WR Mike Wallace - Free Agent

6-1, 199Born: 8-1-1986College: Ole MissDrafted: Round 3, pick 2009

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Game Recaps

2018 Week 1 vs ATL (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Without Alshon Jeffery in the lineup, Wallace saw the second-most snaps for Eagles wide receivers to Nelson Agholor. Wallace's skill set down the field, however, did not mesh with the Eagles' game plan focusing on short routes and minimal risk. Wallace had three deep targets all denied by double coverage or poor throws by Nick Foles. Wallace's highlight beyond the box score was drawing a defensive pass interference penalty on third down in field goal range.

2018 Week 2 vs TB (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Wallace fractured his fibula against the Buccaneers and stands to miss multiple months with the possibility of returning in 2018. He was injured on a slot screen in the mid-first quarter, which was called back by penalty. Without Wallace, Nelson Agholor and Zach Ertz combined for 52% of the team targets in the game.

2017 Week 1 vs CIN (1 / 1 / 8 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace caught a slant route from the slot for a gain of 8 on his only target. Wallace saw the second most snaps of Ravens wide receivers, only 1 snap behind Jeremy Maclin, but did not see many looks from Flacco.

2017 Week 2 vs CLE (3 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace picked up 7 yards working back to Flacco as he escaped the pocket. Wallace had a deep target but Flacco overthrew Wallace by a good margin because Wallace appeared not anticipate the throw leading to an easy interception for Jason McCourty.

2017 Week 3 vs JAX (5 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace saw an uptick in his usage but could not produce amidst a pitiful offensive display. All of Wallace's deep targets were uncatchable. Wallace made his first catch midway through the 4th quarter after Ryan Mallett had replaced Flacco.

2017 Week 4 vs PIT (10 / 6 / 55 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace made his first catch for 7 yards running a quick out. Mike Wallace dropped what would have been a 30 yard completion down the sideline. Wallace caught a slant for 5 yards. Wallace ran a nice route and showed good concentration making a 16 yard touchdown grab between two defenders. Wallace picked up 14 more yards running another in breaking route. Wallace gained 8 more yards running a comeback route. Wallace picked up 5 more yards on comeback.

2017 Week 5 vs OAK (3 / 3 / 133 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace converted all 3 of his targets into big plays against the Raiders. Wallace picked up 52 yards beating Sean Smith down the sideline on a go route. Wallace got behind Smith and Reggie Nelson and hauled in another bomb from Flacco gaining 54 more yards. Wallace picked up 27 on his final reception running a deep crossing route and easily gaining separation.

2017 Week 6 vs CHI (5 / 3 / 30 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace was almost a non-factor after a big game the previous week. Wallace made his first catch for an 8 yard gain running a curl route. Wallace gained 6 yards running a shallow cross. Wallace picked up 16 yards on what was essentially a free catch against the Bears defense that was making sure Wallace stayed in bounds.

2017 Week 7 vs MIN (1 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace took a massive hit to the head after catching a slant route and was knocked out of the game. Wallace was placed in concussion protocol and did not return.

2017 Week 9 vs TEN (7 / 4 / 19 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace was not very involved in the offense. Wallace picked up 8 yard running a comeback with less than 2 minutes remaining in the first half. Wallace made a catch on a shallow cross for 5 yards. Wallace picked up 4 yards running a curl. Mike Wallace caught a 1 yard touchdown running a slant. Wallace saw one target downfield.

2017 Week 11 vs GB (4 / 4 / 56 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace had one of his most productive games of the season against the Packers. Wallace made his first catch on the Ravens first play from scrimmage. Wallace came open running a crossing route off play action and picked up 16 yards. Wallace beat his man running a slant route and got up field after securing the catch for 16 yards. Wallace gained 3 yards running a shallow crossing route. Wallace made a spectacular one handed catch that was as well contested as it possibly could be by Damarious Randall for a 21 yard touchdown.

2017 Week 12 vs HOU (11 / 5 / 48 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace was Flacco's favorite target against the Texans. Wallace picked up 24 yards on his first reception with a nice catch and run on a slant route. Wallace dropped what would have been a 7 yard catch on another slant route. Wallace ran a quick out route for a 9 yard gain. Wallace dropped what would have been a 35 yard gain down the sideline on a pass he should have caught. Wallace gained 13 running a crossing route off of play action.

2017 Week 13 vs DET (8 / 5 / 116 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace played his best games of the season. Wallace made his first catch on a check down in the flat for a 4 yard gain. Wallace picked up 6 yards running a curl. Mike Wallace ran a go route from the slot and beat Glover Quinn in single coverage for a 66 yard gain. Wallace made an impressive back shoulder catch with Darius Slay in coverage for a 23 yard gain. Wallace beat his man with a smooth release and picked up 17 yards running a slant. Wallace did not see many looks in the second half as the Ravens offense became conservative after establishing a lead.

2017 Week 14 vs PIT (5 / 3 / 72 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace ran a deep in breaking route and made his first catch for 18 yards. Wallace got wide open running a go route and Flacco found him for a 40 yard gain. Flacco's pass was well underthrown or Wallace may have picked up significantly more yardage. Mike Wallace drew a 31 yard pass interference penalty on a deep target from Flacco. It was a questionable call with both players making contact with each other. Wallace drew another pass interference penalty this time on Artie Burns for 20 yards. The call was highly questionable.

2017 Week 15 vs CLE (10 / 6 / 89 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace got the full attention of Joe Flacco after Jeremy Maclin went down with injury. Wallace made plays all over the field. Wallace made a 9 yard catch running a comeback route against Jason McCourty. Wallace was targeted in the end zone but the pass was batted at the line of scrimmage preventing what likely would have been a touchdown. Wallace made a nice contested sideline catch with McCourty in coverage for a 30 yard gain. Wallace picked up 9 more yards over the middle running a shallow cross. Wallace made another catch running a comeback route for a 12 yard gain. Wallace picked up 8 yards running a comeback route. Wallace made a 21 yard catch running a dig route.

2017 Week 16 vs IND (6 / 4 / 60 / 0 rec)

It looked like Wallace was going to have a large role in this game based on the first drive, when he got open downfield in the middle of the field for a nice gain, but his targets ended up being sparse on the day. Later he added a big first down catch and got open downfield for a nice gain once again, but otherwise Flacco spread the ball around and chose to stay in the short passing game.

2017 Week 17 vs CIN (13 / 5 / 40 / 1 rec)

Wallace had an early drop, but as the first half went on, he was getting open deep and in the intermediate zones with regularity. Flacco underthrew him when he was open deep at least three times, but Wallace kept pushing and had a tough catch on the sidelines that forced him to absorb a huge hit to key a drive. He also had a tough catch in the middle of the field on third down to key a drive, and later caught a touchdown in the front corner of the end zone. He was targeted like a #1 receiver in this game and only Flacco's inaccuracy kept him from having one of the best stat lines of Week 17.

2016 Week 1 vs BUF (6 / 3 / 91 / 1 rec, 1 / 11 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace looked like the Ravens top option in the passing game. Wallace made his first catch in front of Stephon Gillmore on an in route for a 15 yard gain. Lined up in the slot Wallace got a favorable matchup on a safety, beat him off the line and Flacco hit him in stride for a 66 yard touchdown. Wallace's next target fell incomplete with a strong contest from Gillmore this time on a comeback route. Wallace was targeted in the end zone but the pass was overthrown and Gillmore again had tight coverage. Wallace made a catch on a hot read from Flacco and got up field for 7 yards. Wallace received an end around hand off, showed off his speed and picked up 12 yards. Wallace showed good chemistry with Flacco and the ability to make plays all over the field. Wallace's role will continue to grow the more he makes big plays.

2016 Week 2 vs CLE (6 / 4 / 41 / 2 rec)

Mike Wallace played very well. Wallace was unable to get behind the defense but proved to be a reliable target for Flacco on short and intermediate routes. Wallace made his first catch over the middle on 3rd and short for a gain of 5. Wallace again targeted on 3rd down came up with a 12 yard reception for the first down. Wallace's first touchdown was a simple and well timed slant route from Flacco for a 7 yard score. Wallace's 17 yard score was a 9 route to the end zone. Jamar Taylor inexplicably drifted away from Wallace on the play and left him alone for the easy score. Wallace did receive one deep target but Wallace could not create much separation.

2016 Week 3 vs JAX (6 / 3 / 34 / 0 rec, 1 / 5 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace continues to be one of Flacco's favorite targets and could have had a much bigger game. Wallace got position on Jalen Ramsey running a nine route but Flacco's throw was wide of the mark on his first target. Wallace made his first catch on a slant route slipped out of a tackle and got up field for 12 yards. Wallace made a 15 yard grab running an in route. Wallace beat his man outside running a curl route for a 7 yard gain. Wallace burned his man out of the slot but dropped a 19 yard touchdown.

2016 Week 4 vs OAK (9 / 4 / 44 / 0 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace was unable to make a big play but stayed involved in the offense making catches underneath. Wallace made his first catch on the Ravens first play for 17 yards running an in route. Wallace made his second catch on a slant route for 9 yards. Flacco took a shot down the sideline to Wallace but the pass was easily defended. Mike Wallace picked up 12 more yards on a slant route. Wallace made an 8 yard catch on an out route. Wallace made a nice catch in the back of the end zone to convert a 2 point attempt.

2016 Week 5 vs WAS (11 / 7 / 63 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace did his damage underneath unable to get behind the Redskins secondary for a big play. Wallace made his first catch on a curl route out of the slot for an 8 yard gain. Wallace made his second catch underneath for 6 yards again running a curl route. Wallace beat his man inside on a slant gaining 12 yards. Wallace picked up 10 more yards on a curl route against off coverage. Wallace dropped a potential 3rd down conversion and 7 yard gain. Wallace made back to back catches for 13 and 11 yards on the Ravens final possession. Wallace took a hard hit to the ribs trying to make a catch over the middle on the Ravens final offensive play and appeared to be injured.

2016 Week 6 vs NYG (9 / 4 / 97 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace had a big game against the Giants that could have been much more productive. Wallace's first target underneath was knocked away by Dominique Rodgers Cromartie. Wallace gained 10 on a crossing route matched up against a linebacker. A deep shot to Wallace was knocked away in the end zone by Janoris Jenkins. Mike Wallace got behind Jenkins and hauled in a 70 yard bomb from Flacco before being brought down inside the 10. Wallace drew a 42 yard pass interference penalty on what could have been another big reception. Wallace made a back shoulder catch for 6 yards before going out of bounds at the 2 yard line. Wallace gained 12 yards running a crossing route underneath. A few errant throws from Flacco and a 40 yard pass interference penalty are the only things that kept Wallace from eclipsing 100 yards.

2016 Week 7 vs NYJ (13 / 10 / 120 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace made one big play and had a number of catches in the intermediate pass game. Wallace made his first catch underneath for a gain of 9. Wallace beat double coverage and got behind the defense for a 53 yard gain. The pass from Flacco was almost perfect and Wallace showed great concentration making the catch with defenders in his face. Wallace beat his man running a comeback route for a 15 yard gain. Wallace was targeted in the end zone and appeared to be interfered with but drew no flag. Wallace picked up 11 more yards again beating his man on a comeback route. Wallace beat Buster Skrine running a slant route and picked up 13. Flacco had one ugly miss to Wallace who came wide open over the middle for a potential 20 yard gain. Wallace should continue to be a target hog with other receivers failing to make plays.

2016 Week 9 vs PIT (6 / 4 / 124 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace had a big game against his former team. Wallace made his first catch on a slant route gaining 10 yards. Wallace made a nice grab on a slant escaping Artie Burns then stiff arming Mike Mitchell and racing 95 yards for the touchdown. Wallace gained 12 running a shallow cross against off coverage. Wallace picked up 7 yards running a quick out. The Ravens were not able to get anything going downfield in their passing game but Wallace was still made a big play.

2016 Week 10 vs CLE (5 / 4 / 59 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace picked up 7 running a curl route taking advantage of the cushion he was given. Wallace gained 9 yards beating Joe Haden running a slant. Wallace picked up 20 yards running away from defenders on a crossing route. Wallace picked up 23 more yards again on an underneath crossing route that allowed Wallace to use his speed. Wallace did not see any deep targets but did his damage underneath with his run after the catch ability.

2016 Week 11 vs DAL (10 / 5 / 62 / 0 rec, 1 / 13 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace received a handoff and got the edge on a jet sweep gaining 13. Wallace gained 27 beating JJ Wilcox over the middle and making an impressive catch on a low pass from Flacco. Wallace made a catch working back to Flacco as he scrambled for 7 yards. Wallace picked up 15 more yards making a catch underneath and finding yard after the catch. Wallace was grabbed around the waist as he tried to secure a 30 yard pass from Flacco but drew no flag. Wallace nearly caught a 30 yard touchdown but appeared to misjudge the pass could not get his feet in bounds. Wallace picked up 11 making an underneath catch and stiff arming Orlando Scandrick before stepping out of bounds.

2016 Week 12 vs CIN (4 / 3 / 57 / 0 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace made his first catch with 3 minutes remaining in the first half. Wallace showed off his speed making a catch on a crossing route and turning on his jets to accelerate down the sideline for a 31 yard gain. Wallace made his second catch running a curl route for 7 yards. Wallace gained 19 on a fake reverse swing pass that left him uncovered. Wallace only received one deep target thanks to a conservative game plan.

