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6-1, 218Born: 4-14-1995College: OklahomaDrafted: Round 1, pick 2018

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16 vs BAL 60 20 33 192 2 1 2 4 0 0 17
17 at CIN 54 12 27 279 3 3 4 29 0 0 24.85

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2019 Week 17 vs CIN (12 / 27 / 279 / 3 / 3 pass, 4 / 29 / 0 rush)

Mayfield threw three more interceptions, bumping his season-long total to 21, second in the league behind only Jameis Winston. He got off to a fast start in the game, with his first pass going for a 46-yard touchdown to a diving Damion Ratley in the end zone. It was a great throw off play action that Mayfield placed perfectly in the end zone. On the team's third drive, Mayfield threw his first interception on a bad pass to Jarvis Landry. The defender jumped the route and dove in front of Landry for the pick. On the following possession, Mayfield came close to throwing another interception. This time he attempted a short dump off to Kareem Hunt but Hunt hadn't turned his head around yet. A defender got his hands on the ball but dropped it. On the team's first drive of the second quarter, Mayfield completed two deep passes, a 26-yard completion to Jarvis Landry and a 36-yarder to Odell Beckham Jr. He placed the ball perfectly for Beckham to run under it for the long completion. That drive stalled and the Browns settled for a field goal. Mayfield's second touchdown pass came on the ensuing drive. He hit Jarvis Landry with a perfect pass down the seam. Landry made the contested catch and instantly had a defender on his back. He got some luck as another Bengals defender came flying in to make the hit but wound up hitting his own teammate, freeing Landry to cruise into the end zone all alone. Mayfield kicked off the second half with another interception, this time heaving a deep shot in the direction of Beckham into double coverage for an easy pick by the defense. Mayfield's final touchdown came in the fourth quarter on fourth-and-goal from the Cincinnati 20-yard line. He threw high toward the right side of the end zone and Odell Beckham leapt up to make an impressive catch. On the team's final drive, Mayfield sailed a pass too high for a wide open Beckham in the middle of the field and then ended his team's season with his third interception on a poor pass aimed at Landry.

2019 Week 16 vs BAL (20 / 33 / 192 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 4 / 0 rush)

Mayfield turned in an uneven performance in the loss. At times he flashed his excellent accuracy and ability to escape in the pocket but at other times he missed makeable throws and made some poor decisions. He only wound up throwing one interception but came close to throwing a total of three picks. He connected with Jarvis Landry for a nine-yard slant on his first throw of the game and followed that up with a deep shot to Ricky Seals-Jones. The ball was just overthrown as the tight end couldn't make the grab. He came back on the next drive to find Odell Beckham Jr. for a 22-yard completion and made a nice pass deep down the left sideline to Damion Ratley but Ratley bobbled the ball as he went out of bounds. Mayfield's first touchdown came at the beginning of the second quarter but not before an interception on that same drive was nullified by a defensive holding penalty. He led Cleveland down to the Baltimore one-yard line, aided by a defensive pass interference flag which Beckham drew in the end zone. Mayfield then found Demetrius Harris for a one-yard score in the back of the end zone. He put the ball up high enough for his big tight end to jump up and reach over the defender for the score. Two drives later, Mayfield tried another deep shot, this time to Beckham down the right sideline. It looked as though it was going to be a completion but Marcus Peters reached in and tipped the ball at the last second, resulting in an incompletion. In the third quarter, Mayfield came close to throwing another interception. With Baltimore's pass rush closing in, Mayfield attempted a dump off to Nick Chubb. The pass was thrown short and a Baltimore defender made a diving grab that was overturned by officials, who ruled that the ball hit the ground first. In the fourth quarter, Mayfield led Cleveland's second touchdown-scoring drive. He made a nice pass to Beckham for a 15-yard gain and then hit Ricky Seals-Jones with a bullet down the seam which got Cleveland to the Baltimore one-yard line. A few plays later, Mayfield found Beckham in the right corner of the end zone on a perfectly-placed fade for a three-yard score. The team's final drive of the game did not go as well as Mayfield threw an interception on a deep pass down the middle of the field. He was hurried by the Ravens pass rush and made a poor choice in letting the ball go where he did.

