WR Ashley Lelie - Free Agent

6-3, 200Born: 2-16-1980College: HawaiiDrafted: Round 1, pick 19

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Game Recaps

2008 Week 1 vs DEN (5 / 3 / 37 / 1 rec)

Ashley Lelie managed to produce a solid game, catching three balls on the night including a touchdown.

2008 Week 2 vs KC (6 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Lelie appeared to be Russell's favorite wide receiver on the day, and reaped the benefits - a whopping one catch for 11 yards. Lelie did nothing to separate himself from an all around horrendous looking passing game, but neither did he have any glaring errors. He was targeted once in the red zone.

2008 Week 3 vs BUF (7 / 1 / 23 / 0 rec)

Lelie saw much more action than any other Oakland receiver, but that doesn't mean he did anything with the targets he saw. In fact, he caught just one of the seven passes that went in his direction. He was thrown to three times in the end zone, each successive pass further from being a touchdown than the one before it.

2008 Week 6 vs NO (8 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

When the Raiders announced that they were going to throw more deep passes apparently Lelie was the intended downfield target. Unfortunately, he has never been known for precise routes or great hands. His best play of the game occurred when he committed offensive pass interference to prevent a New Orleans interception.

2008 Week 8 vs BAL (6 / 1 / 23 / 0 rec)

Lelie was the most targeted receiver on the day but managed to finish the day with the least receptions. The one pass he hauled in did go for 23 yards however. He is tied along with tight end Zach Miller for the most targets on the team thus far with 33.

2008 Week 9 vs ATL (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

One first quarter target was the extent of Lelie's offensive contribution.

2008 Week 11 vs MIA (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Lelie made the most of his one target, drawing a questionable pass interference penalty that resulted in a 41 yard gain. While he is often sent on deep patterns, Curry took over that duty at least in this game.

2008 Week 12 vs DEN (4 / 4 / 92 / 1 rec)

Lelie and Russell were in sync throughout the game. Lelie used his speed to get open on intermediate and deep routes. His only short route came on a pass he caught for a touchdown where he had to leap between two defenders while timing the jump to catch a Russell fastball of a pass.

2008 Week 13 vs KC (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Lelie ran intermediate and deep routes, dropped one of his targets, and was overthrown or thrown too wide on the others. He and Russell seemed to be on different pages.

2007 Week 3 vs PIT (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted once in the first half. Smith threw what looked to be a perfect strike. However, Lelie cut lazily out of his break and made a half-hearted one handed attempt to catch the pass.

2007 Week 7 vs NYG (6 / 2 / 52 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted deep most of the day as he brought in two of his six targets for a total of 52 yards. He is nothing more than a deep threat however Lelie did find good separation on his routes, however was unable to bring in more than two of his targets.

2007 Week 8 vs NO (7 / 3 / 20 / 0 rec)

Lelie appeared to lose favor with his QB as the game progressed. He and Smith were not in synch at all.

2007 Week 10 vs SEA (2 / 2 / 18 / 0 rec)

Lelie hauled in both of his fourth quarter targets.

2007 Week 12 vs ARI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Although Lelie was not a factor in the game, he was targeted once on a third and one on the Cardinals one yard line.

2007 Week 13 vs CAR (2 / 1 / 8 / 0 rec)

Ashley Lelie caught one pass for eight yards. He didn't see action until the fourth quarter. He caught the first pass thrown to him at the San Francisco 44 yard line. Two plays later, Dilfer tried to hit him again but the pass was underthrown and it was intercepted at the 12 yard line.

2006 Week 1 vs CAR (2 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

Lelie's debut with Atlanta was far from memorable with just one catch for five yards. He saw limited playing time with Jenkins and White seeing most of the plays at wide receiver.

2006 Week 2 vs TB (5 / 3 / 22 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted five times, catching three balls for 22 yards.

2006 Week 3 vs NO (5 / 1 / 48 / 0 rec)

Vick found Lelie for a 48 yard gain on the Falcons' second drive of the game. Lelie was tackled immediately after making the catch. He was unable to make any other receptions, but two were uncatchable. He saw one target in the end zone but it was broken up by Fred Thomas. Even though the Falcons trailed throughout the game, Lelie only saw one ball thrown his way in the second half.

2006 Week 4 vs ARI (2 / 2 / 61 / 0 rec)

Lelie caught two balls on a long drive in the second quarter. He made a nice adjustment on a deep ball down the left sideline learning backwards and catching the ball over his shoulder for a 51 yard gain.

2006 Week 6 vs NYG (3 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

Lelie had just one catch for 14 yards. Lelie didn't get any action until the fourth quarter.

