WR Roddy White - Free Agent

6-1, 201Born: 11-2-1981College: UABDrafted: Round 1, pick 27 (2005)

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Game Recaps

2015 Week 1 vs PHI (8 / 4 / 84 / 0 rec)

White looks healthy, but a step slower than what he was at the peak of his career. No longer are the Falcons targeting him routinely on timing routes requiring hard cuts against the top corner on the defense. White's gains came on crossing routes and pivots off play action, including a 25-yard gain where the receiver looked slow as a runner--allowing the safety to get into the play and catch the receiver on the sideline. White then gained 17 on a play-action throwback. He was open on a pivot route in the end zone until Kiko Alonso made a fantastic drop into the middle zone and snared the touchdown-saving interception with one hand. As long as White can stay this healthy, he'll offer the Falcons strong production as the product of play-action passes underneath White's zone-stretching routes down field.

2015 Week 3 vs DAL (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Ryan underthrew a third and goal drag route to White in the end zone, but Dallas corner Mo Claiborne was called for holding Julio Jones on the play and gave Atlanta a second life. Ryan later hit White on crossing route on a designed play action roll for first down, but an illegal man downfield nullified the play. This was the extent of White's work. Beyond Jones and Freeman, there was little variety to the personnel used more than once in the passing offense.

2015 Week 4 vs HOU (4 / 2 / 8 / 0 rec)

White's targets included a short out of four yards on 3rd and 5 during the second series and a seam route of 14 to get Atlanta to mid-field, but the officials nullified due to White pushing off the slot defender. Other than another four-yard gain on 2nd and 9 during the mid-second quarter, White was a non-factor.

2015 Week 5 vs WAS (4 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

White's first target came with 12:03 in the third quarter despite seeing the field throughout the first half. The first target was an out route and the cornerback Breeland earned a good break to defend from trail position, which he did on multiple receivers in this game. White drew a pass interference on a bad throw by Ryan in the early fourth to earn Atlanta a first down, which led to the Falcons running the ball. White's first catch was a backside slant to reach the Washington 15 with 10:44 left where he was wide open. The most meaningful catch was a fourth-down slant for eight yards after a touchdown reception to Devonta Freeman was reversed the play before. This set up a Freeman touchdown run late in the game. However, the worst play for Atlanta also involved White: Matt Ryan bird-dogged the receiver on a deep drag route with Breeland once again trailing and undercutting the ball. White is slower than he once was, but this was a poor throw from Ryan and with 6:00 left, Washington was able to send this play into overtime. White is a middle-of-the-field, check-down or red zone matchup threat against certain safeties or linebackers, but he's no longer a massive factor in the passing game on a weekly basis.

2015 Week 6 vs NO (4 / 3 / 23 / 1 rec)

The veteran earned a touchdown on a crossing route to the left corner on a slower developing play action pass. White continues to earn targets on shorter routes with 15-yard digs as the higher range of that spectrum. He always has a puncher's chance to earn a red zone target due to the strength of the ground game and Matt Ryan's prowess with pre-snap adjustments at the line where White will be more effective in compressed space than he will with routes where quickness and long speed is a greater factor.

2015 Week 7 vs TEN (4 / 3 / 48 / 0 rec)

White's most notable play today was a block in the back that nullified a 41-yard run by Devonta Freeman. He followed up with a 15-yard gain on a tipped pass to make up for most of the penalty yardage on the next play. He also gained 17 yards on a play action shotgun pass during the third series. He also took a check-down for 14 yards up the left sideline during the third quarter. None of these routes are game-changing targets. He's a middle of the field, zone option that will move the chains. Any future big plays will come from strategy and precision rather than athleticism, which should dissuade fantasy owners from counting on him.

2015 Week 8 vs TB (3 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

The veteran's first catch didn't come until the fourth quarter--a 19-yard gain on a slant that he broke up the middle against soft coverage outside. He also earned five yards in overtime on a short catch against tight coverage in the right flat. He's not earning separation unless it's a set play with misdirection to a side that would free most any receiver based on strategic execution and not athletic ability.

2015 Week 9 vs SF (2 / 1 / 20 / 0 rec)

White gained 20 on an inside seam route in middle of the fourth quarter after dropping an out at the left sideline against tight coverage on 3rd down. Ryan placed the ball high and just above the cornerback who had great position on the ball. Tough target, but should have been caught. White isn't seeing enough targets to make these kinds of high-difficulty plays with consistency.

2015 Week 11 vs IND (9 / 4 / 24 / 0 rec)

Off Paul Worrilow interception on the second offensive play of the game, Atlanta earned the ball at the Indy 35 an began with a short hook in tight coverage to Roddy White, who failed to get separation and had the pass knocked away. White caught the short flat route to the opposite side for five yards on the next play. Then he failed to get separation on the next route, a short out on 3rd and 5, leading to a long field goal attempt. Ryan climbed the pocket on 3rd and 11 and found White on a cross late in the route at the back shoulder and White split two defenders to fall across the first down marker to keep the third series alive. Ryan later led White too high and far on a play-action slant on 2nd and goal against Vontae Davis but White was well-covered and Ryan was cautious with the placement. Later White made a diving catch on short route breaking out at the right sideline for four yards. Once upon a time, White and Ryan could connect on intermediate timing routes with minimal separation, but today was more evidence that White could not earn meaningful separation on short routes.

2015 Week 12 vs MIN (8 / 6 / 60 / 0 rec)

The veteran earned looks from the slot against 37-year-old Terrance Newman and those targets came on deeper routes than previously seen this season. There was a third down hook to White in right seam for the first down with 3:00 left in the half. After Ryan led White a bit too far over the middle on 2nd and 5 from the slot after the two-minute warning, Ryan went to White on the next play with a route over the middle for the first down. There was another crossing route for a 20-yard gain to White off boot action versus Newman and some garbage time opportunities. The fact that White's 60 yards was a notable development should tell you that Atlanta's passing offense has struggled since October.

2015 Week 13 vs TB (4 / 3 / 33 / 0 rec)

It's fascinating to note that there have been three games where White has committed a penalty in the run game and within two plays of the penalty that nullified a nice run White would earn his first target. This time it happened in the second half after he held on a Freeman run of 10 yards and two plays later he got open over the middle up the right seam for a 21-yard reception. He had two more reception and was a minor, but timely factor in moving the chains on meaningful drives. Justin Hardy: The rookie hasn't earned many targets against tight man coverage or even tight zone, but his first target came on a slant from the slot against Alterraun Verner. The ball was on-time but Hardy dropped the pass and forced a punt. His caught two crosses against open zones later in this game: a six-yard reception for an 11-yard gain during the second series and then a 23-yard gain on 3rd and 11 later in the contest. Until he can prove he can beat tight coverage, he's not a consistent fantasy factor.

2015 Week 14 vs CAR (5 / 4 / 35 / 0 rec)

White is another player that defenses aren't afraid of and they are alright with giving up targets between the 20s if necessary. White caught a shallow cross as the first read on 3rd and 6 for a short gain well shy of the marker while down 21-0 in the second quarter. Atlanta went for it up the right seam on a fourth-down attempt and White made the play near his back shoulder for the first down under the safety. Ryan then overshot an intermediate cross to White on the second series of the second quarter. Two plays later, Ryan hit White on a short in-cut for 14 yards. With Julio Jones not in the game in the fourth quarter on a fourth-down pass inside the Carolina six, Ryan's pass to White was a yard shy of the goal line. Justin Hardy: The rookie made a one-handed catch on a wide throw on a crossing route to earn a first down during the third series. The only other target he earned was an intermediate cross where he couldn't outrun Luke Kuechly's drop and the linebacker undercut the route for an interception. Until Hardy can demonstrate skill to win against defensive backs on-on-one, his good hands aren't enough for him to become a fantasy option.

2015 Week 15 vs JAX (4 / 3 / 47 / 0 rec)

Atlanta reached midfield with White on an intermediate crossing route on the second play of the game for a 16-yard gain. White also adjusted with Ryan on a scramble, working up the left sideline, but Ryan overthrew the receiver by a step. This play could have gone for a long gain of 30-40 yards, maybe a score. White once again committed holding on a run play in this game. This time it nullified an 11-yard gain at midfield. White's most meaningful play was a slant for 14 in the early fourth quarter, beating rookie corner Nick Marshall easily on a basic release move. White's production remains capped at 3-5 catches that lack fantasy impact.

2015 Week 16 vs CAR (6 / 5 / 67 / 0 rec)

White earned a lot of targets early against Carolina's zone coverage, but not before White dropped a curl route against man where he stumbled through his stem that hindered his ability to reach the ball on the break without a dramatic adjustment that forced White to drop the ball. After that rough start, White and Ryan connected repeatedly on routes where he faced outside shade from corners and open creases in side. The windows weren't always wide open, but White skill has the skill to catch the ball in tight coverage. He earned six on a slant route in tight coverage with near-joint possession with the defender on the same opening drive and then another catch near the left hash for a first down near mid-field. Late, White got into Carolina territory on a skinny post for a first down during the second half and a back-shoulder catch on a dig route in tight coverage. Altanta still needs to address its receiving corps during the offseason, but this year has proven that White can still offer value in the slot against zone coverage.

2015 Week 17 vs NO (4 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

The veteran got open up the right flat, but he was overthrown late in the half and a connection had a favorable shot of becoming a scoring play. White caught a third down rollout to the right for 10 yards to reach the Saints 21 with 1:40 in the half. He also dropped a deep cross up the sideline on 2nd and 8 early in the second half on a perfect throw that also could have resulted in a scoring play. White's age is catching up with him. The multiple ankle injuries have taken away White's abilities to come to sudden stops, maintain his balance during his acceleration phase of route running, and the pinpoint change of direction. These skills made him one of the best route runners in the league who could beat man coverage and bracket coverage at will on timing routes with Matt Ryan. Now White is restricted to zone routes and he's not consistently reaching the ball or catching it when he does.

2014 Week 1 vs NO (7 / 5 / 72 / 1 rec)

: The one thing limiting White this year might be the Falcons' need to spread the field with three, four, and five receivers rather than the three-man game of White, Jones, and Gonzalez forcing safeties to pick its bracketing poison. White looked healthy and reliable from the onset of the game. He caught a quick-hitter in the middle of the field during the second drive and followed that up with a back-shoulder fade against Keenan Lewis for the score on a first and goal inside the Atlanta five to cap a 13-play, 80-yard drive. White was physical, and savvy with his hands to earn the separation on Lewis. He also did a great job of adjusting to a Matt Ryan scramble to get up the left flat for a 39-yard reception that put Atlanta into field goal range with less than 10 seconds in the half. The television crew was concerned that White suffered a head injury because of the way he fell to the ground and bumped the back of his head, but the replay revealed that White was kicked in the back of the knee while falling to the ground and this was the root cause for him being slow to walk off the field and an early exit to the locker room before the half. White also had the presence of mind to call a time out immediately after the catch, which a head injury might have prevented him from doing. White was no worse for wear when the second half began and he had two second-half receptions for 16 yards.

2014 Week 2 vs CIN (8 / 5 / 42 / 0 rec)

White earned some key receptions to extend the few successful drives that Atlanta had against the Bengals. He caught a quick hitch for seven yards on a leaping catch to begin the game; a short gain up the right sideline during the two-minute warning; and a 19-yard gain late in the third quarter on a deep slant of a three-step drop and throw. The final play mentioned in this series of examples is the kind of downfield throw where Ryan and White have the best chance to succeed if the offensive line continues to falter.

