Footballguys Staff Bio: Bruce Hammond

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Age: 60

Birthplace: N Hollywood California (I could've been a star!)

Education: Cal State University Chico -- Bachelor of Science... some advanced tax work at Golden Gate U in SF

Occupation: Accountant, financial consultant, part-time newspaper manager

Hometown: Walnut Creek CA (East of SF about 30 mi.)

Family: Divorced, 5 sons: Christian, David, Michael, Kenny, Adam

Years playing fantasy football: 38 years. My very first league is still going strong. Started in 1981, I joined in 1982. My first Internet league started in 1998 and is still alive and well.

Favorite FF smack talk: Not my style. I try to stay humble.

Years writing about fantasy football: Other than as a message board poster since about 1998, I had a weekly column in a local newspaper for a little while in the early 90s and that's about it.

Favorite FBG feature: I've always been interested in predictions and forecasting. I follow closely the rankings and projections, and articles having to do with the subject.

Organized football experience: None -- for me it was baseball, handball, and cross country running as a kid instead. I coached youth flag football one season though, does that count?

Favorite NFL team: As a kid -- OAK Raiders, LA Rams. As young adult -- SF 49ers. Last decade or so -- 49ers, Chargers, Patriots.

Favorite college team: As a kid -- USC & UCLA. Later on -- Cal & Stanford.

Favorite fan moment: The 49ers first championship run in 1981-2, from the shocking 45-14 demolition of heavily favored Dallas early in the season, to "The Catch" in the NFC title game, to the Super Bowl win over the Bengals, to the parade going past my downtown SF office in the first year of my business career. Just a magical season. Not-so-favorite moment was being at Candlestick Park for a 49ers game the following season and hearing my car license number announced over the loudspeaker at half time, then reporting to security to learn that my car had been burned to a crackly crisp in the parking lot. Ouch.

Favorite player of all time: All time -- Steve Young, Jerry Rice, LaDainian Tomlinson. Current -- Aaron Rodgers (we went to the same high school!), Andrew Luck, JJ Watt.

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: I'd eliminate the extra point completely and just make all TDs worth seven points. I'd make field goals worth one to three points depending on distance.

Favorite movie(s): I'm a Netflix junkie and watch many movies and series there. Give me a good thriller or drama or old classic or documentary; spare me the horror and zombie stuff. Gangs of New York and Bourne Identity come to mind as past favorites.

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: I'm eclectic in my listening tastes. Classical to classic rock to pop to country. I like when artists mix genres, e.g. symphonic elements within a rock tune. November Rain is an all-time favorite.

What I read: Classic literature (Dickens is a favorite), history, biography, philosophy. Sports (primarily pro football) news & info.

Hobbies: Movies, music, reading, hiking, traveling, live stage performances (plays, concerts, etc.), watching sports, running, fantasy football. I used to play a lot of league and tournament softball (our team finished 8th in State of CA one year) but Father Time eventually won out and I had to hang 'em up.

Favorite TV show(s): I watch little TV other than movies and sports, except when I've binged on a series on Netflix here and there. And while I watch few TV shows, I do watch a lot of Netflix movies and documentaries.

Least favorite household chore: Most of them. I live alone so I'm stuck doing them anyway. I guess dusting is the worst. Who decided this was a good question for a football site bio anyway?

Dream job: General Manager for an NFL team maybe. Why not?

Quote: "I just do what the little voices tell me to do."

Parting thoughts: As I get older, many things that were once important to me have mattered less, and other things I used to take for granted have become more important. Wealth vs health, status vs relationships. Being good to people offers its own intrinsic rewards. It usually only takes a little extra effort to show someone you care, to let someone know they are valued. Cherish your relationships; you never know what day may be their last, or yours. Finally, peace of mind and heart aren't measured in dollars. Find those things internally.