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Atlanta Falcons red zone summary

A "look" is any chance to score: a rushing attempt, a target, or a passing attempt. The Redzone is the area between the opponent's 20 yard line and goal line.


Matt Ryan88553577421363641197
Matt Schaub0
QB TOTAL88553577421363641197
Todd Gurley554533863141553
Brian Hill3111129
Ito Smith22172115
Keith Smith112
Tony Brooks-James0
Qadree Ollison0
RB TOTAL77483497328441879
Calvin Ridley42211314111324
Russell Gage221311222218
Julio Jones11413111
Olamide Zaccheaus112
Christian Blake11
Brandon Powell11215
Laquon Treadwell1113
WR TOTAL75441545384143664
Hayden Hurst111111112111316
Luke Stocker11
Jaeden Graham0
TE TOTAL111211112111317


Matt Ryan52749886864851292
Matt Schaub279
Matt Simms0
QB TOTAL52749827868648512101
Devonta Freeman1335231424533
Brian Hill651113
Ito Smith1134312
Qadree Ollison2511413
Kenjon Barner0
Keith Smith112
RB TOTAL12337929851536973
Julio Jones112112141216
Calvin Ridley2111218
Russell Gage11111311414
Mohamed Sanu2215
Justin Hardy1113
Olamide Zaccheaus0
Christian Blake11
Brandon Powell0
WR TOTAL412243121544242647
Austin Hooper1311122131218
Jaeden Graham11
Luke Stocker112
TE TOTAL114111221131221


Matt Ryan1056614311181696986
Matt Schaub0
QB TOTAL1056614311181696986
Tevin Coleman214224632127
Ito Smith61414121525
Brian Hill33
Devonta Freeman44
Jeremy Langford11
Ricky Ortiz0
RB TOTAL675616562473260
Julio Jones433212318
Mohamed Sanu11111117
Calvin Ridley1222119
Marvin Hall112
Justin Hardy11316
Russell Gage11
Deante Burton0
WR TOTAL5143147544543
Austin Hooper2112411113
Logan Paulsen112
Eric Saubert11
TE TOTAL2122611116


Matt Ryan446919103643774380
Matt Schaub0
QB TOTAL446919103643774380
Devonta Freeman23841142644342
Tevin Coleman22221146311227
Terron Ward415
Derrick Coleman11
Terrence Magee0
Brian Hill0
RB TOTAL25863353864755575
Julio Jones114321132220
Mohamed Sanu22311111113
Taylor Gabriel213118
Justin Hardy111317
Marvin Hall11
Nick Williams0
Andre Roberts11
WR TOTAL2236941441453250
Austin Hooper1121229
Levine Toilolo112
Eric Saubert0
TE TOTAL113122111


Matt Ryan7412465549011447810100
Matt Schaub0
QB TOTAL7412465549011447810100
Devonta Freeman623472465166364469
Tevin Coleman2562226231233
Terron Ward246
Patrick DiMarco11
Stevan Ridley0
RB TOTAL879692481018125956109
Julio Jones331310
Mohamed Sanu21111111111113
Taylor Gabriel23117
Aldrick Robinson123
Justin Hardy1121139
Nick Williams112
Devin Fuller0
Eric Weems0
WR TOTAL3161111619222844
Austin Hooper1315
Levine Toilolo11
Jacob Tamme112211210
TE TOTAL112212213116


Matt Ryan3411145597657342379
Sean Renfree0
QB TOTAL3411145597657342379
Devonta Freeman4410261311322262563
Tevin Coleman13163216
Terron Ward51612
Patrick DiMarco123
RB TOTAL571076151131194262594
Julio Jones116131341122
Roddy White11112118
Leonard Hankerson2112129
Justin Hardy1111116
Nick Williams1113
Eric Weems0
Devin Hester0
WR TOTAL238133334416221248
Jacob Tamme1221118
Tony Moeaki0
Levine Toilolo0
Mickey Shuler0
TE TOTAL1221118


