WR Matt Jones - Free Agent

6-6, 235Born: 4-22-1983College: ArkansasDrafted: Round 1, pick

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Game Recaps

2008 Week 1 vs TEN (10 / 6 / 80 / 0 rec)

Jones was the most targeted player, and did a good job of running after the catch. Seven of the passes thrown to him were in the intermediate range, and he displayed good hands and use of his height to catch the ball, then gain yards afterwards. While he did not show explosiveness, he ran his routes well and managed to get open the majority of the time.

2008 Week 2 vs BUF (10 / 5 / 50 / 0 rec)

Jones caught five passes for 50 yards but his longest play went for 12 yards. He is a tall receiver who seems to get bumped off his routes and outfought for receptions with regularity. He made some good grabs, but he doesn't seem like the guy who is going to make the tough catch.

2008 Week 3 vs IND (4 / 4 / 32 / 0 rec)

Jones was the most targeted player, and was asked to run short routes exclusively. He did a good job of that, and used his size to put himself between the defender and the ball and make the catch. All four of his receptions were for first downs.

2008 Week 4 vs HOU (7 / 5 / 71 / 1 rec)

Jones continued the good start to his season by posting his fourth consecutive game with five or more receptions. He used his size to advantage by getting between the ball and his defenders for some of his receptions. Jones also ran well after the catch on a couple other receptions, including the short pass he turned into a touchdown. He played with a lot of confidence in this game.

2008 Week 5 vs PIT (6 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

Jones was involved in the first half, making a 15 yard catch and drawing a pass interference penalty in the end zone on a deep pattern which lead to a Jacksonville touchdown. He was unable to get anything going in the second half.

2008 Week 6 vs DEN (10 / 7 / 69 / 0 rec)

Jones was the most targeted Jacksonville receiver in this game, hauling in seven of his ten targets for 69 yards. Jones mostly caught short passes, his longest on the afternoon going for 14 yards.

2008 Week 8 vs CLE (16 / 8 / 117 / 1 rec)

Jones was used in a variety of ways and played well. He used his size on shorter slant routes to gain short yardage, and also ran intermediate routes very well, managing to get open on most of those routes. Jones displayed good hands, catching most of the passes thrown near him, and running well in traffic after securing the ball. Four of the incompletions thrown his way were thrown out of his reach. He also came close to another touchdown, as he tried tapping a ball thrown to him in the end zone while being well defended, but as he tried to secure it, another defender hit him with one second remaining in the game.

2008 Week 9 vs CIN (12 / 7 / 69 / 0 rec)

Jones received nine of his targets in the second half, and caught seven of those nine passes. He ran a variety of routes well, mostly intermediate with some shorter ones thrown in. Jones demonstrated excellent hands in coming down with a few catches in traffic. Of the four targets he did not catch, three were thrown out of his reach and the other was intercepted by a Bengals linebacker who was playing zone. Jones was adept at gaining yards after the catch, running well in traffic and managing to lean forward for extra yards after being tackled.

2008 Week 10 vs DET (5 / 5 / 62 / 0 rec)

WR Matt Jones left the game in the second half with a bruised thigh but before that he was a reliable target for QB David Garrard.

2008 Week 12 vs MIN (9 / 4 / 37 / 0 rec)

Jones was a regular part of the offense, but wasn't able to get much separation. He caught just a single pass in the second half despite Jacksonville throwing the ball twenty times. And on that play, he fumbled. He did get open over the middle on a slant pattern, but Garrard threw the ball a bit behind him and he was unable to bring the pass in.

2008 Week 13 vs HOU (11 / 8 / 104 / 0 rec)

Jones was QB David Garrard's favorite target as he led the Jaguars in targets, receptions and receiving yards. His eight receptions included longer gains of 17, 24, and 27 yards with the longest of those coming on a fourth and two play in which the wide out took the ball down to the Texans' six yard line. Jones was targeted on a deep pass in the third quarter, but the ball was a little overthrown.

2008 Week 14 vs CHI (7 / 3 / 34 / 0 rec)

Matt Jones didn't have a great day. Most of that was due to double coverage or very tight bump and run coverage.

2007 Week 1 vs TEN (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jones was targeted once in the end zone, and caught the ball, but was stripped before he could secure it. He was not utilized much otherwise.