2016 Week 13 vs MIA (7 / 6 / 59 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace saw only one deep target but play well and made plays underneath. Wallace made a nice catch on a high pass from Flacco for a 13 yard gain. Wallace ran down the seam and found a hole in the Dolphins coverage for 16 yards. Wallace gained 16 more yards again settling down in front of the Dolphins deep coverage. Wallace made a 5 yard catch on a check down from Flacco. Wallace gained 6 running a curl route.

2016 Week 14 vs NE (8 / 5 / 52 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace had a couple opportunities to make big plays and tough catches but did not make them. Mike Wallace was targeted deep by Flacco but failed to make a play on the ball and the pass was intercepted by Devin McCourty. Wallace beat Logan Ryan for a 16 yard gain running a fade route along the sideline. Wallace made a 3 yard catch on a check down. Wallace dropped what would have been a 20 yard completion on an under thrown pass from Flacco. Wallace made a 6 yard catch on a curl route. Wallace gained 7 running a shallow crossing route. Wallace picked up 20 yards finding the soft spot in the zone coverage running down the seam.

2016 Week 15 vs PHI (5 / 2 / 60 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace was not very involved in the Ravens offense and had only 6 yards entering the 4th quarter. Wallace made his first catch for a 6 yard gain running a curl route. Wallace picked up 54 yards beating his man soundly on a crossing route with 40 yards coming on the run after the catch.

2016 Week 16 vs PIT (7 / 4 / 21 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace had a rough game against his former team. Wallace beat his man with a nice inside move running a slant route for a 14 yard gain on the Ravens first offensive play. Wallace gained 3 yards running a slant route and was dropped after a 4 yard gain on a shallow crossing route. Wallace did not follow his blockers and was stopped after a 1 yard gain on a screen pass.

2016 Week 17 vs CIN (4 / 4 / 33 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace could not make any plays downfield and struggled to separate from Adam Jones and Dre Kirkpatrick. Mike Wallace made his first catch running a slant route for a 6 yard gain. Wallace beat Kirkpatrick running an in route for 11 yards. Wallace made back to back catches for gains of 10 and 6 running comeback routes.

2015 Week 1 vs SF (7 / 6 / 63 / 0 rec)

The Teddy Bridgewater to Mike Wallace connection is still a work in progress but it should have had a notch on its belt already, but for an uncalled pass interference penalty on a deep throw to the middle in the second quarter. On the play, Wallace had a step on the defender, Antoine Bethea, who responded by holding Wallace's left arm. Bridgewater dropped a perfect pass to Wallace, who would have easily caught the ball had Bethea not been holding him. Overall on shorter passes the two hooked up all right, but the deep ball still needs some help. Wallace didn't see a target the entire fourth quarter.

2015 Week 2 vs DET (3 / 3 / 38 / 0 rec)

This week things looked a little better when it came to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and new wide receiver Mike Wallace getting in sync. All three targets resulted in receptions, two of them for first downs. On one 12-yard play, Bridgewater had to scramble away from a defender and Wallace did a good job coming back down the field to give his quarterback a target. He also made sure to stay across the first down marker to preserve a new set of downs when the ball came. On the last reception, a 22-yard reception in the fourth quarter, Wallace did a very nice job running an 'in' route, splitting the defense. Bridgewater delivered a perfect strike between the two defenders for Wallace to make the grab.

2015 Week 3 vs SD (4 / 3 / 49 / 0 rec)

Wallace displayed his signature speed on a wide receiver screen and made a nice catch at the sideline downfield, but he was barely used on this afternoon. The Vikings took no deep shots to Wallace and didn't get themselves into many third and long situation that would require him to get downfield past the sticks.

2015 Week 4 vs DEN (10 / 8 / 83 / 1 rec)

Against the best opponent the Vikings have seen, Mike Wallace had his most effective day as a member of Minnesota's offense. He caught eight of the ten passes thrown his way for 83 yards and his first touchdown as a Viking. The Vikings would like to use him more on vertical routes, but the offensive line is so inconsistent that there is little time for those routes to develop. So at the moment, he and Bridgewater have been relegated to intermediate and short routes. Still, he averaged just over 10 yards a catch, so he's getting some production. On the touchdown, Wallace ran a shallow cross just in front of the line of scrimmage, splitting the space between the linebacker and the defensive line. His route went unnoticed, and Wallace ended up wide open on the right side of the field, just short of the end zone. Bridgewater saw him and delivered an easy pass for the score. While it's frustrating that Wallace is not able to stretch the field for big plays, it looks like he and the quarterback are finally getting in sync.

2015 Week 6 vs KC (9 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

The chemistry continues to be absent between Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Wallace. While Bridgewater targets him more than any other player in the offense (33 targets compared to 28 for Kyle Rudolph and 19 for Stefon Diggs), outside of Week 5 they don't seem to be connecting. Wallace had the first pass thrown his way go off his hands for an incompletion and was the target on Bridgewater's second interception. While that interception was largely due to the skill with which the defender made a play on the ball, Wallace showed no real effort in trying to go up and get the somewhat errant pass. While he might not have seen the defender (though he was running at him), the ball wasn't so far off that he couldn't have tried to reach for it. This continues to be an up and down relationship and is currently impossible to predict week to week.

2015 Week 7 vs DET (5 / 4 / 36 / 0 rec)

It's taken a while but it appears as if Teddy Bridgewater and Mike Wallace are on the same page. A lot of their connections were in the short-to-intermediate area of the field, which is not what the Vikings grabbed Wallace for. However, as Stefon Diggs is exceling on longer routes, Wallace has settled in on the shorter ones. He tends to get just enough separation for Bridgewater to come in and deliver the pass without the defender getting in the way, and on his one long pass route he was able to draw a pass interference penalty.

2015 Week 8 vs CHI (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Wallace and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater are clearly still having chemistry issues. Bridgewater missed Wallace twice on streaks down the sideline and on both occasions Wallace was wide open. One throw was just a bit long and Wallace himself said he lost it in the sun, but the other one was quite overthrown. Wallace and Bridgewater have yet to be able to find a way to be in sync, and even if Wallace has the most catches on the team (26, one ahead of Stefon Diggs) that hasn't translated to much in the way of big plays. On the other hand, this was the first game it seemed like the Vikings sent Wallace vertical with regularity, so we'll see if they use Wallace to stretch the field more often.

2015 Week 9 vs LA (6 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

The inability of Teddy Bridgewater and Wallace to connect up continues, and on the first attempt Wallace was wide open down the sideline but Bridgewater overthrew him. Wallace then drew a pass interference penalty on a whip route outside and then couldn't haul in a short pass when he was again wide open because Bridgewater was rushed due to pressure. This happened again in the late second quarter as Wallace got wide open in the middle of the field but Bridgewater rushed his throw and missed. The two finally hooked up on a short pass in the second quarter, but Bridgewater never passed it towards Wallace again. The next time Wallace was targeted, Bridgewater was injured and Shaun Hill had replaced him and neither of the next two passes were really catchable, though Wallace begged for a flag after the last one.

2015 Week 10 vs OAK (2 / 1 / 22 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace continues to be a sideshow in this offense but at least this week it's largely because the Vikings went run-heavy, though the good work by the Oakland coverage and the wind both cooled off the passing game for Minnesota. Wallace did have a great catch-and-run for 22 yards in the first quarter. On the play, Wallace ran a short screen and Teddy Bridgewater dumped the ball off to him. After nice blocks from both the tight end and other receivers, Wallace crossed the first down marker and zoomed to the Raiders 20-yard line where he was tackled. Bridgewater tried to hit Wallace on a fade to the back corner of the end zone as well, but the pass was a little bit too long.

2015 Week 11 vs GB (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 6 / 0 rush)

Wallace continues to look like a square peg in a round hole world. While he did have a nice carry on an end around in the first quarter, he also had an ugly drop which would have been a first down on a short out route and looked like he didn't put quite full enough effort on a long pass which Teddy Bridgewater tried to hit him with five minutes left in the game. It's hard to see what Wallace's job is in Minnesota and he doesn't look good at it, whatever it is.

2015 Week 12 vs ATL (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Wallace got one target during which he drew a holding penalty, which wiped out the target. Otherwise, Wallace was locked down since he rarely went long and couldn't use his speed.

2015 Week 13 vs SEA (3 / 2 / 43 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace is a guy who stretches the field, which is hard to do when the quarterback is getting creamed behind a bad offensive line. Wallace did make a nice catch on a crossing pattern which he then turned upfield and took for about 20 extra yards. He also made a nice catch along the sideline where he was wide open, but fell down afterwards, preventing him from adding any yards.

2015 Week 14 vs ARI (5 / 3 / 42 / 1 rec)

For the first time in a long time, Wallace and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater got on the same page and the result was a touchdown. On the 7-yard score, Wallace ran a shallow crossing route from the right side of the field to the left, which was mirrored by Stefon Diggs going in the opposite direction. The The Cardinals had just four players in pass defense, which should have been enough to cover the three Vikings receivers on routes. However, both safeties rotated to their left (the Vikings' right side) with one corner pursuing Diggs on his route. The second corner was too slow picking up Wallace, and Bridgewater hit the receiver for an easy touchdown.

2015 Week 15 vs CHI (3 / 3 / 37 / 0 rec)

Wallace has been reduced to a short-intermediate route guy, with the occasional deep route thrown in. Sunday saw him with his longest reception of the year, a 34-yard reception near the end of the first half down the middle of the field to put the Vikings in field goal range, though they ended up scoring a touchdown instead.

2015 Week 16 vs NYG (6 / 2 / 11 / 0 rec)

Wallace led the team in targets, but he continued to be unable to get separation downfield and the Vikings didn't push the issue. He did see a target in the end zone on a fade route, but Teddy Bridgewater didn't put enough air under the ball and the defender knocked the ball away.

2015 Week 17 vs GB (3 / 1 / 22 / 0 rec)

Wallace's claim to fame was being the target on Bridgewater's ill-advised interception in the third quarter. He did have one other catch and continues to be a square peg in a round hole for this offense.

2014 Week 1 vs NE (11 / 7 / 81 / 1 rec)

Wallace was the first and second option for Ryan Tannehill on Sunday, drawing 11 targets and truly acting as the featured receiver for Miami. There were naturally some misses between the quarterback and receiver, but Bill Lazor is using Wallace all around the field and his Week 1 usage should be a sign of good things to come. Tannehill really didn't throw the ball that much, as the Dolphins were gashing the Patriots with the run and leading for most of the second half, so it's encouraging to see Wallace command over a third of the team's targets. Although he didn't fare particularly well against Darrelle Revis (2 catches on 5 targets), Tannehill wasn't afraid to look to the island for his receiver. There were two poor plays in Wallace's day that stick out. The first was his fumble in the first quarter. It's nice to see Bill Lazor utilizing the drag route for Wallace, as that was a staple of DeSean Jackson's game last season in Philadelphia, but Tannehill and Wallace are both at fault here. Tannehill's throw was behind his receiver, which forced an awkward catch. Jamie Collins laid a great hit on Wallace, which jarred the ball loose, so more of the blame may fall on Tannehill for that one. The second mistake was a lot of what we've been seeing between Tannehill and Wallace for a season plus now. Tannehill was getting bore down upon Dont'a Hightower and had to get rid of the ball. Only Tannehill will know why he threw the ball up when Wallace wasn't looking his direction, but there's no choice to chalk it up as another miscommunication between the pair. The touchdown between the pair, however, was pretty nice. Wallace got some good inside position on Revis, Tannehill anticipated and threw a nice ball into dicey coverage for the score. Tannehill seemed to catch Kyle Arrington and Jamie Collins off guard with his quick throw, and the former wide receiver put the ball on the money. Regardless of the errors, Wallace is looking like a very good value pick if he continues to soak up targets as the featured receiver in the offense. That should give him a very high floor; the question will be if "60 Minutes" can unlock the potentially high ceiling in this spread offense.

2014 Week 2 vs BUF (8 / 5 / 56 / 1 rec)

Wallace provided his second consecutive valuable fantasy day as he scored his second TD of the season against the Bills. For a player who was as inconsistent as anyone in the league last season, it's a very good sign for Wallace's fantasy prospects this season. Bill Lazor certainly knows how to exploit a matchup in Wallace's favor, as he's been able to get him going on some shallow crossing routes and some routes at the intermediate level. Sure, the deep-ball connection with Ryan Tannehill is still an issue, but it took a good play by Da'Norris Searcy to break up a potential big play on Sunday. It comes back to the vanilla offense Mike Sherman had in place last season. Wallace was set up, 100% of the time, to the right of the quarterback. Lazor has fixed that by moving "60 Minutes" all around the formation, even using him as a decoy in the backfield or motion man to exploit another matchup. His touchdown may end being the best catch he'll make all year because it was that good. Aligned wide left against Buffalo's top CB, Stephon Gilmore, the Dolphins ran a classic end-zone fade. It may have been Tannehill's best ball placement all day, as he put it to where only his receiver could reach it. Wallace, consequently, had to make a one-handed catch, after battling with Gilmore. While you can't assume Wallace will score 16 TDs this season, it's notable that he's getting these end-zone targets over the first two weeks. It's just another reason to be excited by his outlook over the rest of the season. He's very clearly the best fantasy option in Miami right now.

