Footballguys Staff Bio: Alessandro Miglio

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Age: 33

Birthplace: Miami, FL

Education: University of Miami - Bachelor of Music, Music Engineering & NYU - Master of Music, Music Technology

Occupation: Audiovisual Engineer and Programmer and Professional Wordsmith

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area

Family: Married to the world's most patient woman, with whom I have two young, amazing children.

Years playing fantasy football: It's difficult for me to pin down an exact number. Something between 15 and 100 years.

Favorite FF smack talk: I'm not much of a smack talker until I win it all. Every time I talk smack, the fantasy gods immediately punish me.

Years writing about fantasy football: Started this crazy ride just before the 2010 season.

Organized football experience: I was a pretty good free safety in high school physical education.

Favorite NFL team: I'm a national writer for Bleacher Report, but I grew up rooting for the Miami Dolphins.

Favorite college team: Miami Hurricanes

Favorite player of all time: Dan Marino

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: I would tweak the catch rules. A catch is a catch, even if the ball comes loose after falling on the ground.

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: I am a music hipster, meaning no pop music. I love progressive rock—Dream Theater is my favorite band. Nine Inch Nails is another favorite of mine. I'm also a fan of Daft Punk and that style.

What I read: Anything good. I'm partial to the sci-fi/fantasy genre—huge fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Ender's Game, for example.

Hobbies: Reading, video games, softball

Favorite TV show(s): This changes with time, but I'll say Breaking Bad for now.

Least favorite household chore: Every single one.

Dream job: I would love to be a full-time writer of novels and/or a beer brewer.

Quote: "I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman." - Homer Simpson