Footballguys Staff Bio: Matt Waldman

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Age: 49

Birthplace: Westover AFB, home of the B-52 and the Hercules.

Education: University of Georgia, BA English '96

Occupation: Creator of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and Footballguys Sr. Staff Writer

Family: Yep. They're great.

Years playing fantasy football: Let's put it this way, Jerry Rice, Terrell Davis, and Ricky Watters were my first three picks in my fantasy draft.

Favorite FF smack talk: (Points to the scoreboard)

Years writing about fantasy football: I wrote a guest article for Footballguys in 2001, but I decided to take the plunge in 2004.

Favorite FBG feature: Jene Bramel's Inside the Injury series. Why? Bramel possesses a cross section of knowledge few football fans possess about injuries and defensive talent.

Organized football experience: I have organized a lifetime of football games.

Favorite NFL team: Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. It's a long story.

Favorite college team: None.

Favorite fan moment: That split-second before Jeremiah Castille stripped Earnest Byner.

Favorite player of all time: Earnest Byner edges Steve McNair by a yard. Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Michael Thomas, and Nick Chubb are current faves.

NFL rule(s) I would change if I could: Overtime - the one aspect of the game college football got right.

Favorite movie(s): Million Dollar Baby and Jaws.

Favorite musical genres/albums/artists: Why, are you planning to buy me some tunes? My tastes are eclectic, but my roots are jazz, blues, and R&B: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Art Blakey, Stevie Wonder, Buddy Guy, SRV, Ray Charles, Tower of Power, and James Brown.

What I read: It would be better to ask me what I don't like to read.

Favorite TV show(s): American Gods. The Wire. King of the Hill.

Least favorite household chore: My wife and I have agreed that I won't pick up a hammer as long as she doesn't use the stove.

Dream job: Jazz saxophonist, NFL running back, novelist, and great white shark researcher. One of these will be happening within the next 10 years.

Quote: "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." - Sir Ken Robinson

Parting thoughts: Stretch: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What is the Rookie Scouting Portfolio?: Right this way: