RB Bishop Sankey - Free Agent

5-9, 209Born: 9-15-1992College: WashingtonDrafted: Round 2, pick 54 (2014)

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Game Recaps

2015 Week 1 vs TB (12 / 74 / 1 rush, 4 / 2 / 12 / 1 rec)

Although Sankey essentially took the starting spot entering the season by default this year, his Week 1 display provided reasons to be optimistic about his potential production moving forward. Sankey ran hard and relatively well, but he wasn't spectacular. His speed and strength were apparent but not overwhelming. What stood out most was how Sankey benefited from the altered offensive approach. He was running to space more often than he had during his rookie season because of Mariota's run threat and the type of plays the Titans were calling to stretch the field both vertically and horizontally. Sankey's stat line would have looked much better if it hadn't been for a questionable holding call against Taylor Lewan that cost him 16 yards outside left tackle. Sankey's receiving potential improves with Mariota's comfort as a passer, but his two receptions for 12 yards and a touchdown are likely close to his ceiling because of Dexter McCluster's presence. Sankey may have had a fumble and a drop, but Terrance West also fumbled. West is the only real challenger to Sankey's starting spot and Sankey clearly outperformed him.

2015 Week 2 vs CLE (12 / 42 / 0 rush, 2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

From a statistical point of view, it appears that the Titans neglected Bishop Sankey in this game. Even demoted him behind Dexter McCluster. That didn't appear to be the case on the field. McCluster got so many carries because he was being used in a very specific way to exploit the Browns run defense. Sankey's touches primarily came between the tackles while McCluster attacked the edges. The Titans offensive line couldn't create any space for him to work in, and since Sankey isn't a creative back, his output was low.

2015 Week 3 vs IND (5 / 10 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 31 / 0 rec)

Bishop Sankey appears to have fallen down the pecking order in Tennessee. He was still involved in the game, but was the third back onto the field. Sankey's best play of the day came on a screen pass when he was able to find space and run for a long first down conversion. While he was sidelined, Antonio Andrews showed up well running the ball but the difference between the two was largely minimal. The Titans' patchwork offensive line continues to limit what their running backs can do.

2015 Week 5 vs BUF (7 / 20 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 23 / 0 rec)

Sankey had two fumbles in this game, but they came on kickoffs and one was recovered after the other had been negated by penalty. The Titans weren't bothered by his opening fumble, as they immediately went to him on offense. He opened the game with two consecutive touches, the first a reception out of the backfield for a first down in the flat and the second a strong run between the tackles onto the second level of the defense. Sankey had one of his most impressive runs of the year during the second quarter when he cut back against the flow of his offensive line for a big gain. The play was negated by an illegal shift penalty though. This game highlighted Sankey's improved strength and balance this season as he was able to finish plays moving forward and break more arm tackles. Sankey is conceding ground to Antonio Andrews, but the Titans committee approach appears to be getting the most out of all of their running backs. Andrews is ahead of Sankey mostly because he is featured more on passing downs and at the goal line.

2015 Week 6 vs MIA (3 / 13 / 0 rush, 3 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Sankey is tumbling down the depth chart. He is still seeing snaps as part of the running back-by-committee approach, but both Dexter McCluster and Antonio Andrews appear to have more clearly defined roles. Sankey compounded his quiet day with two drops during the Titans' final drive of the game when the defense had slackened off so he was open underneath.

2015 Week 7 vs ATL (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Bishop Sankey didn't have a single snap in the first half of this game. He wasn't involved on offense save for a screen pass that he couldn't bring in when Vic Beasley disrupted him at the catch point. Sankey has clearly fallen out of favor.

2015 Week 8 vs HOU (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Sankey is no longer a contributor on offense and his poor performance as a kickoff returner has cost him that role. It feels inevitable that the Titans will move on from the running back.