2014 Week 4 vs MIN (14 / 4 / 73 / 1 rec)

White scored on a blown coverage where he was left alone in the right seam for a 24-yard catch and run in the first half. After that, White's output was a mixed bag. Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes had a nice game and one of his fine plays included a pass defense where he cut off a hitch to the veteran. Later, White go open on a 3rd and 7 corner route, but the pass placement was a little wide and White dropped the ball after full extension to the target. Ryan led White too far on a quick throw-out in the early second quarter and White then dropped a second straight pass in on a hitch thrown in tight coverage. White's fourth drop of the game came with 1:40 left in the half on a 2nd and 4 crossing route in tight coverage. The receiver's hamstring appears to be an issue for him on deeper routes, too. White was open up the seam, but laboring to maintain position and overthrown with two minutes in the third quarter. He finished the afternoon with a leaping comeback for a first down in the mid-fourth. As long as White hasn't experienced any setbacks with his hamstring, consider this a bad day that still had a decent fantasy outcome.

2014 Week 5 vs NYG (4 / 2 / 26 / 0 rec)

The Falcons receiver should have had a better game. He began with a quick grab at the right sideline for four yards to put Atlanta inside the Giants' red zone - the 700th catch of his career. White later gained 22 yards on a skinny post off a short drop featuring play action - a signature play in Atlanta for the past few years. These two grabs where the only two catches White had for the day. He dropped a slant at the goal line against cornerback Prince Amukamara. The coverage was tight and Ryan placed the ball at White's back shoulder when it appeared the receiver was anticipating the location to arrive in stride. Amukamara has played well all year and White drew the Giants' top corner because Jones was a better draw for the more athletic Dominique Rodgers- Cromartie.

2014 Week 6 vs CHI (6 / 3 / 40 / 0 rec)

The veteran receiver isn't earning the same types of targets he used to see in 2012. The skinny post off play action is fast growing into the target of choice to Julio Jones and White isn't seeing targets on deep outs and comebackers this season. One reason is the Atlanta offensive line that simply cannot supply the amount of time needed for Ryan to make these throws. White did get a first down on a curl on 3rd and 2 in the third series and he late had a 24-yard gain on a quick slant in the middle of the fourth quarter. However, White's overall performance was not productive. He dropped a pass that would have gone for a gain of 20-25 yards because of a helmet-to-helmet hit by defensive back Ryan Mundy that the officials decided not to assess as a penalty. White also nullified a strong gain from Julio Jones on a reverse due to a holding penalty. The only other notable play was a seven-yard gain on a play-action drag route during the third quarter.

2014 Week 7 vs BAL (15 / 9 / 100 / 1 rec)

White had a solid day in garbage time despite a rough start in the first quarter. He dropped a quick hitch thrown a little low on the opening play of the game. Ryan later rushed an out route low and away on 3rd and 3 and White had to make a diving attempt at the sideline and could not come up with the ball. Ryan completed his first pass to White on a 2nd and 2 in the fourth series for a first down on a short out. White later earned a catch for six yards up the seam on a quick throw on 3rd and 2 in the fifth series. In the third quarter, Ryan delivered a pass that was longer than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage when he hit White on an intermediate cross in the third quarter for 23 yards. Then Atlanta used White and Jones on a scissors release (crisscrossing off the line) and White caught the skinny post to convert a third down where Ryan placed the ball over the cornerback. However, the offensive line continued to be an issue and forced Ryan to throw the ball off-target. He placed the ball behind White on an intermediate cross that was nearly intercepted. White built on his numbers in garbage time when the Baltimore defense stopped sitting on routes. White's touchdown was a back shoulder fade in the right corner of the end zone where he out-muscled the defensive back for the score. As long as Atlanta's offensive line remains porous, the Atlanta passing game's down field opportunities will remain limited.

2014 Week 8 vs DET (6 / 5 / 66 / 0 rec)

On the opening drive, the veteran converted a deep dig on 3rd and 8 in a wide open zone for the first down and then earned a first down on an out to the right flat on a 2nd and 1. He was targeted on a play in the end zone but could not come down with it in tight coverage in bounds. As the Falcons' offensive line deteriorated in the second half, White earned fewer opportunities. He earned a first down on a stop route in the third quarter, but Detroit stripped the ball as he fought for additional yardage. Fortunately White recovered his own fumble in the ensuing scrum. In the fourth quarter, White got the ball on a skinny post in the slot, but took a hard hit below the knee during the catch and was slow to get up before walking gingerly to the sideline. Keep an eye on White's health this week as a precautionary measure. His 66 yards on 5 catches is about what you can expect from him when healthy for the rest of the year, because Atlanta's offense doesn't afford Matt Ryan time to throw deep.

2014 Week 10 vs TB (6 / 6 / 72 / 1 rec)

This week was one of White's better efforts in a while. He began the game with a quick catch up the seam for nine yards and followed up with a 10-yard gain in the right flat later in this initial drive of the game. He then gained 21 up the seam off a play-action pass to reach the Buccaneers' 15 and set up a touchdown. Ryan overshot White on a deep seam up the left sideline on a third down that might have put White close to 100 yards on the day. Overall, White remains a short and intermediate option and the timing routes at the sideline where he was once unstoppable are no longer a part of the offense either due to the condition of his ankle or the lack of time the offensive line provides.

2014 Week 11 vs CAR (12 / 8 / 75 / 1 rec)

The veteran had another strong day in the box score, catching a touchdown on a crossing route at the goal line and making a number of quick-hitting plays on slants, crosses, and stop routes against zone defenders. White had multiple catches on third down. The first target of the game was inches shy of a first down and forced a punt, and he dropped another third down pass at the right sideline during Matt Ryan scramble. However, White began to convert multiple third downs during his contest and even set up a field goal with a nice catch with 11 seconds left in the half. The best chance for a big play came on a target to White. He ran a stutter-and-go and earned separation up the left sideline, but the spinning, diving catch on this back-shoulder target bounced off White's hands. This is the first play of high difficulty of this nature that I've seen thrown to White since 2012, and it was a play that he used to make as a matter of routine. When teams are unable to run an expanded offensive game plan with these types of targets, the rust can show.

2014 Week 12 vs CLE (10 / 9 / 96 / 0 rec)

The veteran told the broadcast team that the tweaked hamstring from Week 2 limited him until a couple of weeks ago. The type of targets White is earning in recent weeks is an indication that what he relayed was true. Earlier in the year he was earning a lot of seam routes, stop routes, and crossers. White's first target was a comeback at the right seam that Buster Skrine broke up with a hit. The next target was a 20-yard gain on a third-down dig route where he had to make a diving grab on a throw placed low and away just ahead of the Browns' safety. White also earned 32 yards on an adjustment to the middle zone off a Matt Ryan scramble, which was his first catch of at least 25 yards in length since Week 1. White came close to scoring with a crossing route that he extended to the Cleveland 1, which set up Steven Jackson's fourth quarter plunge. He also bailed out Ryan with a diving catch in the same quarter off a hit to Ryan's chest that bent the quarterback in half. White is seeing more outs and comebacks that were once a staple of the Falcons' precision passing game. This is a good development for both White and Matt Ryan, especially with the offensive line still limiting the vertical game.

2014 Week 14 vs GB (5 / 3 / 42 / 1 rec)

The veteran was noticeably gimpy by the end of this game and it was the type of effort where only a touchdown truly salvaged his output in the box score. White made a diving catch across the middle in tight coverage on third down to get into Packers' territory to begin the game and this was his only catch until the fourth quarter. Ryan targeted White on a looping pass up the right sideline on a third down, organized pick play in the early second quarter, but Levine Toilolo didn't sell the pick enough and the officials called the foul. The pass was also under thrown and nearly intercepted. White scored on a crossing route for his second catch of the night in the mid fourth quarter, a one-yard reception, with Ryan fading away from pressure. Later, White gained close to 20 yards on a slant with less than five minutes in the game.

2014 Week 15 vs PIT (10 / 7 / 58 / 1 rec)

Atlanta's first drive stalled when Ryan was forced to the left and threw the ball across the field on the run and well behind Roddy White inside the Steelers' 25, which forced a punt on this third and eight. White earned four on a hook route from the right flat while Ryan was under pressure. White took a hard hit in the back on the play, but appeared ok. Ryan later found White on a deep dig route under William Gay to reach midfield with 8:00 in the half for nearly 20 yards. White later caught a short out for six yards in the middle third quarter and a short cross for a first down versus interior pressure from a blitz to get inside the 11 of Pittsburgh on third down. He scored on a slant in the back of the end zone in the second half and looked a lot more comfortable with his dinged ankle than the week prior. Expect White to get down field more often next week.

2014 Week 16 vs NO (9 / 6 / 55 / 0 rec)

The veteran had an inconsistent day. He committed a personal foul after a 3rd and 1 near midfield and forced Atlanta to punt when the Falcons set up this drive at midfield after an interception of Drew Brees in the late first quarter. White also got off his game because he got involved in some fights with the Saints players and his concentration seemed shot at times, but the issues were apparent before the confrontations after plays. He dropped a fade inside the Saints five against Terrance Frederick, a Texas A&M prospect from a couple of years ago, who was starting his second game of his career. White put Atlanta in field goal range on 3rd and 22 with a pass to the right flat, earning some yards after the catch in the early second quarter. He also caught an out to get a first down inside Saints territory. Later he dropped an out on 2nd and 1 at the right sideline inside the two-minute warning. He somewhat made up for it with a third-down catch late in the half to reach field goal range He also converted a third down on a jerk route versus a blitz with Ryan delivering under pressure. However, White also got stuffed by Kenny Vaccaro on a short hitch 3rd and 8 late in the game. The deep fade that White dropped would have been a huge difference maker to begin this game and for White's totals.

2014 Week 17 vs CAR (12 / 8 / 104 / 0 rec)

White was the garbage time option in this game despite a drop and fumble in a disastrous third quarter that yielded 14 defensive points from Carolina in two of the next three possessions. White did solid work up the seams and look-ins, and he showed some burst off the line, but the lack of pass protection for Matt Ryan rendered the passing game ineffective at the right time.

2013 Week 1 vs NO (2 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

The Falcons' starter was in and out of the lineup all during the first few series and was limited to two catches in this game. The first was a sideline comeback on a scramble drill where he made an excellent boundary adjustment to make a leaning catch whle dragging his feet in the first half. The second catch was a short flat route where the Saints' zone gave White the shallow area to make the catch and gain a few yards to the Saints' 3. There was a third target, but White broke inside and Ryan threw the ball outside. Overall, White didn't look like anything more than a decoy because he was not releasing off the line with acceleration. His head and shoulder pads remained high and he was not making hard breaks as we are accustomed to seeing from one of the best route technicians in the NFL today. White's issues became so notable to the Saints that the New Orleans cornerbacks were abandoning its coverage of White to help defender shallow routes before the ball was even in the air. Considering that White has missed three-and-a-half weeks of practice and still had to convince the Falcons staff that he could play today is a good indication that White is not near full strength. Fantasy owners can begin to consider White a safe option once he can begin practicing 2-3 days in a row.

2013 Week 2 vs STL (3 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

White looked better in this game, but he still doesn't look like the player who this passing offense leans on when he's healthy. White started the game, but after a couple of plays he was sent to the sideline until the two-minute warning. He caught a five-yard in-cut during the first half's two-minute drill. He then had two catches in the fourth quarter, including another incut for eight yards and a six-yard hook for a first down just inside the two-minute warning. None of these passes were routes in tight coverage and the Rams defense was giving up these short plays. As White indicated on Twitter, until he practices during the week he won't be useful for fantasy owners.

