RB James White - New England Patriots

5-9, 204Born: 2-3-1992College: WisconsinDrafted: Round 4, pick 130 (2014)

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs PIT (4 / 26 / 0 rush, 7 / 5 / 56 / 0 rec)

White operated in his usual role, though he did split snaps with Rex Burkhead, which may limit his upside going forward. He still got 7 of Tom Brady's 36 targets, and 1 of Julian Edelman's on a trick play to boot. There was nothing significant of note beyond the usage numbers, something to monitor no doubt.

2019 Week 2 vs MIA (3 / 10 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 19 / 1 rec)

White wasn't super involved against the Dolphins, as there were a plethora of pass-catching options and Sony Michel dominating rushing carries. His fantasy day was salvaged by a garbage time screen touchdown, but it's clear his role may be highly volatile as long as the Pats have their WRs healthy and at their disposal.

2019 Week 4 vs BUF (1 / 1 / 0 rush, 10 / 8 / 57 / 0 rec)

James White was, for all intents and purposes, the Patriots offense when things needed to get done. There wasn't a huge play beyond his nice deep catch early in the game, but he made small plays here and there on his way to a very unsexy line. It also helped his cause that Rex Burkhead was likely injured in this game as he only played one snap. Still, games like this one are where he can do work, as Tom Brady was most effective when targeting White, even on dumpoffs and screens. Ugly game, but a win.

2019 Week 5 vs WAS (6 / 26 / 0 rush, 9 / 6 / 46 / 0 rec)

With Rex Burkhead inactive, White was the passing down running back, though Sony Michel did see a few surprising targets. He was targeted plenty on the day especially when Tom Brady faced pressure, though those targets didn't amount to much. Interestingly, White also had 6 rushes on the day, which isn't a mark he gets to all the time. That won't be a common theme every week especially once games get more competitive, but White is still a permanent fixture in the passing game.

2019 Week 6 vs NYG (2 / -1 / 0 rush, 9 / 9 / 46 / 0 rec)

With Rex Burkhead once again inactive, the passing game role was all James White in the backfield. White narrowly missed a touchdown on a sweep run - in fact, it was initially called a touchdown then overturned. Beyond that, there wasn't much to speak of, as he was bottled up fairly well on most of his catches.

2019 Week 7 vs NYJ (5 / 0 / 0 rush, 8 / 7 / 59 / 0 rec)

With Rex Burkhead out once again, he was the guy on third downs in the backfield and on pass plays. Unfortunately for him, with the Patriots staked to a huge lead most of the game, his touches weren't needed as much, and his 7 passes didn't amount to anything huge. His carries were absolutely stonewalled, though the Jets generally played well against the run. It's worth noting he had an easy touchdown called back due to a block in the back on Julian Edelman that he would have scored on anyways. It was yet another floor game for White, and we know what we're getting from him at this point.

2019 Week 8 vs CLE (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 75 / 0 rec)

James White's lone play of note was a screen play that went 59 yards thanks to good blocking and nifty running. Beyond that, his 6 touches were less than normal thanks to game flow and Rex Burkhead's return, though Burkhead only touched the ball 4 times.

2019 Week 9 vs BAL (9 / 38 / 1 rush, 3 / 2 / 46 / 0 rec)

The Pats were forced to go to the pass early, so it was surprising the Pats didn't utilize James White more. The reality is they were trying to force the issue here and there, so most of the targets went to Edelman and Sanu. He did make a great deep leaping catch in 1 on 1 coverage which set the Pats up in the red zone, then later scored on a short rushing touchdown. Beyond that, he had more rushing touches than pass targets which is unusual, but does speak to his snap volume and game script.

2019 Week 11 vs PHI (5 / 20 / 0 rush, 7 / 4 / 16 / 0 rec)

There were plenty of plays drawn up for James White including screens and runs, but none of them went much of anywhere, especially with Tom Brady inaccurate on even some basic throws. He'll have better days through the air going forward.