Matt Ryan622252343771081365
T.J. Yates0
QB TOTAL622252343771081365
Steven Jackson2413534164235
Devonta Freeman21112119
Jacquizz Rodgers21221311
Antone Smith2114
Patrick DiMarco11114
RB TOTAL6727654410533163
Julio Jones2111121312
Roddy White211111213114
Harry Douglas122117
Devin Hester1111239
Eric Weems112
Courtney Roby0
Drew Davis0
WR TOTAL2232213244971244
Levine Toilolo112116
Bear Pascoe11
TE TOTAL1112117


Matt Ryan84915134824235376497
Dominique Davis0
QB TOTAL84915134824235376497
Steven Jackson4132125182332
Jacquizz Rodgers115164121123
Jason Snelling142431116
Antone Smith11
Patrick DiMarco0
Bradie Ewing0
Josh Vaughan0
RB TOTAL5393117441135282472
Harry Douglas221222314
Roddy White1421111112
Julio Jones21249
Drew Davis11
Darius Johnson21115
Kevin Cone0
Brian Robiskie11
WR TOTAL5376153113114142
Tony Gonzalez2214511214225
Levine Toilolo1111116
Chase Coffman0
TE TOTAL22256211215231


Matt Ryan107653210211583937697
Luke McCown22
QB TOTAL107653210211583957699
Michael Turner552322446322284155
Jacquizz Rodgers3142114212223
Jason Snelling1213124115
Mike Cox0
Lousaka Polite22
Antone Smith0
RB TOTAL55662313674655146295
Roddy White3221212122220
Julio Jones3221111421220
Harry Douglas11121129
Drew Davis11
Kevin Cone11
WR TOTAL752312123451524451
Tony Gonzalez1121511121117
Michael Palmer1113
Chase Coffman0
Tommy Gallarda0
TE TOTAL21216111211120


Matt Ryan67122456311544668291
Chris Redman0
QB TOTAL67122456311544668291
Michael Turner174496725124961
Jacquizz Rodgers2221112321421
Jason Snelling111111311415
Ovie Mughelli123
Mike Cox0
Antone Smith0
RB TOTAL41124613710610112617100
Roddy White2141221132125330
Julio Jones2113119
Harry Douglas1214
Eric Weems22
Kerry Meier0
WR TOTAL31812214323554145
Tony Gonzalez4311214111221
Michael Palmer11114
Reggie Kelly0
Joe Zelenka0
TE TOTAL431112241111325


Matt Ryan21051068566928491899
Chris Redman0
QB TOTAL21051068566928491899
Michael Turner1210461671761883576
Jason Snelling81231422122129
Ovie Mughelli121217
Gartrell Johnson11
Jerious Norwood0
Antone Smith0
RB TOTAL11012893109388391136113
Roddy White232121111151223
Michael Jenkins111126
Harry Douglas11114
Brian Finneran11211219
Eric Weems11
WR TOTAL2532342334251443
Tony Gonzalez311313221320
Justin Peelle123
Michael Palmer11
Joe Zelenka0
TE TOTAL321325221324


Matt Ryan11614524571052769
Chris Redman735217
QB TOTAL11614524571073554786
Michael Turner36252333128
Jason Snelling21128104234542
Jerious Norwood12216
Ovie Mughelli1113
Aaron Stecker112
Verron Haynes0
RB TOTAL5837354381014537581
Roddy White2221111112211220
Michael Jenkins1111116
Marty Booker1113
Brian Finneran12137
Eric Weems0
Troy Bergeron0
WR TOTAL231231222332412336
Tony Gonzalez31121125214225
Justin Peelle123
Joe Zelenka0
Keith Zinger0
TE TOTAL31121135214428