2019 Week 15 vs ARI (30 / 43 / 247 / 2 / 1 pass, 2 / 11 / 0 rush)

Mayfield didn't play particularly poorly but he also fell short of expectations against an Arizona defense that opposing quarterbacks have routinely shredded this season. His first pass attempt was a deep shot to Odell Beckham Jr. near the goal line. Beckham was double-covered and Mayfield threw the ball too far out in front of him for even a catch attempt. He went right back to Beckham deep on the left again. This time Beckham dropped a catchable ball. It all goes to show that he and OBJ still have a long way to go when it comes to establishing chemistry together. Mayfield then ripped a 21-yard pass to Damion Ratley. Unfortunately, Mayfield put an end to that promising first drive with an end zone interception. He was targeting Beckham (again) and threw too high for Beckham, resulting in an easy pick for Patrick Peterson who was behind OBJ. Mayfield heated up in the second half, throwing both of his touchdowns. On the first drive of the third quarter, he ran for a four-yard gain on a third-and-three to keep the drive alive. He then capped off that drive with a two-yard touchdown pass to tight end Ricky Seals-Jones. Mayfield executed a nice run fake and then found Seals-Jones all by himself on the left side of the end zone for the easy score. In the fourth quarter, Mayfield's accuracy started to crumble as Cleveland went into pass-heavy comeback mode. He threw too high for Jarvis Landry, leaving the receiver exposed to take a big hit from a defender. He then came close to throwing a second interception when targeting Landry again. The Arizona defender actually did catch the pass but his foot landed out of bounds before he established possession. Mayfield took advantage of the second chance, finding a wide open Seals-Jones in the end zone again, this time for a one-yard score.

2019 Week 14 vs CIN (11 / 24 / 192 / 0 / 2 pass, 2 / 13 / 1 rush)

Mayfield got off to a positive start, completing his first three passes and looking accurate with the ball. He tried to get Odell Beckham Jr. involved early, completing an 18-yard pass to the wideout on his first pass attempt. He then connected with Jarvis Landry for a 17-yard gain where he split three defenders. Mayfield then appeared to have a about a 10-yard completion to David Njoku but the tight end had the ball ripped out of his hands while he was on his back on the ground. The play was called an interception on a questionable ruling. Mayfield threw another interception on his second offensive drive, this time throwing too high for KhaDarel Hodge on a deep attempt. The ball tipped off Hodge's fingertips and into a defender's hands. In the second quarter Mayfield completed a clutch 20-yard pass to Jarvis Landry on a third-and-19. Mayfield capped that drive off with a seven-yard touchdown run where he found the edge on the left and dove over the goal line by the pylon from about two yards out. On the ensuing drive, it looked as though Mayfield had connected with Beckham for about a 36-yard gain but Cincinnati challenged the catch and it was ruled that Beckham's second foot landed out of bounds. He went back to Beckham on the next pass but threw too high. Beckham was hit on the leaping attempt and the ball was jarred loose. Mayfield was not asked to pass much in the second half with Cleveland sitting on a lead and running often. He did target David Njoku on an end zone fade from the Cincinnati three-yard line but Njoku was only able to get one hand on the pass. Mayfield had a third interception negated in the fourth quarter when the officials called a defensive pass interference penalty on the Bengals.

2019 Week 13 vs PIT (18 / 32 / 196 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

Mayfield got off to a fast start in the game, completing 6-of-8 passes for 60 yards on his first two drives. His first pass of the game was dropped by Jarvis Landry. He bounced back to throw a great pass to Landry while rolling right on third-and-14. Landry stretched to haul in the 15-yard gain along the right sideline. Mayfield got the ball into the red zone but was unable to cash in the touchdown. He was sacked by T.J. Watt, who he didn't see coming, and then threw way too high for Odell Beckham Jr. in the end zone. Mayfield's lone touchdown came on the third drive of the game. He found Kareem Hunt in the middle of the field for a short completion. Hunt did most of the work as he broke two tackles for a 15-yard receiving touchdown. On the final drive of the first half, Mayfield took a couple deep shots to Beckham. The receiver didn't have a chance at either ball. Mayfield hit his hand on Bud Dupree's facemask on his follow-through on the second deep shot and went back to the locker room for X-rays. Garrett Gilbert came on to run two plays during the final seven seconds of the first half. Mayfield was diagnosed with a bruised hand, had it wrapped, and returned for the third quarter with a glove on his throwing hand. His first pass of the half was an excellent completion to Jarvis Landry for 16 yards but he ended that drive by losing a fumble on a strip sack while fighting to break away from the pass rush. In the fourth quarter he started looking to Demetrius Harris. He threw a strike down the seam to Harris for a 23-yard gain. He then targeted Harris twice in the end zone. The first was way too high for Harris to make the catch. The second target was in the tight end's hands in the end zone on a leaping attempt but the ball jarred loose when Harris hit the ground. It came this close to being a touchdown. Mayfield was then sacked in the red zone to end that promising drive without a touchdown. On the final offensive possession of the game, Mayfield had a chance to lead the Browns on a game-tying drive but his accuracy betrayed him. He threw to an open Landry in the middle of the field but the pass was broken up. He then threw an interception to end his team's chances at a comeback. He threw a bad pass way behind Landry that Joe Haden was able to dive and intercept.

