Footballguys Staff Bio: Keith Roberts

Keith Roberts's mug


Age: 29

Birthplace: Nashville

Education: Univ of Tennessee (BS Logistics)

Occupation: Petcare Project Manager

Hometown: Nashville

Family: Fiance, no kids yet, 2 cats + 1 puppy

Years playing fantasy football: 10

Years writing about fantasy football: 4

Favorite FBG feature: The Power Grid--those guys go into just the right level of detail to prep for your weekly DFS slates.

Organized football experience: 1 year in the trenches playing left guard during 5th grade!

Favorite NFL team: Tennessee Titans

Favorite college team: Tennessee Volunteers

Favorite fan moment: Any time Neyland Stadium is packed

Favorite movie(s): Harry Potter series

Hobbies: Golf, Kickball, DFS, Travel, Craft Beer, Pets

Favorite TV show(s): Game of Thrones

Least favorite household chore: IRONING

Dream job: Beer Taster