2015 Week 10 vs CAR (2 / 7 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Bishop Sankey is unlikely to be active once David Cobb is ready to play. Cobb was activated to the active roster this week but wasn't active on gameday. Sankey got his first carry in three games during the second quarter. He ran hard between the tackles for four yards on 2nd-and-15. He didn't touch the ball again.

2015 Week 15 vs NE (0 / 0 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 23 / 0 rec)

Bishop Sankey's touches all came on the final drive of the game. Against prevent coverage, Sankey caught checkdown passes from Zach Mettenberger when he was left wide open underneath.

2015 Week 16 vs HOU (2 / 11 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 43 / 0 rec)

With Andrews sidelined because of his fumble, Bishop Sankey got a chance to get into the game earlier than expected. He escaped into the secondary for seven yards with his first carry but only managed one more over the course of the whole game. Sankey caught a couple of passes in the fourth quarter when Mettenberger checked the ball down to him underneath. He was able to make a defender miss on one of those plays to accelerate upfield.

2015 Week 17 vs IND (4 / 16 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Sankey was first involved midway through the second quarter. He took the ball off the right side and was stopped at the line of scrimmage but kept moving his feet to gain four yards downfield. The Titans went back to him a few plays later on Second-and-6. He got to the second level cleanly but couldn't extend the play to find further space for a big gain or first down. Sankey's most impressive run came in the fourth quarter when he ran off left tackle and picked his way through bodies to gain five yards. He didn't have enough touches to make any long-term impact on his status with the team though.

2014 Week 1 vs KC (6 / 25 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Sankey didn't see the field until late in the game. He held the ball as if he was scared of having it punched free, but showed good burst and vision on his first run. Whatever is keeping Sankey off the field, it's not talent. His burst and running style was impressive on the field as he made the most of the few opportunities he did receiver late in the game.

2014 Week 2 vs DAL (2 / 3 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Sankey appears to finally be winning over the Titans' coaching staff. He had only two carries in this game, but he saw the field early on. The sample size was too small to glean anything about his ability from this game, but the arrow does definitely appear to be pointed in the right direction.

2014 Week 3 vs CIN (10 / 61 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Sankey came into the game as the second back at the start of the second quarter. He immediately showed off good vision and burst by taking advantage of good blocking upfront. Sankey is clearly the most talented running back that the Titans have. He had his most carries of the year in this game and consistently showed off his burst and vision that should make him a productive player behind this offensive line.

2014 Week 4 vs IND (6 / 34 / 1 rush, 2 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Shonn Greene doesn't have the physical talent to take advantage of the space he can find. Dexter McCluster doesn't have the vision to find the space that his physical talent can take advantage of. Bishop Sankey has both, yet he is still being held back by his coaching staff. Sankey was sidelined for most of the first half, before coming in and impressive again against the Colts defense. This script is being read aloud every week for the Titans coaching staff, but they continue to be deaf.

2014 Week 5 vs CLE (8 / 27 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Ken Whisenhunt wasn't lying when he said Bishop Sankey would be involved earlier this week. On the Titans' first drive of the game, he got his first touch, but he wasn't the feature back and the offense continued to negate the running game. Sankey was relatively impressive, he is clearly the most talented player in Tennessee and the offensive line was effective again, but Ken Whisenhunt continues to focus on passing the ball to set up the run rather than the other way around. When you rotate backs, it's hard for anyone to have a huge impact in that situation.

2014 Week 6 vs JAX (18 / 61 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Sankey is most definitely a better space back than Shonn Greene and he showed that off whenever he was given opportunities to against the Jaguars. However, he wasn't always able to find space when the Jaguars defensive line stood up to the Titans offensive line. Sankey clearly still has some minor issues to work on, but his explosiveness alone makes this offense better.

2014 Week 7 vs WAS (16 / 56 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

During the first half of this game, Sankey proved that he is not just a running back who excels in space that is given to him. The Titans offensive line was getting a good push on the Washington defensive front, giving Sankey the opportunity to read his blocks and make cuts through the middle of the defense. He was aggressive and smart with his movement while also protecting the football. Sankey had a couple of runs negated by penalties on his offensive line, including one 15 yarder on Second-and-15. He was criticized for running out of bounds when the team wanted to run the clock, so we'll see if Ken Whisenhunt decides to play some more head games with Sankey next week.