2019 Week 12 vs MIA (24 / 34 / 327 / 3 / 1 pass, 2 / 5 / 0 rush)

Mayfield had a strong outing, tossing three touchdowns in the first half. His first pass was a short dump-off to Nick Chubb that the running back took for 32 yards after a few broken tackles. Mayfield then showed his mobility with an 18-yard strike to Jarvis Landry while rolling to his right to escape the pass rush. He capped off the first drive with a seven-yard touchdown pass to Landry. Mayfield made an excellent pass to get the ball to Landry on the play. Mayfield's second touchdown pass was a 35-yard bomb which Odell Beckham Jr. caught in the middle of the end zone. Beckham got wide open against busted coverage and Mayfield put the ball where it needed to be. His third touchdown pass came in the second quarter. He rolled out to extend the play and then hit Landry with a five-yard pass for the score. He did a nice job placing the ball high enough that only Landry could make a play on it. He came close to connecting with Beckham on a deep target down the right sideline at the end of the half. The ball fell incomplete but Beckham drew a defensive pass interference penalty. Mayfield's first completion of the third quarter was a well-placed 15-yard pass to Landry that Mayfield squeezed between two defenders. His interception came on a bad pass that was behind Beckham. Beckham did get his hands on it but the ball was popped up into a Miami defender's hands. In the fourth quarter he came close to completing a few more deep passes to Beckham. The first was a deep left shot to OBJ that drew another defensive pass interference flag. Beckham then got open again soon after but Mayfield missed him, throwing way too high. Mayfield came close to throwing a fourth touchdown on two separate occasions on the fourth drive of the second half, hitting Ricky Seals-Jones with a high pass in the end zone. Seals-Jones reached up but couldn't quite reel in the pass. It was a catchable ball but it would have been a tough catch. He then targeted an open Rashard Higgins on the left side of the end zone. Higgins made a diving attempt at the ball but couldn't haul it in. It looked like Mayfield threw a second interception at the end of that drive but the pick was wiped away by a personal foul penalty against the Dolphins.

2019 Week 11 vs PIT (17 / 32 / 193 / 2 / 0 pass, 1 / 1 / 1 rush)

Mayfield had a solid day throwing the football and his three scores where the most he has had all season. That being said, his chemistry with Odell Beckham Jr. remains a work in progress. It looked like the two had a 43-yard touchdown at the end of the first drive but official review determined that Beckham's knee hit down inside the one-yard line before the ball crossed the goal line. Mayfield followed that play with a one-yard quarterback sneak for the rushing touchdown. In the second quarter, Mayfield showed some of his elusiveness in the pocket. He had a pass rusher bearing down on him; pump faked the pass and got the defender to jump in the air. Then Mayfield stepped over and completed a deep 41-yard completion to KhaDarel Hodge. He targeted Hodge in the end zone on that same drive, with Hodge drawing a defensive pass interference flag. Mayfield took his only sack in the third quarter when he held onto the ball too long. He then had Jarvis Landry wide open and overthrew him on what could have gone for a big gain. On the ensuing drive, Mayfield made a nice pass deep down the seam to Demetrius Harris. Harris had a chance at the catch but offsetting pass interference penalties were called against both him and his defender. Mayfield then took a deep end-zone shot to Beckham but there was a miscommunication between the two. Mayfield threw toward the sideline while Beckham had turned toward the middle of the field. In the fourth quarter, he and Beckham showed nice timing on an 11-yard completion. Mayfield struggled with his accuracy again after that as Beckham got wide open and Mayfield threw way too high for the receiver to even make an attempt. He tried Beckham in the end zone again on the sixth drive of the second half, throwing an end zone fade from the Pittsburgh four-yard line. Beckham caught it but was unable to get both feet down inbounds on the play. Mayfield's final touchdown came on a risky pass to rookie tight end Stephen Carlson. Mayfield ripped an eight-yard strike to Carlson in the back of the end zone. Carlson leapt and reached over the defender's helmet to make the catch. The pass could have been an interception had the defender been facing the play but he had his back to Mayfield while in coverage.