2007 Week 2 vs ATL (5 / 3 / 36 / 0 rec)

Jones was not targeted in the first half, and was used on intermediate routes in the middle of the field except for one deep pass play where he could not get open. He also dropped a pass on a pass play of 16 yards that he should have caught. The Jaguars came back to him on the next play, and he caught that pass.

2007 Week 5 vs KC (2 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

Jones was not involved in the first half, and caught both of the short passes thrown his way, and worked to gain some yards after catching them.

2007 Week 6 vs HOU (6 / 3 / 18 / 0 rec)

While Jones caught an important fourth down pass to keep one drive alive, he also dropped a third down pass that killed another. In the red zone, Jones was targeted on three fade routes but could he could not connect. In the second quarter he was targeted on two consecutive fades before Wrighster's touchdown.

2007 Week 8 vs TB (3 / 1 / 8 / 1 rec)

Jones' three targets were memorable, not all for good reasons. He caught one for a touchdown, dropped a pass that he attempted to catch with one hand when he had an opportunity to use both hands, and ran out of bounds then came back in to catch a pass, which was a rules violation.

2007 Week 9 vs NO (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jones was not involved much, and did not have any receptions, although one of his targets was thrown to him in the end zone, but was intercepted.

2007 Week 12 vs BUF (2 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

The former number one draft choice caught a nice 13 yard slant for a first down, but he is still trying to learn how to run a fade pattern in the end zone.

2007 Week 13 vs IND (2 / 2 / 16 / 0 rec)

Jones was not involved in the first half, and caught both short passes thrown to him in the second half. He did show good acceleration on his second catch to gain a first down after securing a short pass.

2007 Week 14 vs CAR (4 / 1 / 6 / 1 rec)

Matt Jones made a catch in the back of the end zone but couldn't get both feet in bounds. In the second half, he again caught a pass on the back line of the end zone but was able to get both feet in for the six yard touchdown. It was his only catch of the game.

2007 Week 15 vs PIT (4 / 2 / 25 / 0 rec)

Jones was involved in a limited number of plays and caught two passes for 25 yards.

2007 Week 16 vs OAK (3 / 1 / 37 / 1 rec)

After dropping his first targeted throw, he then made his next one count: a beautiful one-handed sideline grab for a 37 yard touchdown, that he made look way too easy. It was his only catch of the day.

2007 Week 17 vs HOU (15 / 8 / 138 / 1 rec)

Jones had his best game of the season by taking advantage of being targeted a lot by Gray. He showcased his speed at times as well as good ability to run across the middle, use his height to shield defenders and gain yards after the catch. Although he caught just eight of the 15 passes thrown to him, three passes intended for him were deflected by defenders and two were overthrown.

2007 Week 19 vs NE (5 / 3 / 48 / 1 rec)

Jones was productive with his opportunities, scoring a touchdown and showing good route running to get open on his other receptions as well as good running after the catch. He did have a pass thrown to him in the end zone that might have been caught. It would have been a really nice catch but it was catchable.

2006 Week 1 vs DAL (9 / 5 / 71 / 0 rec, 1 / -6 / 0 rush)

Jones caught five passes for 71 yards. Leftwich looked his way nine times in the game including hooking up with him four straight times on their third scoring drive. The Jaguars tried running Jones on an end run but it resulted in a six yard loss.

2006 Week 2 vs PIT (12 / 6 / 73 / 0 rec)

Jones caught an 11 yard pass for a first down on the Jaguars' opening drive. He didn't make another catch in the half, but almost hung on to a Hail Mary at the end of the half that he probably should have caught. He was very active in the second half with eight targets. Jones had a 13 yard reception on third and five. The play was challenged but the call stood as he had managed to get both feet in bounds. Jones had receptions of 14 yards, 18 yards and nine yards for first downs on the Jaguars' third drive of the second half. He was also involved on the longest play of the day when his block led to a 48 yard gain by Reggie Williams. Leftwich looked for Jones in the end zone late in the game, but the ball was overthrown and Jones had no chance of making the catch.

2006 Week 3 vs IND (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Although he played in the game, Jones was not a factor. There was no report whether his groin injury was hampering him, but he was not involved in many of the Jaguars' pass plays.

