QB Josh Rosen - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6-4, 220Born: 2-10-1997College: UCLADrafted: Round 1, pick 2018

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs BAL (1 / 3 / 5 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

It may not be fair to judge Rosen solely on this performance as he was only given 3 pass attempts. The first was a 5-yard completion to Gesicki, the second an interception on an over thrown ball, and the third an incompletion. The team was being blown out by the time he got the ball and it appeared as if everyone else on the field had quit at that point. The Dolphins made the off-season trade for Rosen, but also signed Fitzpatrick. Neither looks to be the quarterback of the future in Miami and most expect a quarterback taken with a high draft pick in the off season. If given the chance to start this season, Rosen will have to prove his worth to even continue to be a backup in the NFL.

2019 Week 2 vs NE (7 / 18 / 97 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

For the second week in a row, Rosen got a chance to take over in the 4th quarter when Fitzpatrick had struggled. Unfortunately for Rosen, the results were not much different. Rosen completed less than 50% of his passes, was sacked 3 times for a loss of 21 yards and posted a QB rating of 33.8. The first 2 drives resulted in turn over on downs and then the 3rd and final put the nail in the coffin with the 4th interception of the day. Rosen had a 1st and goal from the 8-yard line and tried to force the ball to Mike Gesicki for a game ending interception by Jamie Collins. To that point, Rosen had put together a good drive, but he was unable to cap it off with any points. Rosen has been given a chance the last 2 games and has not looked any better than Fitzpatrick. There has been no decision made on who will start at QB next week for the Dolphins.

2019 Week 3 vs DAL (18 / 39 / 200 / 0 / 0 pass, 3 / 13 / 0 rush)

Despite the final score, Rosen was in fact a winner this week when he made the Dolphins look respectable on the field. He kept the game close and was down only 4 at half time. He also almost gave them their first lead of the season had it not been for a missed field goal on the first drive. Rosen did the best he could with the weapons he had and over came a rushing attack that could not surpass 100 yards combined. Rosen was sacked 3 times this week but failed to complete 50% of his passes. He had an easy touchdown dropped by DeVante Parker on a slant route that hit him right in the hands but turned in a beautiful 24-yard pass on a flea flicker to Preston Williams. Rosen also dropped a 40-yard dime to Parker to setup the eventual missed field goal attempt on the first drive. The most important stat for Rosen this week was he did not turn the ball over. Kenyan Drake was the only Dolphin to turn the ball over this week and while Rosen was inaccurate, he did not complete the ball to the other team. Miami has a long way to go before they turn things around but making the switch to Rosen looks like the right decision so far.

2019 Week 4 vs LAC (17 / 24 / 180 / 1 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Miami has continued its historically bad start to the season, but Rosen seems to be doing everything he can to turn that around. It would be considered a rocky start by just about any other quarterback in the league, but Rosen led Miami to one of its best games so far this season. He completed a long 34-yard touchdown to DeVante Parker on the outside. Parker ran a simple go route and beat the corner who tried to jump the route of the running back in the flat. It was an easy throw and catch as there was not a defender within 10 yards of Parker. Rosen also completed a 25-yard pass to Preston Williams that was tipped by one of their own players first to setup the touchdown play. Rosen tried to take a deep shot to Williams in the 4th quarter when they were playing catch up and had it intercepted. Rosen made a poor throw to Williams that would have carried him out of bounds and not been completed even if it had not been jumped underneath for the interception. Rosen was sacked 4 times for a loss of 18 yards and was not credited for a single running play this week. He will have his chance against a very porous Washington secondary in week 6.

2019 Week 6 vs WAS (15 / 25 / 85 / 0 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Just when you think Rosen has turned the corner and is starting to make the best of his chance to start in Miami, he turns around and has a game like today. Rosen finished with a quarterback rating of 2.8, was sacked 5 times for a loss of 30 yards, and threw 2 interceptions. He was not pushing the ball down the field and averaged just 3.4 yards per completion. The first interception came when he tried to force a pass to Preston Williams. Williams made an in cut and Rosen just threw the ball just too far ahead of him and right into the chest of Quinton Dunbar. The coverage was tight, and Rosen tried to force a ball in that he should not have. The second interception was intended for Isaiah Ford and was another ball that Rosen tried to force into tight coverage. Rosen's eyes came back across the middle after his initial reads outside were covered. He let loose a pass across the middle with several Redskins in the area and the route got jumped for another interception. This came immediately after the Redskins scored their second touchdown and was the nail in the coffin for Rosen's day.

2018 Week 3 vs CHI (4 / 7 / 36 / 0 / 1 pass, 1 / 12 / 0 rush)

Rosen saw his regular season debut begin with four minutes left in the game and Arizona trailing by two points to Chicago. While close on the scoreboard, starter Sam Bradford had floundered since the opening minutes of the game and racing to an early lead. Rosen had two stick throws on his opening drive, one a laser to Jermaine Gresham and another to Christian Kirk on a comeback route. Rosen was hit as he started his delivery, resulting in a fourth down interception. With one last chance, Rosen was sacked to end any opportunity for a comeback. With Sam Bradford showing little through three games, Rosen projects as the likely starter going forward.

