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RB Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers

5-11, 202Born: 6-7-1996College: StanfordDrafted: Round 1, pick 2017

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17 at NO 10 4 18 0 1 1 22 0 0 4

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Recent Game Summaries

2018 Week 17 vs NO (4 / 18 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 22 / 0 rec)

Christian McCaffrey played just one series before being rested for the remainder of the game, but looked spry and hungry on his handful of touches, including a well-executed screen pass.

2018 Week 16 vs ATL (21 / 101 / 0 rush, 13 / 12 / 77 / 0 rec)

Christian McCaffrey provided the bulk of the production for the Panthers offense, with inexperienced quarterback Taylor Heinicke leaning on him often. McCaffrey set the record for most receptions by a running back in a single season, but the landmark day was business as usual for the tough runner. McCaffrey produced some outstanding moves in the open field as a receiver, including a spin move that left an Atlanta player grasping at air. As a runner, he bulled his way between the tackles, seeming to surprise the Falcons at times with his leg drive. He had ample opportunity in the red zone, but the offense was unable to punch it in. McCaffrey was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter by the coaching staff with the game out of hand.

2018 Week 15 vs NO (15 / 53 / 0 rush, 11 / 8 / 67 / 0 rec)

With Cam Newton's injury in the spotlight, it was Christian McCaffrey who assumed the mantle as the offensive spearhead. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner relied heavily on McCaffrey early and the young back delivered, running tough between the tackles and showing excellent vision and patience. McCaffrey was responsible for the Panthers' lone touchdown pass of the game. The fourth down play saw McCaffrey run towards right tackle as if he was ready to carry the ball, only for him to pull up and toss a beautifully lofted pass to Chris Manhertz, who did the rest. McCaffrey absorbed some punishing hits from the Saints defense, who played close to the line of scrimmage, knowing that Newton's arm would not be able to test them deep. McCaffrey even lined up as a receiver late in the game, bamboozling a defender on a hitch route. McCaffrey provided a safe pair of hands on multiple check down passes for Newton, consistently splitting defenders for chunks of yardage.

2018 Week 14 vs CLE (16 / 63 / 2 rush, 7 / 6 / 38 / 0 rec)

Carolina's do-it-all back looked to be off to a auspicious start, breaking off some nice gains in the early stages to put the Browns on notice. McCaffrey would cap that first drive success with a touchdown run out of the shotgun, running behind an outstanding block to squirt into the end zone. It wasn't long before the Panthers were set up with a short field after a Browns turnover, with McCaffrey cashing in for a second rushing touchdown, this time a one-yard dive that epitomised his toughness. The offense stagnated after that, and McCaffrey was not utilised as much until the fourth quarter, when things started to click again. He had a third rushing touchdown called back by a holding penalty but managed to produce a couple of nice runs after the catch in the dying moments.

2018 Week 13 vs TB (10 / 106 / 0 rush, 10 / 9 / 55 / 1 rec)

The Bucs remained disciplined defensively and stymied the Carolina rushing attack early. It didn't take long for Christian McCaffrey to break out, however, and it came off left guard after an excellent block. McCaffrey darted up the left sideline and was tripped up inside the 10-yard line. The very next play saw McCaffrey sprint out to the right flat, catch a zipped Cam Newton pass and dive for the pylon and the Panthers' opening touchdown of the game. McCaffrey remained a safety blanket for his quarterback as the Panthers played from behind on the scoreboard. He absorbed massive shots from lurking Bucs defenders and did more damage as a receiver than as a runner. McCaffrey and the offense were only able to bite off small chunks of yardage in the second half for the most part.

2018 Week 12 vs SEA (17 / 125 / 1 rush, 11 / 11 / 112 / 1 rec)

Christian McCaffrey appeared to tote every ball and catch every pass in this game, putting the offense on his back as he tore through Seattle's defense. The writing was on the wall for the Seahawks in the early moments, McCaffrey catching a couple of passes in the flat and scooting up the field for easy chunks of yardage. After a time, the chunks began to add up and the Panthers had a couple of red zone opportunities. McCaffrey got the call a couple of times, but the Seahawks were able to make critical stops to deny him. Despite the setback, McCaffrey was unfazed. The offensive line began to open up holes, with McCaffrey hitting the gaps with vigor and pace. Eventually McCaffrey cashed in on the ground with a touchdown run from one yard out, a defensive pass interference penalty setting him up. The play saw the offensive line gash the Seahawks and open a massive gap for McCaffrey to breeze through. McCaffrey was not done, however, and dashed up the middle in the fourth quarter for a 60+-yard scamper that came just a few yards shy of the end zone. Not appearing tired at all after the gut-busting dash, McCaffrey took the next carry and almost punched it into the end zone. A couple of plays later, Cam Newton found him for a touchdown in the right flat after two receivers' routes managed to pick off the Seattle defenders. McCaffrey's ball security was the only blemish in this game; he fumbled three times but Carolina managed to recover all three.

