Footballguys Staff Bio: Ryan Zamichieli

Ryan Zamichieli's mug


Age: 21

Birthplace: Camden, New Jersey

Education: Temple University, expected to graduate in May 2019 with a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance

Occupation: Full-time student

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Family: Not yet, thankfully.

Years playing fantasy football: 10

Favorite FF smack talk: When I was 7 or 8 years old my dad was in the championship of his fantasy football league. It came down to Antwaan Randle El or Dorsey Levens in the flex. I told him to go with Randle El, but he went with Levens. He ended up losing because of his decision and I still have not let him live it down. I make sure to remind him with a jab or two every year at our league's draft.

Years writing about fantasy football: This is my first official position writing about fantasy football for any site.

Favorite FBG feature: David Dodds' game predictor. The accuracy there is uncanny and it almost mirrors the betting markets predictions for many games each week.

Organized football experience: I played for two weeks in 3rd grade if that counts

Favorite NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles

Favorite college team: Temple Owls

Favorite fan moment: Being in Philadelphia for the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory

Favorite player of all time: Brian Dawkins

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: I'm going to cheat here and make it a change to the way the NFL records stats for games. On plays where a defensive pass interference penalty is accepted, credit the receiver that drew the penalty with at least half of the yards gained from the penalty, if not all.

Favorite movie(s): Tommy Boy, Forrest Gump, and Step Brothers

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Zac Brown Band, Post Malone, and Mike Stud.

What I read: Anything that may help me improve at fantasy football.

Hobbies: Anything and everything sports.

Favorite TV show(s): The Office, Ozark, and House of Cards.

Least favorite household chore: Doing the dishes.

Dream job: Either playing fantasy football full-time or working in the front office for any professional sports team.

Quote: "Philly Philly?" "Yeah, let's do it."

Parting thoughts: Thank god for fantasy football. I can't imagine what I'd waste my time on other than this wonderful and incredibly infuriating game.