2018 Week 4 vs SEA (15 / 27 / 180 / 1 / 0 pass, 2 / 13 / 0 rush)

Rosen's first NFL start was a positive, especially looking through the lens of beyond the box score. Rosen was accurate, mobile, and decisive for an offense previously flat-lining for much of three games under Sam Bradford. The offensive line issues remains in Week 4, but Rosen persevered through three critical dropped passes and pressure from Seattle's defensive front. Rosen was bold downfield, including hyper-accurate throws to Chad Williams into double coverage (reviewed Williams was just out of bounds), J.J. Nelson (dropped pass), and two deep throws to Ricky Seals-Jones, all 20 or more yards downfield. Rosen was even let down by the kicker with a missed game-winning field goal attempt after driving the field to take the lead late in the game. The key word is optimism after Rosen's first start, showing the tools to lead the offense in a positive direction and sustain David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, and Ricky Seals-Jones as key contributors.

2018 Week 5 vs SF (10 / 25 / 170 / 1 / 0 pass, 3 / -3 / 0 rush)

Rosen regressed after his positive first NFL season a week ago. This week against San Francisco Rosen collected close to half his total game yardage on an early-drive bomb to Christian Kirk for a touchdown, aided by a horrible angle by the safety down the field. Rosen also benefitted from a short field by Arizona's defense, staked to an early lead. Rosen was also hurt by penalties and drops in the first half, but contributed his fair share of misses as well. Rosen missed Ricky Seals-Jones specifically on four occasions, all inaccurate when separation by Seals-Jones was present. Arizona's defense iced the game with a fumble return for a touchdown. Rosen has the Vikings and Broncos up next, tough tests for a rebound.

2018 Week 6 vs MIN (21 / 31 / 240 / 0 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

The Cardinals struggle to finish scoring drives and protect the passer on obvious passing situation. Josh Rosen fared well against Minnesota assuming those two premises as Rosen continues to show accuracy, pocket navigation, and boldness down the field at his best. Rosen's best throws included perfect deep passes to Christian Kirk on a post and Ricky Seals-Jones and Larry Fitzgerald on other deep routes. The downfall again this week was the offensive line not holding up on third-and-long, leading to early pressure and drive-halting sacks. Rosen's interception came on an inside throw towards Larry Fitzgerald, with a lurking defender, who eyed Rosen all the way. The key in 2018 with Rosen is development and traits as Arizona lacks the offensive line and receiving weapons to challenge many opponents for four quarters. Rosen has also been hurt by a minimal running game, which was again the case this week.

2018 Week 7 vs DEN (21 / 39 / 194 / 1 / 3 pass, 1 / 14 / 0 rush)

It was a house of horrors for Rosen against Denver. Rosen was consistently pressured in the pocket and Denver's ball-hawking pass defense created five turnovers from the rookie quarterback in the blowout home loss. Arizona's first drive was a harbinger of things to come with a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Obvious passing situations were Arizona's weakest link as the offensive line struggled mightily and Rosen was loose with the ball in the pocket with ball security and in his ball placement downfield. Looking for kernels of optimism, Rosen had multiple plays in the second half where he moved up in the pocket away from pressure and drove the ball accurately on deep middle routes with success. To add injury to the loss, Rosen sustained a toe injury on his final play of the game, prompting an MRI and walking boot post-game.

2018 Week 8 vs SF (23 / 40 / 252 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 12 / 0 rush)

The up-and-down season for rookie Josh Rosen continued, but to end the game against San Francisco it was nothing but positive as he drove the field for the game-winning touchdown. The drive finished with a laser throw to the back line of the end zone for Christian Kirk as Arizona trailed by five point with two minutes to play starting the drive. Rosen added a handful of other positive throws and pocket navigation along the way, including stepping up away from pressure and hitting Larry Fitzgerald deep in a contested situation. For much of the game, Rosen stalled drives notably including an intentional grounding for a safety, and ugly interception into heavy traffic, and taking the offense out of field goal range with a sack. However, Rosen rebounded with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter and arguably his best game of the season.

2018 Week 10 vs KC (22 / 39 / 208 / 1 / 2 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

While Arizona was competitive into the fourth quarter, Josh Rosen was under consistent pressure on anything more than a three-step drop against the Chiefs. Rosen leaned on David Johnson in the passing game as Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk were nominally impactful even against the suspect Chiefs secondary. Obvious passing situations were the weak spot for Arizona all game as two promising drives were halted by back-to-back sacks. Even when Rosen did well to elude pressure, breaking a tackle in the pocket, he nearly threw an interception across his body later in the play. Rosen's interception while the game was in doubt came on a quality play from a linebacker leaping at the line of scrimmage on a screen attempt to David Johnson.