Matt Ryan483626615286836276
QB TOTAL483626615286836276
Michael Turner3191662532118547174
Jerious Norwood23112211213120
Jason Snelling0
Ovie Mughelli123
RB TOTAL5510178273312125510297
Roddy White122132122117
Michael Jenkins1221111110
Harry Douglas1121117
Brian Finneran122112211
Laurent Robinson0
Eric Weems0
Adam Jennings11
WR TOTAL123556515263246
Justin Peelle1112117
Ben Hartsock112
Jason Rader0
Marcus Pollard0
TE TOTAL11122119


Joey Harrington19641113430
Chris Redman8117623
Byron Leftwich358
QB TOTAL1967611348117661
Warrick Dunn544328221125544
Jerious Norwood242121315
Artose Pinner11
Jason Snelling11
Ovie Mughelli112
Corey McIntyre0
RB TOTAL5693510223127863
Roddy White1111123111
Michael Jenkins2121219
Laurent Robinson111115
Joe Horn1111217
Adam Jennings11
WR TOTAL1334432613333
Alge Crumpler321113112
Martrez Milner112
Dwayne Blakley0
Courtney Anderson0
Boone Stutz0
TE TOTAL3221113114


Michael Vick74510533234227158
Matt Schaub44
QB TOTAL74510533234227562
Warrick Dunn31237122313735
Jerious Norwood161223116
Justin Griffith1111113211
Fred McCrary11
Marlion Jackson0
Jamal Robertson0
Kevin Dudley0
Corey McIntyre0
RB TOTAL484692327155763
Roddy White22
Michael Jenkins21311111112
Ashley Lelie1113
Jamin Elliott0
Kevin Youngblood0
Adam Jennings0
WR TOTAL4113111112117
Alge Crumpler13231111211219
Dwayne Blakley1113
Eric Beverly0
Boone Stutz0
TE TOTAL23231212211222


Michael Vick45634768119056377
Matt Schaub24219
QB TOTAL456544768119076486
Warrick Dunn31133452342331139
T.J. Duckett21141443323
Justin Griffith11221211213
Fred McCrary0
DeAndra Cobb0
RB TOTAL242554673992736175
Brian Finneran31121111112
Michael Jenkins1111116
Roddy White211127
Dez White123
Jerome Pathon11
Romby Bryant0
WR TOTAL32113422323329
Alge Crumpler2112111143118
Dwayne Blakley11
Eric Beverly0
Derek Rackley0
TE TOTAL2122111143119


Michael Vick26824254467727470
Matt Schaub336
QB TOTAL268242544677273776
Warrick Dunn2631523321354242
T.J. Duckett12151115219
Justin Griffith2125
Fred McCrary11
Stanley Pritchett11
George Layne0
Jason Wright0
RB TOTAL29347128442854568
Peerless Price111238
Dez White12317
Brian Finneran111126
Michael Jenkins0
WR TOTAL111214132521
Alge Crumpler121112122114
Dwayne Blakley11
TE TOTAL1211121221115


Doug Johnson4312512119
Michael Vick278219
Kurt Kittner344516
QB TOTAL43125134452378254
Warrick Dunn33211122419
T.J. Duckett1223144313617139
Justin Griffith11121118
Woodrow Dantzler112
George Layne0
RB TOTAL55525278354717268
Peerless Price212117
Brian Finneran21111219
Quentin McCord112
Jimmy Farris112
Terrence Edwards0
WR TOTAL14221423120
Alge Crumpler21111129
Brian Kozlowski1113
TE TOTAL12211111212


Michael Vick666135446339111178
Doug Johnson2215
QB TOTAL6663235446439111183
Warrick Dunn754316218429557
T.J. Duckett4513115130
Bob Christian2313312116
Travis Jervey0
George Layne11
RB TOTAL115113239321122132115104
Brian Finneran222111211215
Shawn Jefferson0
Trevor Gaylor1112229
Quentin McCord22
Willie Jackson123
WR TOTAL22221322135429
Alge Crumpler12221211315
Reggie Kelly1113
Brian Kozlowski0
TE TOTAL221221311318