2013 Week 3 vs MIA (4 / 2 / 16 / 0 rec)

White looked better in this game, but only incrementally so. He is still not running routes that make him one of the best receivers in the game: deep outs, deep comebacks, hooks, digs, and slants. He's essentially running crossing routes and sitting down under zone as part of trips and twins sets in contrast to when he's healthy and the single receiver facing man coverage. That said, White was a little quicker and able to stop and adjust to the football in a way he hadn't the past two weeks. He nearly made a diving catch in the third quarter but lost control of the pass as he fell chest-first to the turf. Earlier in the play, he got open on defensive back Nolan Carroll on a crossing route in the back of the end zone, forcing Carroll to apply an arm bar and draw an interference foul. This set up a play action touchdown to rookie tight end Levine Toilolo. Otherwise, White's targets came underneath zone in those bunch sets and until he's practicing daily, he's not ready to perform to his potential.

2013 Week 4 vs NE (9 / 3 / 28 / 0 rec)

The veteran looked a lot better in the first half of this game than he has all year. He was more explosive off the line of scrimmage and even made some nice dips and breaks. He actually did a good job of driving his coverage deep ad working back to the ball on a curl for six yards in the first half. He appeared as if he was almost all the way back, but as the game progressed it became apparent that White is likely multiple weeks away. His most effective plays in this game still weren't catches. At least one of those plays was actually a target, and a deep one at that. White got behind Aqib Talib, who played well all night, and forced the defender to inflict a pass interference foul and put the Falcons inside the Patriots' 30. On the following play, White was even with his coverage up the right sideline that had a shot of being a touchdown reception if White didn't get his legs tangled with the coverage. However, the rest of White's best plays were as a trips receiver with Tony Gonzalez stacked behind him. White would initiate contact with the defender within the first five yards and maintain that contact to allow Gonzalez to work underneath for chain-moving completions. Even so, another positive in this game was that White earned the potential game-winning target on a 4th and 7 crossing route, but Ryan led White a little too far and his diving attempt in tight coverage was dropped.

2013 Week 5 vs NYJ (4 / 4 / 45 / 0 rec)

The Falcons receiver continues to see the routes called for him expand as the week progress. He ran more hooks and comebacks in this game than in previous outings. He also got open on a slant route. However, White's breaks continue to lack the control and sudden change of direction that have been the hallmark of his game for years. The Falcons are compensating for White's slow recovery by featuring Tony Gonzalez as the backside receiver opposite trips sets and using him on some of these sideline routes. The result is reliable yardage, but the tight end lacks the speed to run routes of the same depth as quickly as a fully healthy White can. The veteran receiver fumbled the ball twice in this game. One of those plays was the aforementioned slant where he made the catch, had the ball knocked loose, and fortunately watched Julio Jones save the day by scooping the ball from the turf and gaining another 15 yards. White then had the ball knocked loose on a quick-breaking route underneath the defense, but Atlanta also recovered this late-half reception. White suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter and missed the final frame. Stay tuned for reports on its severity.

2013 Week 10 vs SEA (4 / 1 / 20 / 0 rec)

White began the game with an intermediate cross from the slot on a dig route against zone for 20 yards. Richard Sherman and the Seahawks' pass rush shut down White and the Falcons' passing game most of the day, limiting Matt Ryan to short routes. Even so, White demonstrated a lot more confidence with his burst off the line of scrimmage and his general movement as a route runner. He was more fluid and didn't appear limited. The only things that held back Whtie as his conditioning - something his coaches explained would be the case before the game - Richard Sherman's coverage, and the Seahawks' pass rush.

2013 Week 11 vs TB (9 / 3 / 36 / 1 rec)

White had an up and down day, but he still doesn't look the same despite showing signs of getting a little closer each week. He caught a 2nd and 10 pass in the first half where he fought for extra yardage near the first down marker and voluntarily fumbled the football when two different defenders were pulling White's legs in opposite directions like a wishbone. Tampa recovered and it ended a promising drive. White did get behind Johnathan Banks and DaShon Goldson on a deep cross but Matt Ryan overshot the throw. In the second half, White dropped a 3rd-and-one throw over the middle that was low and away; a ball White often catches but he let bounce of hits mitts and he seemed a half-step slow. He was also a half-step slow on a comeback just at the edge of the boundary where Ryan threw to a spot. White also dropped a 4th-and-one pass over the middle after getting hit by the DB. White might re-emerge as a viable fantasy threat during the fantasy playoffs if he continues to get healthy but the fact he still appeared a half-step slow and worried about his legs, is a telling sign not to count on it.

2013 Week 12 vs NO (2 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

His first catch was a 10-yard gain on a crossing route on 3rd and 17 in the second series for the Falcons' offense that set up Atlanta's first field goal. His next catch came in the fourth quarter for a 14-yard gain on a crossing route where he slipped behind Keenan Lewis on 3rd and 10 to get Atlanta outside its own 20 with 6:00 in the game. Otherwise, the cornerback Lewis limited White in this contest. The way the Falcons are using White demonstrates that the receiver still lacks the explosiveness and stability of movement to be the precision, hard-cutting, move-the-chains force he has ben in Atlanta for years.

2013 Week 13 vs BUF (14 / 10 / 143 / 0 rec)

White isn't all the way back, but he played well enough to earn targets on routes that I haven't seen him run all season. This includes back-shoulder fades, deep outs, deep digs, and deep comebacks that require speed cuts or strong acceleration. White was good enough to threaten the deep-intermediate zone of the Bills defense and win single coverage with athletic cornerbacks Leodis McKelvin and Stephon Gilmore. White almost won a back-shoulder fade up the right sideline against McKelvin in the first half, but he turned a little late to the ball and only got a hand on it. However, White beat McKelvin on the next play with a double move up the right sideline for a 30-yard gain. He also beat Gilmore on a deep cross in the third quarter and made some tough catches on tight-window throws over the middle to get the Falcons into short down and distance situations that Atlanta had a much easier time converting thanks to White forcing the Bills to respect his play and not double-team Tony Gonzalez or anticipate the type of routes that Harry Douglas runs beyond the short zone because White couldn't make plays for most of the season beyond the short zone as a wide-open check-down.

2013 Week 14 vs GB (10 / 8 / 74 / 0 rec)

The Falcons re-installed some short passes off play action that rely on the receiver to get open fast and make plays in tight coverage. White began the day earning a first down on a quick play action throw as the backside receiver. He also got open on a variety of hooks, slants, and crossing routes. White also executed a nice swim move over Sam Shields on a deep go route up the left sideline that Matt Ryan overthrew in the first half. This play had a shot to be a touchdown if the timing was better. White's best catch was a 3rd and 9 slant at the Packers' two in the first half where White had to make the play against Sam Shields in tight coverage. This play set up a two-yard touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez. White's biggest gain was a 31-yard corner route on the second pass of the final series in the waning seconds of the game. The fact that Atlanta is returning to some of White's bread and butter plays is a good sign even if the elements limited this week's upside in the passing game.

2013 Week 15 vs WAS (7 / 5 / 53 / 0 rec)

White's best gain of the day was a 19-yard catch on an out past midfield during the first drive of the game. Otherwise he was used on hitches and crossing routes. He converted a couple of first-down targets, but his most effective contribution to Atlanta overall was lining beside Tony Gonzalez in trips sets and forcing the opposing defense to choose one to double and give Matt Ryan an easy underneath option with the other. White is much healthier than he was to start the season, but he won't be the same player until 2014.

2013 Week 16 vs SF (15 / 12 / 141 / 1 rec)

White still isn't all the way back, but he's probably 85-90 percent based on what he did against the 49ers. It should be noted that a lot of White's coverage was against off man or zone looks where he was able to make hard breaks under or between the zone. However, White's acceleration and cutting was markedly better than it has been up to last week where it was looking much improved but not quite this good. White ran a number of comebacks, outs, digs, and hitches with strong acceleration off the line and burst and control with his breaks. His 12 catches for 141 yards included a 39-yard post route where he made a beautiful adjustment late in the route to earn more cushion between safeties to make the catch. The placement of the throw was Matt Ryan's doing, but the adjustment was equally good and made the game close in the fourth quarter. In fact, the reason this game was so close was White converting multiple third downs in the short and intermediate range of the field on in-cuts, hitches, comebacks, outs, and digs. This is the Roddy White that most fantasy owners expected to begin the year. White will be an undervalued commodity in 2014 among those who have not watched his late season play.

2013 Week 17 vs CAR (14 / 8 / 91 / 1 rec)

Physically, White continues to look better every week since recovering from his high ankle sprain. He was open for most of the day against zone coverage and Atlanta continued to incorporate hard-breaking perimeter timing routes. However, White had four drops in this game and three of them were plays where he made the initial catch but failed to secure the ball because he looked away from the pass to locate the zone defender over top. White's first drop was a pass over the middle where he had to reach away from his body on a pass high and behind his momentum on a bad throw. Even on this play, the ball slipped through his hands. White continued to make plays in this game, including a 39-yard post pattern for a score. He beat Quentin Mikell by two steps and caught the ball over his inside shoulder in stride on this second-half play. A healthy White paired with a healthy Julio Jones should make both receivers good fantasy starters like they were in 2012.

2012 Week 1 vs KC (8 / 6 / 87 / 0 rec)

White started the game off well but kind of disappeared later. He ran a precise route on a deep hitch for a 15 yard gain for his first catch of the game. His second catch was even more impressive showing great body control to haul in a 16 yard out and stay in bounds. He had two drops later in the game, something he struggled with last season, but still finished with a solid game. It was telling that the Chiefs kept their best corner on Jones and he still had a better day. The torch has been passed in Atlanta, but White is still a very skilled receiver in a prolific offense.

2012 Week 2 vs DEN (11 / 8 / 102 / 1 rec)

Roddy White looked like the receiver of two years ago in this game as he and Matt Ryan showed off their excellent understanding of each other. White's first target was a difficult reception on a curl route that Ryan threw at his feet. The pass wasn't necessarily bad, because Ryan was making sure not to give the defender on his back any chance of making a play on the football, but it made for a very difficult catch for White that he couldn't coral. White's first catch was an underneath crossing route. He caught the ball four yards down the field before making two defenders miss and diving forward for nine yards. He followed that up with a very difficult pass dragging his toes as he fell out of bounds after running across the formation for a first down. A pair of 21 yard receptions came off of play action as White was wide open on a slant and deep crossing route. On both plays he benefited from blown coverage. Another blown coverage allowed White to pick up his touchdown reception as Tracy Porter froze at the snap when White ran away from him in the endzone. White had plenty of time to set his feet and catch the football with no defender near him by the pylon.

2012 Week 3 vs SD (8 / 5 / 55 / 0 rec)

White started off hot, making a leaping grab along the sideline and doing a nice job of keeping the feet inbounds before getting pushed out. He later showed fantastic hands over the middle on a deep slant. The ball was put up high, and White went into traffic to snag it out of the air. In other words, it was typical Roddy White. The stats appear to be minimal, but he was close to so much more. He appeared to have hauled in a 41-yard touchdown late in the first quarter after getting behind the last defender. However, officials ruled that White had pushed off and was whistled for offensive interference. That, along with a negated 9-yard reception earlier in the quarter, turned what could have been a 105-yard, 1 touchdown game into a 55-yard, 0 touchdown game.