2018 Week 11 vs OAK (9 / 20 / 136 / 3 / 2 pass, 1 / 0 / 0 rush)

Rosen filled the box score early in the game against the Raiders, both positively and negatively. In his first eight passes, Rosen had two touchdown and two interceptions as both struggling teams played to an early tie score. Rosen was loose with the ball in terms of decision-making, which aided a laser touchdown throw to Larry Fitzgerald over the top of the defense, but also contributed to an ugly interception into double coverage. Rosen struggled with accuracy for much of the game, including airmailing a routine throw towards Fitzgerald on third down. Rosen also bobbled a snap, which eroded the play into a sack. Too often this season, against the Raiders included, Rosen is forced to move from the pocket by a shaky offensive line and Rosen has generally struggled outside the pocket or when pressured.

2018 Week 12 vs LAC (12 / 19 / 105 / 1 / 1 pass, 2 / -1 / 0 rush)

Rosen was off to a hot start against the Chargers. However, the positive trend was short-lived as the Cardinals' offense did little beyond the opening drives and turned into a blowout loss. Rosen was pressured on many obvious passing downs, shrinking the field to within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Rosen added an interception as the game unraveled in the second quarter, throwing woefully behind the fullback. By the mid-third quarter Rosen was in full catch-up mode down 25 points, but even garbage time production was an uphill journey. With minimal downfield presence in the passing game and a struggling offensive line, Rosen is in a tough situation finishing out the season.

2018 Week 13 vs GB (11 / 26 / 149 / 0 / 0 pass, 2 / 32 / 0 rush)

Rosen was up-and-down against the Packers in cold, windy, and rainy conditions on the road. Rosen's best handful of throws were of high quality, however, including a game-changing pass across his body to Larry Fitzgerald deep to convert third-and-23 in the closing minutes. Arizona finished the drive with the ultimate game-winning field goal, fueled by Rosen's rollout throw. Rosen's mistakes were not always exploited by the Packers defense as a late fourth quarter should-have-been interception was dropped by Green Bay. Rosen had a rare scrambling moment of impact this week, avoiding pocket pressure and escaping for more than 30 yards. The mistakes in scoring range have been consistent throughout the season and this week was no exception. Rosen took a critical third-down sack on the fringe of field goal range early in the game to force a punt. The Lions heading to Arizona in Week 14 presents another potential win next week.

2018 Week 14 vs DET (26 / 41 / 240 / 0 / 1 pass, 2 / 3 / 0 rush)

Rosen has little with which to work in the passing game and Detroit took away Larry Fitzgerald for much of this week's game with double coverage. Rosen struggled mightily on obvious passing situations, especially third down, with two critical sacks and being late on a deep out route resulting in a pick-six interception. Rosen dealt with small windows overall as his receivers struggle to separate overall and Arizona's offensive line is average on their best days. Atlanta offers a better matchup for Rosen next week but Arizona has a mere 10 passing touchdowns over Rosen's 10 starts during his rookie season.

2018 Week 15 vs ATL (13 / 22 / 132 / 0 / 2 pass, 2 / 8 / 0 rush)

Rosen and the Arizona offense got off to a strong start in Atlanta before a blowout ensued and they were soundly defeated. Rosen had a highlight throw to David Johnson for a long gain into the red zone, but the consistent deficiencies of the Arizona passing game emerged for the rest of the game. Rosen was pressured, especially on obvious passing downs, and third down sacks were commonplace. Rosen forced an interception to a contested Larry Fitzgerald, a tipped interception was returned for a touchdown, plus Rosen was stripped for a lost fumble in the pocket. Rosen is a classic pocket passer, yet the weekly trend has been Rosen being forced to move and extend plays due to pressure. Rosen was pulled by the mid-fourth quarter of the blowout and Mike Glennon threw for almost as many yards as Rosen in the closing minutes alone of garbage time.

2018 Week 16 vs LAR (12 / 23 / 87 / 0 / 0 pass, 4 / 49 / 0 rush)

Rosen did not finish the game against the Rams, being pulled in the mid-fourth quarter of the blowout for Mike Glennon. Rosen struggled mightily despite posting a career-high 49 yards on the ground and avoiding turning the ball over for the only the second time all season. Rosen did nearly throw a couple of interceptions with questionable decision-making on deep passes into heavy traffic. Rosen's productive moments were short passes in-rhythm, an area of the field the Rams defense did not protect often. Rosen has overt needs for additional weapons on the outside as the return of Chad Williams, a former Day 2 draft pick, was of little import this season and the midseason loss of Christian Kirk magnified Arizona's deficiency.

2018 Week 17 vs SEA (18 / 34 / 149 / 1 / 0 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Rosen's rookie season is painfully complete after the loss in Seattle. Rosen struggled with constant pocket pressure, especially on long-yardage downs, losing two fumbles and absorbing four sacks in those situations. Rosen did not log an interception, but two passes should have been turnovers, including a risky deep floater into double coverage. Rosen's lone highlight moment was a corner route touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald amidst all the poor plays. Rosen finishes the season with more interceptions than touchdowns and dreadful 5.8 yards-per-attempt. Expect Arizona to address the offensive line in the offseason as Rosen showed well when protected in his rookie season.