2014 Week 3 vs KC (12 / 5 / 74 / 0 rec, 1 / 12 / 0 rush)

For the third straight week, Mike Wallace was once again the featured player in the Miami passing offense. It's becoming a broken record, as Wallace again soaked up five MORE targets than any other Dolphin and totaled 12 on the afternoon. It may actually be pointing out the lack of true playmaking on the Miami offense that Wallace has to be targeted so much, but that's a topic for another day. Wallace resumed his role of moving all around the formation again on Sunday, but with the Chiefs playing nickel as their base, and often moving to a dime whenever the Dolphins had three WRs on the field, Wallace couldn't find as many mismatches with linebackers. Wallace actually did his best work on the outside for the most part on Sunday, working on Sean Smith and Marcus Cooper. His fast twitch moves were able to leave him open on quick out-breaking "sticks" routes for most of the day. His best, and longest play of the day came on a deep crossing route on a first-down play action. The Chiefs had eight men in the box playing the run, and Cooper gave Wallace a generous cushion. The PA fake gave Tannehill enough time to find Wallace in stride about 20 yards down the field. One thing that's standing out with Wallace this season is his physicality after the catch. He's actively looking for contact and yards after he makes a play. Tannehill and Wallace of course missed on their only deep shot, but that's a weekly occurrence. If the Dolphins continue to run the ball well, the opportunities for 2nd and short and 3rd and short deep shots will grow. With the high number of defensive backfield penalties we've seen, the Dolphins should be taking more, as it's a an easy way to pickup a cheap first down or move the ball.

2014 Week 4 vs OAK (4 / 3 / 35 / 1 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Wallace continued the strong start to his season with another productive fantasy day at the office. Although he received just four targets in the passing game, "60 Minutes" was able to get into the end-zone for the third time in four games. Bill Lazor had his usual game-plan for Wallace on Sunday, moving him around to find any mismatches in the passing game. However, Wallace just wasn't needed as much as he was the first few weeks. Every Dolphins pass-catcher was seemingly getting open at will for their quarterback. The game script did not dictate getting Wallace the 10 targets he was averaging through the first three weeks. In fact, he played just 35 snaps, sitting out most of the second half while the Dolphins continued to pour it on in London. Tannehill and Wallace did not attempt to hook up any deep balls, but perhaps the confidence from this week will help them along. The wide receiver's touchdown came as a result of a well-worked screen pass. Wallace caught the ball at about the 12-yard line, and raced untouched to the 3, where he then showed some toughness and drove his legs, reaching to break the plane of the end-zone. Impressive stuff from a player often criticized for his toughness. Wallace was loose with the ball, fumbling on a reverse. Luckily, Charles Clay was there to pounce on the loose ball, so the fumble wasn't a drive killer. With Knowshon Moreno pushing to return sooner than later, Wallace should continue to be the best fantasy bet in Miami, especially with some potentially juicy matchups after the bye.

2014 Week 6 vs GB (9 / 5 / 67 / 1 rec)

Wallace continued his strong start to the 2014 season with another touchdown, soaking up nine more targets as Ryan Tannehill's top target. It could've and should've been a bigger day as Wallace dropped a perfectly thrown Tannehill pass in stride that could've gone for a 60+ yard touchdown. While it's not the deep ball connection that many have been clamoring for, Tannehill has been able to find Wallace on the 15-20 intermediate routes more often this season. And credit to Wallace, who looks like he's hit the weight room in the offseason, he's shown toughness after the catch, but hasn't lost his slippery moves. Lazor should look to keep getting the ball to Wallace on those intermediate comebacks and out routes, as the deep-ball seems like a lost a cause, and anyway you can get Wallace in space, it's probably a good thing. Wallace has now seen 8+ targets in four of five games this season (the one he didn't, he still scored a TD in the blowout of the Raiders) and a touchdown in four of five games as well. He saw at least one target against six Green Bay defensive backs on Sunday, so Lazor will continue to feature him in the offense. No matter the number of pass attempts for Tannehill, Wallace is shaping up to be one of the more consistent bets in fantasy this season. With only rookie Jarvis Landry emerging to challenge him for targets, Wallace is locked into a very nice fantasy floor. Fantasy owners are still waiting on the big plays, but they can't be disappointed with his effort so far.

2014 Week 7 vs CHI (8 / 5 / 46 / 1 rec, 1 / 4 / 0 rush)

As Ryan Tannehill exploited the middle of the field against the Bears, Miami's #1 receiver didn't really see the volume he's been used to, but still found the end-zone and continues to reward fantasy owners who took him in the sixth or seventh round in August. He still saw a team-high 8 targets, but that included a few throwaways from Ryan Tannehill. With the Dolphins ahead for the entire game, and his QB spreading the ball around (six Dolphins saw 3+ targets), Wallace wasn't able to slip free for any of the intermediate plays we've seen him make over the last few weeks. However, his TD catch was a sign of how far he's come in the last season, both as a player and in his chemistry with his QB. He ran an in-breaking route in the back of the end-zone, and was really wasn't a primary option for Tannehill. After his QB went through two or three reads, Wallace pivoted and ran towards the back pylon. Tannehill threw it towards the pylon with some anticipation for the score. Wallace has been one of the more consistent fantasy receivers this season, in part, due to his 5 TDs in six games. While he hasn't had a 100-yard game yet, he hasn't need one with the touchdowns. It's only a little worrisome that he's become so touchdown-dependent, but as long as he's the featured receiver for the Dolphins, the targets, and specifically red-zone targets should still be there. He's been a bargain for fantasy owners thus far, so don't expect much of a drop-off.

2014 Week 8 vs JAX (7 / 2 / 59 / 0 rec)

It was a slower day for Mike Wallace, as offensive line issues in the first half, and game flow problems in the second half derailed his chances for a really big day. There's still some positives to take away from Sunday's game. First off, Wallace still paced the Miami offense with 7 targets. In fact, Ryan Tannehill targeted just two players 4+ times. So, as has been the case, the speedster continues to be the featured player in Bill Lazor's passing game. He only hauled in two of those seven targets, but there were a few balls batted at the line of scrimmage, as well as two deep shots heading Wallace's way that fell incomplete. However, the other bright spot in Wallace's day was the fact that he did catch a deep pass from Tannehill. It will stand as Miami's biggest offensive play of the season to date, and really the first time the Tannehill-Wallace connection has made much noise in the deep game in a season and a half. It was a similar play to a long TD pass the two had connected on earlier in the season, but Wallace had been ruled out of bounds. This time, too, Wallace was originally ruled out, but the refs convened and made the right call. It was a good job of getting the right knee down in bounds as the left leg fell out of bounds. It was interesting to see the Dolphins go back and take another shot to Wallace in the end zone on the very next play. However, if the mercurial pair can start finding some confidence with that ball, it would add a new and potential fantasy beneficial wrinkle to the Miami offense. One they've sorely been lacking too. Overall, this will probably go down as Wallace's lowest catch total of the season too, so his needle is still pointing up. He does have some tough matchups coming up though, so he could be a buy low candidate before the playoffs begin.

2014 Week 9 vs SD (8 / 3 / 50 / 0 rec)

After calling the offense "s---" during the week, Mike Wallace had another disappointing day for his fantasy owners, failing to get into the end zone for the second straight week. Although it's his second consecutive 3 or fewer catch and 60 or fewer yard day, with the Miami offense starting to look like a scoring machine, Wallace still is in good shape. In truth, Wallace is still the clear #1 option in the passing game, but Tannehill won't be forcing it to Wallace when Brian Hartline, Charles Clay and Jarvis Landry are all getting open. So, while he hasn't been very efficient in his last two weeks, the Dolphins have also been looking down the field a bit more. Wallace still saw 8 targets, which tied for the team high. After his comments earlier in the week, fantasy owners may have expected the 'Fins to grease their squeaky wheel, but it didn't turn out that way, as Tannehill was able to carve up the Chargers, finding three other receivers for five catches apiece. That's the Miami offense when it's working at peak efficiency. Bill Lazor will find matchups to exploit, whether it's inside with Landry or Clay, or outside with Wallace and Hartline. The fact that the offense is humming is still a good sign; Wallace had scored in 5 of his first 6 games, so he was due for a bit of regression. The Dolphins have scored 38, 24, 27, 27, and 37 points over their last five games. Of course, the defenses they've played have been less than stellar, and one of those 27-point outings was a defensively fueled effort against the Jags. However, Wallace's role shouldn't change going forward and he may start getting more chances downfield.

2014 Week 10 vs DET (8 / 5 / 51 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace continued to please his fantasy owners on Sunday, scoring another touchdown and adding another 50-yard effort to his 2014 docket. He's now gone over 50 yards in seven of nine games this season and has scored in six of nine games. While he still hasn't eclipsed the 100-yard receiving mark (and hasn't gone over 70 since Week 3), he still provides value as a major red zone weapon for the Dolphins. Unlike his predecessor, Bill Lazor isn't afraid to move Wallace around the formation and get him on the move with the ball in his hands. His TD was about as simple as it gets, as he came in motion from the left side of the formation, shifting behind the running back and quarterback when the ball was snapped. On the move towards the right front pylon in the end zone, it was an easy pitch and catch from Tannehill to Wallace, as a Detroit linebacker, Ashlee Palmer, was given the responsibility to pick him up out of the backfield. There was nothing Palmer, any other defender for that matter, could really do about the touchdown. Just a great play design near the goal-line. Wallace's targets are holding steady, as he saw at least 8 for the seventh time in nine games on Sunday. However, he was behind both Jarvis Landry and Charles Clay (9 targets apiece) in the target pecking order. That was due to the heavy pressure Ryan Tannehill saw for most of the day, and the need to get the ball out quickly, hence more targets for the middle of the field guys. With Lamar Miller ailing, Lazor even lined up Wallace and Landry in the backfield a few times, which provided an interesting wrinkle. Wallace did end up catching a pass out of the backfield, but it's unlikely that becomes a staple of the Miami attack. He and his quarterback still are searching for any sort of chemistry on their deep-ball, which ultimately limits his upside. If the touchdowns start to dry out, owners may start to be concerned, but there's no sign of any regression in Wallace's touchdowns, at least for now.

2014 Week 11 vs BUF (7 / 4 / 38 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace was again the highest targeted receiver for the Dolphins on Thursday night, but he came up with a dud against the Bills. It easily could've been a bigger day for Wallace, but he missed on two connections with his QB that would've resulted in big plays. Near the end of the first half, Wallace hauled in a pair of passes to open the drive, getting to midfield by the two minute warning. As is the custom for Tannehill and Wallace, they went for the deep ball after finding a few connections. It wasn't a poorly thrown ball down the right sideline, as Wallace got his hands on it. Undoubtedly a tough play, but one Wallace should be expected to make. He had a step on the corner, Corey Graham, and Aaron Williams, the safety, was able to do just enough to put Wallace off. The throw may have been a hair too far out of bounds, but Wallace had his hands on it. Near the end of the game, Tannehill looked Wallace's way in the end zone, but Corey Graham was there to break up the play. There was nothing to be done by Wallace, as the throw wasn't very well placed either. Wallace should continue to see the most targets on the team, and should continue to see red zone looks, but with a shorter, quicker passing game needed without Branden Albert, he'll still remain very TD dependent.

2014 Week 12 vs DEN (5 / 4 / 35 / 1 rec)

Wallace led the Dolphins WRs in snaps once again on Sunday, but he continues to take a backseat to rookie Jarvis Landry. Wallace's five targets were his lowest since the Week 3 drubbing of the Raiders in Oakland, and he's been out-targeted by Landry in two of the last three games. However, while Lazor will move Wallace around the formation to take advantage of matchups, Tannehill doesn't have to force-feed him. He'll look to find the right matchup, and exploit that. On Sunday, four different players saw 5+ targets, with Landry seeing the 11, but Wallace, Dion Sims and Brandon Gibson all seeing 5 or 6. Tannehill really only tried the one deep ball, which sailed through the end zone to Wallace, but was very efficient in the intermediate area. That's where Wallace has to do his damage without the deep ball clicking. He still is a major red zone weapon for the Dolphins and most of the time will be able to use his short area quickness to get some separation from his defender. Against a hobbled Aqib Talib, and assisted by a perfect pass from Tannehill, Wallace ran a perfect out route for his seventh touchdown of the season. Although the yardage totals leave plenty to be desired, and fantasy owners are relying on his TD prowess, this Miami offense is showing that they can move the ball against strong defenses. Anyone who's ridden Wallace to this point knows he's still a WR2, albeit a risky one with his TD totals.

2014 Week 13 vs NYJ (11 / 6 / 69 / 0 rec)

Wallace saw targets from Ryan Tannehill early and often in Monday night's contest at MetLife, turning in his third-highest yardage total of the season, and highest since Week 3. He saw double digit targets for the first time since Week 5 as well, so it doesn't look like his usage is going away any time soon, even with Jarvis Landry breathing down his neck for targets. It was mostly short stuff for Wallace, with his longest play being a 15-yard sideline out that he tacked on another 10 yards to after the catch. That's the longest play Wallace and Tannehill have really come adept at making, but Wallace did have an opportunity deep. On a third down play from about the Jets 25 in the third quarter, Tannehill unleashed an on-target corner throw. Wallace, instead of extending two hands up and making the play, put up one hand. The ball naturally bounced off Wallace's hand and fell incomplete. At the time, the Dolphins were down 7 points and could've tied the game with the score. Although it'll go down as another missed connection in a game the Dolphins ultimately won, it could've been a nail in their coffin had they lost the game. Although the legitimate deep-balls are still not coming off, Wallace simply has make some of those other plays, like the one Monday night. That play would've turned his line from 6 for 69 into 7 for 95 and a touchdown. It's likely a few people missed their playoffs on that missed play. However, he's still locked in as the 1a or 1b option for Ryan Tannehill on a team that does at least move the ball, and doesn't really have any true red zone weapons. He'll still remain touchdown dependent in the fantasy playoffs, but with Brian Hartline sidelined, he may even see a few more looks.