2012 Week 4 vs CAR (12 / 8 / 169 / 2 rec)

Roddy White drove this passing offense for the entire game, it seemed. White was a consistent target all over the field for Matt Ryan, catching everything that his quarterback threw at him apart from one red zone pass that was broken up. The Falcons seemed to target White each time he was matched up against rookie CB Josh Norman, which was often. While Julio Jones drew the attention of CB Chris Gamble, White profited with yards and catches. Ryan and White had excellent rhythm and timing throughout the game, including on the crucial 50+ yard pass down the left sideline with mere seconds to go that set Atlanta up for a late field goal. White showed tremendous ball skills to attack the football in front of the CB. White got into the end zone twice; the first was a well-executed post route off play action. White beat the CB with an outside shake, then used his speed to take the top off the defense. A perfectly lofted pass landed right in his hands. The second score was an equally beautiful pass from Ryan, who dropped the football in over the trailing LB in coverage and in front of the S. White was lined up in the slot on this red zone play, converting it for a 17-yard touchdown. When White wasn't causing problems downfield, he was a menace in the short to intermediate range of the field for the Panthers. It was a brilliant display from the veteran receiver.

2012 Week 5 vs WAS (6 / 4 / 68 / 0 rec)

After exploding against the Panthers for one hundred and sixty-nine yards on eight catches in Week Four, White had a rather pedestrian day at FedEx Field, totally sixty-eight receiving yards on four catches. Still, on only six targets, White averaged seventeen yards per catch, and every one of the veteran's receptions got the Falcons a first down. Interestingly enough, one of receptions came on a swing pass in which White started out in the Falcons' backfield. Ryan overthrew White badly on a pass up the seam that, against the Redskins, may have resulted in significant yards after the catch and possibly a touchdown. White is no longer Matt Ryan's primary option in the passing game, but he remains an integral part of Atlanta's high octane offense.

2012 Week 6 vs OAK (8 / 6 / 72 / 1 rec)

Roddy White had a solid day of 6 receptions, 72 yards and 1 touchdown. Interestingly, this was the Falcons lone offensive touchdown, as the other was a defensive interception return. Targeted 9 times on the night, White was wide open on several plays, a product of a battered Raiders secondary. There were several times he had a safety on him without a cornerback, which should have been exploited on almost every play that happened. White did have a 31 yard gainer negated by a penalty, a play which he was as open as a wide receiver in the NFL can be. Otherwise, most of the day was standard Roddy White stuff, with shorter and intermediate routes for the most part.

2012 Week 8 vs PHI (4 / 3 / 38 / 0 rec)

With the Falcons content to run the ball in the inclement Philadelphia weather, White had a quiet Week 8. Catching three passes for thirty-eight yards, White's longest reception of the day came on a fourteen yard catch-and-run.

2012 Week 9 vs DAL (10 / 7 / 118 / 0 rec)

White had a sensational game against the Cowboys on Sunday night. Despite the Cowboys rolling a safety to his side on most passing downs, White finished the day with seven receptions on ten targets as quarterback Matt Ryan locked in on him on a number of crucial downs. White primarily ran go routes down the sideline or quick-ins and drag routes across the middle of the field. Despite being double-covered the Dallas defense had little answer for White. His route running and acceleration made him a difficult matchup all game long. His best catch came on 20 yard gain on a quick go-route to the middle of the field. On the play, White received the pass and used his speed to cut through the defense before being tackled by Gerald Sensabaugh. White also drew a defensive holding penalty on deep pass in Dallas territory that resulted in a first down. He also recovered a Matt Ryan fumble when Ryan was sacked in the second quarter. White set the Falcons career receptions mark on a 26 yard reception in the third quarter. As was a running theme, the play came on a deep pass completed against rookie Morris Claiborne.

2012 Week 10 vs NO (13 / 7 / 114 / 0 rec)

With Julio Jones spending most of the game against the Saints in the locker room, Matt Ryan absolutely peppered Roddy White with targets. The veteran receiver finished with a whopping 13 targets, catching seven of them for one hundred and fourteen yards through the air. White made his presence felt very early in the game, hauling in a forty-nine yard pass from Ryan on a stutter-and-go route. Saints safety Roman Harper managed to run White out of bounds at the New Orleans one yard line, preventing White from scoring his first touchdown in about a month. While he contributed another big play of twenty-six yards through the air - which set up Tony Gonzalez's first touchdown catch of the day -most of White's receptions came on short and intermediate routes underneath, as the Falcons chipped away at a porous Saints secondary. White was the intended end zone target on a Matt Ryan pass that, had he caught it, would have put the Falcons up with under two minutes to go, but Saints cornerback Jabari Greer batted the pass away. Regardless of play calling, though, Matt Ryan seems unafraid to chuck it deep White's way, which bodes well for more big games down the stretch.

2012 Week 11 vs ARI (13 / 8 / 123 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was easily the most involved WR for the Falcons on Sunday and he produced at a high level even with all the turnovers that QB Ryan struggled with. White caught a wide variety of routes, most that were designed to get the ball to him in open space and allow him to get yards after the catch. White did drop a ball in the first series however, that ended up being tipped and picked off as a result. White had a shot at a big touchdown pass early aswell but caught the ball out of bounds. White was an excellent chain mover for Ryan who always looked to be open. He made terrific catches on the sideline, with a lot of yards after catch. White is more than just a possession WR as he is also a deep threat that scares defenses. White got downfield on a seam route also and picked up a first down to help seal the game late. White was frequently the #1 read for QB Ryan in this offense and will almost always get the bulk of the targets. WR Jones is the big explosive playmaker but White gets more catches/targets. White is also a good redzone threat but this was not apparent on Sunday.

2012 Week 12 vs TB (7 / 5 / 57 / 0 rec)

White's first reception came underneath across the middle as Ryan checked down to him in front of a defender. A curl route on second and 10 went for just five yards, but White had caught it after eight yards and lost yardage trying to beat defenders by going backwards. When the Falcons spread the field with five receivers, White was left alone in single coverage on the outside. He immediately came free on a slant route inside before turning back outside and running down the left sideline for a big gain. White's next reception came in the fourth quarter when he caught a quick curl route underneath for six yards. With the Falcons trying to close the game out, they faced a third and four at midfield with just over two minutes to go. Ryan looked to White, who comfortably caught a slant route for the first down.

2012 Week 13 vs NO (7 / 1 / 20 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was playing. The problem? While he was playing, Jabari Greer was playing the football. Towards the end of the third quarter, White caught his first pass on an out route as the Falcons rolled the pocket to his side of the field. White had to fight very hard to come free against Greer, before sliding to catch the football near the goalline.

2012 Week 14 vs CAR (11 / 9 / 117 / 1 rec)

Roddy White really started to find a rhythm with Matt Ryan at the beginning of the second half as the Falcons went into a two-minute drill. Running crisp routes and reading the leverage of the CB in coverage, White racked up the catches. Ryan found him for a touchdown in the second half as he ran away from a defender in the red zone on a crossing pattern. He almost converted the ensuing two-point attempt, but he failed to maintain control throughout the action. Atlanta's passing attack was stymied for a good portion of this game by Carolina's coverage and pass rush. White did not register a catch in the first half.

2012 Week 15 vs NYG (5 / 2 / 16 / 0 rec)

Roddy White decided to play yesterday despite his injury that kept him out during the week. Lucky for him and Atlanta, WR White was not needed to beat the Giants and he was rarely involved on the field. QB Ryan looked to Jones/Gonzalez/Douglas instead of White on Sunday, especially when the game became so lopsided on the scoreboard. White was likely preserved somewhat as he was not 100% health wise and the Giants put forward a feeble effort. White was able to pick up a first down on a curl route to move the chains and again on a slant over the middle. White had a chance at a bomb down the field from Ryan but the Giants DB made an excellent pass break up at the last moment to deny the big play.

2012 Week 16 vs DET (10 / 8 / 153 / 2 rec)

Roddy White turned in his best performance of the season. During the first half, White caught all four of his targets for 106 yards and two touchdowns. During the first quarter, Matt Ryan sold a play action fake and White beat Chris Houston down the right sideline for a 44-yard touchdown. Ryan recognized single coverage, Houston was caught staring at the ball rather than running with White, and White easily beat him for the score. During his team's next drive, Ryan went back to White, but White's vision and ability to run after the catch paced the touchdown. Ryan sold a fake toss to the right and threw the ball across his body to White. Tony Gonzalez's block sprung White as he navigated into the open field and raced in for the 39-yard touchdown. During the second half, White caught four additional passes for 47 yards. White continued to feast on man coverage as he worked the middle of the field. Given Julio Jones' presence, Detroit struggled to stop White from running freely across the middle. During the fourth quarter, White ran a deep post route and collected a 15-yard gain. However, he was tackled at the 1-yard line and fell inches short of his third touchdown grab.

2012 Week 17 vs TB (10 / 5 / 42 / 0 rec)

After one of White's best games in Week 16 (153 yards, two touchdowns), he was rather unimpressive in a great matchup against Tampa Bay's beatable secondary. Despite 10 targets, White had just 42 yards without a significant contribution to the passing game. Matt Ryan did him no favors by leading him into a huge hit on a crossing route and misfiring with poor accuracy on at least two occasions. White did not seem himself on deep targets as he failed to locate the ball in the air, one of his strengths during his career. White made just one reception outside of quick-hitting plays, a deep in-cut down the middle. Both White and Julio Jones struggled to find any chemistry with Ryan all day. For a team that has struggled mightily in previous post-seasons, this was not a good final tune-up for their big game in two weeks following a bye week.

2012 Week 19 vs SEA (10 / 5 / 76 / 1 rec)

White paced Falcons receivers in receiving yards with seventy-six. Most of quarterback Matt Ryan's pass completions to White were of the short-to-intermediate variety, but the two did connect in the second quarter for a forty-seven yard touchdown. White ran a deep post-in route, beating cornerback Richard Sherman and linebacker Kam Chancellor in coverage, and extended his arms to reel in a perfectly thrown deep ball from Matt Ryan. Falling forward, White completed the catch for the score. White missed another opportunity to put six on the scoreboard, on the Falcons' first drive of the game. He ran a stutter-and-go route in an attempt to shake off Richard Sherman, and followed that move up with a crossing route, but Sherman shadowed White the entire way, and batted away Ryan's pass to White in the end zone. White was the intended receiver on Ryan's second interception against the Seahawks. While he ran a go route down the left side of the field, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas read Ryan in the pocket. Watching Ryan eye White - who was already covered - Thomas followed Ryan's pass and got over top of Garcon to intercept the ball. White had practically no shot of catching the underthrown pass. White tied Julio Jones for the Falcons' target lead with ten, and figures to see plenty of work when the Falcons host San Francisco in the franchise's first home conference championship.

2012 Week 20 vs SF (0 / 7 / 100 / 0 rec)

While White took a backseat to Julio Jones with the big plays, he had a very solid game in his own right against San Francisco. White was the possession receiver as always, making the key receptions against single coverage. Like the rest of the Falcons' offense, White struggled in the second half. After 91 yards in the first 30 minutes, White had just a single reception in the second half. He saw a deep target, a likely touchdown, but it was broken up by the defensive back in tight coverage on the play. On what was essentially Atlanta's last chance to win the game, a fourth down play in the red zone, White was well-covered and could not haul in a short crossing route target. With Michael Turner fading in 2012 and Tony Gonzalez possibly not returning in 2013, White and Julio Jones could be even bigger parts of the offense in 2013.

2011 Week 1 vs CHI (13 / 8 / 61 / 0 rec)

Roddy White got a lot of looks in this game but came away with modest production considering he got 8 catches. The Bears played a very safe defense that kept all threats in front of them and prevented the big play from ever happening. White caught a nice slant over the middle that was highly contested and was a reliable safety net for Ryan. White's passes mostly came on short routes however and he often had little or no running room after the catch to create anything. White displayed his great concentration and reactions again as he fought for the ball after double catching it between two defenders. White could just not get any big plays against the smothering Bears defense and will have better days ahead as the offensive line struggled to give Ryan enough time.