2019 Week 12 vs DAL (2 / 5 / 0 rush, 3 / 1 / -6 / 0 rec)

Bizarrely even with the bad weather and the sluggishness from the offense, James White was not part of the game plan at all. He had 1 catch on 3 targets in the passing game with 2 key WRs out of the game, and one would have assumed more plays would have gone his way.

2019 Week 13 vs HOU (14 / 79 / 0 rush, 11 / 8 / 98 / 2 rec)

Simply put, this was a garbage time special in large part. The Pats spent the entire fourth quarter in catch-up mode, which meant White saw most of those snaps. His first touchdown was a wheel route from the backfield where no defender followed him closely. His second was on an improvised slant route where Tom Brady had to scramble out of the pocket. The good news is James White needed to get more involved. The Pats clearly have a wide receiver issue, yet White's touch counts the last few game have been 3, 9, 11, and 6. He needs to be more involved.

2019 Week 14 vs KC (6 / 33 / 0 rush, 7 / 5 / 27 / 0 rec)

White had to play heavy snaps due to game flow, but couldn't do much in the receiving game due to good defense and spotty offensive play. His highlight was a 35 yard pass on a trick play to Jakobi Meyers. Beyond that, not much to speak of on a bad day once again for the Pats offense.

2019 Week 15 vs CIN (3 / 13 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 49 / 1 rec)

Your leading receiver on the day with 49 yards, folks. He did have an uncharacteristic drop on a short out, but also had a nice 23 yard screen touchdown in which Patriots blockers simply outnumbered Bengals defenders. Beyond that, it wasn't a day for the passing offense with short fields and big leads.

2019 Week 16 vs BUF (3 / 5 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 24 / 0 rec)

James White wasn't used much in this game, as his usage has been fairly sporadic depending on flow and effectiveness of other players. Here, with over 30 rushes and efficiency from Tom Brady, his number just wasn't needed as often.

2019 Week 17 vs MIA (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 33 / 1 rec)

White's highlight was a screen touchdown with great blocking in front of him. Oddly, as with many weeks this year, he wasn't utilized much beyond that even with a dearth of quality receiving weapons at WR and TE.

2019 Week 18 vs TEN (1 / 14 / 0 rush, 5 / 5 / 62 / 0 rec)

White's big play was a long screen set up by good blocking and good shiftiness. Beyond that, it was tough sledding for the entire offense. It should be noted his "fumble" was actually a lateral at the end of the game, so it wasn't a true turnover. His 2020 season was filled with underutilization given the bad weapons around him, so it will be interesting to see how he's utilized next year and beyond.

2018 Week 1 vs HOU (5 / 18 / 0 rush, 9 / 4 / 38 / 1 rec)

James White was used as a receiver more often than as a runner despite Jeremy Hill's injury, which wasn't a surprise. His biggest play of note was a wide open touchdown catch out of the backfield. He was used in a variety of formations, and did start at the running back position and flexed out wide multiple times. White will continue to be used in a bit fashion mostly in the receiving game, especially with Julian Edelman out.

2018 Week 2 vs JAX (4 / 11 / 0 rush, 8 / 7 / 73 / 0 rec)

As suspected, James White was utilized heavily in the passing game, catching more receptions and seeing more targets than any other players. Most of his catches and targets were about 6 to 8 yards downfield, and most of his touches weren't manufactured. Rather, they were out of necessity as Tom Brady scrambled for his life on several plays. Against worse run defenses, White won't see this kind of volume, but against good defenses where we expect the Pats to throw a lot, White will remain involved.

2018 Week 3 vs DET (4 / 37 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 14 / 1 rec)

White could have had a bigger day, but the Pats were dominated in possession time and forced the run game. In fact, most of White's carries were in garbage time on the last drive of the game. His touchdown was a great contested catch with a great throw from Tom Brady, one of the few bright spots on the day.