2014 Week 14 vs BAL (4 / 3 / 39 / 0 rec)

It was another day of misses for Wallace, as he just missed on a 20+ yard play from Tannehill, as well as maybe not putting forth full effort to reel in a catch in the end zone from his quarterback. One area Tannehill and Wallace have been sharper in this season is their intermediate connection. That's how Wallace did the majority of his damage on some out and comeback routes, working against Danny Gorrer and Lardarius Webb. Wallace has also learned to comeback near the sideline whenever Tannehill roles his way. It's a good trait to have, especially with Tannehill rolling out and being forced out of the pocket due to poor protection. However, there were two missed plays that could've turned Wallace's day into a much bigger performance. The first play was out of his control, as Tannehill rolled right again and fit a tough pass into a sliding Wallace. The play would've gone for about 25 or so yards and put the Dolphins into field position already up 10-0 with about 5 minutes left before the half. The Mike Pouncey ineligible man downfield penalty negated the play, the Dolphins punted a few plays later, and Joe Flacco led a two minute drill to post a touchdown before the half. The second play is a bit more on Tannehill and Wallace. Early in the fourth, with Miami trailing just 14-10, Tannehill had Wallace open for a split second in the back of the end zone. His throw was a bit high, but Wallace really didn't look he stretched completely for it, and even could've laid out on the attempt. But, he didn't and the Dolphins settled for 3. If you include the target on the penalty on Pouncey, Wallace had just five targets, but that's still not much of a worry, as he remains a major piece of the offense. His still a very touchdown reliant option, so continue to use him with caution.

2014 Week 15 vs NE (7 / 5 / 104 / 1 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Miami's 2013 big money signing went over 100 yards for the first time all season, and made just his second 50+ yard play of the season on Sunday in a losing effort against the Patriots. His 32-yard touchdown was also the longest of the year for the Dolphins. It may just have Wallace's best game as a Dolphin, as he made two big plays in the first half, only to go cold (like the rest of the Dolphins team) in the second half. With the Patriots deciding to start the game with Revis on Jarvis Landry and Brandon Browner on Brian Hartline, Tannehill immediately went after Malcolm Butler. If his pass was a bit more out in front, the Dolphins may have went ahead 7-0 on the first play of the game. However, their drive stalled in New England territory and Jamie Collins blocked a FG, giving the Pats the lead. Wallace's touchdown catch was quite pretty though. On what likely would've been the last play of the half before a Miami FG attempt, Wallace was originally ruled out of bounds on his one-handed catch down the left sideline. Replays showed he did control the ball to ground, and stayed inbounds, which led to a reversal. In what's been two years of missed passes, dropped balls, and an overall lack of chemistry, were the two hook-ups yesterday a sign of the potential of this pairing in the future? Of course, Wallace then went 2 for 16 yards in then second half, with Malcolm Butler relegated to the bench. Wallace could be an interesting case in the offseason; most of his guaranteed money will be gone after this season. In Jarvis Landry, the Dolphins have a young, relatively cheap option who's turned into a reliable possession receiver in the quick-hitting offense. Would it be worth it to eat the rest of Wallace's money and draft a big target to pair with Landry?

2014 Week 16 vs MIN (5 / 5 / 58 / 2 rec)

Mike Wallace saved his two biggest games of the season for Weeks 15 and 16 in 2014, but after his downward trajectory over the last few weeks, who knows how many of his owners started him during the final weeks of the season. The most impressive part of the last two weeks for Wallace is that he only saw 7 and then 5 targets in those weeks, but produced 165 yards and three touchdowns on 12 catches. It's a sign that the Miami offense is running pretty well, as Wallace is paid like a #1 receiver, but really hasn't produced like one. Instead of force-feeding him 10+ targets a game, the offense is simply creating other mismatches and open receivers. Without a true go-to threat in the red zone for the Dolphins, Wallace paid his owners off with a pair of scores. Neither was a dynamic Lazor playcall, which has been his MO near the goal-line all season. Xavier Rhodes was in tight coverage and all but knocked away the pass, but Wallace impressively concentrated to secure the ball and finish the play. His second catch was on play that has become more of a staple in the Dolphins goal-line offense recently. The timing slant routes into the end zone are a tricky game to play, but Tannehill has been showing that his arm is no joke, fitting the slant to Wallace in the tight window. There weren't any deep-ball attempts, but really, if Tannehill is hitting his receivers in stride on the intermediate targets, the yards after the catch would be enough to trigger some big plays. While it remains to be seen what the Miami WR corps will look like after this season, Wallace will likely be back, along with Jarvis Landry at the very least. It's possible they may go out and draft a bigger red-zone weapon, so Wallace's outlook could end up being very murky. His value was propped up this season by his 10 touchdowns.

2014 Week 17 vs NYJ (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

After a very touchdown dependent, but overall productive second season in Miami, Wallace's 2014 ended in disappointment as he pulled himself off the field for the second half. There are conflicting reports, as some reported that the coaching staff sat him down, but the overwhelming consensus is that Wallace quit on the team starting in the second half. It hasn't been a secret that the Tannehill-to-Wallace connection, especially on the deep-ball has been a source of discontent for Wallace. It obviously came to a head on Sunday, but it could have a whole lot of implications for next season. Wallace has a $3 million roster bonus due in March, so we may know sooner than later about his status with the team. They'd have to eat some of his remaining guaranteed money, but with Jarvis Landry's emergence, and a few other options at wide receiver, Wallace could be destined to hit the open market for the second time in three seasons.

2013 Week 1 vs CLE (5 / 1 / 15 / 0 rec)

Jeff Ireland overpaid for Mike Wallace. The stats that "60 Minutes" will put up over his career in Miami will very likely not be worth the $30 million guaranteed and $60 million overall. However, Wallace's value will resonate in other ways. The Browns were able to use single-coverage on Wallace yesterday because Joe Haden is one of the premier cover-corners in the NFL. Other teams will have to use multiple defensive backs to shadow the speedster. Dustin Keller would have been primed for a big year had he stayed healthy. Now, Charles Clay and Brandon Gibson could see a very soft middle of the field. Brian Hartline will no longer see the opponent's best cornerback. The effect Wallace has was clear in Week 1. Additionally, Joe Haden has always dominated him. Similar to Champ Bailey with Vincent Jackson, some corners can just eat up even the best wide receivers. Wallace will catch his share of passes, but as was the case in Pittsburgh, he will be dependent on the big play to boost his fantasy value. A larger problem will persist, though, if he continues to complain about his role. The team won the game, but he is whining about not getting the ball enough. That story sounds familiar and it never ends well. Wallace and Tannehill eventually should get on the same page, but it will take some time.

2013 Week 2 vs IND (11 / 9 / 115 / 1 rec)

After being shut down by Joe Haden again in Week 1, and a week of he said, she said, they said about his relationship with Ryan Tannehill, Wallace and his quarterback were on the same page early and often against the Colts. "60 Minutes" and Tannehill connected on all three targets on the first drive, hitting two comeback routes, before catching a wide receiver screen at the 20 and taking it to the house to open the scoring. He displayed his trademark straight-line speed as he picked up a few well-timed blocks to weave his way into the end zone. Tannehill continued to find his new toy on an array of routes throughout the game, including some crossing routes, which was never a staple of Wallace's game in his time in Pittsburgh. He also beat Greg Toler on a deep route for a 34-yard gain, which included a Toler holding penalty. The Dolphins' game plan clearly included getting Mike Wallace involved early and often, so the 9 catches were a career high for him. While he may not match his 9-catch day again, Tannehill looks as confident as ever, so the big days will continue to be there.

2013 Week 3 vs ATL (5 / 2 / 22 / 0 rec)

After his breakout performance last week against Indianapolis, Mike Wallace crashed back down to Earth. To be fair, Asante Samuel shadowed him for all afternoon, catching one of his passes against the ball-hawking corner. His other catch came when he lined up in the slot, which is something I'd expect to see the Dolphins do more of when Wallace is matched up with elite corners. It's not as if Wallace wasn't getting open. Tannehill missed him on a few throws, and didn't see him open on a few others. It's Mike Wallace we're talking about; this is just the natural order of the universe here. He's always going to be a hit or miss player, especially with Tannehill looking comfortable enough to spread around targets to the likes of Brandon Gibson and Rishard Matthews. Additionally, without the deep ball, the 4 catches for 110 yards and a touchdown lines will be few and far between.

2013 Week 4 vs NO (7 / 3 / 24 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace returned home to New Orleans, but it wasn't the homecoming he was looking for. He reeled in just 3 of his 7 targets and looked out of sorts with Ryan Tannehill all night. He was involved early, catching a pass on the first drive and converting it into a first down. On the Dolphins' third drive of the game, Tannehill took a deep shot to his $60 million receiver. It was a well-thrown ball down the right sideline, and Wallace had to slow down a hair, which allowed Keenan Lewis to recover in coverage. However, the ball fell right through Wallace's hands incomplete. It's a play that he gets paid to make, and he didn't make it. The rest of the game was just as poor for "60 Minutes." On multiple in-breaking routes he first slowed down, leading to Tannehill overthrowing the pass. Then, he sped up, which led to Tannehill throwing behind him. On, Tannehill's second interception, Wallace takes some responsibility. It was another throw that was off-line, but it's fair to question if Wallace was actually running crisp routes in the fourth quarter of a 38-17 game. The ball glanced off his hands, tipped by a Saints defender and picked off by Chris Carr. There will be better days for Wallace, but his game is as inconsistent as ever.

2013 Week 5 vs BAL (16 / 7 / 105 / 0 rec)

Wallace saw a regular season career high in targets on Sunday against the Ravens, but hauled in less than half of the 16 throws Ryan Tannehill sent his way. "60 Minutes" left yards and probably at least one touchdown on the field though, as he dropped three balls, including one inside the 5-yard-line. The Dolphins had to settle for a field goal on that drive, which obviously came back to haunt them. Tannehill looked Wallace's way early and often, which is a great sign, but the chemistry is still not quite down yet. There were instances when Wallace sat down on a route, while Tannehill expected him to keep going, and visa versa. They luckily have the bye to work out any of their "issues." It should be noted, though, Wallace was going up against Lardarius Webb, and yet, Tannehill still called his number 16 times, including on some deep shots. While Webb defended them well, the first shot they took connected, with Wallace adjusting to an underthrown ball and making an over-the-shoulder catch. Although he put up numbers this week on pure volume, and even though his quarterback is getting sacked at a high rate, it looks like Wallace is starting to come around in the Miami offense. Of course, there will still be weeks when Tannehill looks to his other targets, keeping Wallace in boom-or-bust territory, but maybe, we see more booms than busts going forward.

2013 Week 7 vs BUF (10 / 5 / 76 / 0 rec, 1 / 12 / 0 rush)

With another 10 targets, Mike Wallace continues to be one of Ryan Tannehill's favored targets so far this season. However, he'll likely draw some criticism for securing just 50% of those targets. There were a few targets that were slightly off, but certainly catchable for Wallace. Securing them would likely have pushed him over 100 yards for the day, but more importantly, would have kept drives going. The good news is that the pair hit on another deep ball, this time into double coverage. Tannehill picked on the recently returning Stephon Gilmore and Jairus Byrd for sideline throw. Byrd was late coming over to support Gilmore, and Wallace is always going to win a straight line speed battle, especially with Gilmore sporting a cast and club on his fractured wrist. The issue for Wallace is that Tannehill does not really look his way in the red zone, and unless that changes, he'll be more of a boom or bust option. Additionally, Tannehill can always look to someone else if Wallace isn't getting open.

2013 Week 8 vs NE (10 / 3 / 41 / 0 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

It was another disappointing fantasy effort for Mike Wallace on Sunday against the Patriots. With Aqib Talib out for a second consecutive week, there was hope for Wallace fans, as some combination of Kyle Arrington, Logan Ryan, and Marquice Cole would be covering him. Those three rotated in coverage on Wallace all day, but he had little luck yet again. With Alfonzo Dennard blanketing Brian Hartline, the Pats were able to shade Devin McCourty to Wallace whenever they wanted to. This played a huge role in Tannehill's first INT, but Wallace was not without his own blame in this one. He was targeted in the end zone before Brandon Gibson's TD, but wasn't physical enough with Arrington to win and secure the catch. But, his biggest letdown was a drop he had near the end zone in the third quarter. With the Dolphins up 17-3 and looking for more, Wallace dropped a pass at the 3-yard line on a second down play. At the worst, Miami has first and goal inside the 5; and at best, Wallace scores, putting the Fins up 24-3. Instead, Tannehill was sacked on the next play and Caleb Sturgis missed the subsequent field goal, swinging the game. Wallace has been disappointing so far, but still flashed his game breaking speed on a 25-yard screen on a 3rd and 23. For optimists, his 10 targets still led the team, so the Dolphins are still trying to get him the ball.