2011 Week 2 vs PHI (4 / 3 / 23 / 1 rec)

Roddy played 2nd fiddle to Tony Gonzalez in week 2 thanks in large part to Matt Ryan being under duress and the stout Eagles cornerbacks. Early in the game White got off for a couple of short catches including a 2yd TD catch over the middle in the back of the end zone. On the catch White outmuscled Kurt Coleman while maintaining his balance and tapping his toes in bounds. Despite a rather quiet week, White remains an elite producer for us at WR...don't be alarmed.

2011 Week 3 vs TB (17 / 9 / 140 / 0 rec)

Was largely taken out of the game by the Bucs defense until the 2nd half and then into the 4th quarter where he eventually caught a lot of his passes and was able to make a good showing for his owners. Make no mistake though, the Falcons offense is not fluid right now and the lack of a strong pass protection is hurting both Matt Ryan and his wide receivers from achieving what they want to do. On Atlanta's last drive of the game White started to become a one man wrecking crew and the first catch of that drive he dragged a Bucs defender with him an extra 5 yards before he was muscled out of bounds. The Bucs simply were not going to allow White to beat them deep and they made Roddy work a lot of under neath routes. The poor play of the Atlanta offensive tackles is hurting the down field passing game as Matt Ryan does not have the time to set up the deep ball with the speed rushers bearing down on him. White didn't do his team any favors when he dropped what could have been a go-ahead TD in the fourth quarter as he is prone to do sometimes.

2011 Week 4 vs SEA (11 / 6 / 78 / 0 rec)

White was hampered by a thigh injury all week, but was played as expected. By the numbers, he took a backseat to Julio Jones (who had 17 targets to White's 11), but was a couple of bad bounces away from 100 yard game and score himself. White nearly scored on a catch and run over the middle early in the game, but was brought down inside the five. Then he caught another that took him out of bounds at the 2 yard line. For much of the game, Jones was the story, but White wasn't forgotten. With the Falcons clinging to a narrow lead in the final quarter, Ryan looked his way again. First he made a bad drop, and followed that one up with what looked like a superstar catch on the sideline -- running at close to full speed, it appeared that White somehow managed to touch both feet inside the line before going out of bounds - but it was ruled incomplete.

2011 Week 5 vs GB (9 / 6 / 50 / 1 rec)

White was playing a little bit gimpy, and it showed, as he rarely got the ball downfield, being blanketed by the Packers. White was phenomenal in the short passing game, breaking open on a criss-cross play for an easy early touchdown. Later on, he took a short pass, faked out Desmond Bishop and got a first down. His 50 yards were all on short passes that were the result of great coordination between him and Ryan. But White had a crucial pass go right through his hands and into the arms of Jarrett Bush who basically ended the game with the INT late in the 4th.

2011 Week 6 vs CAR (5 / 2 / 21 / 0 rec)

Roddy White could have had a bigger day had he not been interfered with on a deep pass down the seam. On the play, White outran the safety in coverage and had his arms out, awaiting the football. White drew the penalty, but it could have been a 40 yard touchdown catch. White drew another interference penalty later on a deep route down the right sideline. Do not be discouraged by his quiet day; it could have been a two-score, 100+ yard game had things fallen right for him and this passing game.

2011 Week 7 vs DET (10 / 5 / 52 / 1 rec)

Roddy White had a solid day in a game where the Falcons had the lead for most of the game and leaned heavy on the run which took away some production from this passing game but enabled the Falcons to leave with a win. White is a big time chain mover for his team and QB Ryan looks for him to make a play on third down when the team needs a conversion as he did in this game. White showed nice speed as he gained huge separation from his DB and hauled in a nice fade pattern from Ryan for his touchdown as he just managed to grab enough off the ball placed in front of him. He was open again deep down field but Ryan was not able to find him this time which prevented a huge day for White.

2011 Week 9 vs IND (9 / 4 / 76 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was pretty much upstaged by his WR teammate but still managed to produce a respectable stat line. Jones has more talent and speed but White is still the better route runner and savvy veteran who can beat a defense deep also. He managed to haul in a great pass downfield on a PA pass that even fooled the Fox camera man. White also had to elevate really high on a pass over middle from Ryan and made it look routine as he still has a lot of athletic ability. White will compete for catches from Jones but it's likely both will get satisfactory production and it's tough to know each week who will be more productive.

2011 Week 10 vs NO (7 / 4 / 62 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was quiet for most of this game as he was drawing just as many penalties as making catches for his team. He had two nice medium slant patterns over the middle for big gains as Ryan used PA well to uncover his WR. White was responsible for the INT however as he failed to secure the catch over the middle and the pass fell behind him and into the hands of a Saints defender. White then disappeared for some of this game as Ryan leaned heavily on TE Gonzalez and WR Douglas but came up again in the 4th quarter. White's great chemistry showed with Ryan as he was the target on a crucial 4th down player to keep the game alive but was simply outshone by WR Douglas on this day.

2011 Week 11 vs TEN (14 / 7 / 147 / 0 rec)

With Julio Jones out of the game, Roddy White had an excellent performance on the Atlanta turf. The Titans changed from zone to man coverage on most every play but it didn't seem to phase the Falcons' passing game. White ran a number of deep routes but was most consistently effective on crossing patterns and quick slants. He also ran a number of out patterns on running plays in an apparent effort to get the cornerback and safety on his side away from the middle of the field. White's best catch came on a 43 yard gain down the right sideline. On the play, White took off from the line of scrimmage cutting slightly outside before streaking up the field. Quarterback Matt Ryan threw a fantastic pass between two defenders to hit White in stride for a huge gain.

2011 Week 12 vs MIN (13 / 10 / 120 / 1 rec)

Roddy White had the kind of game that makes people remember him and forget about rookie Jones, at least on Sunday. White was dominant against any DB that was put on him or defense that was played and a lot of it was due to the amazing Chemistry that exists between White and his QB Ryan. White was the target on many play action passes that resulted in short passes but allowed for big yards to be had after the catch. QB Ryan almost found White deep down the field for a big touchdown pass but it was slightly overthrown. White was a great chain mover, especially on third down as he provided a great outlet for Ryan to throw to and got open at ease many times against the Vikings defense. White looked terrific as he leapt up for his touchdown catch and did a great job with his feet to keep them in bounds for the score. White was wide open when Ryan was able to buy time for his WR and found him downfield late in the game to set up another ATL score. He had a shot at a 2nd touchdown but a great pass break up from the DB led to an incompletion. White showed his amazing hands and route running that can still take over games prove he has what it takes to keep the focus of the offense back on him.

2011 Week 13 vs HOU (15 / 4 / 51 / 1 rec)

White continues to be an excellent complement to Julio Jones (and Jones to him) as both receivers are excellent deep route runners with good moves at the line of scrimmage. While White was more-heavily targeted in years past, he remains a featured part of the Falcons passing game and is looked to constantly by Matt Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan's erratic day often manifested itself on passes to White. On at least three occasions, White was targeted and was open but the ball was woefully off-target. Ryan did make up for that in part later in day when he found a wide open White in the left corner of the end zone without a Houston player in site. White's touchdown were the Falcons' only touchdown of the day.

2011 Week 14 vs CAR (11 / 7 / 84 / 1 rec)

Roddy White took over this game on the Falcons first possession, catching four passes for 33 yards and a score. White took advantage of some lax coverage by the Panthers and tapped both feet in the back of the end zone for a score. White was money for the Falcons on third down, coming up with key receptions throughout the game. The Falcons continued to mix up their looks offensively with some stacked alignments and motion, allowing White a free release. White made a very impressive catch to essentially end the game in the fourth quarter, going low and keeping the pass from hitting the deck. White's overall game is a treat to watch and he will be a fantasy WR#1 for the foreseeable future.

2011 Week 15 vs JAX (16 / 10 / 135 / 2 rec)

White had a great night against the depleted Jaguars secondary, while never really going down field all White's yardage came from his great route running and chemistry with Matt Ryan. No one on the defense could match up with the physical receiver and when they did manage to cover White his quarterback would put the ball only where he could catch it. Believe it or not White could've had an even better game, narrowly missing a 20-yard touchdown because of a critical stumble mid route throwing off the timing of the pass. White didn't have a drop tonight, caught balls thrown to him cleanly looked relaxed and having fun.

2011 Week 16 vs NO (16 / 11 / 127 / 0 rec)

Another night at the office for the physical possession receiver, White is Ryan's first read and usually his last as well. White and Ryan have such great chemistry both knowing exactly where the other will be, the physical receiver bailed out his quarterback numerous times making sliding catches almost look routine. White did manage to get behind the defense on a couple occasions one time the ball was over-thrown and the other ball was thrown late and under-thrown thus resulting in a longer gain not an explosive scoring play. Matt Ryan needs to work in the off season at his deep passing accuracy which would help open things up for White underneath and make the defense respect his under utilized ability of getting open deep as well. Ryan's lack of throwing a good deep ball was evident when the quarterback hung White out to dry because of a highly thrown ball to the open receiver allowing him to take a tremendously hard shot from Malcolm Jenkins.

2011 Week 17 vs TB (9 / 4 / 69 / 0 rec)

It was 21-0 in the 1st quarter and no long after that the Falcons opened up a 42-0 1st half lead without trying too hard so his targets were going to be limited once Atlanta was ahead. he made some nice moves with the ball and had a couple nice grabs but the game was so out of hand it was pointless to keep throwing the football.

2011 Week 18 vs NYG (12 / 5 / 52 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was targeted early and often by his quarterback but suffered due to a lack of consistent protection for his QB. White showed reliable hands and made some impressive catches, but never truly threatened the Giants secondary. White failed to work back to his QB on one pass in particular, allowing the DB to break on the football and break up the pass. White is an elite option for Matt Ryan to rely on, but without good pass protection he is hard to involve in the game.

2010 Week 1 vs PIT (23 / 13 / 111 / 0 rec)

Until the play that won the game, White was the offensive star of an otherwise slow and low-scoring contest. The 23 (!) targets he received is NOT a typo. White had so many targets and this team has so few other options at the position that he's the only WR worth recapping. This was like a game of Madden where someone finds one play to one player that continually works and goes to that well as often as they can. White was constantly open, and Ryan was constantly finding him. As mentioned above, the Steelers didn't blanket him, didn't double team him very often, and didn't even put their best cornerback (Ike Taylor) on him - opting to let Bryant McFadden guard him instead. This was similar to the treatment that the pre-Pau Gasol LA Lakers would get when teams would let Kobe Bryant get his 35 points and strive to shut down the other four players on the court. When the other pass-catching WR options are Harry Douglas and Eric Weems, this type of defense, while not recommended, can obviously work. White averaged less than 10 yards per catch, which might concern the average box score reader because it would appear that the Falcons didn't try to attack deep with him. This should not be a sign of things to come, though, as the Steelers pass rush simply wouldn't allow Ryan to hold on to the ball long enough to get White deep. While the outlook for White to have a monster year looks good, don't look for it to be 23 targets type of "monster." Not many other teams will take their chances and let him have this much of an impact on the game like the Steelers did. Despite both leagues' insistence that offenses reign supreme, even the best players at their position can be schemed against in the NFL.

2010 Week 2 vs ARI (12 / 7 / 78 / 1 rec)

The Ryan-White combo is clicking at full steam.  After an insane number of targets in week 1, the targets came down a bit for White in week 2, although he made up for it with his first TD of the year.  But as with Ryan, his targets and receptions decreased because the game was over at the half, and the Falcons rarely passed in the 2nd half.  White is a high end number 1 WR that right now is only challenged by Andre Johnson and Miles Austin in the race for number 1.  I do expect teams to begin to try and gameplan for White a little more heavily, based on the heavy number of targets he's been receiving, but the Falcons do a great job of getting him the ball week after week.