2019 Week 10 vs BUF (26 / 38 / 238 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / 1 / 0 rush)

Mayfield had one of his better games in Cleveland's win over Buffalo. He picked up his first game-winning drive of the season in the home win. The game didn't start off great for Mayfield as he overthrew a wide open Odell Beckham Jr. on his first pass attempt of the game. Beckham had a couple of steps on his defender and would have been gone for a 75-yard touchdown but Mayfield overthrew him by a few yards. Mayfield bounced back to hit Jarvis Landry for a 17-yard touchdown in the end zone to end that drive. He came back on the following drive and tried to find Beckham a few times end zone. Neither pass was complete but Beckham did draw two defensive pass interference penalties on the drive. On the fourth drive of the first half, Mayfield came close to throwing an interception but Tre'Davious White was unable to get both feet down inbounds. He finished that drive off in the red zone with a short shovel-pass attempt to Nick Chubb that Chubb dropped around the Buffalo three-yard line. It looked like the running back had a crease to find the end zone had he held onto the ball. The second half didn't start out too well for Mayfield as he took a safety on the first offensive play. He took a three-step drop and didn't see the pass rush coming from his right for an easy safety for Buffalo. In the fourth quarter, Mayfield forced a throw to a double-covered Beckham which was almost intercepted and on the next drive tried it again, this time resulting in a pass breakup. Mayfield led the Browns on a game-winning drive on the final drive of the game but that drive almost ended in disaster as it appeared Mayfield fumbled a handoff to Kareem Hunt. The ball was scooped up and returned for a touchdown that would have sealed the victory for Buffalo. Instead, the officials reviewed the play and determined that it was an incomplete forward pass. Mayfield took advantage of the second chance, dropping an absolute dime over the shoulder of Jarvis Landry for a 24-yard reception. A couple of plays later, Mayfield lofted a pass over several Buffalo pass rushers to find Rashard Higgins wide open in the back of the end zone for a game-winning seven-yard touchdown.

2019 Week 9 vs DEN (27 / 42 / 273 / 1 / 0 pass, 3 / 22 / 0 rush)

Mayfield was solid in the loss, although he did come up short in a few spots. He was unable to pick up a first down on a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-one at the Denver five-yard line in the third quarter. The officials ruled that the ball was about six inches short of a first down. Cleveland challenged the spot but the call was upheld. The Browns had another chance in the fourth quarter but were unable to convert a fourth-and-four from the Denver 28 when Mayfield had a pass intended for Jarvis Landry batted away by a defender. Mayfield's first pass attempt of the game was a catchable ball that Landry was unable to haul in. He then threw too high for Landry on third down, ending the first drive. Mayfield came back in the second quarter to find Antonio Callaway for a 41-yard gain. Callaway did most of the work after the catch, getting the ball at the line of scrimmage and racing down the left sideline for a big gain. Mayfield later kept that drive alive with a 16-yard run on third-and-14. He came close to throwing a touchdown on the fifth drive of the game, finding Demetrius Harris at the back of the end zone. Harris made the catch but ran out of room at the back of the end zone and was unable to get both feet down inbounds. On the final drive of the half, Mayfield got the ball in scoring position again but couldn't convert, throwing too high in the red zone for Landry to catch. In the third quarter, Mayfield had Nick Chubb open on a short screen to the left but threw too high again. Chubb had a blocker in front of him and could have ripped off a long gain. The failed quarterback sneak play on fourth-and-one came on the second drive in the third quarter on what wound up being a game-swinging play. Initially it looked like Mayfield got enough yardage for the first down but the officials did not agree. Mayfield's only touchdown was a nine-yard completion to Landry in the fourth quarter. Landry caught a short pass to the left and put a nice move on a would-be tackler to make it to the end zone. Mayfield had his team moving on their final possession of the game on what could have been the game-winning drive but was able to connect with Landry on fourth-and-four from the Denver 28. The Broncos offense got the ball back and was able to run out the clock, sealing the sixth loss for Cleveland.