2013 Week 9 vs CIN (8 / 6 / 82 / 0 rec)

Wallace once again paced the Dolphins with 8 targets on Thursday night. Wallace looked as good as he has all season, despite picking up nearly half of his yards on one play. He could've had a much bigger day, and may have been the hero of the night for Miami had he corralled the deep ball in overtime. But, he was tripped up by Terance Newman and missed out on a possible 160+ yard receiving day. However, Wallace was running precise routes and Tannehill was finding him. They were just displaying better chemistry than they had all season. So, there seems to be some hope for Mike Wallace owners going forward. If Tannehill can get the protection he received last night, there will be some opportunities for deep shots to his big play threat. They've hit on two of them in last two games. If they can hit one 30 to 40 yard shot per game, Wallace can make a good fantasy day in one play. While it's always a risk to depend on Wallace, it looks like the second half of his season will be a lot more consistent and fruitful for fantasy owners.

2013 Week 10 vs TB (7 / 4 / 15 / 0 rec)

It was another dud of an effort for Mike Wallace, as the $60 million man failed to make the most of his few opportunities. After being targeted three times in the first half, Wallace dropped a pass on the opening drive of the second half, and only saw two targets from Ryan Tannehill again. He was open deep, but his quarterback missed him. A wide receiver screen, which has been one of the few plays working for Wallace this season, was blown up. On a simple curl route, he just dropped a pass. Drawing Darrelle Revis' coverage all night, Wallace found rough sledding trying to separate from a finally healthy Revis. At times, Wallace didn't look like he even wanted to be out there, loafing it on a few run block assignments. With Rishard Matthews going off for a huge stat line, odds are pretty good that this will be Wallace's worst game of the season. However, due to their poor protection, Miami has zero downfield passing threat. On top of that, Tannehill has a budding chemistry with new slot man Rishard Matthews, and Brian Hartline is not going anywhere. Wallace is really nothing more than a boom-or-bust WR3 at this point.

2013 Week 11 vs SD (6 / 4 / 39 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace's owners have to be clawing their eyes out after another sub-par performance from Miami's $60 million man. Of course, just like last Monday night, Wallace cannot be held accountable for another dud. Wallace has always been able to make a fantasy day on one play, which he did so often in Pittsburgh, but the big plays aren't flowing like they did in the Steel City. When plays broke down, Ben Roethlisberger always seemed able to find Wallace streaking down the sideline. This season, even when "60 Minutes" beats his man, Tannehill can't throw an accurate ball. And when his quarterback delivers an on-time pass, Wallace suffers a bout of the drops. Moreover, Wallace can't be counted on to soak up targets. There have been and will be more games where Wallace is the fourth most targeted player on the team. It's been a lost year for the deep threat, but on the plus side, Wallace is sure to be a bargain in next year's drafts.

2013 Week 12 vs CAR (10 / 5 / 127 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace finally a game that was reminiscent of his days in Pittsburgh. A little more than a quarter into the game, Wallace caught two 50+ yard passes, had over 100 yards, and caught a touchdown, rewarding any fantasy owners who had actually stayed with him through his weeks of under producing. On his touchdown, Wallace showed good concentration to stay with the ball, as Captain Munnerlyn was badgering him throughout the catch. On his other big play, Wallace adjusted and came back to an underthrown deep ball by his quarterback. Additionally, he picked up a leg injury on the play, missed some snaps sporadically throughout the rest of the game, but looked like he came through the game okay. The two near-misses he had in the second half will be talked about for a while. In the third quarter, Wallace burned Munnerlyn again, but this time, Tannehill overthrew him. Then, with less than 30 seconds left, Tannehill and Wallace just missed again. Wallace dropped the ball, but if the pass was out in front of him he very well may have hauled it in. Although it's taken nearly three-quarters of the season, Tannehill and Wallace may finally be close to the same page. Fantasy owners may want to wait and see Wallace prove it with another big game, but most owners won't have a choice with playoff spots on the line next week.

2013 Week 13 vs NYJ (9 / 7 / 82 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace turned in his second straight quality performance of the 2013 season on Sunday. He was very efficient with his targets as well, hauling in 7 of 9 passes that came his way. Wallace did all of his damage in the short and intermediate game, relying on his after the catch quicks to get him some yards after the catch. With Ed Reed providing safety help over the top, Wallace would run open, but it simply did not make sense for Tannehill to force the ball to him. His touchdown a nice run after the catch, leaping to corral a high throw from Tannehill, but turning upfield and slipping a tackle from Dee Milliner before getting into the end zone. While his effort has to be questioned on the popup interception that Tannehill threw - Wallace didn't even try and interfere with Cromartie - that was really the only blemish for Wallace on the day. With a Week 15 matchup with Aqib Talib looming, "60 Minutes" has several cake matchups with Pittsburgh's burnable secondary (in a revenge game, no less) and against another struggling secondary in Buffalo. Fantasy owners who made the playoffs with Mike Wallace on their roster may finally be able to trust him in their starting lineup as the playoffs hit. As always, there's still risk here.

2013 Week 14 vs PIT (5 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

In his homecoming to Pittsburgh, where he spent the first four seasons of his career, Mike Wallace probably didn't have the game he wanted. Early on, though, it looked like Wallace was at least going to do some damage in the short passing game, as Tannehill found him twice on Miami's one touchdown drive of the first half. However, that was the extent of Wallace's day, as a couple of deep shots fell incomplete for the the pair in the second half and Wallace disappointed owners who had started him after a solid two week run. Instead of drawing right cornerback Ike Taylor's coverage for most of the day, Wallace saw left cornerback Keenan Lewis, who has been playing a lot better than the aging Taylor. Additionally, with help over the top from Ryan Clark on deep shots, Tannehill was able to pick on Taylor and the rest of the secondary that struggled to keep up with Charles Clay. Wallace likely has a date with Aqib Talib next week, and after Talib was burned by Josh Gordon, there's hope that Wallace could break free for a big play or two, Talib held him to 3-41 in their last meeting, so fantasy owners who are still in the playoffs will be rolling the dice if they start him.

2013 Week 15 vs NE (9 / 6 / 105 / 1 rec, 1 / 13 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace continues to string together solid performances after turning in his third startable performance in the last four weeks on Sunday against the Patriots. Wallace tied for the team lead with 9 targets, and was involved throughout most of the afternoon as his connection with Ryan Tannehill looked as legitimate as it had all season. They hit on a few comebacks and shorter routes early on, but the biggest play came in the second quarter. The Dolphins had been blanked to that point and were driving at the end of the half. With Kyle Arrington off to the side getting stretched out, Tannehill decided to work on Marquice Cole. Tannehill delivered a well thrown ball, but Wallace made the play after the catch. He caught the contested pass, and then showed off what he's capable of doing with the ball in his hands. He just sidestepped Steve Gregory, and was off to the races, scoring easily. Wallace provides the opportunity for a big play every week, and they are starting to come later in the season. Buffalo's secondary had been very burnable early in the season, but have since become a little better, as Stephon Gilmore and Jairus Byrd have become healthy. The Dolphins will still have opportunities to make some plays downfield.

2013 Week 16 vs BUF (11 / 4 / 38 / 0 rec)

Wallace saw a team high 11 targets on Sunday, but when the team puts up 103 total yards, there aren't any real winners in fantasy. Wallace's quarterback got him involved early, as the Dolphins picked up the majority of their SIX first downs in the first half. Tannehill actually managed to target Wallace downfield on three occasions, but due to the high pressure, he under threw one and overthrew another two while drawing coverage from Leodis McKelvin for most of the day. Wallace was able to get open on shorter routes for most of the day, but the pressure on Ryan Tannehill was too stifling for any consistent hook ups. Sitting at 905 yards entering Week 17, Wallace's season will likely be looked at as a disappointment after signing his big money contract in March. However, Wallace has certainly provided a sorely lacking field-stretching element to the Dolphins' offense, opening up Brian Hartline to a solid campaign, as well as helping Charles Clay to a breakout season. As the Miami offensive line is set to improve (they can't really get much worse), the deep connection between Tannehill and Wallace should also improve. Wallace's solid run to end the season should continue against an abysmal Jets secondary. With the Dolphins facing a must win, they will stop it nothing to win.

2013 Week 17 vs NYJ (12 / 5 / 25 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace concluded an up and down 2013 season with another rocky performance against the Jets. There were some good and bad moments for the big free agent signing this season, but he fell short of 1,000 yards by 70 yards after struggling to establish chemistry with Ryan Tannehill from the outset of the season. Although it may go down as a failed season, Wallace did do his job as a deep threat, drawing attention away from the rest of the field and letting Brian Hartline and Charles Clay enjoy good seasons. Against the Jets, he worked on rookie Dee Milliner for much of the day. The rookie has struggled for most of the season, but has been coming on lately, and it showed on Sunday. The only play Wallace got the best of Milliner was on the TD, faking outside, before quickly moving back inside for the easy catch. Milliner was burned by Wallace on another occasion, but Tannehill led Wallace by a hair, and the pass fell incomplete. On another deep ball to the end zone, Milliner recovered nicely to knock the ball out at the last moment. While there could have been a case for pass interference, Milliner timed his play right. With Brian Hartline's knee injury still unknown, Wallace may be even more important early on in 2014. He'll return as Tannehill's de facto #1 target, with expectations slightly ticked up after another offseason to work with his quarterback.

2012 Week 1 vs DEN (6 / 4 / 37 / 1 rec)

Considering he missed the entirety of training camp, Wallace had a nice showing in this game. His first catch was a 14-yard grab on a 3rd-and-15 where he ran a skinny post type of route towards the numbers and was barely tackled before the first down. He also showed his trademark deep speed despite not being able to connect on a long ball. Late in the game, Wallace streaked down the left sideline and was only denied a catch by a great play from the late-closing Tracy Porter (who had a top-notch performance Sunday night). Wallace also received an endzone target, which he was able to convert. From the wide-left side of the formation, Wallace ran a slant over top of a quick out by the slot receiver. Wallace kept the defender on his left hip nicely and caught a very well-thrown ball by Roethlisberger, who recognized that he had to throw the rare back-shoulder slant. Wallace will continue to grow from this performance as he gets 100% up to speed in the new offense. The Steelers' passing game is their biggest (and perhaps their only) strength.

2012 Week 2 vs NYJ (5 / 5 / 74 / 1 rec)

Wallace flashed some signs of the big-play guy he has always been when he caught a 37-yard touchdown. The ball was underthrown, perhaps intentionally, and he made an adjustment on it that left Antonio Cromartie over-running the play and out of position. Wallace also made some nice plays on short and intermediate routes, including a well-run curl route where he sold the deep route and got wide open to gain first down yardage. Wallace doesn't look like a player who missed all of camp. His role and impact should only continue to grow as he progresses.

2012 Week 3 vs OAK (11 / 8 / 123 / 1 rec, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

Wallace's performance in the first three games would have you believe he was present for all of training camp and has been in Todd Haley's offense for years. He's finding open spaces on all levels of the defense and running crisp routes. Instead of a deep ball specialist, he's turning into a go-to WR. Wallace and Roethlisberger's rapport was evident on Wallace's touchdown, as Wallace continued his route across the back of the endzone - always with an eye on Roethliberger, who was extending the play. Wallace began the 2011 season hot out of the gates and then cooled off, but there are no signs of that in an offense where he's the number one option and will be throwing often to support a bad running game.

2012 Week 5 vs PHI (8 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

Wallace didn't have a good game as the Steelers' gameplan wasn't complementary to his skill-set. He didn't work back to the football after Roethlisberger scrambled in the pocket to extend the play. Wallace's lacklusture effort allowed the defender to knock the ball down. His first catch was a curl route in the soft spot of zone coverage. His second reception was taken away from him when a linebacker made an obvious pass interference play on him that went uncalled underneath. Wallace's biggest potential reception on the day was wasted when he dropped a deep out after Roethlisberger threw him a very accurate pass.

2012 Week 6 vs TEN (4 / 2 / 94 / 1 rec)

Wallace only had two catches on the game, but he made one count. On an 82-yard touchdown catch, Wallace simply ran past the cornerback guarding him (despite significant cushion in what appeared to deep-thirds coverage) and hauled in the on-the-money pass from Ben Roethlisberger. He didn't even need a double move to beat very soft coverage deep, which is vintage Wallace. Another vintage Wallace component to his game also showed up though - his tendency to go un-noticed for much of the game (especially on 3rd downs). Antonio Brown has been the preferred 3rd down target since the middle of last season, but he was blanketed pretty well in the game (leading to his low catch rate). It's the kind of situation where a high-caliber receiver should step up and demand the ball, but crisp route-running and precise timing with his quarterback still aren't parts of Wallace's game. Roethlisberger only looked his way four times. None were in the second quarter, and the last was with 9:56 left in the game.

2012 Week 7 vs CIN (15 / 8 / 52 / 0 rec, 2 / 7 / 0 rush)

- Mike Wallace had a game to forget against the Bengals. Despite being very effective on receiver screens and quick slants, he was unable to capitalize on mid-range and deep passes. Despite Ben Roethlisberger accurately targeting him all over the field, Wallace had two costly drops on plays that would have resulted in large gains. His first drop came on a sure first down on a Roethlisberger pass. On the play, Wallace ran a crossing pattern from right to left as Roethlisberger tried to avoid the pass rush. The quarterback threw off his back foot, hitting Wallace in the hands just past the first down marker. Perhaps Wallace's most egregious drop of the day came on a deep pass from Roethlisberger to the left back corner of the end zone. Wallace had beaten his man and had to slow down to wait for the ball. The Bengals' defender managed to get a finger on the ball, disrupting its path just enough that Wallace could not secure it. That said, the ball bounced right off his hands yet again. Wallace also had two rushes on end arounds, the first resulting in a six yard loss and the second going for a 13 yard gain and a first down. The Steelers were focused all game on putting the ball in Wallace's hands both as a receiver and a rusher. Even with the drops he still had 8 receptions. But considering the 15 targets that came his way and the drops he had on long opportunities, Wallace is fortunate that his erratic play did not contribute to the Steelers losing an important divisional contest.

