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6-5, 255Born: 10-5-1989College: CincinnatiDrafted: Round 3, pick 2013

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17 vs LAC 47 3.0 24 0 0 2.4
19 vs HOU 0 10.0 134 3 0 31.4
20 vs TEN 64 3.0 30 0 0 3

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2019 Week 19 vs HOU (12 / 10 / 134 / 3 rec)

Travis Kelce caught 10 passes for 134 yards and three touchdowns on 12 targets in the Chiefs win over the Texans on Sunday. Kelce took over this game in the second quarter and brought the Chiefs back from 24 points, scoring three touchdown in a mere 12 plays. This also included a 28 yard pass interference penalty that set up his first touchdown catch, a 15 yard pass interference penalty, and a 20 yard catch that set up the Chiefs offense in the red zone which resulted in Kelce's second touchdown catch. Kelce's first touchdown catch came with the Chiefs facing a second and goal from the Texans five yard line. Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun and faced a collapsing pocket, which forced him to step up and out towards the right sideline. Kelce was running a crossing route towards the right sideline and was able to create a sliver of separation from his defender. The angle from where Mahomes was moving in the pocket made it difficult to throw the ball in a place where only Kelce could make the catch, so he dove to the right and created the momentum and angle needed for Kelce to make the difficult catch. This is the type of play the best tight ends in the game make, and Kelce leads that charge, catching the ball out in front of him and low while still maintaining his motion towards the goal line. It took only three more plays for Kelce to strike paydirt again, this time with the Chiefs facing a third and goal from the Texans six yard line. Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun and ran a bootleg to the right sideline. As Mahomes neared the right sideline, Kelce cut off his route and moved slightly back to the middle of the field, giving Mahomes an opening to fit the ball into. Kelce caught the pass and turned quickly before crossing the goal line for the touchdown. Kelce wasn't done putting his stamp on this game though. With 50 seconds left in the first half, Kelce scored his third touchdown of the quarter, this one on a five yard reception that was a spitting image of his second touchdown catch, only run to the left sideline. Kelce showed his veteran savvy and football intelligence on these plays, knowing the perfect time and place to cut off his routes and create the right placing and angle for Mahomes. Mahomes made a couple of exceptional mini-plays within this play, including riding the line of scrimmage and throwing the ball against his body (running to the left sideline and throwing back to the middle of the field) at the exact moment that he baited the Texans defender into committing to him as a runner. Kelce and Mahomes have great chemistry and it Is plays like this that showcase their shared ability of knowing what the other is going to do when the play breaks down.

2019 Week 17 vs LAC (5 / 3 / 24 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught three passes for 24 yards on five targets in the Chiefs win over the Chargers on Sunday. Kelce came out of the gates fast, gaining 17 yards on two catches on the Chiefs opening drive, but was held in check after that. It was disappointing given that Kelce had one of his best games of the season against the Chargers in week 11. Kelce fell off from his monster 2018 season but still managed to catch 97 passes for 1229 yards and five touchdowns and was as consistent as any tight end in the game. Look for Kelce to have a big game when the Chiefs take on their next opponent in two weeks.

2019 Week 16 vs CHI (9 / 8 / 74 / 1 rec)

Travis Kelce caught eight passes on nine targets for 74 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs week 16 win over the Bears. With the Chiefs focusing on quick passes in the short and intermediate field, Kelce was easily the most targeted offensive player for the Chiefs. The Bears had trouble staying with him in the short field, as Kelce is too strong for nickel backs and too fast for linebackers. While Kelce's long gain of the night went for only 13 yards, he did convert first downs on five of his eight catches, with another reception going for a touchdown. Kelce nearly single handily took the ball down the field on the Chiefs third scoring drive, catching six passes on the possession, including the final reception which went for a touchdown. With the Chiefs facing a first and goal from the six yard line, Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun. Kelce was lined up as the inside left slot receiver and just prior to the snap and he went in motion as though he was going to line up on the end of the left side of the formation. As the ball was snapped, Kelce broke back to the right sideline as though he was going to run a shallow out-route. After three steps though, Kelce stuck his foot in the ground forcefully, pivoted and reversed back to the middle of the field. Mahomes fit the ball in perfectly between two defenders, with the pass coming in a little behind Kelce which allowed him to catch the ball cleanly and keep his momentum moving forward across the goal line for the six yard touchdown.