2006 Week 4 vs WAS (5 / 2 / 13 / 0 rec)

All of Jones' targets came in the first half. He was tightly covered, and was used mostly on shorter routes, although one of the passes thrown to him was in the end zone, but was off target. He was not a factor later in the game and that could have been because of his groin injury he'd battled all week.

2006 Week 8 vs PHI (2 / 2 / 32 / 0 rec)

Jones returned from missing two games due to injury, and he led all wide receivers in receiving. Unfortunately for Jones, that did not take much, as the Jaguars were very conservative in their gameplanning. Jones caught an eight yard pass in the second quarter for a first down, and later added a 24 yard catch and run in the fourth quarter. The 24 yard catch was the longest pass play of the game for Jacksonville and was also good for another first down.

2006 Week 9 vs TEN (6 / 3 / 66 / 0 rec)

Jones posted fairly good numbers, but dropped two passes, including one in the end zone, that could have improved his statistics significantly. He was able to get open consistently as he ran good routes. He was only thrown to once in the second half.

2006 Week 10 vs HOU (5 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Jones may have single-handedly cost Jacksonville the game. He caught one ball for an 11 yard gain. He dropped three others, however, and two of those drops directly resulted in interceptions.

2006 Week 11 vs NYG (3 / 1 / 49 / 0 rec)

Jones was targeted twice in the first half, dropping one and failing to catch the other. But he was responsible for the longest reception of the day on his only target of the second half when he gained 49 yards to give the Jaguars a first and goal at the three yard line. 30 yards came after the catch was made.

2006 Week 12 vs BUF (3 / 2 / 8 / 1 rec)

Jones was not targeted in the first half, but two of the passes thrown to him were in the end zone, where he used his height and leaping ability to catch them, although one of them was caught outside of the end zone.

2006 Week 13 vs MIA (7 / 6 / 128 / 1 rec)

It was an up and down day for Matt Jones, with some big plays and some others that he would likely like to forget. He was the leading receiver for the Jaguars, and caught six of them for 128 yards. He made a 15 yard touchdown reception in the second quarter. But he did make some mistakes and had a 14 yard reception called back on an offensive interference penalty on himself. As well as losing a fumble on a 33 yard reception in the third quarter.

2006 Week 14 vs IND (5 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Jones was the most targeted of Jacksonville's receivers, and was able to get open on most of them, but was overthrown a couple times, and a good play by a defensive back to strip the ball from him prevented a big play.

2006 Week 15 vs TEN (6 / 3 / 12 / 1 rec)

Jones was thrown to twice in the end zone and once on a deep pass just outside of the end zone, and caught one of those passes for a touchdown. He was overthrown on the deep pass and had a couple other passes deflected by a defender. He was not featured except close to the end zone when the team tried to take advantage of his height advantage.

2006 Week 16 vs NE (4 / 4 / 69 / 1 rec)

Jones caught his only target of the first half for a gain of seven yards. Garrard then threw deep for him on the Jaguars' opening possession of the second half, and connected for a 24 yard gain. Jones converted on third and two by making a five yard reception two drives later. His biggest contribution of the game came when Garrard threw an accurate deep pass to enable him to score a 33 yard touchdown with three minutes left in the game.

2006 Week 17 vs KC (9 / 5 / 104 / 0 rec)

Converted college quarterback Matt Jones used his height to great advantage catching five of the nine passes targeted for him, He accumulated 104 yards receiving. Most of his catches were while Garrard was leading the Jaguars.

2005 Week 1 vs SEA (5 / 2 / 22 / 0 rec, 2 / 28 / 0 rush)

His primary contributions came on trick plays, once even lining up at the familiar quarterback position. In the third quarter, Jones caught a pass in the back of the end zone, but came down out of bounds. It was close to being a force out, but the official ruled he wouldn't have gotten two feet in.

2005 Week 2 vs IND (3 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec, 2 / 7 / 0 rush)

Jones had just one reception in the game for nine yards in the fourth quarter. He did have two rushing attempts for just six yards. Jones did have a 21 yard catch nullified in the fourth quarter after it was ruled on the field that quarterback Byron Leftwich's knee had touch the ground before throwing the pass.

2005 Week 3 vs NYJ (7 / 4 / 31 / 0 rec)

Matt Jones had four catches for 31 yards. Byron Leftwich often looked for him on third down pass plays. Jones was open for a potential touchdown in overtime, but Leftwich's pass was under thrown and was intercepted. Jones, a former college quarterback had one incomplete pass on a screen attempt for Fred Taylor.