2012 Week 8 vs WAS (9 / 7 / 62 / 0 rec)

Wallace's yards per catch average may be suffering as a result of Todd Haley's quick-passing attack, but the amount of targets he's receiving seems to be keeping him in the game mentally and giving him more chances to be consistent. On the team's very first drive, Wallace had three catches for 22 yards - all three of which were on passes thrown fewer than five yards down the field. The team's continued usage of quick wide receiver screens to get its playmakers in space as a way to supplement the run game and stay on schedule are making Wallace and Antonio Brown a significant part of the game plan. Wallace isn't striking deep as often as in years past, but Pittsburgh is likely to change that as the season progresses. So far this season, opposing defenses have a lot of film on the short passing game. When Pittsburgh sees an opportunity to uncork a deep ball on a defense leaning forward, they'll take it. Another thing to keep in mind for the whole Pittsburgh passing game is that a newly-discovered effective run game opens up play action - a great way to get Wallace and the gang deep.

2012 Week 9 vs NYG (5 / 3 / 66 / 1 rec)

Mike Wallace only had 3 catches but one catch was all he needed to show the world how incredibly gifted he is with the ball in his hands. In the fourth quarter, Wallace produced an incredibly athletic play on a simple in breaking route on the outside. Wallace secured the catch over the middle of the field and turned on his elite speed to outrun the entire defense. Wallace ran away from all would-be tacklers, made the safeties look silly with terrible tackling angles and simply had too much speed to be caught from behind once he got rolling. Wallace only managed short gains apart from this and wasn't able to produce another big play despite the absence of WR Brown. However, the Steelers were not able to throw deep down the field and they emphasised a running game that was incredibly productive for them and greatly reduced the number of pass attempts from QB Roethlisberger. The Steelers also got the football on very short fields often due to some excellent special teams plays and methodically moved down the field with good run/pass balance that didn't require big plays down the field from Wallace.

2012 Week 10 vs KC (8 / 3 / 14 / 1 rec)

Wallace's first reception came over the middle for seven yards. The Steelers took their first shot to Mike Wallace deep in the second quarter, but the ball hit off Wallace's finger tips and fell to the ground. If Wallace is blamed for a drop on the deep ball, he definitely made up for it at the goalline with a one handed catch over Brandon Flowers when he used his knees to coral the football. Wallace caught a quick pass in the flat from Leftwich, but screen passes weren't working with Leftwich in the game as his release allowed defenders to arrive with the football. Wallace had one deep target with Leftwich in the game, a better throw would have given him a chance coming free over the middle, but the quarterback overthrew him.

2012 Week 11 vs BAL (6 / 4 / 26 / 0 rec)

It was a frustrating game for Wallace. On his team's first play from scrimmage, Wallace was open on a deep post down the left sideline, but the Baltimore defender grabbed him and negated the play. A penalty was called, but a successful completion would have boosted his confidence and set the tone for the game. Wallace demonstrated he can get behind defenders quickly and showed his initial push off the line of scrimmage. During his team's next drive, Wallace caught a slant route in traffic and accelerated up the field for 15 yards. However, Baltimore corner, Chris Johnson poked the ball away after Wallace secured the catch, resulting in a turnover. This mistake led to three Baltimore points. During the second quarter, Wallace secured his second reception on a nine-yard, out-route. Wallace defeated the press coverage at the line of scrimmage for inside position before making his break to the sideline. During the second half, Wallace had an opportunity to score a touchdown, but a poor Leftwich throw negated the opportunity. On a 3rd-and-2 play, Wallace ran a fade route in the end-zone, but was only able to get one foot in bounds. If Leftwich delivers a better ball, Wallace completes the play and gives Pittsburgh the lead. During the fourth quarter, Wallace secured two catches for minimal gains. His last reception occurred on the last play of the game where laterals ensued.

2012 Week 12 vs CLE (6 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

If it wasn't for two occasions on which he and Charlie Batch weren't on the same page, Wallace would have been nearly invisible in the first half. He had zero catches in the opening 30 minutes and was targeted deep twice, both of which were routes he broke off and ended up nowhere near the ball. Wallace's second half wasn't much better. A drive prior to a 3rd down play where he and Batch appeared to reading a different book again, Wallace was targeted on a quick slant. The ball was on his back hip, but it was catchable. Instead, he bobbled it, and a tip drill that led to a Cleveland interception ensued. Wallace might just be slacking his way out of Pittsburgh, as he continues to appear apathetic for large portions of games. The interception made by Joe Haden was on an underthrown deep ball to Wallace. While it would have been a tough play to prevent, Wallace showed no effort or physicality to "play defense" and attempt to prevent the interception. He has elite speed, but he's not progressing in route-running or physical play that a guy needs to be an "elite" receiver.

2012 Week 13 vs BAL (8 / 5 / 44 / 0 rec)

Wallace caught an underneath reception for six yards on second and nine for his first catch of the day. Notably, he was very aggressive with the ball and looked determined opposed to shying away from contact, as he has somewhat in recent weeks. Regardless of how he looked then, Wallace dropped a deep ball down the right sideline that was an easy reception. To go along with the drop, Wallace had his feet out of bounds when the ball arrived also even though he wasn't under any pressure. Wallace was wide open in the endzone only a few plays later, but Charlie Batch dramatically over threw him. Wallace caught a shallow comeback route over the middle towards the end of the third quarter. Wallace's next catch came with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. In single coverage, Wallace ran a deep curl on a perfectly timed pass from Batch. Batch went straight back to Wallace on a quick pass to the flat when he sprinted forward for eight yards. He was shaken up at the end of the play. Wallace came back two plays later, before catching a deep comeback late in the play for a first down and 10 yards.

2012 Week 14 vs SD (11 / 7 / 112 / 2 rec, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

With QB Ben Roethlisberger returning from injury after a three week absence, it was expected that Wallace would once again regain his regular role within the offense. The Steelers clearly made a concerted effort to get him involved, right from the opening play. They ran a designed screen to Wallace to get the ball in his hands. Pittsburgh also gave the ball to Wallace on a WR reverse handoff. Those plays didn't go very far, but Wallace still saw a great deal of opportunities throughout. That's not to say he took advantage of all the extra looks. He had a chance for a huge play midway through the second quarter on a deep ball from their own 12-yard line. Roethlisberger hit Wallace in stride, but the ball hit his fingertips and fell incomplete. Had the ball been thrown closer to the middle of the field, it probably would have been an 88-yard touchdown. Since it was thrown a little bit to the outside, Wallace had to make an adjustment for it at the last moment and it bounced away incomplete. He was targeted on another deep ball down the sideline later in the first half. Wallace looked to be interfered with, but no call was made. With the Chargers up big in the second half, the defense softened a bit and Wallace took full advantage. He got loose to make a nice grab in traffic on a 40-yard bomb to the end zone (a perfect pass by Roethlisberger). And on one mid-fourth quarter drive, Wallace totaled 45 yards on four receptions - capping the drive with an 11-yard touchdown grab over the middle. He reached up and caught it with his hands instead of letting it get to his body, and was able to put the finishing touches on a big afternoon (and more importantly, a return to fantasy relevance).

2012 Week 15 vs DAL (10 / 4 / 95 / 0 rec)

Roethlisberger and Wallace couldn't connect early in the game over the middle when Brandon Carr made a good play on the football. Roethlisberger went back to Wallace again in the first quarter as he tried to hit him deep down the right sideline, but couldn't connect again. Roehtlisberger went straight back to Wallace for a backshoulder throw and a first down on the next snap. The Cowboys challenged that reception however and it was overturned. Another drop for Wallace. Wallace finally caught the deep ball behind the secondary that had been evading him all season long in the third quarter. Wallace ran a deep seam route before catching the ball inside the two yard line. After his big gain deep, Roethlisberger threw a slant bubble screen to Wallace that went for 20 yards down the right sideline. Wallace caught a crossing route underneath on second and six for four yards. Wallace caught a wide open curl route underneath for 11 yards and a first down.

2012 Week 16 vs CIN (5 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

On third and four, Wallace broke free on a deep crossing route, but Roethlisberger couldn't hit him on a difficult pass while moving outside the pocket. Wallace's first reception came in the third quarter on a deep comeback when he did well to catch the ball and keep his feet in bounds. The Steelers went straight back to Wallace on an end around that was read and stopped for a loss by the Bengals.

2011 Week 1 vs BAL (11 / 8 / 107 / 0 rec)

Wallace is known for his big-play ability, but the Ravens' secondary did a nice job keeping the lid on the Pittsburgh's offense. The safeties mainly stayed deep (which worked quite well for Ed Reed with two interceptions), and the cornerbacks played off the Steeler receivers - especially Wallace. His longest catch on the day was 26 yards. He did show, however, that he can still be effective on underneath routes. One of his catches was on a quick screen where he bolted upfield for a nice gain of nine yards. Wallace is the kind of receiver who can turn a two-yard pass into a touchdown from anywhere on the field. If teams are going to yield the short and intermediate routes to Wallace, he needs to capitalize as he did in this game in order to still be valuable. Once the defenders come up or get sucked in by play-action (which Pittsburgh couldn't do after being down by so much in this game), Wallace will get over the top for his patented long bombs.

2011 Week 2 vs SEA (9 / 8 / 126 / 1 rec)

Wallace followed up a nice effort in a loss with a superb performance in a win. His eight catches once again show that he and the team view him as more than just a deep threat who gets the most out of his 4-6 targets per game. The team is using him on all kinds of routes - including a beautiful slant-fade from the two where he caught his touchdown pass. Wallace faked out Browner (who may have been peeking into the backfield a bit as well) and easily separated from him to haul in the TD. The catch he made on his longest play of the day - a 53-yarder - was excellent. Roethlisberger was forced from the pocket a bit and had to throw in the face of a rush, which prevented him from keeping the pass outside the numbers on Wallace's line. Wallace altered his route slightly and snagged the ball with his fingertips just before its lead point hit the ground. It was a great exhibition of Wallace's ability to separate from defenders and adjust to a pass while it's in the air. As mentioned earlier, his day could have been bigger in the stat sheet if not for the pass interference call on Browner on what would have been a sure 40-yard TD.

2011 Week 3 vs IND (7 / 5 / 144 / 1 rec)

This is the Mike Wallace everyone is used to seeing. While tying a career-high with 8 catches in each of the team's first two games, Wallace was very effective and was catching balls underneath coverage and taking what was given to him. In this game, however, he got loose deep on a very long route. Starting wide left, Wallace ran a deep post and got behind everyone, eventually catching the ball on the right side of the hash marks. The Indianapolis coverage on the play was poor in idea and execution as middle linebacker Pat Angerer was attempting to run with Wallace until safety help presented itself. As described in the Roethlisberger section, the safety was looked off effective and allowed Wallace to get behind him for the huge play.

2011 Week 4 vs HOU (4 / 4 / 77 / 0 rec)

Wallace's streak of 100-yards games was broken. He caught a variety of passes in this one though. His first was a short pass where he added some yardage after the catch. On one occasion Ben had time (most likely due to two-minute drill, no-huddle conditions having Houston in the dime), Wallace ran a deep cross from wide right to numbers-left for a big gain to set up a scoring chance before halftime (on which the Steelers didn't score). In past years, the line issues would have been a serious worry for Wallace's production as he was more "boom-or-bust" until this season. With his growth running the full route tree and making plays with 10 yards of the line of scrimmage, he'll still be a valuable asset even if he doesn't hit his trademark "homerun" bomb as frequently.

2011 Week 5 vs TEN (7 / 6 / 82 / 1 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Wallace continues to blossom into a top-notch receiver. He catches short passes throughout the game but is always a threat to go deep at any time - as evidenced by his late TD in this game. Wallace showed great hands on a pass that he scooped off the ground. It was originally ruled incomplete, but after a challenge, it was obvious that Wallace did a great job getting under the ball and securing the first-down catch. His speed continues to be unquestionably elite.

2011 Week 6 vs JAX (6 / 2 / 76 / 1 rec)

Wallace continues to show that he's among the league's elite at the position. In what is likely to be among his least productive days of the year in terms of catches and targets, he still had an impact on the game and was able to get loose for a touchdown over the top of coverage. Pittsburgh ran tight end Heath Miller on a post and ran Wallace on one behind him from the same side of the field. Jacksonville's safety latched on to Miller as he crossed first, allowing Wallace to get behind him in the endzone. His other catch was a great display of concentration. After beating Rashean Mathis, the ball hung up on him a bit, allowing Mathis to get back into the play. The ball was slightly tipped by Mathis as it got into Wallace's hands. He juggled and maintained the catch for the first down gain. Wallace was also targeted on another deep play, but Roethlisberger threw the ball too far outside for him. Pittsburgh knows what he does best, and they are not afraid to utilize that skill multiple times in each game.

