE TOTAL11111141112


Brian Griese47274465637257
Steve Beuerlein4125517
QB TOTAL472744656712725574
Clinton Portis14113387265542759
Mike Anderson212322231119
Olandis Gary134
Reuben Droughns112
RB TOTAL2342156109475873884
Rod Smith23223112117
Ed McCaffrey1121111210
Ashley Lelie11111117
Scottie Montgomery112
WR TOTAL25122342311213436
Shannon Sharpe11211211111
Dwayne Carswell1111116
Patrick Hape1113
TE TOTAL1113211222111120