2005 Week 4 vs DEN (6 / 3 / 27 / 0 rec, 1 / -7 / 0 rush)

Jones was used mostly on an ill-fated reverse attempt and short to intermediate routes. He was targeted deep once, but that led to an interception, as the Denver safety helping on the play made a strong break on the ball and got there before Jones did. Other than that he was not asked to do anything special in terms of using his well advertised deep speed.

2005 Week 5 vs CIN (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jones was used as a decoy on a reverse and lined up at quarterback on another occasion, where he handed the ball to Taylor. Other than that, he was used on short pass routes, but had no catches.

2005 Week 6 vs PIT (2 / 2 / 20 / 1 rec, 1 / -7 / 0 rush)

Matt Jones had the catch of the day and made Leftwich look good with a one handed grab for a 10 yard touchdown in the third quarter. He also caught another 10 yarder where he fought vigorously for the first down on Jacksonville's final drive in regulation, putting them in field goal range. Jones had one rushing attempt for negative seven yards.

2005 Week 8 vs STL (9 / 4 / 38 / 1 rec)

Leftwich continued to show a lot of confidence in the rookie wide receiver. Jones was the first option on the play he scored a receiving touchdown on. Though he was not used on many deep routes, he was the target on several short to intermediate pass plays, where he attempted to take advantage of his height. It's worth noting that he was the most targeted player for Jacksonville.

2005 Week 9 vs HOU (4 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

Jones was used as a possession receiver in this game, as all of his targets were on shorter routes. He displayed good hands and an ability to concentrate in traffic. He was only targeted once in the second half.

2005 Week 10 vs BAL (6 / 5 / 117 / 1 rec, 2 / 12 / 0 rush)

Jones, the former Arkansas quarterback, was used in a variety of ways in the game. He ran the ball, both on a reverse and on a play where he lined up as the quarterback. Most importantly, he turned in a career receiving performance with 117 yards on five catches. He burned both Chris McAllister and Deion Sanders for big gains, including a 32 yard touchdown reception in the second quarter.

2005 Week 11 vs TEN (7 / 3 / 46 / 1 rec)

Jones played very well, and his quarterback showed he has a lot of confidence in him, by continually going to him in the end zone. Jones caught two balls thrown to him in the end zone, but was ruled out of bounds. He used his size to advantage on both of these pass plays, as well as the pass he caught for a touchdown, whether on fade routes, or post-up routes.

2005 Week 12 vs ARI (1 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec, 1 / 8 / 0 rush)

Jones did not have many passes thrown his way, as Garrard did not look his way often. His first target did not come until there was less than a minute remaining in the first half, as Garrard focused on Jimmy Smith when he threw the ball. Jones did not have many opportunities to have an impact in the game.

2005 Week 13 vs CLE (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 3 / 0 rush)

Jones was targeted only once on a pass he could not catch. The Jaguars did not open the offense up a great deal in David Garrard's first start.

2005 Week 14 vs IND (5 / 3 / 28 / 0 rec)

Jones was targeted once in the end zone, but apart from that, was used on short routes with little opportunity for big plays. Again, he was not much of a factor with Leftwich out.

2005 Week 15 vs SF (4 / 2 / 11 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

Jones was not a big contributor in this game, though he did drop a pass that would have kept a Jaguars' drive going in the second half. He also lined up at quarterback for one play, which was a designed run that he gained two yards on. Jones was thrown any deep balls in this game.

2005 Week 16 vs HOU (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 5 / 0 rush)

Jones was not a factor in the Jaguars' passing game with no catches on two targets. He did have an end zone target but dropped the pass on what should have been an easy score. Jones did have five yards rushing on an end around play.

2005 Week 17 vs TEN (5 / 3 / 55 / 1 rec)

Jones caught just one pass in the first half for 32 yard gain that put Jacksonville into scoring position. In the second half, Jones saw another deep target, this time from Quinn Gray that was under thrown. Jones was overthrown by Gray on an end zone target but came back to him on the next play for a ten yard touchdown strike. He also lined up at the quarterback position for a couple of plays, completing a pass for six yards and handing off to Toefield on another.