2011 Week 7 vs ARI (7 / 3 / 118 / 1 rec)

It's almost getting old to say that Wallace is the fastest receiver in the NFL and can get behind any defensive back in the league. Much like last week, he did most of his damage on just one catch and had a couple other deep targets that he was unable to haul in. Double-coverage doesn't even stop him when he simply runs past it. Wallace's speed is elite, and the hamstring injury that popped up during the week didn't seem to be any problem at all.

2011 Week 8 vs NE (7 / 7 / 70 / 0 rec)

This 70 yards represent's Wallace's lowest total of the year. It does not in my estimation, however, represent some kind of downward trend for him. Pittsburgh's plan was clearly to beat New England underneath, sustain drives, and possess the ball. Hitting Wallace deep would have been nice, but it would have put New England's offense back on the field and may have opened up the flood gates to a shootout that Pittsburgh clearly didn't want. Wallace likely caught as many passes in the middle of the field less than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage in this game than he has all year. He also had a couple of quick screens designed to get him in space and supplement the run game. On one of those, he was a good Heath Miller block away from breaking it down the sideline, but Miller couldn't quite get enough leverage to fully push the defender out of the way. Wallace is still elite, and the silver lining of a "bad" game (if 7 - 70 is bad) like this shows that he's learning to run every route and isn't simply a one-trick pony.

2011 Week 9 vs BAL (6 / 4 / 68 / 1 rec)

Wallace was relatively quiet for the early parts of this game, receiving just one first half target and zero catches. The team got him more involved in the second half though. Wallace showed his blazing speed on his touchdown catch in a different fashion that his typical straight-upfield go routes that leave defensive backs in his wake. On this catch, he started wide left and ran a deep route. Roethlisberger rolled right, so Wallace ran his route that way too. He streaked across the goal line and snagged the TD catch all the way in the front-right corner of the endzone. Wallace is an elite receiver who has reached the level of being able to produce even against the toughest of defenses.

2011 Week 10 vs CIN (10 / 6 / 54 / 0 rec, 2 / 31 / 0 rush)

Wallace did not have a long TD today but that was due to the windy conditions and good coverage by the defense. But he was still heavily involved in the offense by converting two key 3rd down plays. He also showed off his speed on two reverses for 31 yards. It was also nice to see him have a decent game without the long bombs we are so accustomed to see from him and Roethlisberger. Wallace is continuing to develop as a complete receiver and is not just a deep threat.

2011 Week 12 vs KC (6 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

Wallace had a drop in the first quarter that would have been a sure TD. He started at the left of the formation and ran along the back line of the endzone, beating two defenders. Roethlisberger fired a dart, and Wallace slid but couldn't keep his hands on the ball. He was held in check for most of the game as Pittsburgh struggled to get into a rhythm against an exuberant Kansas City defense. Wallace did have two deep targets though. One was somewhat underthrown into double coverage, and the other was slightly tipped by the defender just before it got to him. He's still elite - just a tough game against a spirited defensive effort here.

2011 Week 13 vs CIN (5 / 3 / 38 / 2 rec, 1 / -3 / 0 rush)

It's ironic that Wallace scored multiple touchdowns in one of his least productive yardage games so far this season. The effort shown on his second touchdown, though, was a thing of beauty. He caught a quick screen pass and ran through multiple defenders, breaking a few tackles on his way to the end zone. Wallace also had one of his trademark deep targets, a play that resulted in a long pass interference penalty which set up a second quarter touchdown.

2011 Week 14 vs CLE (5 / 4 / 57 / 0 rec, 1 / 21 / 0 rush)

Wallace began the night on a high note, catching a 22-yard pass on Pittsburgh's first offensive play. He also ran for 21 yards on an end around later in that drive, one that resulted in a touchdown pass by Roethlisberger. The Roethlisberger injury certainly hurt the rhythm of the pass offense, but a couple of fumbles deep in Cleveland territory also contributed. Wallace is still as fast as any player in the league and continues to force defenses to play 1-2 steps deeper than they would against most teams.

2011 Week 15 vs SF (11 / 5 / 66 / 0 rec)

Perhaps a microcosm of Pittsburgh's offensive night, Wallace's biggest plays came on routes where he caught the ball within eight yards of the line of scrimmage. He opened his night with a nice slant route after Pittsburgh motioned a receiver to a four-WR bunch and left Wallace isolated one-on-one to catch the pass. He also caught a 3rd-down pass on a drag route that converted a first. But he was without his signature deep ball catch or causing of a pass interference penalty. He beat his man by two steps on a first quarter deep attempt, but Roethlisberger threw a flat ball that overshot Wallace. It will be interesting to see how frequently Wallace can make himself available for Charlie Batch if Roethlisberger rests his ankle next week.

2011 Week 16 vs STL (7 / 4 / 82 / 0 rec)

Wallace continues to show that he's not a one-trick pony. Perhaps his most impressive play was a drag route from the offensive right side where Batch avoided rushers and lofted the ball over the defensive line to get it to Wallace in stride. Wallace used his speed to do the rest as he turned up the sideline for 20 yards. He did get back to his deep-ball-catching ways in this game though. Wallace got deep past one-on-one coverage for what appeared to be a 48-yard TD. Replay review ruled that he was down at the 1-yard line. Either way, it was the highlight play of the Pittsburgh passing game, and must have been a sight for sore eyes for a team who hadn't connected with Wallace deep in a couple weeks.

2011 Week 17 vs CLE (5 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Wallace and Roethlisberger were clearly not on the same page. On two separate occasions, quick slant passes hit Wallace in the helmet because he wasn't looking. On another occasion - this time a drag route - Wallace's head again wasn't up as Roethlisberger was looking to throw hot to counter-act the rush. Wallace's one catch was on a quick screen where he made some great moves to gain his 11 yards. But the team needs to get the Roethlisberger-to-Wallace connection back on track. Wallace's lone deep catch in the last few weeks came on a pass thrown by Charlie Batch.

2011 Week 18 vs DEN (10 / 3 / 26 / 0 rec, 1 / 1 / 1 rush)

Wallace had many chances to make an impact on this game. He was given multiple deep targets, both on the quick "throw it up" type plays and also on plays where Roethlisberger held the ball and let Wallace attempt to beat coverage. In the second quarter, after momentum had begun shifting to Denver, Roethlisberger appeared to hit Wallace over the top for a 52-yard gain. Wallace, however, allowed the ball to hit the ground as he tumbled. In the fourth quarter, Wallace appeared to have beaten Champ Bailey on a deep post, but the ball was delivered a bit late, allowing Bailey to make up ground and nearly intercept the pass. Also in the second quarter, he caught a drag route at four yards on a 3rd-and-10. He had no defenders within three yards and appeared to have an easy lane to turn upfield and gain the first down. Instead, he ran toward the sideline in an "east-west" fashion and didn't get the necessary yardage. Wallace started this season looking like he was going to be an All-Pro. But he ended the season looking like a guy struggling to do more than one thing at a high level. When that one thing is going deep - a low percentage pass - impact on games is going to be sporadic and inconsistent. Wallace needs to learn how to be more productive on the short and intermediate levels so he doesn't "disappear" for portions of games.

2010 Week 1 vs ATL (5 / 2 / 62 / 0 rec)

Wallace continued to show his knack for getting behind opposing secondaries with his 52-yard catch in the third quarter. His only other reception was also a nice play but of a totally different kind. He made a nice play actually coming back to the ball instead of going deep and running under it. As a starting receiver, Wallace will need to have many more of the latter-type of catches to be a high-impact player. As mentioned earlier, his skill set alone makes him less valuable without Roethlisberger. As Dixon gets more comfortable with the offense, as game plans open up, as teams score on the Steelers and force them to be more aggressive, and when Roethlisberger returns, Wallace will become more and more dangerous in this offense. As a second year player and first year starter, his impact will come with further repetitions and experience.

2010 Week 2 vs TEN (4 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

Wallace was a big part of the Pittsburgh passing game (paltry as it was). He had one reception that was broken up by a beautiful play from Chris Hope and had another TD reception called back due to a holding penalty. He was also able to come up with a fumbled snap at the end of the first quarter. He had a nice 15 yard catch and run near the end of the first half and set up another field goal for the Steelers.

2010 Week 3 vs TB (4 / 3 / 100 / 2 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Great concentration. That is the best way to describe Mike Wallace and his performance on Sunday. It leaves you wondering what this guy is going to do when Ben Roethlisberger comes back to the lineup. Wallace was the WR making these spectacular catches in the end zone for Pittsburgh. The 1st one was really a situation where the Tampa Bay DB lost track of Wallace and the ball but Wallace had great concentration and made the catch look rather easy. His second touchdown however was a thing of beauty. Batch under threw the pass a bit and it was tipped up in the air by the defender and Wallace in full stride into the back corner of the end zone kept his concentration and took the tip into his hands for a touchdown. Wallace didn't have to run a lot of deep routes because of the score but when he went deep Batch found him and connected with him. Wallace is flashing skills beyond most second year players in the NFL.

2010 Week 4 vs BAL (6 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec, 1 / 1 / 0 rush)

All anyone has to do is watch this game after Wallace tore up Tampa Bay last week to see the night-and-day difference in those two opposing defenses. Outside of the aberration last week, Wallace was held down much like Ward in the non-Roethlisberger games. Many anticipated that his numbers - moreso that Ward's - would be affected by Roethlisberger's absence. The Tampa Bay game probably proved that wrong. In the limited opportunity he has been given due to the Steelers' conservative offense, Wallace has shown signs of being a "spark plug" who can make splash plays. His first reception in this game was a slant that he turned into a 20-yard play with a bit of run-after-catch yardage. Although he was unable to catch any deep balls, the Steelers certainly tried to find him again in this one. Despite the cushion being given by the Ravens' defensive backs, Wallace was nearly able to haul in long TDs on two separate occasions - most notably one in the 4th quarter where the ball was in his hands in the endzone but got knocked out on his way to the ground.

2010 Week 6 vs CLE (6 / 3 / 90 / 1 rec)

The many who said that Wallace's game would be improved most by Roethlisberger's return were proved right in this game. Despite just three catches, Wallace showed just how dangerous he is when a QB has the arm to throw him the deep ball. As stated above, Wallace could have had 4 catches, 125 yards, and 2 TDs had Roethlisberger hit him once more on a play where he was wide open. He is making the Santonio Holmes trade seem like a "no-big-deal" situation for the Steelers and should continue to stretch defenses all year long.

2010 Week 7 vs MIA (3 / 2 / 53 / 1 rec)

With Roethlisberger at the helm, Hines Ward was the go-to guy, but Wallace was no slouch either, though his two catches don't exactly scream 'masterpiece'. He had a huge chance early on that would have added to his total: Wallace had his man beat deep, the ball on his fingertips, but couldn't pull the perfect pass in. He made up for it with a simply awesome 53 yard catch at the goal line, again ahead of his man by a step, and again perfectly thrown, this time became a perfect catch for the score. His speed presents huge problems for defenders, and Roethlisberger had no trouble placing the ball where he needed it.

2010 Week 8 vs NO (4 / 3 / 43 / 0 rec)

Wallace only had a few catches in this one, but it was the type of grabs that was impressive. His first was the aforementioned 21-yard gain in the second quarter. Collinsworth said exactly what many Steelers fans watching were likely thinking when he raved that typically a "speed-type" receiver won't go over the middle and make a catch when a crunching hit is inevitably coming. Wallace beat the corner inside on a skinny, secured the ball, and took a nice shot from the safety that was a bit late in helping. On another of his catches, he took a quick screen and gained nine yards. This is typically a rather un-remarkable feat, but Wallace ran like more like a bruising running back than a finesse run-past-you-deep receiver. He looked for contact and turned five or six yards into nine. These catches highlight the style of play that makes the difference between being a "specialty" player and an every-down wideout. Wallace's skill is already elite as some have called him the fastest player in the league, but his potential is still through the roof.

2010 Week 9 vs CIN (7 / 5 / 110 / 1 rec)

Wallace continued to show that he's blossoming into one the game's most dangerous players. Throughout the game, he continued to make big plays each time he was given the opportunity. Perhaps his most impressive play was on a pass he didn't even catch. On a 1st down from the Cincy 45, the Bengals kept both safeties in two-deep coverage. Wallace outran his corner easily, but then he continued and seemed to hit a gear that only a few players in the league have as he blew by both safeties (who were 15+ yards away from the line of scrimmage at the snap) but wasn't able to haul in the pass from Roethlisberger because it was underthrown. Roethlisberger is considered to be one the league's "big arm" guys, but even he can't overthrow Mike Wallace. Wallace has made many deep catches early his career, but he could have many more if he weren't routinely underthrown. Mike Wallace will be special for years to come - especially if the Steelers can keep a Ward-type possession guy across from him when Ward decides to retire.

2010 Week 10 vs NE (11 / 8 / 136 / 2 rec)

Wallace's stat line was boosted by not one but TWO garbage-time touchdowns (his first made it an 11 point game with 6:44 left; his second made it a 10 point game with 2:44 left). He has elite talent and speed to get behind ANYONE in the league, and without Hines Ward who left at the end of the first quarter with a concussion (with zero catches, ending his 186 game streak with at least one), Wallace showed his ability to go into the middle and make plays. He had one big mistake, though, that could have made this game completely different. On the Steelers' first field goal drive, down 10-0, Wallace had a play in the middle of the endzone that would make any Steeler fan jump off the couch in celebration - before realizing that he was unable to secure the ball, making it an incomplete pass. Wallace is still elite, but like any young player, he must sharpen the overall skill set to go with his elite skill - the speed.

