Footballguys Staff Bio: Dan Hindery

Dan Hindery's mug


Age: 39

Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH

Education: Xavier University (BSBA), The Ohio State University (JD/MBA)

Occupation: Attorney

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Family: Married, with twin 5 year olds

Years playing fantasy football: 21

Favorite FBG feature: Long time listener of the podcasts, which have got me through some long drives, boring workouts and many walks with my dog.

Favorite NFL team: Bengals

Favorite college team: Buckeyes

Favorite fan moment: The 2002 Ohio State national championship season was my first year in Columbus and the whole thing was a blast. Every game seemed to come down to the final minute and the celebrations on campus were out of control. The Buckeyes' 3 game run to end the 2014 season was a lot of fun too.

Favorite player of all time: AJ Green

Favorite movie(s): The Big Lebowski

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Indie Rock and Hip-hop

Hobbies: Playing Hockey and going to Xavier basketball games