2019 Week 8 vs NE (20 / 31 / 194 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / 18 / 0 rush)

Mayfield's play wasn't terrible as he put together a decent outing in tough conditions against one of the top defenses in the league. He does continue to take way too many sacks as the Patriots dropped him five times. On the first drive, Mayfield hit Antonio Callaway but the pass was too far outside for Callaway to stay in bounds. He then threw too high for a wide-open Jarvis Landry in the middle of the field. Mayfield's interception came on an odd play on the fourth drive of the game. He attempted a forward pitch to Landry but wound up pitching the ball straight into the hands of a New England defender. Mayfield's lone touchdown was a 21-yard dime to Demetrius Harris right at the goal line. He showed excellent accuracy in hitting the wide-open tight end. On the opening drive of the second half, he found Landry for a 21-yard completion and then had Harris open deep down the left sideline. The ball to Harris was underthrown, however, hitting a Patriot defender on the back of the helmet with the pass. On the following drive, he threw an excellent back shoulder pass to Odell Beckham on the right which Beckham dropped. In the fourth quarter, Mayfield hit Rashard Higgins for around a 25-yard gain which was called back on an offensive pass interference penalty against Higgins. He then threw too high for Beckham on a deep shot on the left side of the field. Mayfield's fantasy output hasn't been great through seven games but Cleveland's schedule does open up significantly going forward.

2019 Week 6 vs SEA (22 / 37 / 249 / 1 / 3 pass, 4 / 35 / 1 rush)

Mayfield was charged with three interceptions but two are tough to blame on him as they were deflected by his own players before they were picked off. Unlike the Week 5 debacle against the 49ers, Mayfield did get plenty of time to throw, which led to him turning in a solid game. The Cleveland receivers' inability to hold onto the ball is becoming an issue which directly hurt Mayfield. By an unofficial count, at least half of Mayfield's interceptions this season have come on deflections or dropped balls. On the second drive of the game, Mayfield threw a catchable deep shot to Antonio Callaway down the left sideline. Callaway let the ball clang off his fingers for an incompletion. On the next play, he hit Odell Beckham Jr. with another catchable pass that was dropped. He showed excellent accuracy on a 27-yard completion to Jarvis Landry on fourth-and-seven and then capped that drive off with a 10-yard rushing touchdown. Mayfield did a nice job reading the man defense and took off while the defenders had their backs to him. Mayfield's lone touchdown pass came at the beginning of the second quarter. Tight end Ricky Seals-Jones got open down the right sideline and Mayfield hit him for a 31-yard score. On the ensuing drive, Mayfield was hurt by more drops. Callaway and Beckham each were unable to corral catchable balls yet again. The second to last drive of the first half appeared to be a promising one with Mayfield completing a 41-yard bomb to Beckham while rolling right and then logging another clutch completion to Callaway on third down. From the Seattle 10-yard line, he threw a pass to Jarvis Landry in the end zone which was a bit behind him and went off the receiver's hands. Even worse, the ball fell into a defender's lap for an interception. The third quarter was a quiet one as the team was held scoreless. The offense came to life on the first drive of the fourth quarter. Mayfield got Cleveland into scoring position and tossed a short fade to Beckham in the end zone but the throw was too high. He then completed a pass to Landry at the Seattle one-yard line that Landry fumbled into the end zone. That play was nullified by a too many men on the field penalty against the Seahawks. Cleveland felt Landry had broken the plane of the end zone with the ball before the fumble but the play was upheld. Mayfield had a chance to lead his team to a comeback win with 3:30 left on the clock but running back Dontrell Hilliard let a ball bounce off his hands for an interception, essentially ending the game.