2018 Week 4 vs MIA (8 / 44 / 1 rush, 10 / 8 / 68 / 1 rec)

Once again, guess who led the Pats in receiving? Though Sony Michel saw a bulk of the work on the ground, White had success in both phases against the Dolphins, scoring touchdowns on both the ground and in the air. His rushing touchdown was a pinball touchdown from 22 yards out, while his receiving touchdown was a deep float from Tom Brady where White managed to slip between defenders. White consistently beat defenders in both phases of the game, and will continue to be an integral part of the team, though his passing game share will lessen with Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman at full speed.

2018 Week 5 vs IND (2 / 0 / 0 rush, 14 / 10 / 77 / 1 rec)

Once again, James White was the best Pats weapon, moving chains and scoring points along the way. He led the Pats in receptions, scored a touchdown on a post route from the backfield, and nearly had a much bigger day had Tom Brady not overthrown him on a deep ball. White will continue to be an important feature in the Pats passing game even with the return of Julian Edelman, though it's clear Sony Michel has the ground game locked up.

2018 Week 6 vs KC (6 / 39 / 0 rush, 7 / 5 / 53 / 0 rec)

Though he was definitely part of the game plan, for once, James White didn't lead the Pats in targets or receiving yards, which is probably a good thing. White actually saw good gains on his handful of runs, and did well with his 7 targets, converting 5 of them. There were no notable plays to speak of, but he continues to produce at a high level.

2018 Week 7 vs CHI (11 / 40 / 0 rush, 10 / 8 / 57 / 2 rec)

With Sony Michel going down with injury, White was a focal point of the offense, handling more carries than usual and staying involved in the passing game. White scored two touchdowns through the air as he took advantages of mismatches. One was a simple route out of the flat with a defensive lineman in coverage, and the other was a shovel sweep route that looked oddly reminiscent of a play the Bears run with their tight ends. There was adequate running room for him, though there were no huge plays. What is salient is that Michel is likely to miss time, so White should continue to see consistent and heavy volume.

2018 Week 8 vs BUF (8 / 15 / 1 rush, 13 / 10 / 79 / 0 rec)

Amusingly, White was out touched by Cordarelle Patterson on the ground. White's 8 carries amounted to almost nothing besides his 1 yard touchdown, but he absolutely whooped the Bills through the air, catching 10 of his 13 targets and repeatedly catching key passes. It can be argued White is now the number one option in an offense with Gronk, Edelman, and Josh Gordon, which speaks volumes to the level he's playing at.

2018 Week 9 vs GB (12 / 31 / 2 rush, 7 / 6 / 72 / 0 rec)

Same old story for James White, who caught several passes, operated as a safety valve, and actually scored two short touchdowns on the ground. He was also involved in two 'fun' plays - a flea flicker back to Tom Brady, and the recipient of a Julian Edelman pass on a trick play. There isn't much more that should be said about White - he is one of the best, if not the best, pass catching backs in the NFL right now, and continues to operate at an All-Pro level.

2018 Week 10 vs TEN (1 / -5 / 0 rush, 8 / 5 / 31 / 0 rec)

Absolute credit goes to the Titans defense for limiting James White's gamebreaking abilities. He was a focal point of the defense with Gronk out, and it showed. White didn't rush much with Sony Michel back, and was stopped in his tracks almost immediately on most of his catches.

2018 Week 12 vs NYJ (9 / 73 / 0 rush, 5 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

As Sony Michel did, James White did too, with a hefty yards per carry pace on his 9 carries. His big run was through a big hole outside right tackle. He wasn't needed much in the passing game, however, as Brady truly spread the wealth on only 20 completions.

2018 Week 13 vs MIN (6 / 26 / 0 rush, 9 / 7 / 92 / 0 rec)

White's stat line was a bit misleading, as about 40 of his receiving yards came on a dump off at the end of the first half when everyone expected a hail mary. Other than that, he was very involved in the short passing game as always, as the Vikings allowed many completions underneath. Business as usual for the receiving stud.

2018 Week 14 vs MIA (4 / 13 / 0 rush, 4 / 2 / 15 / 0 rec)

White wasn't involved like he normally is simply because Tom Brady was finding open receivers in more intermediate parts of the field, and the short field connection was working with Julian Edelman. As a result, his screen and short game wasn't needed as much.