2006 Week 7 vs PIT (5 / 4 / 58 / 0 rec)

Lelie caught two consecutive passes for 13 and 11 yards to help set up the Michael Jenkins' touchdown late in the second quarter. He later caught a roll out pass from Vick, who threw it across midfield to Lelie for 28 yards, which helped set up Alge Crumpler's third touchdown.

2006 Week 8 vs CIN (6 / 3 / 55 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted six times in the game, mostly downfield on long pass attempts, and hauled in three passes for 55 yards. Two of his receptions resulted in first downs.

2006 Week 9 vs DET (5 / 2 / 35 / 0 rec)

Lelie caught a higher percentage of passes than did the other receivers, but was also guilty of a late drop in this game. Lelie lined up primarily on the right side of the field, and as a result is less likely to be involved on designed rollouts with Vick naturally going to his left most of the time.

2006 Week 10 vs CLE (6 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Lelie dropped a catchable pass in the end zone and drew the ire of the Falcons fans at the end of the first half in a 14-0 game. Vick gave him another opportunity early in the third quarter with a deep ball down the left side, but Lelie failed to come up with a very catchable ball again.

2006 Week 11 vs BAL (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted four times without a catch. He benefited from a pass interference penalty, when he was guilty of pushing off the defender. Lelie later dropped a pass.

2006 Week 12 vs NO (5 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

QB Michael Vick lobbed a deep ball up high for Lelie down the left sideline early in the game. Lelie got tangled up with the defensive back while hand-fighting and fell to the ground. He stood up looking for the defensive interference flag, but was denied because he was initiating most of the contact. Lelie dropped an easy reception at the start of the fourth quarter on a ball that his hit him in the hands.

2006 Week 13 vs WAS (4 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

Lelie dropped one pass, had another ball knocked away, and finished with 17 yards on two grabs.

2006 Week 14 vs TB (7 / 3 / 49 / 0 rec)

Lelie led the way receiving for the Falcons, catching three passes for 49 yards. He was Vick's favorite target with seven for the game. Two of his receptions were impressive grabs that Lelie had to make adjustments on, and fortunately for Atlanta, he was able to make the plays.

2006 Week 15 vs DAL (4 / 2 / 17 / 1 rec)

Lelie caught his first touchdown pass of the season on an eight yard pass from Michael Vick late in the first half. In the second half, he caught a nine yard pass and then limped off the field after the catch. Lelie did not have anymore receptions in the game.

2006 Week 16 vs CAR (6 / 3 / 40 / 0 rec)

Lelie caught three passes for 40 yards before leaving the game with an injured shoulder. Lelie went up for a long pass at the goal line but could not come down with the ball. He landed right on his shoulder and did not return. Lelie was Vick's favorite target, looking for him on deep passes a couple of times.

2005 Week 1 vs MIA (12 / 2 / 17 / 0 rec)

This was probably, as Lelie himself described it, the worst game of Lelie's pro career. Not only did he have a lot of easy passes simply go right through his hands, but the Dolphins defenders had very little problem getting a hand up and destroying Lelie's concentration on the ball. And, he was unable to escape Dolphins defenders with his route running - Lelie had two offensive pass interference calls against him, one of which was an obvious use of his hands to get past a defender that occurred right in front of the official. No, he didn't make the catch on either offensive pass interference call. Lelie's lack of concentration and poor route running negated his ability to outjump Dolphin defenders on a few well thrown passes from Jake Plummer deep downfield.

2005 Week 2 vs SD (10 / 6 / 62 / 0 rec)

After a poor game in the opening week, Lelie rebounded well and caught six passes. He was targeted deep on a long pass which was badly overthrown. He gained three first downs on the day.

2005 Week 3 vs KC (3 / 1 / 16 / 0 rec, 2 / 56 / 0 rush)

Lelie was not targeted as much as normal, but his special skills were not really needed very much in this contest. With the Broncos able to control the game so thoroughly, they did not need to attempt long pass attempts to their speedy receivers.

2005 Week 4 vs JAX (3 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

Lelie was not targeted much as Denver relied on their running game and the shorter passing game, more than the deep pass. When Lelie was involved in the passing game, he was thrown to deep, but without success. He was the first option on a second and goal play from the seven yard line, but the Jaguars' defender was called for pass interference and did not give him a chance to catch the ball.