2018 Week 11 vs DET (13 / 53 / 0 rush, 8 / 6 / 57 / 0 rec)

Christian McCaffrey was largely held in check on the ground against a stout interior run defense of Detroit, but he contributed elsewhere to excellent effect. As a runner, in fact, McCaffrey was unfortunate not to get into the end zone. He came up just a yard short of the goal line on a red zone carry, while two subsequent carries inside the 20 yielded no joy. McCaffrey looked quick and agile when afforded space, although he was tackled immediately after making several catches. McCaffrey finished the game with a chunk play - a reception down the right sideline - although it appeared he benefited from an offensive pass interference against Devin Funchess that the referees missed. As per usual, McCaffrey provided a perfect outlet for Newton on many occasions and remained an engine of the offense.

2018 Week 10 vs PIT (14 / 77 / 1 rush, 5 / 5 / 61 / 2 rec)

Christian McCaffrey inspired a sensational opening drive from Carolina that seemed to augur well for the rest of the game. The swift back darted through creases behind good blocking from the offensive line, with the threat of Cam Newton as a runner on option handoffs a concern for Pittsburgh's defenders. McCaffrey finished the drive off with a touchdown, sneaking out to the left flat as Devin Funchess' slant route picked off the defender covering the back. The wheel route left McCaffrey wide open for an easy pitch-and-catch touchdown connection. McCaffrey let down his quarterback not long after that, however, giving up a sack after being bulldozed in one-on-one pass protection. He had no chance on the play. McCaffrey remained the engine of the offense even as everything was falling apart around him, creating space where there seemed none and exploiting defenders with quick cuts. He added a second touchdown through the air on a similar play to the first; no Steelers defender followed him on a wheel route up the left sideline, and it proved an easy score. Late in the game McCaffrey added a touchdown on the ground, a one-yard dive set up by a pass interference penalty on D.J. Moore.

2018 Week 9 vs TB (17 / 79 / 2 rush, 6 / 5 / 78 / 0 rec)

A slick performance from Christian McCaffrey saw the second-year back dominating from start to finish. The offensive line and McCaffrey were in concert throughout, with good blocking being rewarded by a decisive McCaffrey, who shot through gaps. When things weren't immediately clear for McCaffrey, he darted expertly between and past defenders. His highlight play was undoubtedly a screen pass that saw him hurdle over a defender before shooting up the field for a big gain. McCaffrey showed his toughness on two rushing touchdowns from the one-yard line, following his blocks and powering in with good leg drive on both occasions. McCaffrey got the bulk of the goal line work, but to Tampa Bay's credit they kept him bottled up on a few occasions. The offense sputtered in the second half, but it was McCaffrey's catches that reignited the team as the Buccaneers trailed by just seven.

2018 Week 8 vs BAL (14 / 45 / 1 rush, 6 / 4 / 11 / 1 rec)

The Ravens kept the Panthers rushing attack bottled up in this game, but Christian McCaffrey was not to be denied. Showing excellent vision and patience throughout, the second-year runner would often wait a couple of seconds behind his offensive line before darting outside. This was exactly how his rushing touchdown panned out. McCaffrey took the hand-off, initially getting lost behind his line and hitting his own offensive lineman in the back. Seeing daylight on the left, he bounced it quickly and found a huge lane to the end zone. The offense revolved around McCaffrey, and he paid off that faith in the final drive with some clock-killing runs for chunks of yardage. His receiving touchdown came on a heady play in the red zone. Cam Newton targeted Devin Funchess on a slant route, but the ball was immediately batted up into the air. It was a quick-of-thought McCaffrey who rose highest to claim the falling football, securing it for an unlikely score. Against a disciplined rush defense of Baltimore, McCaffrey put on a clinic in pressing the hole and hitting a gap when it became available.

