RB Jordan Todman - Free Agent

5-9, 203Born: 2-23-1990College: ConnecticutDrafted: Round 6, pick 183 (2011)

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Game Recaps

2015 Week 10 vs CLE (2 / 8 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jordan Todman is the primary running back behind DeAngelo Williams. Todman received 2 carries late in the 4th quarter as the Steelers were finishing running out the clock.

2015 Week 18 vs CIN (11 / 65 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jordan Todman had 11 rushes for 65 yards. Todman entered the game late 1st quarter with a 14 yard rush. On the play, Todman ran up the middle and bounced to the left sideline for a 14 yard gain. On the next play, Todman took a pitch off the right tackle for a 9 yard gain. Early 2nd quarter, Todman ran a draw up the middle for a 4 yard gain. Late 2nd quarter, Todman ran up the middle and cut to the left for a 8 yard gain. Early 4th quarter, Todman ran off the left tackle to the left sideline for a 25 yard gain.

2014 Week 1 vs PHI (3 / 6 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

Todman has been relegated down the depth chart on paper and in practice. He was only used as a runner to run out the clock in the second quarter against the Eagles. He had a reception at the start of the third quarter but it came underneath on Third-and-Long. Todman was getting time as a third down back in the second half, but he just wasn't a focus of the offense.

2014 Week 3 vs IND (1 / 10 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman is a third choice back at this stage who only played on pass-blocking snaps before the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, with the game decided, he got his first carry on a pitch outside.

2014 Week 4 vs SD (1 / 4 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

Todman's only touch came on the final play of the game when he caught a screen pass for 15 yards. Todman will only be a relevant runner if the Jaguars lose Gerhart or Robinson to injury.

2014 Week 5 vs PIT (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Todman had the Jaguars first big run of the day on the first drive of the game, but the play was negated by penalty. After seemingly falling down the depth chart in recent weeks, Todman was more involved on offense this week. He caught two passes in the first half, one of which went down the sideline for a first down. None of the Jaguars backs really got enough touches to make a real impact, but Todman still got more than he has become accustomed to.

2014 Week 6 vs TEN (3 / 1 / 0 rush, 3 / 1 / 0 / 0 rec)

Despite the youth of Storm Johnson and Denard Robinson creating excitement among the fan-base, the Jaguars coaching staff appeared determined to give Todman his chances to shine in this game. Todman was targeted in the passing game more than he received carries, with one of those targets going deep down the seam. Todman would have had a huge play, but he dropped the ball. It was a wholly unimpressive day from the elder of the Jaguars running backs.

2014 Week 7 vs CLE (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 26 / 0 rec)

On his only touch of the game, Todman had a huge first down reception. It was a screen pass after the offense was backed up because of an offensive pass interference call. Todman didn't need to break a tackle or make a defender miss in space, the call alone gave him a clear running lane to the first down marker.

2014 Week 8 vs MIA (2 / 10 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman continues to be the team's preferred option as a third down back, but his effectiveness with the ball is unimpressive. His primary value to this team is as a pass blocker.

2014 Week 9 vs CIN (1 / 9 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 1 / 0 rec)

Todman had just two touches in the game and neither were massively impressive. His nine yard run came early on and highlighted the Bengals' inabiliy upfront rather than the running back's ability as a runner.

2014 Week 10 vs DAL (2 / 6 / 0 rush, 6 / 3 / 27 / 0 rec)

Todman is seemingly taking the touches that are less valuable to the offense. He comes in on Third-and-Long situations or when the offense is just looking to run out clock. Todman does enough with those touches not to lose them, but he isn't earning any more with his play.

2014 Week 12 vs IND (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 14 / 0 rec)

Todman saw the field for the first time in the second quarter. As usual, he was used in an obvious passing situation. He ran a route into the flat and was covered by two defenders, but Bortles still forced the ball to him. Todman did well to turn the play into a three or four yard gain. On Third-and-22 in the third quarter, Todman caught a surrender screen underneath.

2014 Week 13 vs NYG (1 / -1 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Todman continues to be used sparingly. Before the fourth quarter, he had one touch in a Third-and-Long situation. In the fourth quarter, he had one carry that was negated by a penalty and was on the field for a read option play when Bortles carried the ball outside.