2010 Week 3 vs NO (6 / 5 / 69 / 1 rec)

Saints cornerback Jabari Greer did an excellent job covering White for most of the day, effectively taking him out of the game until the 4th quarter. White had Malcolm Jenkins to thank for his 22-yard touchdown catch as the Saints cornerback failed to assist Greer and cover the deep throw on his side of the field. White also pulled in and retained possession on a 24-yard catch in the fourth quarter despite being blanketed by Greer throughout the route and getting labeled by Jenkins after the reception. It says a lot about White's skill set as a receiver that he could have such a respectable performance despite essentially being locked down the entire game. One of the best receivers in the game, hands down.

2010 Week 4 vs SF (9 / 7 / 104 / 0 rec)

Roddy White's first involvement in this game came on a brilliant 20 yard catch down the seam where Ryan had to trust White to make the grab due to the immense pressure Ryan was under at the time. White was held down for most of the game, but came up big in the fourth quarter. White's most important play was chasing down CB Nate Clements after Matt Ryan threw an interception and stripping the ball away. The Falcons recovered it, and had they not; the 49ers would have won this game. His best catch of the night was also saved for clutch time, as he made a magnificent catch over his left shoulder going out of bounds, tapping his toes in and securing the ball all in one, fluid motion. That play got the Falcons into field goal range and was a key play in their win. Ryan couldn't get the ball to White for most of the game as he was well covered, but in the fourth quarter when the Falcons needed to move the ball quickly, White got the call.

2010 Week 5 vs CLE (8 / 5 / 101 / 1 rec)

Roddy White got so open at times that you have to wonder if Cleveland just forgot to account for him in coverage. White got behind Sheldon Brown on his play action fake long TD catch, and on three of his other four catches there was not a defender within five yards of him. Of course, on all of those catches, Matt Ryan had plenty of time to survey the field and wait for something to come open, but just a few lapses by the Browns secondary was all it took for White to have a very nice fantasy day.

2010 Week 6 vs PHI (11 / 6 / 83 / 0 rec)

Atlanta's top wide receiver had 11 targets against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6, good enough to tie for the team lead (with Michael Jenkins) in chances. White converted six of them for 83 total yards but only his final catch late in the contest went for over 20 yards as the Eagles kept White in check for most of the game. Philadelphia covered White well with CB Asante Samuel and even double coverage at times, forcing QB Matt Ryan to look elsewhere.

2010 Week 7 vs CIN (11 / 11 / 201 / 2 rec)

Roddy White is the best receiver that people don't talk about enough. White put on a show for the fans on Sunday, making every sort of catch that a wide receiver should make. He was a human highlight reel throughout. White's ridiculously impressive day started with a gain of 46 on a simple shallow cross. White made a circus catch along the sideline for 23 yards, and even CB Adam Jones, who he beat on the play, couldn't help but smile at the rare athleticism that White showed. His touchdown on the deep crossing route was a thing of beauty as he showed his amazing speed to get away from the defender. Although he double caught the pass, he made the play in spectacular fashion. You just can't say enough for how good a player Roddy White is.

2010 Week 9 vs TB (6 / 4 / 49 / 0 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Roddy White was targeted six times and finished with four receptions for 49 yards, and added a three yard rush. White owners received a little scare when he left the game with a knee injury, but he was able to return to the game and play it out, but owners should keep an eye on any news regarding White this week.

2010 Week 10 vs BAL (17 / 12 / 138 / 2 rec)

Roddy White was sensational against the Ravens in catching two touchdowns and making a number of amazing catches. White also had the game winning touchdown on a play where he appeared to push down the Ravens defender, leaving him wide open for the long score. His other touchdown came on a pass to the right side of the endzone that he caught falling out of bounds for the Falcons second touchdown of the game. Despite being double-covered most of the game, Roddy White was able to be a game changer and helped Matt Ryan have his best game as a professional quarterback to date.

2010 Week 11 vs STL (11 / 9 / 83 / 0 rec)

White is a PPR dream receiver this season, as Matt Ryan has focused on him all year long. This game was no different as White worked the short passing game and Ryan hit him 9 times. White wasn't able to break free for any long gains or TD's, but his ability to move the chains show why he is the total package at WR. So far this year, he really hasn't had a poor game, and that is a testament to both White's ability to get open and Ryan's ability to find him and get him the ball. He had a big play on 3rd and 14 in the first quarter in which he took the pass, raced forward for the first down and dove ahead to pick up extra yardage. He also found the endzone in a 2-point conversion late in the game to seal things for the Falcons.

2010 Week 12 vs GB (7 / 5 / 49 / 0 rec)

Roddy White didn't make any explosive plays in this game, but played well as more of a pitch and catch receiver for Ryan as the Packers took away the deep pass. White is a technician at the wide receiver position and ran out routes and hitches perfectly in this one to keep the Falcons offense moving. White had a rare down day, but there are bigger days ahead should the Falcons keep this level of play up.

2010 Week 13 vs TB (16 / 7 / 74 / 0 rec)

White was priority number one in the passing game once again, as he finished with 16 targets. And while he did make some plays, he only came down with seven receptions for 74 yards and no scores. He got into verbal altercations numerous times with Tampa Bay defenders and was playing with some fire, but at times it was too much fire and it seemed to affect his play.

2010 Week 14 vs CAR (14 / 8 / 79 / 0 rec)

Roddy White provided the sure target Matt Ryan is used to, always coming back to his quarterback when he needed to. White ran wonderful routes, waiting until the defensive back had his hips turned and committed to a deep pass before throttling down and turning. One comeback route to the right sideline in particular couldn't have been better timed between quarterback and receiver. White made a nice catch on an in cut over the middle when he had to go down low to reel in the pass, showing off his vast catch radius.

2010 Week 15 vs SEA (13 / 7 / 65 / 1 rec)

White was Ryan's usual go to guy on third down when the Falcons needed a play to keep the drive alive. White has an uncanny relationship with Ryan in this timing based offense, as Ryan often throws the ball to a spot before White has even cut off his route. White really is invaluable on third down and kept the chains moving despite the defenses trying to take him away. White scored his touchdown as Ryan rolled out of the pocket, creating a small gap to throw into for the well - executed score. White's workload was not heavy, but it did not need to be as Atlanta had the lead for most of the game and leaned heavily on the run.

2010 Week 16 vs NO (5 / 3 / 43 / 1 rec)

White caught a nice slant route TD in the 2nd quarter and was later pulled down in the end zone on what would have been a TD. Despite some strong coverage by the Saints secondary, White still found a way to make an impact. He is nearly unstoppable right now as one of the game's best players.

2010 Week 17 vs CAR (8 / 6 / 62 / 1 rec)

White didn't get a lot of looks early on, as Matt Ryan spread the ball out well. In the end, he got his catches along with a score and left the game after three quarters. He ran mostly shorter routes, working hard for first down yardage, and was a favourite target of Ryan in the end zone. His touchdown was a bit of an oddity, as he went out of bounds at the goal line, but held the ball just far enough over the plane to get the touchdown call.

2010 Week 19 vs GB (10 / 6 / 57 / 1 rec)

White scored on a goalline situation, with a nice move on a slant pass for a touchdown late in the game. He also had a few big first down receptions early in the game. However, White hasn't gotten open deep for awhile, and you have to wonder if his knee is giving him problems or if he's just receiving too much attention from the defense? Roddy's inability to get open long, just makes this offense incredibly easy to defend, and the Packers did a good job of forcing Ryan into mistakes.

2009 Week 1 vs MIA (10 / 5 / 42 / 0 rec)

White should have had a huge day, because he burned the Dolphins secondary twice in this game, but his QB was off the mark. One of these balls was an under-thrown bomb where White had clearly beaten double coverage. He made a great catch tight-roping the sideline on a deep comeback with his arms extended over his head to make the catch and then another in the first half where he made a great great extension to catch the ball despite getting nailed in the back by the safety for a first down gain. Miami's defense looked much better than its offense, so I expect White to continue to be a safe, No. 1 fantasy option.

2009 Week 2 vs CAR (10 / 6 / 53 / 1 rec)

White wasn't targeted deep in this game, but he still had a good day with lots of five to ten yard routes, and an excellent slant that shielded the DB from the ball on his touchdown catch. White had one drop, and one pass overturned by penalty, but he still had fine numbers and helped keep this offense humming all day as a receiver and a run blocker.

2009 Week 3 vs NE (6 / 4 / 24 / 0 rec)

White never got free downfield, and he had most of his production on the scripted first drive of the game. A drop and a trip limited his production, and the Patriots took away his intermediate outside routes that had been open with regularity in the first two games.

2009 Week 5 vs SF (10 / 8 / 210 / 2 rec)

White got warmed up early with a couple of out routes. He got behind Dashon Goldson for an easy long bomb TD later in the first half, and then landed the punch that really sent the 49ers reeling when he caught a contested ball against Nate Clements on a quick throw deep in Falcons territory and ran away from the defense for a 90-yard TD. White also converted some key third downs in the game and caught a pass at the one-yard line later in the contest. He even chased down Dre Bly and separated him from the ball after Matt Ryan's only interception.

2009 Week 6 vs CHI (6 / 4 / 56 / 1 rec)

Coming off of a career game White turned in a rather subdued but effective performance in week 6. His first target on the night came as he lined up in a bunch formation which led to a long run after the catch TD (40 yards). White's 3 other catches were on short routes and totaled just 16 yards combined. Matt Ryans' inconsistency's coupled with the Bears tough defense limited White somewhat this week. He made the most of his opportunities however and remains an elite WR in fantasy football circles.

2009 Week 7 vs DAL (11 / 6 / 50 / 1 rec)

White had a quiet day. He worked the sidelines and short crossing routes and broke a few tackles after the catch, and he also got open outside on his short TD catch. White was Ryan's target on first and goal in the same series. He threw a downfield block to help spring Jason Snelling's big run, but White was never able to have a big effect on the outcome of this game because there wasn't time for him to get open downfield or enough success in the run game to get Dallas's defense off balance.

2009 Week 8 vs NO (13 / 4 / 108 / 1 rec)

White worked his short routes, long routes, timing throws, jumpballs, just about anything a team asks a WR to do in the passing game. He used his body to block out, made a nice run after a quick slant catch, tracked a deep ball and overwhelmed the smaller corner, and even gave a terrific diving effort on a would-be game-tying TD that was overturned by replay because the ball hit the ground. He is everything the Falcons and his fantasy owners could have asked for this year.

2009 Week 9 vs WAS (5 / 3 / 27 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

White wasn't a big part of the game plan, but he didn't need to be. He didn't get any targets early, but he did get the call on an end around that didn't go anywhere in the first half. Later, White caught a few balls near the sidelines (and dropped another), but the Falcons never really needed to rely on him to make big plays because this game was broken open early.

2009 Week 10 vs CAR (11 / 7 / 98 / 0 rec)

White was questionable with a knee going into the game, but there were no signs that he was limited in this one. He had one big play by snatching the competed-for ball with his strong hands at the sidelines and then running away from the defender, but Matt Ryan didn't really give White a chance to get any deep targets or take any quick slants for big gains. He did get one red zone target, but otherwise White pretty much maximized his fantasy value on a mediocre day for the Falcons passing offense.