2018 Week 15 vs PIT (2 / 12 / 0 rush, 7 / 5 / 25 / 0 rec)

The reliability and predictability of White is something shown each week. James White saw only one opportunity to touch the ball in the first quarter. The rest of White's touches came in the second quarter and then again in the fourth quarter. White's touches, except for two, were all on short passes out of the backfield. It may be designed, but it is interesting to note White sometimes falls before contact. It might be protecting himself or it might be what he is coached to do.

2018 Week 16 vs BUF (8 / 41 / 1 rush, 4 / 2 / 13 / 0 rec)

James White scored a rushing touchdown against the Buffalo Bills in a game where his passing game usage was capped by a run heavy game plan. White's touchdown was a run in the red zone on a drive where he was the primary back. White had 2 of New England's 13 receptions, but was targeted two additional times, both errant throws by Tom Brady. White will face the New York Jets next week.

2018 Week 17 vs NYJ (4 / 30 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 39 / 1 rec)

Mr. Consistency himself as usual, James White did more in the passing game than anything else. His highlight was a slant touchdown against a linebacker, a situation he will almost always win. White will likely be heavily relied upon in the playoffs, so the 8 touches for him was a nice "breather" in a way.

2018 Week 19 vs LAC (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 17 / 15 / 97 / 0 rec)

15 catches on 17 targets probably says all you need to know about James White's day. White feasted against the Chargers, who simply could not stop him on his short routes and designed plays. Most of his plays didn't go for a ton of yards, but as with many games, White was an extension of the running game at times. He will continue to be featured against the Chiefs.

2017 Week 1 vs KC (10 / 38 / 0 rush, 5 / 3 / 30 / 0 rec)

Despite having running back competition, White operated as the clear third down and hurry up back, even splitting wide at times. White also ran the ball 10 times, which indicates he'll be involved in the offense going forward. One of his blemishes was a route which wasn't run with proper depth, allowing Kansas City to tackle him just before the first down marker. With injuries to Edelman and Danny Amendola, White may be relied upon even more for third downs, which is critical for his forward outlook.

2017 Week 2 vs NO (2 / 11 / 0 rush, 8 / 8 / 85 / 0 rec)

As expected, in this high scoring affair, White was mostly involved in the passing game, catching 8 passes and being Brady's preferred target, particularly when Brady was under pressure. Should the Patriots receiving corps continue to be a skeleton crew, White remains a likely volume target in the passing game.

2017 Week 3 vs HOU (5 / 17 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Surprisingly, even though the Patriots were pass heavy, James White was fairly limited on the day. The biggest part of this was the Patriots playing a medium to deep passing game, as well as a combo of Cooks, Gronk and Hogan firing on all cylinders. The running game also got nothing on the ground, but White usually isn't a big factor in that area.

2017 Week 4 vs CAR (1 / 7 / 0 rush, 12 / 10 / 47 / 0 rec)

White was heavily involved as a receiver, but was not able to do much, as the Panthers covered him well. He was a last gasp outlet for Tom Brady on several passes, as Brady was constantly under pressure throughout the day. White will remain involved in the offense if shootouts continue to occur due to poor defense.

2017 Week 5 vs TB (2 / 3 / 0 rush, 9 / 7 / 57 / 0 rec)

Surprise surprise - James White was often Tom Brady's safety outlet, being used in the passing game more than anything else. He did have a nice 20+ yarder, but other than that, his big play upside remains limited due to the nature of the route he primarily runs. In fact, White does run some of the shorter routes Julian Edelman used to run.

2017 Week 6 vs NYJ (3 / 23 / 0 rush, 7 / 4 / 22 / 0 rec)

By now, you know the story for James White - limited carries, and a few short backfield catches. There was not much to write home about with his 7 touches, though he did have healthy gains on all 3 of his carries.