2019 Week 5 vs SF (8 / 22 / 100 / 0 / 2 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Mayfield did not play well in the loss. Some of the blame goes to a poor offensive line and some goes to Antonio Callaway, who was partially responsible for both of Mayfield's interceptions. That being said, Mayfield himself gets plenty of blame. He has taken a step back this season from an accuracy standpoint and is not doing a good job navigating the pocket. His first pass of the game was dropped by Odell Beckham Jr. on a short screen to the right. He then followed that with a too-high throw to Ricky Seals-Jones which was initially ruled a completion but was overturned after Kyle Shanahan challenged the ruling. The second possession wasn't much better as Mayfield threw an interception to Richard Sherman. It looked like Antonio Callaway ran the wrong route as he went straight and Mayfield threw the ball as though it would be a dig route. On the third drive, Mayfield threw too high to Beckham, who could have made a leaping grab but wasn't able to hold onto the ball. The fourth drive of the game saw Mayfield get sacked twice in a row, with him losing a fumble on the second sack. His longest completion was a 25-yarder to Jarvis Landry on the right side of the field. In the second quarter, Mayfield threw too high again, this time on an end zone target meant for Antonio Callaway. Mayfield should have had a touchdown on the sixth drive of the half as he hit Callaway with a slightly low pass right at the goal line. Callaway bobbled the target and popped it into the air, where a defender was able to pick it off. The Browns were at least able to move the ball a bit in the first half but they bogged down in the second half. Mayfield led just three scoreless drives after halftime before third-stringer Garrett Gilbert took over for him for the final drive of the game.

2019 Week 4 vs BAL (20 / 30 / 342 / 1 / 1 pass, 3 / 1 / 0 rush)

Mayfield got right after struggling through the first three weeks of the season. He only finished with one touchdown but that was more a result of how well Nick Chubb was running and not an indictment on how Mayfield played. He more closely resembled the player from 2018 when he made fast decisions and got the ball out quickly. It helped that the offensive line played better, allowing Mayfield to only get sacked once (that sack came on the first drive of the game). Since he wasn't forced to run for his life, Mayfield was able to hang in the pocket and step up to make accurate downfield throws. That first possession was the offense's worst of the game as Mayfield had his first pass attempt batted at the line and was then sacked on third-and-five. He came back with a great drive on the second possession. He found Jarvis Landry for a 16-yard catch and then hit Damion Ratley for a 10-yard completion. In the red zone, Mayfield threw a nine-yard touchdown pass to tight end Ricky Seals-Jones. Seals-Jones was wide open on the left side of the field and ran in for the easy score. Mayfield's lone interception came in the second quarter and can be partially blamed on Landry, who pulled up on a short slant route instead of getting in there and fighting for the catch. Mayfield went back to Landry on the next drive, connecting with him on a short pass. Landry did the rest as he rumbled for 65 yards. It could have been an 87-yard touchdown had Landry not started to stumble and eventually lose his footing on the play. The ground game took over in the second half, limiting Mayfield's chances to make plays. He did connect with Seals-Jones for a 59-yard catch-and-run and then found Landry for a 29-yard inside shovel pass that brought the Browns down to the Baltimore two-yard line. If the Browns continue to show that they have fixed some of the early-season issues, Mayfield should continue to ascend going forward.

2019 Week 3 vs LAR (18 / 36 / 195 / 1 / 1 pass, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Mayfield is slumping for the first time in his short career. Most likely due to a porous offensive line, Mayfield is not stepping up in the pocket and is instead taking off and scrambling, even when the situation doesn't call for it. His first red zone chance came during the second quarter on the third drive of the game. Mayfield was pushed out of the pocket and forced to throw an incomplete pass on the run. A few drives later he made one of his best passes on a play-action 25-yard strike to Jarvis Landry down the middle of the field. Shortly after that he was pressured again and threw a bad pass. He did take a deep shot to Landry later on that same drive that the receiver had a chance to catch. Landry got his hands on it but give credit to the defender for breaking up the pass. On the final drive of the first half, Mayfield got into the red zone again. It was not a fruitful trip as he threw three incompletions: one a throw away, one a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage, and one too high for the receiver to catch. In the second half, he came close to throwing a touchdown as he had Landry in the end zone. Landry couldn't make the catch but he did draw a pass interference penalty that put Cleveland at the one-yard line. Two plays later, Mayfield found a wide open Demetrius Harris at the back of the end zone for his only touchdown pass of the game. On the second drive of the half, it appeared he had a miscommunication with Nick Chubb that almost resulted in a lost fumble. He followed that up with a deep target in the middle of the field to Landry. Landry was open but Mayfield made a bad pass, throwing it behind the receiver. Los Angeles stepped up the pressure in the fourth quarter, constantly getting to Mayfield and moving him out of the pocket. He had several chances to throw a touchdown on the final drive as Cleveland got the ball down to the Los Angeles four-yard line. Mayfield threw incomplete to Landry in the end zone with an unblocked pass rusher in his face on the first play. He went back to Landry on the second pass but it was tipped at the line. The third pass was a catchable one to Demetrius Harris in the end zone but the tight end couldn't bring down the contested catch. It wasn't an easy catch but Harris could have caught it. Mayfield threw an interception in the end zone on fourth down to seal the loss.

