Footballguys Staff Bio: Bruce Henderson

Bruce Henderson's mug


Age: 53

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, IN

Education: Purdue University, B.S. in Computer Science

Occupation: Software Engineer

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Family: Widowed with a daughter (who plays on her high school tennis team) and a son (who is turning a few heads with his baseball skills). Newest member of the family is a French Bulldog puppy.

Years playing fantasy football: 18 or so.

Favorite FF smack talk: I go by the Blitz Guru and dole out friendly starting advice to the other owners in my league, whether they want it or not.

Years writing about fantasy football: 17

Favorite FBG feature: Dominator Classic Tool Line. Ok, I'm slightly biased.

Organized football experience: Backyard football junkie. I'm usually the all-time quarterback for my son and his friends. Every once in a while I'll take off running just to keep them honest.

Favorite NFL team: Bears in the NFC and Colts in the AFC.

Favorite college team: Boilermakers.

Favorite fan moment: Super Bowl XLI - Colts and Bears. I honestly couldn't decide which team to cheer for, so I just sat back and enjoyed my dream Super Bowl.

Favorite player of all time: Past: Rod Woodson, I went to high school with him. Present: Jason Fabini, another Fort Wayne native, who I see every once in a while at the Little League diamond and hear on a local sports talk show.

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: I had been lobbying for the return of end zone celebrations. I'm glad they are back.

Favorite movie(s): Any of the James Bond or Zorro movies.

What I read: Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver. Detective Cross series by James Patterson.

Hobbies: Coaching Little League, Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Chess.

Favorite TV show(s): Sports, The Voice, Designated Survivor

Least favorite household chore: You name it.

Dream job: Helping people dominate their Fantasy Football leagues.

Quote: "Done to here" - Clayton Gray. It is profound on so many levels. I think he is trying to say that in our journey through life we are never truly done. We can only mark accomplishments and milestones along the way…

Parting thoughts: Sometimes life throws you a curve ball or two. All you can do is keep your head in there and keep swinging.

Favorite Snack: Any thing with salt. Pretzels and Popcorn to name a few.