2009 Week 11 vs NYG (12 / 4 / 45 / 0 rec)

White was heard from less then normal as the Giants double-covered him on most downs. They would have a corner bump him at the line of scrimmage and a safety rolled over to his side before the snap. However, the double-coverage placed on White left Tony Gonzales in single-coverage most often and left Michael Jenkins wide open for most of the day. White did make a number of important catches though, including a 2nd half reception on a long cross to the left side of the field that converted a tough 3rd and 4 situation.

2009 Week 12 vs TB (13 / 5 / 57 / 1 rec)

White had little impact on this game until the very end, but he made the biggest catch of the Falcons season on fourth down and goal to win the game. White also got a couple of deep targets in the second half, and then got open for would-be TDs twice - once Redman underthrew him because he was hit as he was letting the ball go, and the second time White's route was disrupted just enough to make the ball slightly overthrown. Still, as the game went on, White seemed to be getting the upper hand on his opponent, and he is definitely getting healthier by the week. He is ready to be a WR1 down the stretch, even without Matt Ryan, because Redman seems to have a better deep ball, and just as much trust for White.

2009 Week 13 vs PHI (20 / 9 / 104 / 1 rec)

Roddy White was targeted 20 times against the Eagles as it seemed that he was the only wide receiver on the field for Atlanta at times. QB Chris Redman keyed on White and TE Tony Gonzalez all day long, but so did the Philadelphia defense. White was able to pick up a touchdown on the final play of the game but otherwise he struggled to get open with Matt Ryan sidelined.

2009 Week 14 vs NO (6 / 2 / 41 / 0 rec)

White came into the game with the 2nd most WR targets in the NFL. Despite that, White pulled a disappearing act in week 14. He was targeted just 6 times on his way to his poorest offensive effort of the season. Two catches for just 41 yards. There was nothing wrong with his game, just a lack of deep passes from backup QB Chris Redman. Look for him to get back on track next week at New York.

2009 Week 15 vs NYJ (10 / 4 / 33 / 0 rec)

You knew it was a bad omen when White was called for offensive pass interference on his first target in single coverage by Darrelle Revis. Revis often ran the route better than White, and limited White to very short catches all day. White did catch one downfield that called back by penalty before catching one that counting and drawing a face mask on the game-winning drive when he was inexplicably covered by Donald Strickland instead of Revis. He did get a long target on a flea flicker and an end zone target, but Revis was all over him.

2009 Week 16 vs BUF (14 / 8 / 139 / 2 rec)

White opened the game by getting free in man coverage deep and reeling in a 42-yard TD. He stayed hot, finding open field to run in and getting open easily against the Bills inexperienced corners. White was the target on the successful fourth-and-12 conversion, and he also snagged the last score of the day by skillfully getting both feet in on a touch pass to the corner of the end zone. He had a quiet year, but his numbers will still be strong, and he is still one of the league's true #1 wide receivers.

2009 Week 17 vs TB (8 / 6 / 66 / 1 rec)

White put on his usual display of mastery of sideline routes and working the middle of the field with no fear. He did have a drop, but mostly showed great hands on Ryan's timing throws. He broke a few tackles and White was able to score when Aqib Talib gambled to undercut his out inside the five. White's body control and footwork to stay inbounds and get to the end zone was outstanding. His second straight season putting up #1 WR numbers might seem ho-hum, but White did it spending most of the season on the injury report.

2008 Week 1 vs DET (2 / 2 / 54 / 0 rec)

White caught two passes for 54 yards including a 46 yard reception in the third quarter.

2008 Week 2 vs TB (8 / 4 / 59 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

White was the most targeted Atlanta receiver as he finished with ten for the game. He totaled four receptions for 59 yards and looked to be QB Matt Ryan's favorite target by far. Atlanta even tried getting the ball in White's hand on a running play and while White was only able to gain two yards, it showed the Falcons were trying to get the ball in his hands as much as possible.

2008 Week 3 vs KC (7 / 5 / 119 / 1 rec)

White made the highlight catch of the day on a deep route, hauling in a bomb from QB Matt Ryan for a 70 yard TD. Despite the focus on the running game, White was easily Ryan's preferred receiver when they did go to the air, and he showed why, catching five of seven balls thrown his way.

2008 Week 4 vs CAR (16 / 7 / 90 / 0 rec)

White was targeted nearly three times as much as any Falcon receiver and is clearly Ryan's favorite choice. White managed to catch six passes for 90 yards, including the Falcon's two longest completions of 23 and 22 yards. White had some difficulty keeping his footing in the game. One one play, he slipped to his knees as he cut and Ryan's pass hit him on his shoulder pad. On another, he fell to his knees, but still caught the pass. White ran hard after the catch; on one occasion he broke a tackle and gained 13 yards afterwards.

2008 Week 5 vs GB (11 / 8 / 132 / 1 rec)

White was almost unstoppable over the first two quarters of this contest and he got going quickly when on the team's first play from scrimmage he caught a 37 yard pass down the sideline. The remainder of the half would find the wide out catching seven more passes that included longer receptions of 19, 22, and 26 yards. The 22 yard reception was the one that went for a touchdown grab and was his second scoring catch of the year. White only saw one target in the second half and that pass fell incomplete.

2008 Week 6 vs CHI (13 / 9 / 112 / 1 rec)

It appears as though Roddy White has emerged into a premier receiver. Matt Ryan constantly looked White's way, getting him the ball nine times for 112 yards. Atlanta's only touchdown of the game came on a left slant where Ryan found White for the three yard score. White had a 14 yard touchdown nullified by penalty earlier in the game, when he was called for offensive pass interference. He was injured on that play, however returned the next series without apparent limitations. He was targeted on an amazing 16 of Ryan's 30 attempts.

2008 Week 8 vs PHI (15 / 8 / 113 / 2 rec)

White had a great stat line. His first touchdown was a well thrown ball from Ryan who fit the ball into a very tight space between three defenders. White did the rest and showed some great after catch ability on his way to a 55 score. Many of White's targets throughout the day were of the variety. The Falcons seemed to be attacking the deep middle and trying to prey on the Eagles desire to shut down stub running back Michael Turner. White also made a great catch at the back of the back the end zone while keeping both feet in bounds for his second score. His route running does need some work as he is not always crisp coming out his breaks. His poor running of a deep in route caused one of the two picks for the Falcons.

2008 Week 9 vs OAK (5 / 5 / 54 / 0 rec)

Well on his way to his second 1,000 yard season, White caught five passes for 54 yards.

2008 Week 10 vs NO (10 / 5 / 68 / 1 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

White is an explosive receiver who is the favorite target of Matt Ryan. Helped out by Michael Jenkins getting open, which caused the defense to respect both receivers instead of concentrating on him, he was able to use his speed to get open on medium range routes. His lone touchdown pass was on a skinny post route where he split two defenders and Ryan hit him in stride in the end zone.

2008 Week 11 vs DEN (11 / 5 / 102 / 0 rec)

WR Roddy White had a strong outing in the loss. On a third and eighteen late in the fourth quarter, White dropped a surefire touchdown pass from QB Matt Ryan and the team went on to lose. If he had caught the ball the Falcons would have likely won the contest.

2008 Week 12 vs CAR (9 / 4 / 70 / 0 rec)

White was involved and active early, with all of his catches coming in the first twenty minutes of this game. White fumbled the ball on his fourth catch, and was never able to make up for it after that, being shutout the remainder of the afternoon. He had a disputed twenty yard catch later in the game, though instant replay ruled the pass incomplete.

2008 Week 13 vs SD (7 / 6 / 112 / 0 rec)

White's stats look good enough, but they could've been even better. He dropped what could have been a long touchdown, and he was open for another deep ball that Eric Weddle interfered with for a 40 yard penalty. Those two plays alone would've turned White's good performance into an outstanding one. As it stood, he went over 1,000 receiving yards for the season. In doing so, he became the first Atlanta receiver since Terance Mathis in 1998-99 to post back-to-back 1,000 yard campaigns. White, who entered the afternoon questionable to play, was shaken up a bit on a second quarter run by Jerious Norwood, but he didn't seem to be affected by it the rest of the way.

2008 Week 14 vs NO (13 / 10 / 164 / 0 rec)

Roddy White had a career day receiving with 164 yards. He was able to catch balls regardless of coverage, and even wrestled the ball away from a defender on one occasion. His numbers could have been even greater if not for two mistakes made in the first quarter. He was the target on the Ryan interception when the defensive back jumped the route and White did not have an opportunity to catch the ball. On another play, with the team backed up on their own two yard line, he made an excellent grab along the right sideline and appeared to get both feet down inbounds. However, he was called for a push off on the defensive back, negating a long play. In the second half he had an 18 yard reception negated by a holding penalty, but Ryan came right back to him on the next play for a 26 yard completion.

2008 Week 15 vs TB (7 / 4 / 61 / 0 rec)

White led the team in targets with seven, and finished with four receptions for 61 yards. He was targeted three times on third downs and had Tampa Bay defenders beat on a few plays that could have turned into big gains, but the passes either fell incomplete or were picked off. Two passes intended for White were intercepted.

2008 Week 16 vs MIN (7 / 3 / 24 / 0 rec)

Roddy White only had 24 yards on the day. He was covered heavily all game and had many receptions knocked away. He just couldn't find a way to beat the Viking DBs. There was one great pass in his hands that he dropped and stalled a drive.

2008 Week 17 vs STL (7 / 3 / 48 / 1 rec)

Safe to say that White's days of flying under the fantasy radar are over. He caught three passes for 48 yards which broke the franchise record of 1,358 yards set by Alfred Jenkins in the 1981 season. White also caught a nice 18 yard touchdown pass in the third quarter when Ryan caught the St. Louis defense in single coverage.

2008 Week 18 vs ARI (16 / 11 / 84 / 1 rec)

White was Ryan's favorite target and caught his season high 11 passes, but two attempts were intercepted. While the Falcons tried to get him the ball deep down the field his longest gain only covered 12 yards. In the second quarter he flat out dropped a perfect 36 yard pass and later was overthrown in the end zone. In the third quarter he got behind the defender on a fly pattern but the pass was under thrown. He caught a five yard TD pass with 3:36 left in the game to pad the stats.

2007 Week 1 vs MIN (5 / 4 / 29 / 0 rec)

White was Joey Harrington's most frequently targeted wide receiver. White was the target on a second down for a five yard gain just short of a first down. On the very next play, Harrington was flushed out of the pocket and found White for a nine yard play. In the second quarter, he made a short catch near the sideline, was hit by Chad Greenway, and fumbled the ball out of bounds. In the third quarter, Roddy White was the target of a rare Harrington deep ball, but again Harrington was unable to get him the ball. White's last target was a short comeback route for seven yards. White also had a false start penalty.

2007 Week 2 vs JAX (6 / 4 / 81 / 0 rec)

White seemed to have a good rapport with Harrington, and turned several intermediate timing routes into good gains after the catch. He displayed good route-running ability and good speed, including one deep pass where his defender was called for pass interference, preventing him from catching the ball. White was also overthrown on two other passes.

2007 Week 3 vs CAR (9 / 7 / 127 / 1 rec)

White had a career day, catching seven passes for 127 yards and a touchdown. His touchdown came on a short pass to the left. White broke a tackle at the 50 yard line and raced the rest of the way for the touchdown. Of his seven passes, White picked up four first downs. White received just one red zone target but the pass was incomplete.

2007 Week 4 vs HOU (6 / 3 / 64 / 0 rec)

White was used in a variety of ways, running short slants as well as longer routes. He ran well after the catch, and was targeted in the red zone, with his defender making a good play to deflect the ball at the last minute. White also had a red zone reception that he took inside the five yard line called back due to an offensive penalty.