2019 Week 2 vs NYJ (19 / 35 / 325 / 1 / 1 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Mayfield's final stat line looks solid but he didn't play as well as it appears. He held onto the ball too long at times and suffered from some accuracy issues. Onlookers have yet to observe the quick decision-making and accuracy that was evident during Mayfield's rookie campaign. An 89-yard touchdown pass to Odell Beckham helped Mayfield out greatly, even though Beckham did most of the heavy lifting on that play. Mayfield got off to a good start, escaping the pass rush and finding D'Ernest Johnson for a 27-yard gain. The pass was a bit underthrown as Johnson had to slow down and wait for it. The play could have gone for a longer gain if it was thrown deeper. He hit Beckham with a 33-yard dart down the right sideline. Beckham made an impressive one-handed catch with a defender draped all over him. The first drive brought Cleveland into the red zone. Mayfield threw a pass to Jarvis Landry around the Jets' five-yard line but Landry dropped it. He would have been tackled right away even if he made the grab. On the next play, no one could get open in the end zone so Mayfield had to scramble and wound up throwing the ball away. On the second drive, Mayfield threw a high pass to David Njoku. Njoku leapt high to catch it but was upended and landed on his head, dropping the pass in the process. He then had Beckham open deep in the middle of the field but threw too high. In the second quarter, Mayfield threw high to Beckham again. This time the receiver was able to make the leaping catch. On the second drive of the second quarter Mayfield had two passes tipped at the line of scrimmage. At the end of the half, Mayfield took a deep end zone shot to Beckham, who was double-covered. Beckham couldn't secure what would have been a 41-yard touchdown. He bounced back to find Landry for a 25-yard gain and then rushed the team to the line to spike the ball, leaving just enough time for a field goal before halftime. In the third quarter, Mayfield missed an open Beckham on third-and-two, stalling out the first drive of the half. It is possible Mayfield didn't see Beckham, although he was looking in his direction. The 89-yard touchdown pass only traveled about eight yards in the air, with Beckham doing the rest of the work. His interception came on the first drive of the fourth quarter on a pass down the middle that got tipped into the air.

2019 Week 1 vs TEN (25 / 38 / 285 / 1 / 3 pass, 0 / 0 / 0 rush)

Mayfield was sharp on the opening drive, completing 4-of-5 passes and leading his team to a Dontrell Hilliard rushing touchdown. That was also basically the only drive where the offensive line gave him adequate protection. Tennessee starting getting to him on the second drive and threw off the entire offense for the remainder of the game. The first drive was almost a bust, actually, as he almost threw an interception on his first pass attempt which was tipped. His 35-yard pass to Rashard Higgins got the team down to the Tennessee four-yard line and was a perfectly placed laser of a throw. Mayfield took a safety in the second quarter when he was hit from behind by Cameron Wake. Wake took a very wide route to the quarterback and ended up hitting him from behind. Mayfield never knew he was coming, although he did hold onto the ball for too long, which gave Wake the time he needed to get to the QB. His lone touchdown pass came in the third quarter. He dropped a perfect 34-yard pass to Jarvis Landry and then hit David Njoku on a three-yard pass in the middle of the end zone for the score. Things got ugly after that as he threw three interceptions across the end of the third and entire fourth quarters. His first interception was a pass forced into triple coverage which was easily picked off. He then had a short pass to Landry jumped by the defender for his second interception. His final interception was a pick-six to Malcolm Butler on a high pass that sailed on him. Mayfield is much better than he played in Week 1 but the Browns have to make some improvements to their offensive line play.


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