Footballguys Staff Bio: Simon Shepherd

Simon Shepherd's mug


Age: 32

Birthplace: England

Education: Computer Science, University of Bristol

Occupation: Footballguys Apps

Hometown: Richmond, London

Family: I married my beautiful wife Amy in the fall of 2013. We have two young boys who are energetic, always hungry, and awesome.

Years playing fantasy football: 10

Favorite FF smack talk: Wait, you're not using the Draft Dominator?

Years writing about fantasy football: 7

Favorite FBG feature: The MyFootballguys Matchup tool. Love the ability to make changes in the late game to throw the dice if the early games went poorly for me, or play it safe if they went well.

Organized football experience: I got a football to spiral once. I blame my country for thinking football should be played with your feet.

Favorite NFL team: Saints

Favorite college team: Oregon

Favorite fan moment: So many moments from the Saints Super Bowl run, from lighting up those veteran QBs to the NFC Championship field goal to the Porter interception. I think though that the onside kick and recovery clinches it. I love plays that completely change the momentum of a game and that one did that and then some.

Favorite player of all time: Jimmy Graham

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: I would make it a rule that all games have to kickoff by 8pm UK time so I can watch them without falling asleep on the sofa.

Favorite movie(s): Every James Bond movie except for Die Another Day. That is a terrible movie.

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Gavin De Graw, Josh Doyle, Stars, Train, Bastille, Barcelona, Noah and the Whale, Shout Out Louds, Phoenix, The National Parks...

What I read: Nowhere near enough in the last 5 years or so.

Hobbies: Developing apps (or is that my job?), playing fantasy football (wait a sec...), watching red zone.

Favorite TV show(s): The OA, Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, The Office (US and UK versions), Fawlty Towers

Least favorite household chore: Tidying. I never do it "right".

Dream job: Developing apps with Footballguys. I am very lucky.

Quote: "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...", Theodore Roosevelt