2017 Week 8 vs LAC (1 / 2 / 0 rush, 6 / 5 / 85 / 0 rec)

Once again squarely involved as a receiver, White actually led the Patriots in receiving yardage. His 27 yard run was a nice juke of a cornerback once he had the ball in space, allowing him to pick up a first down and much more. He also had a great catch as he was being drilled by a defender where he somehow hung onto the ball.

2017 Week 10 vs DEN (2 / 7 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 11 / 1 rec)

White didn't need to be involved much in the game, as the Patriots controlled it from the outset. He did score a short touchdown on a beautiful stutter move, but beyond that, wasn't heard from much.

2017 Week 11 vs OAK (5 / 13 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

James White was barely used. He received a few carries late in the game, but was a non-factor against an Oakland defense that has been gashed by pass catching running backs.

2017 Week 12 vs MIA (3 / 13 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 2 / 0 rec)

White drew a penalty on an early target and had a third-down conversion later, but is only a very minor part of the offense.

2017 Week 13 vs BUF (5 / 18 / 0 rush, 6 / 4 / 32 / 0 rec)

With the run game and defense dominating the Bills, James White wasn't needed much, as the passing game was not the focal point on the day. Given that Rex Burkhead and Dion Lewis can play the passing game if needed, White's role looks to be a bit one beyond obvious passing scenarios.

2017 Week 14 vs MIA (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 11 / 1 rec)

As with the last few weeks, White played a bit role on offense, even with the Pats in throw-only mode for much of the second half, which was surprising. White did score the only passing touchdown of the day on a play action flat route.

2017 Week 19 vs TEN (4 / 11 / 1 rush, 7 / 4 / 29 / 1 rec)

The Titans were amongst the league worst when it came to running back receiving, so it made sense James White was involved. And involved he was, scoring two touchdowns despite relatively limited touches. His first score was a short shovel pass from Tom Brady, and the blocking and execution were on point. The second was a run to the left where White shed a tackler and squirted through a narrow opening to just make it into the end zone. His touches will continue to be minimal especially if Rex Burkhead is back next week.

2016 Week 1 vs ARI (1 / 4 / 0 rush, 7 / 5 / 40 / 0 rec)

James White operated as a pure receiving back as per usual. His best catch was a short conversion on 3rd down that saw him make a great catch in traffic with a defender draped all over him. Other than that, it was a workmanlike day, and he will likely be featured in the same capacity for much of the season.

2016 Week 2 vs MIA (4 / 19 / 0 rush, 4 / 2 / 10 / 0 rec)

James White wasn't involved much. In the first half, Jimmy G was ripping off chunk gains repeatedly to more intermediate receivers. In the second half, the Patriots rode LeGarrette Blount's back as they were in clock killing mode with their 3rd string quarterback. He may not be heavily involved the next two weeks save for scripted screen plays and the like.

2016 Week 3 vs HOU (3 / 12 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 2 / 0 rec)

With LeGarrette Blount doing the heavy lifting, White's number wasn't called much. As a result, he had a miniscule day, as his role continues to be sporadic in the dialed back offense.

2016 Week 4 vs BUF (4 / 12 / 0 rush, 5 / 5 / 50 / 0 rec)

White picked up most of his yards in 'garbage time' as it were, and wasn't heavily involved in the game plan with the entire offense struggling. He will maintain his 3rd down RB role with Tom Brady back, and could see some decent weeks in the future.

2016 Week 5 vs CLE (5 / 26 / 0 rush, 6 / 4 / 63 / 0 rec)

White's usage spiked a bit with Tom Brady back in the fold, as the Patriots went to more shotgun and passing formations. As a result, White had 9 touches on the day, including a nifty 36 yard screen gainer. His role continues to be the same as it was last year after Dion Lewis went down.

2016 Week 6 vs CIN (7 / 19 / 0 rush, 9 / 8 / 47 / 2 rec)

James White was a top receiver on the day, seeing double digit targets and catching two touchdowns to cap it off. Surprisingly, White carried it 7 times, though his carries were generally ineffective. On both receiving touchdowns, he was in 1 on 1 coverage with a linebacker, and used a quick out route to beat his defender on both plays for a score. His longest play of the day was actually his 15 yard touchdown, as the rest were fairly short dumpoffs for the most part. White will continue to be involved in the passing game as the season goes on.