2018 Week 7 vs PHI (7 / 29 / 0 rush, 6 / 6 / 51 / 0 rec)

Christian McCaffrey looked smooth and agile between the tackles early on, slicing through small creases and bouncing it to the edge when the blocking allowed. The game script quickly removed a ground-and-pound approach from the equation, however, forcing McCaffrey into a pass catching role primarily. McCaffrey proved crucial on the final drive, reeling in a pair of pinpoint Cam Newton passes to move the chains. The threat of McCaffrey helped the Panthers set up the end around rushing touchdown to Curtis Samuel.

2018 Week 6 vs WAS (8 / 20 / 0 rush, 8 / 7 / 46 / 0 rec)

Christian McCaffrey dominating both via the air and the ground has become commonplace this season - but this game proved to be a different story. Early on, Carolina's offense appeared to be humming along, with McCaffrey making excellent cuts and decisions to churn out some yards on the ground. However, it all changed after the Redskins began to build a lead, forcing the offense to go pass-happy. McCaffrey was clearly an emphasis of the Washington defense; it seemed every time the running back caught a pass, he was instantly corralled. However, at times he was able to find some room to work underneath and looked good after the catch. McCaffrey was targeted at the end of the game on a wheel route in the end zone, but the ball was out of his reach.

2018 Week 5 vs NYG (17 / 58 / 0 rush, 6 / 5 / 35 / 1 rec)

Christian McCaffrey produced a solid performance against what proved to be a resilient and stingy Giants front seven. The second-year back was often tossed backwards and stuffed at the line, although he managed to weave his way through gaps as well. The Panthers were at times dysfunctional in their run blocking - on one play, McCaffrey was basically tackled by his right guard - but McCaffrey made the best of it. He was not a factor in the passing game, apart from a touchdown he scored on a quick flair pass that no Giants player even came close to covering. McCaffrey saw the field well and did a solid job in pass protection.

2018 Week 3 vs CIN (28 / 184 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 10 / 0 rec)

In a performance that is certain to turn the heads of some critics, Christian McCaffrey put to bed any notion that he can't run between the tackles. From the first snap, McCaffrey showed his toughness, grit and no-nonsense approach as he shrugged off tacklers on his way to steady chunks of yardage. The offensive line provided an excellent platform for McCaffrey, but his patience and vision to wait for blocks to develop and holes to run through were exemplary. McCaffrey was predominantly asked to run between the tackles, which he did with great efficiency, but at times he showed off his ability on stretch plays, another element of his game that he clearly has room for growth in. He got the nod in the red zone on several occasions but was stopped each time by a stubborn Bengals defense. However, he played a big role in Cam Newton's second rushing touchdown. Off the veer look, Newton rode the exchange point with McCaffrey, who was darting left to right parallel to the line of scrimmage and caught the eyes of some Bengals defenders. That opened a crease for Newton to exploit. When the Panthers were trying to chew up the clock, McCaffrey got the call again and delivered, breaking off some powerful interior runs.

2018 Week 2 vs ATL (8 / 37 / 0 rush, 15 / 14 / 102 / 0 rec)

The Panthers passing attack against the Falcons basically ran through Christian McCaffrey, with the second-year back dominating the backfield touches. The former Stanford back looked hungry to make an impact and ran well between the tackles on the rare occasions he had to do so. However, much as the Panthers wanted to run the ball to protect their offensive line, the game began to get away from them. Enter McCaffrey, who was Cam Newton's outlet on nearly every dropback, it seemed. McCaffrey added value to every touch, consistently scooting past a chasing defender or juking a despairing tackle attempt. McCaffrey got the call in the red zone on an inside handoff at one point but was quickly met in the hole by a swarming defense. He continued to bite off small chunks of yardage as the Panthers played in comeback mode for most of the game, but wasn't quite able to break a big one at any point.

2018 Week 1 vs DAL (10 / 50 / 0 rush, 9 / 6 / 45 / 0 rec)

The Norv Turner era began in Carolina with the grand unveiling of the Christian McCaffrey Show on offense. Offensive line inconsistently held back the passing attack, but this forced quicker releases and allowed McCaffrey to thrive on underneath routes. The Dallas defenders couldn't deal with him in space, with the quick-twitch back winning time and again. As a runner, McCaffrey's day started off in a rough way as he had a red zone fumble. The defender who knocked it out made a terrific play to weave through the blocks, but McCaffrey failed to secure the ball with two hands. McCaffrey showed burst and power on a 13-yard inside handoff later, lowering his shoulder into contact and dragging a tackler or two. Cam Newton was inaccurate on some simple passes to McCaffrey in the flat, or the second-year back could have had an even more productive game. McCaffrey proved a thorn in the side of the Cowboys and acted as the engine of the offense.


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