Footballguys Staff Bio: Justin Bonnema

Justin Bonnema's mug


Age: 38

Birthplace: Iowa

Education: University of South Dakota, Madison Media Institute

Occupation: Writer

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Family: Married with one son and three cats.

Years playing fantasy football: 14

Years writing about fantasy football: Heading into year number nine.

Favorite FBG feature: Maurile Tremblay's Interactive Value Charts, and the Data Dominator

Organized football experience: Madden NFL #AllMadden

Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys by choice. Tennessee Titans by proximity.

Favorite college team: Wisconsin Badgers (I didn't attend UW but I lived in Madison for a few years. Great town and impossible not to fall in love with all things Badgers).

Favorite fan moment: Watching the Dallas Cowboys comeback and almost defeat the Packers in the Divisional Round of the 2016 season. It didn't work out but it's the proudest I've been as a fan in several years.

Favorite player of all time: Tony Romo

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: Eliminating the coin toss and update OT completely.

Favorite movie(s): Rounders, Snatch, Boiler Room, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Office Space, Dunkirk

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Indie rock, classic country, underground hip hop, highlights: Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, Radio Head, Sage Francis

What I read: Faces

Hobbies: Photography, mixology, cooking, and occasionally creating music.

Favorite TV show(s): Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, the first three seasons of Dexter, West Wing, Friday Night Lights, Westworld, The Wire, GoT

Least favorite household chore: Cat litter related things.

Dream job: Food and beverage writer.

Quote: "Write drunk; edit sober" - Ernest Hemingway

What are the names of your cats?: Cosmo Brown Schwartau-Bonnema is the older one. He's six. Dexter Megatron Schwartau-Bonnema is four. Manuel Amaro Schwartau-Bonnema just turned one. They enjoy steak, open windows, and running around the backyard.

Which of these cats is your favorite.: It's impossible to pick and I love them equally for different reasons. I will say that Dexter is very special to me and he has really cool stripes.

Do you see yourself acquiring a fourth cat?: No. We're in love with our little cat family.

What's your favorite time signature?: 6/8. Definitely 6/8.