2016 Week 7 vs PIT (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 5 / 2 / 32 / 1 rec)

Contrary to last week, White wasn't involved at all in the running game, but did score a touchdown in the passing game on a nifty screen pass with several changes of direction and good cuts overall. Besides that, though, White wasn't heavily involved as he was in prior weeks, as the passing game was not the focal point of the Patriots attack.

2016 Week 8 vs BUF (2 / 15 / 0 rush, 5 / 2 / 14 / 0 rec)

Similar to last week, White's role was a bit diminished as Tom Brady spread the ball around liberally. White will be up and down, and the return of Dion Lewis looms.

2016 Week 10 vs SEA (2 / 5 / 0 rush, 4 / 4 / 32 / 0 rec)

Though Dion Lewis was inactive, White had a fairly minor role in the passing game with Bennett and Edelman sopping up most of the work. His role will dwindle as Lewis starts to play again.

2016 Week 11 vs SF (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 6 / 6 / 63 / 1 rec)

Dion Lewis returned to the lineup for Patriots this week against San Francisco. White still had his defined role as a space back, optimizing his six touches. White broke a tackle on a red zone screen pass, churning into the end zone. White's longest gain did come on the final play of the first half - a give up play with one second on the clock and out of field goal range. Notably, White and Lewis were used in the backfield at the same time on a handful of snaps, creating matchup problems for the defense. Look for White to be a more boom-bust weekly play with Dion Lewis back and the Patriots mixing and matching based on the weekly game plan.

2016 Week 12 vs NYJ (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 9 / 4 / 22 / 0 rec)

With Dion Lewis back, James White did lose snaps. However, he made a critical 4th and 4 conversion late in the game to extend the Patriots' game winning drive.

2016 Week 13 vs LA (3 / 17 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 18 / 0 rec)

Rotating with Dion Lewis, White's role was once again as a bit player and in a receiving capacity.

2016 Week 14 vs BAL (2 / 3 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 81 / 0 rec)

James White's biggest play was on a short pass that he rocketed for 61 yards on. White may have had a touchdown, but there were defenders nipping at his heels for much of the play, and he was taken down before he had the chance. Beyond that, he wasn't involved a ton, as receivers saw the bulk of the targets on the day in the passing game.

2016 Week 15 vs DEN (3 / 11 / 0 rush, 8 / 3 / 24 / 0 rec)

Though he shared snaps with Dion Lewis and Blount, White still played his primary role in the passing game. Tom Brady actually missed him on a couple easy throws, or his day would have looked a lot better on the stat sheet.

2016 Week 16 vs NYJ (1 / 14 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 32 / 1 rec)

As usual, White did his damage in the passing game, scoring a touchdown on a deep lob that saw him split zone coverage. White also dropped another deep pass earlier in the game that would have made his stat line a whole lot beefier, but luckily, it wasn't critical for this particular game.

2016 Week 19 vs HOU (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 19 / 1 rec)

White barely played any snaps, but he did score a touchdown on one of them. White ran a wheel stutter route against a linebacker, and simply outclassed his defender, catching a nice lob pass from Tom Brady for a score. Other than that, he was quiet, as Dion Lewis stole the show.

2015 Week 7 vs NYJ (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 5 / 3 / 26 / 0 rec)

White played a very limited role in place of Dion Lewis. While he ran a few of the same routes as Lewis and made catches, White didn't add anything after the catch. He's not threatening for more playing time when Lewis returns.

2015 Week 10 vs NYG (1 / 5 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Though he did play a decent snap count, White wasn't involved in the game much as the other Patriots receivers and LeGarrette Blount took most of the work. His role may expand, but it will be a gradual shift.