2019 Week 15 vs DEN (13 / 11 / 142 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught 11 passes for 142 yards on 13 targets in the Chiefs win over the Broncos on Sunday. Simply put, Kelce was unstoppable in this game and Mahomes made it a point to go to his tight end whenever he was in single coverage. On several of these plays, Mahomes just threw it up to a spot where he knew Kelce could make a play on the ball, and Kelce did not disappoint, making jumping contested catches against defenders who had no chance of locking him down. This was only Kelce's second 100+ yard game on the season, however it was his ninth game of 70+ yards and his 10th game with six or more catches. Kelce also had a 40 yard catch called back due to a penalty being called on Thompson in the backfield. The Chiefs are the best in the NFL at creating mismatches by using pre-snap motion, and in this game they used it to isolate Kelce on one side of the field in single coverage. When Mahomes got the coverage he wanted, he threw a jump ball to Kelce down the field where Kelce was at least six inches above his defender's hands when he made the catch. Kelce continues to be the #1 fantasy tight end and his consistency gives you a huge positional advantage over any other tight end.

2019 Week 14 vs NE (9 / 7 / 66 / 0 rec, 1 / 4 / 1 rush)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes on nine targets for 66 yards, while also rushing one time for four yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs win over the Patriots on Sunday. Kelce had a big hand in Mahomes being very effective in the first half of this game, tallying 49 yards from scrimmage, which included a four yard touchdown run, the first on the season for Kelce. The Patriots chose to send two men at Hill in the first half, which allowed Kelce to dust his man whenever he was given a chance. Unfortunately, the Patriots tightened up their secondary in the second half, limiting Kelce to only 20 yards receiving. Kelce's touchdown run came with the Chiefs facing a third and goal from the Patriots four yard line. Kelce lined up as the quarterback with two running backs flanking his left and his right, and another one behind him in a sort of Pistol formation. Kelce took the snap and fake the handoff to the running back on his right before tucking the ball back in and weaving his way to the endzone for the four yard touchdown. Kelce is electric with the ball in his hands after the catch, and this play showed why. He has great vision as a ball carrier and he is nearly impossible to bring down with his size.

2019 Week 13 vs OAK (9 / 5 / 90 / 0 rec)

Kelce got a ton of opportunities in this game and should have had a much better stat line. He dropped at least two passes and squandered an end zone target. He did have one pass caught in the open field in stride, but mostly added value with shorter gains.

2019 Week 11 vs LAC (10 / 7 / 92 / 1 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes on 10 targets for 92 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs win over the Chargers on Monday. Kelce was the extent of the Chiefs passing game, leading the team in receptions, yards, touchdowns and targets, while being responsible for more than half of Mahomes passing yards on the night. The Chargers chose to drop their defenders into coverage in an effort to minimize the big play potential of the Chiefs pass catchers, and for the most part they did just that. With that said, Kelce made them pay for in the intermediate passing game, and when he lined up outside, the Chargers guessed that he would be breaking towards the middle of the field. They guessed wrong on Kelce's touchdown catch. With the Chiefs facing a first and ten from the Chargers 23 yard line. Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun and while dropping back, was hit with a Chargers pass rush from both sides. Mahomes continued to fade back, giving himself time to throw the ball downfield. Mahomes delivered a great throw to Kelce, who was running his post-route to the front left corner of the end zone. The ball was dropped directly in front of Kelce, but was close enough to the sideline that Kelce had to make a fantastic catch by outstretching his arms and then tapping both feet before his momentum carried him out of bounds. It was a play that not many tight ends in the league can make, as Kelce had to be fast enough to beat the Chargers zone defense, with great hands to make the catch, and the athleticism to get his feet down before he went out of bounds. On a night where the Chiefs desperately needed a win, they turned to Kelce after Hill went down with an injury, and their star tight end did not disappoint. He continues to be far and away the best fantasy tight end in the league.

2019 Week 10 vs TEN (7 / 7 / 75 / 1 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes on seven targets for 75 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs loss to the Titans on Sunday. With Mahomes back at full strength, Kelce showed off why he is the best tight end in the game, consistently beating linebackers in coverage while abusing smaller defenders with his size. Kelce should have had an even bigger day, but Hill was called for a penalty on the other side of the field from where Kelce had just caught a 15 yard touchdown pass. Despite that, Kelce still had a really good game and was a big part of the reason why the Chiefs were able to move the ball so well against the Titans. Kelce forces defenses to mark him in the middle of the field, which usually involves a safety stepping up in the secondary to double team him. This in-turn allows Hill or Watkins or Hardman to run deep routes in one on one coverage, which is never going to end well for the opposing team. Kelce's touchdown catch came on the first possession of the game for the Chiefs. With the Chiefs at the three yard line, Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun and play action faked to Williams, who was coming across the line from right to left. Right after the fake, Mahomes threw a shovel pass to Kelce who followed a similar path to Williams before crossing the goal line for an easy three yard touchdown.