2014 Week 14 vs HOU (3 / 11 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

Todman saw the field when the Jaguars used wildcat plays with Denard Robinson in the first half, but he didn't see many touches. As per usual, most of his touches came on inconsequential plays that asked him to do very little.

2014 Week 15 vs BAL (3 / 7 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 19 / 0 rec)

Todman was used more than usual because of Denard Robinson's absence, but he still only had a handful of unimpressive touches. His potential workload was hurt by Storm Johnson's usage.

2014 Week 16 vs TEN (5 / 71 / 1 rush, 3 / 2 / 5 / 0 rec)

Before the fourth quarter, Todman was having his typically quiet game. He did catch a trick play pass from Cecil Shorts, but his biggest impact came in the fourth quarter. Todman broke two tackles on a 62 yard touchdown run off the right side of the offensive line. Once behind the defense, no Titans defender came near to catching him, although that may have been a result of the defenders' effort rather than Todman's speed.

2014 Week 17 vs HOU (7 / 52 / 0 rush, 6 / 5 / 46 / 1 rec)

Todman was splitting carries with Gerhart to start the game. He was initially on the field when Bortles kept the ball on a read option play, before cutting back on an outside run for a first down and good gain. Todman added two screen passes before the end of the first quarter, but both were limited by the defense. After a quiet second quarter, Todman started the third quarter with a long run off of right tackle. He took advantage of excellent blocking before making a defender miss down the field. Todman was enjoying himself with his expanded role and he capped it off by catching a wide open touchdown on a gadget play during the third quarter.

2013 Week 1 vs KC (1 / 2 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 20 / 0 rec)

Todman's first carry came in the third quarter, as he was stopped for just a two yard gain on second and 10. Todman caught a pass in the flat for 14 yards and a first down late in the fourth quarter when the Chiefs blitzed. Gabbert went straight back to Todman, but he was stopped behind the line of scrimmage.

2013 Week 2 vs OAK (5 / 7 / 0 rush, 2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman's first carry came on the second drive of the game as he subbed in for Jones-Drew. He was held to a two yard gain as the Raiders swarmed to the football. Todman's second carry came early in the next drive, but it was essentially the same as his first carry when he was limited to a two yard gain. The Jaguars tried to release Todman into space with a fullback fake before pitching it to him running outside. The Raiders had three defenders waiting for him however. After Jones-Drew went out injured, Todman took over and he had two receptions. However, both of those receptions were negated by penalties. The Jaguars tried to establish Todman on their first drive of the fourth quarter, but his two carries only resulted in four total yards.

2013 Week 3 vs SEA (2 / 5 / 1 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

With the Jaguars not sustaining drives, Todman didn't see the field until the third quarter. Justin Forsett came in ahead of him as a blocker in passing situations but didn't touch the ball. Todman's first carry was stopped for a minimal gain. Later he stole a touchdown away from Maurice Jones-Drew early in the fourth quarter. A combination of Cecil Shorts, Jones-Drew and a penalty flag brought the Seahawks to the goalline, before Todman took a sweep untouched into the end zone.

2013 Week 4 vs IND (2 / 4 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman barely saw the field as Jones-Drew was the feature back for an offense that wasn't handing out many carries. Todman didn't do anything to suggest he deserves more time on the field, as his most notable play was a personal foul penalty.

2013 Week 5 vs STL (3 / 16 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman checked into the game as the second back, but didn't carry the football as the Jaguars ran play action. He eventually got his first carry in the fourth quarter. He escaped outside for an eight yard gain on first and 10. The Jaguars went straight back to Todman, but he was stopped at the line of scrimmage on a run up the middle. Todman came back in after two big Maurice Jones-Drew runs. He cut back well on a stretch play to bring the Jaguars close to the Rams' end zone.

2013 Week 6 vs DEN (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

In the third quarter, Todman finally saw the field. He was the fourth back onto the field and he carried the ball after Maurice Jones-Drew broke off a big run. Todman wasn't used again as the offense relied on Jones-Drew.

2013 Week 7 vs SD (1 / 8 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

In the second quarter, Maurice Jones-Drew took a knock and left the field for one play. That allowed Todman to come in and convert a third and one when he was given a big hole up the middle. Todman ran hard and got through the line with ease, before Jones-Drew came back in on the very next play.