2015 Week 11 vs BUF (2 / 14 / 1 rush, 3 / 2 / 32 / 1 rec)

No one expected James White to score the only Patriots touchdowns on the day, but that's exactly what happened. Though he played roughly 20-25 snaps, White made the most of his touches. His receiving touchdown was a pass caught out of the backfield. White then proceeded to slip the grasp of a defender and run into the endzone for his first NFL touchdown. His rushing touchdown was a stretch play to the right with a good cut-and-go for 6 yards. The Bills defense also wasn't ready for the play at all, which helped. Though he doesn't have the explosion and slipperiness of Dion Lewis, he acquitted himself well against the Bills.

2015 Week 12 vs DEN (3 / 1 / 0 rush, 5 / 2 / 5 / 0 rec)

James White saw a decent complement of snaps, but unlike last week, wasn't able to do much with them. He only saw 5 touches and gained 6 total yards on them. His role will vary wildly from week to week.

2015 Week 13 vs PHI (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 13 / 10 / 115 / 1 rec)

About the only player to actually show up for the miserable Patriots offense was James White, who arguably had a breakout game against the Eagles. Particularly once the Patriots got down big, Brady continually looked White's way, and White delivered, catching multiple key passes and even showing some Dion Lewis-esque moves on his way to a stellar day. White's touchdown was a simple out from the backfield, beating coverage in the process. If he plays like this, the Patriots offense finally has a dynamic back out of the backfield, as that's something that has been sorely missing since Dion Lewis went down.

2015 Week 14 vs HOU (1 / 2 / 1 rush, 6 / 4 / 38 / 0 rec)

Once again, when he got the ball, White was great in space and outmaneuvering defenders, primarily used in a pass catching format. He had an amazing leaping catch called back after a questionable review process, and did score a short touchdown on a savvy draw play by the coaches. White will continue to see passing game work.

2015 Week 15 vs TEN (1 / 6 / 0 rush, 8 / 7 / 71 / 1 rec)

The legend of James White grows, as the shifty running back continues to look Dion Lewis-esque. White led the Patriots in targets, as he worked the short passing and screen game to perfection. His 30 yard touchdown was all White and his offensive line, a well executed screen that saw perfect blocks and great shiftiness from White. He also should have had a 70 yard touchdown, but it was called back on a questionable OPI call against Keshawn Martin. White will continue to be an integral part of the passing game going forward.

2015 Week 16 vs NYJ (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 5 / 5 / 28 / 1 rec)

As usual, White played a role in the passing attack, converting a critical 4th down and scoring the only Patriots offensive touchdown of the day. On his score, White was left wide open out of the backfield in the middle of the numbers. Easy pitch and catch.

2015 Week 17 vs MIA (3 / 5 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 63 / 0 rec)

Curiously, James White was underutilized in the game, as he had the only good Patriots play to speak of, a 68 yard catch and run on a slant route. Other than that, it was tough sledding all around for White and the rest of the offense, though White's touch count was only 5.

2015 Week 19 vs KC (1 / 5 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 39 / 0 rec)

Though the Patriots went pass heavy, White wasn't involved too heavily, as Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski dominated targets. When he did catch the ball, he made the most of it, including a nice 29 yard catch and run.

2015 Week 20 vs DEN (5 / 11 / 0 rush, 16 / 5 / 45 / 0 rec)

White wrapped up 2015 with a few narrow misses on deep balls, but he was arguably underutilized, as he often gained more separation than Patriots receivers and spent most of the time in single coverage. He definitely has the skillset to contribute for the Patriots next year.

2014 Week 4 vs KC (3 / 21 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 15 / 0 rec)

In garbage time, James White saw his first regular season NFL touches, and didn't look too shabby with them. He almost led the team in rush yards despite only having 3 carries, and showed passing game chops with steady hands. Other than that, since he played limited snaps, there wasn't much to glean from his performance.

2014 Week 8 vs CHI (6 / 17 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

James White was sprinkled into the game here and there, seeing a couple series to himself. However, he looked more sluggish than Jonas Gray and Shane Vereen, and wasn't able to capitalize on any of his 6 carries.