2005 Week 5 vs WAS (7 / 1 / 5 / 1 rec)

Lelie had his first touchdown catch of the season on a toss towards the right corner of the end zone in the second quarter. He was able to out leap Ade Jimoh for the ball. That was his lone highlight, however, and his only catch in eight targets. To be fair, many of his drops were actually Jake Plummer's fault, as the signal caller displayed poor accuracy all afternoon. Lelie did drop some easy ones though. He did help seal the victory for his team, recovering the Redskins' onside kick with under two minutes to play.

2005 Week 6 vs NE (4 / 3 / 81 / 0 rec)

When Lelie was targeted, he made the most of them. His first target resulted in a 19 yard reception, and then on the very next play, he hauled in a 55 yard pass. He also was targeted once in the red zone, but was pushed out of bounds at the two yard line.

2005 Week 7 vs NYG (6 / 5 / 64 / 0 rec)

The majority of Lelie's productivity not only came in the second half; it came mostly on one drive. Half of Lelie's targets came on a single drive in the fourth quarter, which demonstrates just how inconsistent Lelie's play has been. He tends to disappear for long stretches of the game, and that happened again in this game. In what many expected would be a huge year, he's simply been far too invisible for far too long a time period.

2005 Week 8 vs PHI (6 / 3 / 81 / 0 rec)

Lelie had a strong beginning in the game against the Eagles, catching two deep passes for 32 and 37 yards in the first quarter. He added a 12 yard catch on his first target of the second quarter, and was targeted deep on his next chance. Lelie was targeted just twice more in the game, with both third quarter passes batted away by the defense. Lelie was seen stretching out his legs in the second half, but showed no visible signs of any injury.

2005 Week 10 vs OAK (3 / 3 / 76 / 0 rec)

Lelie wasn't heavily involved, but he did what he could with his targets. He made a fantastic leaping catch on one reception, and was shaken up on the play. He soon returned, though, and was fine the rest of the game. On another reception, he displayed excellent hands in reaching down and behind him to haul in a pass. He also nearly scored in the third quarter down near the end zone, but was unable to stay inbounds on the play. It would have been physically impossible to make the reception inbounds though, so it's not as if he did anything wrong.

2005 Week 11 vs NYJ (6 / 4 / 81 / 0 rec)

Lelie led the Broncos in targets and receiving yards. His long reception went for 49 yards on a play where he was about 15 yards behind the New York secondary, but Plummer underthrew the ball and Lelie had to comeback just to make a nice catch on the ball. Lelie dropped one pass.

2005 Week 12 vs DAL (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Lelie was targeted five times, but did not catch a pass. Lelie was targeted deep twice: The first pass was intercepted. The second time Lelie was not open and was overthrown.

2005 Week 13 vs KC (5 / 2 / 63 / 0 rec)

Lelie came up with a big reception in the first quarter, a 56 yard gain down the middle of the field. Had the pass been thrown a bit further and hit Lelie in stride, he could have scored. As it was, his best opportunity for scoring was on a fade pass to the corner of the end zone. Lelie got one hand on the ball, but didn't have a very good chance to come up with it because of good defense by Patrick Surtain.

2005 Week 14 vs BAL (3 / 2 / 42 / 0 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Lelie caught two balls for the game for 42 yards, but had one of the biggest plays on a rushing play he took eight yards for a Denver first down late in the fourth quarter on an end around that helped seal the victory for Denver.

2005 Week 15 vs BUF (4 / 1 / 40 / 0 rec, 1 / 13 / 0 rush)

Lelie was not involved very often, but he did make a significant contribution. He was targeted in the end zone but Terrence McGee stopped him from making the catch. He was used on an end around on the first possession of the second half, and gained 13 yards for a first down. Plummer launched a 40 yard pass later in the drive and Lelie made the catch at the Bills' four yard line to set up a score.

2005 Week 16 vs OAK (7 / 6 / 110 / 0 rec, 1 / 7 / 0 rush)

Lelie was the most productive receiver for the Broncos, catching all but one of the seven passes thrown in his direction. Lelie had over 100 yards by the start of the fourth quarter on just five catches. His first five catches all were for more than ten yards, including a 34 yard catch and run in the first quarter on a nice comeback pattern. Lelie was open quite often in a spacious Raider secondary, giving him ample room to add yards after the catch. All of his catches were good for first downs. The only incompletion targeted at Lelie was an end zone fade in the third quarter that was thrown well out of bounds. Lelie had to receive 14 stitches in his elbow after he hit a helmet on his last catch.

2005 Week 17 vs SD (5 / 2 / 19 / 0 rec)

Lelie remained in the game until the very end, which may be good or it may be bad. It's good because he got to play the entire way. It's bad because normally teams with nothing to play for will protect their stars from injury. The fact that Lelie was still playing late in the game suggests that no one with Denver considers him indispensable anymore.