2010 Week 11 vs OAK (6 / 3 / 116 / 1 rec, 1 / 19 / 0 rush)

Wallace's may have finished with only four touches in this game, but he was clearly the big play guy for the Steelers. Of the four touches he had, his 19 yard reverse was the shortest play from scrimmage. On that play, Big Ben handed to ARE who broke to the outside where Wallace was lined up to block. Suddenly Wallace broke the other way and took the reverse around the opposite end. The Raiders were completely fooled and Wallace had a 19 yard gash before being forced out of bounds. His receptions were also big plays of 27, 37 and 52 yards. The 52 yarder was a TD reception where Wallace cut across the middle of the field, and took a nice catch and run untouched into the end zone. When Wallace turned on the after-burners, the defense looked like they were standing still and he easily raced into the end zone. Wallace was also the target of a couple other deep passes, and he could have had an even bigger day. On one play, Big Ben waited a second too long to target Wallace in the end zone and the ball was thrown too high for home to come down with. On the other, Roethlsberger was scrambling to avoid pressure and flipped the ball to Wallace who was in the open field. However, Wallace took his eye off the ball and dropped the pass. There was no one withing 10 yards of him, and had he made the reception, it could have easily been another 20 or 30 yard play.

2010 Week 12 vs BUF (5 / 3 / 33 / 0 rec)

Wallace was a non-factor for most of the game. In the first half, the Steelers possessed the ball for all but 6 minutes. A team doesn't do that by using Wallace's strengths - quick-strike, deep passes. In fact, there was only one deep attempt to Wallace, a play on which holding was called. He had a bad drop on a short pass to the flat as well, but that might be attributed to a sparse usage pattern in this gameplan. Wallace is still as fast as almost any player in the NFL and in a year where NFL fans have heard so much about how a washed-up, three-teams-in-one-year trouble-maker can change defenses, those same fans know that younger, in-their-prime players like Wallace can keep defensive coordinators awake at night as well. It is Wallace's ability to go deep that allows Ward and Heath Miller to combine for 11 REC and 153 YDS even when Wallace doesn't catch a deep pass.

2010 Week 13 vs BAL (7 / 5 / 76 / 0 rec)

Wallace has taken over as the Steelers' #1 receiver. His transformation from rookie specialty deep threat into second-year multi-faceted weapon has been fun to watch. He's now catching short screens and underneath routes. He made a nice catch on an outside timing route where he was able to separate from the cornerback because of the threat that Wallace could run right by. He could have had a touchdown in this game on a quick pass inside the Ravens' 10, but he perhaps made too many jukes instead of simply sprinting to the goal line. Cris Collinsworth said that perhaps that play should have been to Hines Ward. As opposed to using that as a criticism of Wallace, it can also be a compliment. The Steelers are starting to trust him on multiple types of routes now, and with many wideouts truly hitting their stride in years three and beyond, it could be scary to see what Wallace can don in the next two seasons.

2010 Week 14 vs CIN (9 / 5 / 78 / 0 rec, 1 / 12 / 0 rush)

Wallace is explosive. That's the easiest and most appropriate way to describe him. His lone carry of the day was on a wildcat play. Antwaan Randle El faked a give to Mendenhall and worked an option with Wallace, who came around the back from far-sideline to near-sideline. He was in some open field and showed a nice burst to gain 12 yards. On the play just prior to that, he caught a short screen pass on the left side of the formation and exploded for 22 yard gain. It has been a while since he got open for one of his signature 40+ yard touchdowns, but he got a bit loose on a pass deep left for 33 yards. Leon Hall had great coverage, but Roethlisberger lofted the ball in perfectly, and Wallace did a great job holding on and keeping his arm under the ball as he went to the ground.

2010 Week 15 vs NYJ (10 / 7 / 102 / 0 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Wallace proved again in this game that he's not a one-trick pony. Despite being targeted deep twice in the first quarter, he didn't catch one of his patented go routes. He caught balls on deep crosses, 12-yard comebacks, and 10-yard stops though - further showing that he's developing into an all-around player who can run routes AND get deep. Further polishing of the route tree could make him virtually unguardable in the future.

2010 Week 16 vs CAR (6 / 4 / 104 / 1 rec)

Wallace caught a long touchdown in this game for the first time in the last few for Pittsburgh. It wasn't, however, one of his standard catches where he ran past all defenders. On this play, as mentioned in the Roethlisberger section, Wallace caught the ball near the line and simply outran the Panthers defenders - splitting the safeties that stood no chance of touching the speedster. The most impressive catch he made, however, came in the second quarter. When the Steelers had the ball at their own 45 with 1:26 remaining, they had to get a chunk of yardage to get into scoring position. On 2nd-and-10, Wallace ran a deep route down the left sideline. Roethlisberger lofted a beautiful pass that was similar to the popular "fade-stop" that most of the league runs. The ball was slightly behind Wallace, but it allowed him to make the adjustment to leap as the defender was stuck over the top and had no chance to play the ball. Wallace's body control allowed him to leap in the air, box out the defender, and get both feet in-bounds to secure the catch. The Steelers ended the drive in a field goal. Wallace's skills are morphing him from speed guy with limited skills to all-around receiver PLUS elite speed. With one game remaining, Wallace has 57 rec / 1,152 yards / 9 TDs. Considering he was without his star quarterback for 4 games and that he's still improving, 75 / 1,400 / 13 next season is certainly a legitimate prediction.

2010 Week 17 vs CLE (5 / 3 / 105 / 1 rec)

Wallace can do so much damage with so few touches. It took one Steelers' offensive play for his impact to be felt on the aforementioned 56-yard touchdown. He also continued to show his growth as an all-around receiver by catching a quick slant and gaining 41 yards to set up the team's second touchdown. Wallace is a dangerous player - one that must be respected on every single play.

2010 Week 19 vs BAL (7 / 3 / 20 / 0 rec, 2 / -2 / 0 rush)

Wallace had a very quiet game compared to what he's been doing recently for this offense. His first catch was easily his best - a 20-yarder on 3rd-and-12 on the Steelers' first drive. The Steelers tried getting him the ball on some quick-hitters to allow him to run, but they went nowhere due to blocking breakdowns on the perimeter. Wallace also ran twice - one on an end-around that was highly telegraphed and stuffed for a loss. His second run looked as if he had room to run and score, but he didn't exhibit enough patience behind the block of Heath Miller and was tackled after a short gain.

2010 Week 20 vs NYJ (3 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Wallace seemed to have a step on Darrelle Revis on a deep target during the first half, but the ball was underthrow and Revis dropped the interception opportunity. The speedy receiver took a hit to convert an early third down, but that was his only reception on the day.

2010 Week 21 vs GB (0 / 9 / 89 / 1 rec)

Wallace caught a touchdown late to help the Steelers pull within three. It was a nice snag of a ball after he had gotten behind the defense. He also got behind the defense earlier on a play action pass, but Roethlisberger led him too much and it was incomplete. Wallace had a ton of receptions because the Steelers kept targeting him on quick WR screens and smoke routes, but he displayed little creativity after the catch and his speed did not come into play. Wallace was the target on the Steelers last gasp fourth-down play, but Tramon Williams had terrific coverage and the pass failed.

2009 Week 1 vs TEN (6 / 3 / 32 / 0 rec)

Wallace got a target early, and also got a target when he left alone after being the object of a fake end around. He also converted the most important catch of the night to set up the game-winning field goal, and threw a decent block downfield on Hines Ward's catch and run and fumble at the end of regulation. He could have had an even bigger night if Roethlisberger hadn't underthrown him when he got open deep early in the game. Wallace isn't going to be a breakout fantasy stud this year without injuries in front of him on the depth chart, but he is looking like a nice stash in dynasty leagues.

2009 Week 2 vs CHI (3 / 2 / 13 / 0 rec)

Wallace had another key late catch to get the Steelers in FG range on the second drive that ended with a Jeff Reed miss, and he was targeted deep (and behind Peanut Tillman), but Roethlisberger was hit as he threw, and the pass was grossly underthrown.

2009 Week 3 vs CIN (8 / 7 / 102 / 0 rec)

Wallace was very effective against the Bengals. Despite Bengal corners giving him ten yard cushions, he was able to use his speed to easily get behind the defense for big plays. He also abused the Bengal secondary as a slot receiver and from tight bunch formations for multiple third down receptions.

2009 Week 4 vs SD (3 / 2 / 47 / 0 rec)

Wallace was not leaned on heavily this week, however he continues to look like a rising star in the NFL. Wallace had great separation from his defender early on and made a tough 35 yd sideline catch in a 4x1 formation. With Wallace it is not looking like a question of 'if' at this point rather a question of 'when' or 'how much'.

2009 Week 5 vs DET (5 / 2 / 52 / 1 rec)

Rookie wideout Mike Wallace staked his claim to be the WR3 for Pittsburgh, catching two passes for 52 total yards in Week 5 against Detroit. Wallace got behind the defense for a 47-yard deep catch for his first career touchdown, but he also was open beyond coverage and dropped what should have been a 71-yard score. It remains to be seen if Pittsburgh can support three wideouts for fantasy production, but as of now Wallace is way ahead of Limas Sweed for the job.

2009 Week 6 vs CLE (4 / 2 / 50 / 0 rec, 1 / 21 / 0 rush)

With the Browns focused on Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes outside, the Steelers were able to get Wallace open from the slot and in bunch formations. Roethlisberger found Wallace for two long pass plays, both with nice runs-after-catch. Wallace also took an endaround for a long gain.

2009 Week 7 vs MIN (4 / 3 / 72 / 1 rec, 2 / 19 / 0 rush)

Mike Wallace was the big offensive weapon for the Steelers in this game. With time winding down in the second quarter, he caught a nice pass over the middle for a 22 yard gain. Big Ben spiked the ball and on the next play, Wallace took a similar pass 40 yards into the end zone for a TD. He also had two solid running plays on designed reverses that went for good gains. He led the Steelers in total yards from scrimmage for the game.

2009 Week 9 vs DEN (8 / 4 / 69 / 1 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Wallace is an emerging weapon for this Steelers passing attack, and used his speed to get open downfield. Roethlisberger was picking on nearly every player in the Broncos secondary, and Andre Goodman was often left in the dust by Wallace. In addition to his world class speed, Mike Wallace is also very quick and used that quickness to gain separation on shorter routes. The Steelers also used Wallace on a reverse to help slow down the Broncos pass rush. Wallace would sometimes be used as a decoy when Roethlisberger would hand off up the middle to the running back, Wallace would come in motion like he was going to take an end around.

2009 Week 10 vs CIN (5 / 1 / 16 / 0 rec)

Roethlisberger tried to get the ball to Wallace downfield often. Wallace drew an interference call on one deep pass, and he was open deep for a possible game-winning TD late, only to have Chris Crocker make a last-second breakup. The Bengal coverage forced incompletions on most of his targets.

2009 Week 11 vs KC (3 / 2 / 47 / 0 rec, 1 / 5 / 0 rush)

Wallace was not much of a deep threat, an wasn't even thrown to in the second half. Early in the game, he made a great play on the ball to pull in ball along sidelines, but then fumbled. It's likely a coincidence, but as was the case with Santonio Holmes, Wallace made a mistake and then did see the ball for a good while afterward.

2009 Week 12 vs BAL (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

The rookie WR was kept off of the box score this week. Wallace was targeted on a deep route in the end zone; however tremendous coverage by the Ravens DB thwarted his efforts.

2009 Week 13 vs OAK (3 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

Wallace only had a few short targets and was not involved in the deep passing game. He could have surprising value this week if Hines Ward can't go.

2009 Week 14 vs CLE (3 / 2 / 11 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace did not see the field very often for Pittsburgh in Week 14 as Hines Ward toughed it out to start. Whether Ward's actions were a good idea or not is debatable, but Wallace was certainly going to be limited by the high winds in Cleveland on Thursday night as he is more known for running deep routes. Wallace grabbed two short catches in the second half but was rather forgettable overall against the Browns.

2009 Week 15 vs GB (4 / 2 / 79 / 2 rec)

Wallace had a TD on the Steelers first play from scrimmage and their last play from scrimmage, and only a drop in between after he took a big hit on a pass in the middle of the field. Wallace got so free on the opening play that a massively underthrown ball by Roethlisberger still found Wallace wide open when it arrived. On the game's final play, Wallace got in front of his man and Roethlisberger put the ball over the out of bounds stripe for Wallace to catch as he was falling out of bounds, but keeping both tippy-toes on the ground a la Santonio Holmes in Super Bowl XLIII. Limas Who?

2009 Week 16 vs BAL (6 / 3 / 83 / 0 rec)

Mike Wallace was stretching the field once again for the Steelers as he averaged over 27 yards a catch in Week 16 against the Ravens. Wallace caught two passes that were the longest plays for Pittsburgh against Baltimore, a 45-yarder and a 26-yarder, both in the second quarter. Ben Roethlisberger is often looking at his third wide receiver, especially when his protection breaks down, which happens all too frequently for the Steelers.

2009 Week 17 vs MIA (3 / 2 / 64 / 1 rec)

Wallace was not targeted often but his catches were memorable. First was a stretch to get the ball on a quick slant pattern, showing off his good hands in extremely tight man coverage. Then he found himself wide open on a post pattern for a 56 yard score.