2019 Week 9 vs MIN (9 / 7 / 62 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes for 62 yards on nine targets in the Chiefs win over the Vikings on Sunday. This was another floor game for Kelce, as he saw his fair share of targets, but the Vikings looked to be paying him particular attention in the middle of the field. This enabled Hill to run free in one on one coverage down the field, and we know how that ended up, with all three of those passes completed for over 100 yards. In many ways this is Kelce's great asset, as his ability to make defenses close to the middle of the field, puts the Chiefs outside receivers in great positions to make plays. Kelce did come up big at the end of the game, making a 17 yard catch on second and 21 with the Chiefs driving trying to win the game. That play set up a short third and four, where a pass was completed to Hill for 13 yards, setting up the winning field goal. Kelce caught seven of his nine targets, but they weren't easy catches. He had defenders draped all over him on at least four of the catches, yet managed to make the catch, which is consistent with the player he's been his whole career. With Mahomes coming back this Sunday, Kelce will see his ceiling rise again.

2019 Week 8 vs GB (8 / 4 / 63 / 1 rec)

Travis Kelce caught four passes for 63 yards and a touchdown on eight targets in the Chiefs loss to the Packers on Sunday. Kelce's day was highlighted by a 29 yard touchdown in the second quarter where he was left wide open but made an fantastic adjustment on a long pass from Moore. Moore took the snap out of the shotgun and faked a handoff to his receiver who was coming in motion across the formation, Moore then faked a delayed pitch to his running back who was running through the center of the formation, Moore then lofted a pass to Kelce who was running straight down the field and looking for the ball over his left shoulder. Moore threw Kelce open to the right sideline though, and Kelce made an awesome switch to now looking over his right shoulder before making the catch, staying in bounds and converting the 29 yard pass for a touchdown. That was by far his most impactful play though, as the Packers then shut him down for the rest of the game and it certainly played a part in the Chiefs lack of scoring in the second half.

2019 Week 7 vs DEN (8 / 6 / 44 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught six passes for 44 yards on eight targets in the Chiefs win over the Broncos. The six catches and eight targets led the Chiefs pass catchers, but he was unable to really get things going and it didn't help that Mahomes left the game with an injury. Kelce only has one touchdown on the season, and after gaining 80+ yards in the Chiefs first four games, he has yet to reach that mark in his last three games. With Moore as the starter now, Kelce's value should hold steady though, as he will be counted on to be his quarterback's main security blanket. Moore is a veteran who understands how to manage the game, and that should work in Kelce's favor moving forward, at least from a target and reception perspective.

2019 Week 6 vs HOU (6 / 4 / 58 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught four passes for 58 yards on six targets in the Chiefs loss to the Texans on Sunday. Kelce took a backseat to Hill in the receiver's return, and the trend of only of them having a big game at a time, continues this season. Kelce saw the second most targets on the Chiefs, behind only Hill, but six targets is not enough for a player of Kelce's caliber and that fact certainly played a big part in the Texans shutting down the Chiefs offense in the second half. When he got the ball, Kelce was a dynamic runner, showing off his run after the catch ability on a short out-route where he leapt over a diving Texans defender before stopping on a dime and letting another Texan run right by him out of bounds before being tackled for a 16 yard reception. Hill's return to the lineup means Kelce will most likely have less targets available to him, but it will also mean that defenses cannot camp out in the middle of the field and double team him help over the top. Kelce is nearly unstoppable in one on one coverage, and a monster game is coming for the Chiefs tight end sooner than later.

2019 Week 5 vs IND (10 / 4 / 70 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught four passes for 70 yards on 10 targets in the Chiefs loss to the Colts on Sunday. As Kelce goes, the Chiefs offense goes, and his four catches on 10 targets was indicative of how much trouble the offense had in getting going. Kelce did have catches of 17, 18, 24 and 11 yards, but also had an offensive pass interference called on him and a fumble, although the fumble was reviewed, and the play was reversed. The Colts defense smothered Kelce all night and were intent on not letting him beat them, especially after Watkins left the game with an injury. Kelce was still able to throw in some big plays when Mahomes got outside the pocket and improvised, which is when Kelce is at his best, as linebackers are too slow to cover him and nickel corners are too small to contain him. All in all, it could have been a lot worse for Kelce, as he registered his fifth straight game with 70+ yards to start the season. If this is his down game, then he remains the #1 fantasy tight end and a major threat to break out once the Chiefs get Hill back and Mahomes at full strength.