2014 Week 8 vs HOU (9 / 35 / 0 rush, 4 / 4 / 25 / 0 rec)

Sankey was the primary ball carrier for the Titans even though Shonn Greene got the first carry of the game. He showed off good explosiveness and short-area quickness to make defenders miss, but for the most part was bottled up by the defense and ignored by his offense once the Texans took a commanding lead.

2014 Week 10 vs BAL (17 / 58 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 19 / 0 rec)

Sankey was impressive while carrying the load for the Titans. When the offensive line gave him space, he took advantage of it, and when it didn't, he made every possible effort to create space with his actions before the line of scrimmage. Sankey is a significant upgrade over Shonn Greene and should hold onto this full-time role moving forward.

2014 Week 11 vs PIT (11 / 38 / 1 rush, 1 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Sankey was bottled up on his first couple of carries, but he quickly broke free for a nine yard touchdown run. On an outside run, Sankey broke through the line of scrimmage and fell into the endzone on a powerful run. Sankey was impressive running against a relatively poor Steelers run defense. With that said, he wasn't given huge running lanes to attack on a regular basis as he had to show good power and attack tight areas on a regular basis.

2014 Week 12 vs PHI (10 / 37 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 14 / 0 rec)

Sankey was still the most prominent runner for the Titans in this game even though Greene was the short-yardage back and got the first carry while Dexter McCluster saw the field with the offense earlier than is typical. The rookie runner showed off his effectiveness and elusiveness on a number of occasions before a critical fumble late in the third quarter. Sankey didn't appear to return to the field after his fumble, but that may simply have been because the offense became pass-heavy chasing an insurmountable lead.

2014 Week 13 vs HOU (10 / 42 / 0 rush, 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Running behind three new starters on the offensive line, Sankey wasn't being given any room to run during the first half. He was as much of a feature back as you can expect him to be, as he only came out during short yardage situations and obvious passing downs. Sankey ran relatively well, but he had to earn the little yardage that came his way. He conceded his role to Dexter McCluster in the second half of the game, until he was brought in during the Titans' final drive of the game to run out the clock and gain easy yards.

2014 Week 14 vs NYG (9 / 25 / 0 rush, 3 / 2 / 2 / 0 rec)

Playing behind the same depleted line each week is making most Sankey games look similar. He can be effective when he is given any kind of running lane to attack, but too often he is completely crowded out at the line of scrimmage. Sankey's low center of gravity, quickness and thick body still stands out when he is fighting for yardage.

2014 Week 15 vs NYJ (3 / 8 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec)

The Titans decided to give Shonn Greene and Leon Washington more snaps than their rookie in this meaningless game. Sankey's biggest play came in the third quarter when Charlie Whitehurst checked the ball down to him in the flat and he ran it down the sideline for a first down and 18 yards.

2014 Week 16 vs JAX (14 / 44 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Sankey saw a lot of touches in this game, but he struggled to make much of an impact. Sankey struggled to find space behind the Titans' overmatched offensive line. With Leon Washington taking away a large number of snaps as the receiving option, most of Sankey's touches came in the running game. Sankey was rarely put in space to evade defenders, but this game highlighted his inability to break tackles in tighter areas.

2014 Week 17 vs IND (4 / 18 / 0 rush, 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

The closer to a muted rookie season started well for Sankey. His first run went for seven or eight yards as the offensive line in front of him pushed the defense backwards. Sankey wasn't seeing the field much in this game. Greene was the primary ball carrier, while fellow rookie Antonio Andrews saw time in the running back rotation. Sankey got back on the field early in the fourth quarter, but he gave up a relatively easy fumble with his very first touch of the football.