2013 Week 10 vs TEN (3 / 11 / 1 rush, 1 / 1 / 2 / 0 rec)

Todman was the second back into the game and was immediately given the football. He caught a screen pass out of the backfield on first and 10 for a short gain. Todman was given his first carry early on in the second quarter, as he took the ball outside left tackle for a good gain. Todman escaped outside left tackle for a touchdown in the third quarter from six yards out.

2013 Week 11 vs ARI (2 / 9 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / -5 / 0 rec)

Todman's first carry came in the second quarter. He had a short gain on 2nd-and-12 on a draw play. Todman caught a screen pass in the fourth quarter when he had no chance to turn upfield. On 3rd-and-1 late in the fourth quarter, Todman broke through the line of scrimmage for a first down.

2013 Week 12 vs HOU (11 / 31 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

Todman had his first rushing attempt in the first quarter, but he was stopped for a short gain off right tackle. Todman had another carry later in the first quarter, as he took a pitch around the edge for eight yards. Todman took another pitch off right tackle in the second quarter, but was stopped in the backfield. He made up for that immediately after by evading a defender for a seven yard gain. On a run off left tackle, Todman evaded a defender in the backfield before getting outside for a good gain. Todman had a heavy presence in this game for a reserve. He looked very good on the touches he received as he was disciplined and elusive in space.

2013 Week 13 vs CLE (5 / 31 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

Todman converted a third and two early in the first quarter by running off left tackle. A few plays later, Todman took a carry on first and 10 for another first down. He showed good vision by cutting back on a stretch play to find space. With his third carry in the first quarter, Todman showed off his speed to evade penetration the backfield before running down the sideline for seven yards. Todman was impressing every time he got the football. For the second time in the game, he avoided pressure in the backfield before escaping down the sideline for a good gain. Todman took the next carry, but he was hit as soon as he got the ball, before he dropped a wide open screen pass. In the fourth quarter, Todman ran a crisp route to convert a third and 10.

2013 Week 14 vs HOU (7 / 14 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 21 / 1 rec)

Todman's first carry came on the first drive of the game. He ran a stretch play and did well to set up the edge before sprinting outside for a first down. Todman barely featured again until the third quarter, when he caught a touchdown pass from wide receiver Ace Sanders on a trick play. Todman did well to catch the football because there was a defender closing on him as the ball arrived. After Jones-Drew was injured in the fourth quarter, Todman came in but joined him on the sideline with an injury of his own before he could do anything of note. He was reportedly dehydrated and did return to the game when the Jaguars were trying to run the clock out.

2013 Week 15 vs BUF (25 / 109 / 0 rush, 8 / 4 / 44 / 0 rec)

Todman started because Maurice Jones-Drew was inactive with a hamstring injury. Like Jones-Drew had done all season, Todman was forced to fight for yards behind a bad offensive line early on. He broke out off right tackle for 15 yard gain when he was given some space. As expected, the Bills defensive line dominated the Jaguars offensive line for the majority of this game. However, in the third quarter Todman showed off the patience and explosion to find a hole before running downfield for a huge gain. Todman had shown throughout the season that he had starter potential and he just needed more opportunities, therefore it was no surprise that he excelled when Jones-Drew was out.

2013 Week 16 vs TEN (6 / 6 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

Even though Jones-Drew was returning from injury, Todman didn't give up all of his involvement in the offense. Jones-Drew started and had the first carry of the game, but Todman featured about as much as him in the first half. Neither player could escape with any kind of regularity as the Titans got the better of the Jaguars' offensive line for the most part. While Todman showed more explosion than Jones-Drew, he slipped more than once at pivotal moments. Jones-Drew played with better control and consistency regardless of his return from injury.

2013 Week 17 vs IND (2 / 3 / 0 rush, 3 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

Todman may as well have been inactive. Inexplicably, he only received three touches in a game that was perfect to further evaluate his ability. Nothing was learned about Maurice Jones-Drew in this game.

2012 Week 14 vs NYJ (3 / 8 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 0 / 0 rec)

Todman was used as the change of pace running back. Todman appeared on third downs and was used to pick up oncoming blitzers. Todman showed some toughness on his inside runs, but is nothing more than a change of pace runner.