2019 Week 4 vs DET (8 / 7 / 85 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes for 85 yards on eight targets in the Chiefs win over the Lions on Sunday. Kelce was the Chiefs most productive player on Sunday, consistently beating the double teams that the Lions threw at him and missing only one target in the game. In the past three weeks, Kelce has caught 21 of 25 passes for 281 yards and a touchdown, and he has surpassed 80 yards receiving in every game this season. Kelce made several clutch catches in this game, including an 18 yard reception which put the Chiefs in Lions territory with 1:32 left in the game. The aforementioned play to McCoy was my nominee for play of the week as it showed how intelligent a football player Kelce is. While most of the play is a reaction and not necessarily thinking, Kelce had to do quick calculations to ensure the lateral was worth trying, and it ended up being a big play in the fourth quarter. Kelce continues to be the most consistent tight end in the NFL, and the #1 fantasy tight end.

2019 Week 3 vs BAL (8 / 7 / 89 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes for 89 yards on eight targets in the Chiefs win over the Ravens on Sunday. It was the third straight game that Kelce has gone over 85 yards receiving and he has 17 reception on the season. The rest of Kansas City's skill position players are seeing the limelight with multiple touchdowns and big games week in and week out, but Kelce remains the heartbeat of the Chiefs offense. Defenses have to play "pick your poison", and Kelce consistently makes them pay for not double teaming him in the middle of the field. Mahomes looked to Kelce on several plays that took the Chiefs into Ravens territory, specifically, one with misdirection where Kelce ran a double move-route to the inside, and then back to the middle of the field where Mahomes found him for a 20 yard gain. Kelce is the clear #1 fantasy tight end and the touchdowns will come as defenses start to adjust to Mahomes spreading the ball around.

2019 Week 2 vs OAK (9 / 7 / 107 / 1 rec)

Travis Kelce caught seven passes for 101 yards and a touchdown on eight targets in the Chiefs win over the Raiders on Sunday. Kelce did what he does best, as he was a monster in the middle of the field that continuously beat the Raiders in the intermediate passing game. The Raiders gameplan was to let anyone other than Watkins and Kelce beat them, and this showed when the Chiefs receivers were constantly either left open, or in one on one coverage on the left side of the field. Kelce still managed to have a big game because the Raiders linebackers could not contain him at the line of scrimmage. Kelce is too quick off the line and his size gives Mahomes a massive target radius to throw to. Kelce's touchdown catch came with the Chiefs facing a second and 17 from the Raiders 27 yard line. Mahomes took the snap out of the shotgun with Kelce bunched in the slot to his left. Kelce faked out his defender off the line and got outside position on him, leaving him room to run a go route up the left sideline. Mahomes looked straight to Kelce and the ball was thrown out in front and to the sideline directly over Kelce' left shoulder. The pass was in the perfect spot, and Kelce did a great job of setting up the route and converting the 27 yard touchdown reception. With the Chiefs having so many weapons on the outside, Kelce will continue to make defenses pay for trying to cover him with linebackers, especially when they do not give their linebackers help from their safeties over the top.

2019 Week 1 vs JAX (8 / 3 / 88 / 0 rec)

Travis Kelce caught three passes for 88 yards on eight targets in the Chiefs win over the Jaguars in week one. Kelce is very rarely called an afterthought, especially when he finishes with an average of nearly 30 yards per catch. He was however forced to take a backseat to Watkins in this game, and it did not seem to bother him a bit as he was genuinely happy celebrating Watkins monster game. Kelce should have gone over the 100 yard receiving mark in this game, however he had three catches called back due to offensive penalties. Kelce made his presence felt despite having only three catches, as two of his catches went for 42 and 41 yards, respectively. Interestingly enough, both catches set up the Chiefs with first downs inside the Jaguars 40 yard line, but Kansas City was unable to come away with touchdowns, settling for field goals on both occasions.


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Chiefs | Travis Kelce gets green light (Fri Jan 17, 02:34 PM) - Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (knee) has felt better this week and will play Sunday, Jan. 19, in the AFC Championship Game, head coach Andy Reid said Friday.

Our View: Kelce had one of the best games by a tight end in playoff history last week despite playing hurt. He'll be a major factor against a Titans defense did well against the Ravens tight ends last week.
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Chiefs | Travis Kelce stays limited Thursday (Thu Jan 16, 05:29 PM) - Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (knee) remained limited at practice Thursday, Jan. 16.

Our View: This is the plan all along. Kelce is going to be limited most of the week with the knee problem that is minor. He'll be out there for the game on Sunday.
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Chiefs | Travis Kelce limited Wednesday (Wed Jan 15, 05:09 PM) - Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce (knee) was limited during practice Wednesday, Jan. 15.

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