2007 Week 5 vs TEN (7 / 3 / 55 / 0 rec, 1 / -2 / 0 rush)

White led the team in targets, but wasn't able to do much with his attempts. White was targeted on a slant pattern in the red zone in which he took his eye off the ball and pulled up to avoid a big hit from the safety. White was the intended target on Byron Leftwich's interception.

2007 Week 6 vs NYG (5 / 4 / 64 / 0 rec)

White came into this game as the Falcons' leading receiver and got off to a good start catching passes for nine and ten yards, both for first downs, on the first couple plays of the game. He did drop a ball he should have had on that initial drive as Atlanta neared the red zone. White finished the half as the Falcons leading receiver, catching three balls for 26 yards. White made a big play early in the second half to jump start a stagnant Falcon's offense momentarily. He ran a crossing route in man to man coverage and broke free for a 38 yard completion. But that would be White's last catch of the game as the Giants did a good job of shutting him down in the second half.

2007 Week 7 vs NO (8 / 8 / 110 / 1 rec)

White caught every pass intended for him, and nearly caught a second touchdown, just barely stepping on the sideline on what would have been a 39 yard touchdown from Joey Harrington late in the game. White's touchdown came on a nine yard slant route over the middle where Byron Leftwich threw a sharp pass into a tight spot.

2007 Week 9 vs SF (8 / 3 / 55 / 0 rec)

White kept on getting the ball thrown to him. But Harrington saw him and kind of chucked it somewhat in his direction on most attempts. The announcers of the game kept on talking about how explosive he could be, but neglected to add to it that he has to have the ball first. All three of his catches were for first downs, and he looked particularly good on a third and long catch over the middle, in which he had to fight for the extra yard, but got the first down.

2007 Week 10 vs CAR (11 / 6 / 57 / 0 rec)

White caught six passes for 57 yards. He had a career high 11 targets in the game. White picked up three first downs but did not see any red zone opportunities.

2007 Week 11 vs TB (7 / 4 / 28 / 0 rec)

White was targeted eight times, finishing with four receptions for 28 yards. White, who has struggled with drops all year long, continued to have problems and had at least two more balls thrown his way that he should have come down with. He also fumbled the ball away on one of his receptions, but after an unusual sequence of events, the Falcons were able to get the ball back from the Buccaneers after a fumble of their own on the run back.

2007 Week 12 vs IND (10 / 6 / 104 / 1 rec)

White was targeted early and often by Joey Harrington. He caught a 48 yard touchdown pass from Harrington on the second Atlanta drive of the night as he beat the safety on the outside. White had 104 yards on the day, while the next highest receiving yard total for the Falcons was 14 yards by Alge Crumpler.

2007 Week 13 vs STL (18 / 10 / 146 / 1 rec)

White had an extraordinary amount of looks from both quarterbacks. He fumbled the ball early in the game, but made up for it later by scoring on a catch from Redman in the fourth. Most of his catches were in the 15-20 yard range.

2007 Week 14 vs NO (7 / 3 / 75 / 1 rec)

White had a solid night. He caught a touchdown and three passes for 75 yards. One of the passes he caught went to the one yard line as time expired in the first half. He was hit hard on slants when Redman led him right into defenders.

2007 Week 15 vs TB (4 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

White got four looks from his quarterback, but managed just one reception for four yards.

2007 Week 16 vs ARI (17 / 12 / 141 / 0 rec)

White was the team's leading receiver hauling in 12 catches for 141 yards, but with no scores. His longest catch was for 26 yards.

2007 Week 17 vs SEA (9 / 5 / 62 / 1 rec)

White remains a low percentage (five receptions for nine targets) go to receiver, but when he does catch the ball he makes things happen.

2006 Week 1 vs CAR (5 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

White caught just one pass for five yards and appeared to be a third option for Vick behind Crumpler and Jenkins. He did have an end zone target but could not hold on to the ball.

2006 Week 2 vs TB (1 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec)

White was not a big factor, catching the only ball thrown his way for eighteen yards.

2006 Week 3 vs NO (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

White was targeted once in the first half but slipped on the play and it almost led to an interception by Mike McKenzie. He saw three targets in the second half but was unable to make any of the catches.

2006 Week 4 vs ARI (5 / 4 / 26 / 0 rec)

White saw his first target at the end of the second Falcons' drive. QB Michael Vick lobbed a jump ball into the end zone for White that he couldn't pull down. Thereafter White was targeted on several short slants and quick hitters.

2006 Week 6 vs NYG (6 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

White caught two passes for 20 yards. Vick's interception was a pass that went off the hands of White. It wasn't all White's fault since the pass was thrown slightly behind him as he crossed the field.

2006 Week 7 vs PIT (7 / 2 / 10 / 0 rec)

White was the target of a few deep balls early in the game, but he couldn't connect on any of them, settling for just two catches for ten yards.

2006 Week 8 vs CIN (4 / 3 / 42 / 0 rec)

White was targeted four times in the game and caught three passes, all for first downs, for 42 yards.

2006 Week 9 vs DET (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

White failed to catch a pass, but was targeted on a deep ball which coach Jim Mora Jr. threw the challenge flag upon, but saw the incomplete pass upheld.

2006 Week 10 vs CLE (5 / 5 / 99 / 0 rec)

White nearly brought the Falcons all the way back in this game with a nice 55 yard catch on a deep ball where Roddy made a good adjustment in the air to make the catch. White caught every ball thrown his way, and made a case for playing time in additional two wide receiver sets for the Falcons.

2006 Week 11 vs BAL (2 / 1 / 49 / 0 rec)

White had one reception for 49 yards. He broke behind the defense after Michael Vick bought time by scrambling. White had no chance on his other target a throw bounced before reaching him.

2006 Week 12 vs NO (6 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

White's first target came at the end of the opening Falcon drive. On a third and five White was matched up in single coverage. He ran a go route down the left sideline and QB Michael Vick lobbed the ball deep in his direction. White made a nice adjustment coming in back to the ball in the end zone, but couldn't make the play even though it hit him in the hands. White did catch the first ball by a receiver downfield on a third and long play, but it was short of the first down marker. At the start of the fourth quarter he ran a long route down the left sideline and Vick under threw the pass. White again made the adjustment coming back to the pass, but turned his head looking for the defender as the ball bounced off his hands.

2006 Week 14 vs TB (2 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

White caught both passes thrown his way for 17 yards.

2006 Week 15 vs DAL (5 / 3 / 104 / 0 rec)

White had a nice game as he was the recipient of Michael Vick's two longest passes in the game. White caught a 52 yard pass down the sideline in the first half that set up Atlanta's second touchdown. He also made a great catch late in the first half down the right side line as he dove for the ball and caught it before it hit he ground on a 43 yard completion. The play was especially impressive because he was interfered with by the defender on the play. White finished the game with 104 receiving yards.

2006 Week 16 vs CAR (2 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

White had one catch for 12 yards. He didn't see any action until the end of the game. His first target wasn't until there was only 2:37 left in the game.

2006 Week 17 vs PHI (8 / 4 / 90 / 0 rec)

White saw his first target on the second Falcon series of the game. He pulled in a short three yard pass in the left flat. On the next play QB Michael Vick floated a deep pass down the left sideline towards White. The pass had little chance of being completed, but White was bowled over by the defensive back drawing the pass interference penalty. White was targeted deep at the start of the second quarter, but Vick threw the pass too far to the inside and it was nearly intercepted by the safety. At the end of the same drive Vick tried to hit White deep again, but the defensive back made a good play knocking the pass away. He made a nice sliding catch on a deep cross from QB Matt Schaub at the start of the third quarter. The pass was low and White did a good job of getting his hands under the pass. He immediately popped up before being touched and sprinted back to the left sideline picking up extra yards. White caught the final pass of the game on a 47 yard bomb from Schaub, but the Falcons weren't able to get to the line and spike the ball so they could have a shot at the end zone. White did a good job of leaping and catching the ball at its highest point on the play.

2005 Week 1 vs PHI (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

White started the game for the Falcons but the rookie was not much of a factor. White's lone incomplete target came in the third quarter.

2005 Week 2 vs SEA (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Roddy White was non-existent until the very end of the game. With third and eight to go White was flagged for a false start at the two minute warning. White was then targeted on fourth and thirteen for the last Falcon play of the game. He had virtually no chance to make a play on the prayer from QB Matt Schaub.

2005 Week 3 vs BUF (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Although White was rumored to be given more playing time, he was only targeted twice in the game and failed to catch a pass.

2005 Week 4 vs MIN (4 / 2 / 12 / 0 rec)

The rookie receiver caught the first passes of his career in the game. White had two catches for 12 yards both receptions were for first downs. He was also a deep end zone target late in the game but the pass was over thrown by Schaub.

2005 Week 6 vs NO (1 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

White caught just one pass for ten yards in the fourth quarter.

2005 Week 7 vs NYJ (4 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

Roddy White had two of the three catches made by Falcons' wide receivers.

2005 Week 9 vs MIA (5 / 3 / 50 / 0 rec, 1 / 16 / 0 rush)

The injury to WR Michael Jenkins allowed White the chance to see more action. White wasn't involved in the game at all until the Falcons second drive in the second quarter. White caught two balls for 15 and 20 yards gains. The later came on a third and long on a quick out. White broke a tackle and got up field quickly. White followed this up with a 16 yard carry on an end around on the same drive.

2005 Week 10 vs GB (2 / 2 / 22 / 1 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

White caught both of his receptions in the fourth quarter. His first catch went for eight yards before he was stripped of the ball and fumbled. On his second grab, White was able to out leap the defender and come down with ball for an 18 yard touchdown.

2005 Week 11 vs TB (6 / 4 / 108 / 0 rec)

White only caught four passes in the game, but he led the team in receiving yards and broke the 100 yard mark for the first time in his short career. He was targeted six times and caught a 54 yards pass in the second quarter which eventually set up a touchdown run by Duckett to put the Falcons back in the game.

2005 Week 12 vs DET (4 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

White caught his first target on the first Falcons' drive for nine yards. He didn't see another pass until midway through the second quarter. He was open on the play, but QB Michael Vick was off target by several yards. White made the only two receptions by Falcons' wide receivers in the game.

2005 Week 13 vs CAR (4 / 3 / 35 / 0 rec)

White hooked up on three of his four targets with QB Michael Vick. It seems apparent that White will be used more often as the Falcons' deep target when they do choose to go up top.

2005 Week 14 vs NO (5 / 2 / 65 / 1 rec, 1 / -7 / 0 rush)

White made an exceptional catch between two defenders that he ran in for a score. He was used in the running game on an end around, but lost seven yards.

2005 Week 15 vs CHI (6 / 1 / 19 / 0 rec)

White was targeted six times but only caught one pass. He was targeted on a long pass down the left sideline that was underthrown and intercepted by Mike Green.

2005 Week 16 vs TB (8 / 3 / 31 / 0 rec)

White was targeted nine times for the game and finished with three catches for 31 yards. He did have a touchdown reception called back for penalty, and the announcers actually made the remark that it seems every time White is involved, something negative was happening. Not a great day for the young wideout.

2005 Week 17 vs CAR (10 / 4 / 47 / 1 rec, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

White was the most targeted Falcon receiver, getting 10 chances to make a catch. He reeled in four balls for 47 total yards, including the only Atlanta touchdown of the game. White had ample opportunity to make a play for his team, as he dropped two passes, including one that would have been a 20 yard catch in the second quarter. He was also Vick's favorite deep target, as he ran two routes for over 40 yards. The first was in to double coverage, and the second was a jump ball that resulted in the only interception of the game.