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6-5, 220Born: 5-27-1997College: DukeDrafted: Round 1, pick 2019

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16 at WAS 70 28 42 352 5 0 3 12 0 0 37.8
17 vs PHI 74 28 47 301 1 1 3 26 0 1 18.65

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2019 Week 17 vs PHI (28 / 47 / 301 / 1 / 1 pass, 3 / 26 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones did not play well on Sunday and had a tough time against the Eagle defense. The pressure he felt was non stop and he did not cope with the pass rush well. It routinely caught him off guard, he took a lot of sacks in key situations that stalled drives and this doomed the Giants offense. He trusted his offensive line too much at times and failed to see the rush coming off the edge. Jones tested the Eagles deep a lot in this game with average success. At times, he connected down the field and helped change field position. A lot of these passes were thrown despite close coverage however and a lot were overthrown. Several Giants receivers had a step on their defender deep but under thrown balls caused the passes to be incomplete. Jones had no running game to work with consistently and it got worse for him as the game progressed. He did have a few nice throws. Jones found Tate in the corner of the endzone after he rolled out left for a big score. He did hit Slayton on a deep corner route against the sideline as well, fitting the ball in well before the sideline. Jones mishandled a snap late in the game unfortunately and this lead to a defensive score. Jones forced a late ball to the sideline that was easily picked off but the game was in hand for Philadelphia at that point.

2019 Week 16 vs WAS (28 / 42 / 352 / 5 / 0 pass, 3 / 12 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones was completing passes all over the field against the Redskins who were powerless at times to stop him. Jones had good pass protection on many of his throws and he was patient in the pocket, allowing his receivers to uncover and give them extra time. The dominant rushing attack on the ground also aided Jones who kept the defense guessing as he spread the ball very well. He found Shepard wide open on a go route for a score down the sideline, simply heaving a pass towards the pylon which was slightly under thrown but it did not matter. Jones didn't scramble that much and mostly moved around the pocket to set up throws down the field on the run. The defense did not cover Barkley on a long developing seam route and Jones hit him for a long touchdown. He did miss Slayton on a deep out pattern but this did not bother him. Jones was able to pick receivers over the middle and keep the Giants moving throughout the game. His next touchdown was on a short out route by Latimer who was then able to turn it up-field and score in the redzone. Jones scored shortly afterwards again, finding Smith who the Redskins clearly had missed an assignment on as he was wide open. He showed excellent accuracy and touch hitting Tate just before he ran out of bounds on a deep out to keep the Giants going downfield late. Jones scored the final touchdown in overtime which was a simple slant pattern over the middle to his tight end. The Redskins defense was poor and left many receivers uncovered but Jones was able to make them pay, which is a great sign for the rookie.

2019 Week 13 vs GB (20 / 37 / 240 / 1 / 3 pass, 5 / 6 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones had some bad conditions to work with on the field and wasn't able to provide his team with a spark on Sunday against the Packers. Jones struggled again with turnovers and has a reckless mentality for interceptions. Jones looked comfortable early on as he was converting 4th downs on the ground and made some nice throws on the run. He had an incredible touchdown to Shepard, leading his receiver in stride on a deep pass into the endzone. This was the highlight of the day for Jones unfortunately as turnovers crept into this game at this point. He forced a late ball to the outside and the defensive back was waiting for it and easily picked it off. Jones did have an accurate completion deep to Slayton wiped off the board due to offsetting penalties which was unfortunate to see. He managed to connect with Latimer on a post pattern, placing the ball just inside so his target could snag the ball away from the defender and this big play got the Giants moving. Jones was not able to maintain momentum unfortunately and he turned it over with wildly inaccurate ball to the sideline that possibly slipped out of his hands. Jones was picked off for the third time as he forced another pass down the sideline and the Packers defender turned into the intended target on the play as he had better positioning. Jones struggled with the lack of running game and with the Giants quickly resorting to a "pass happy" offense as their defense gave up many points to the Packers. He was a bit loose with the ball when throwing down the field but his interceptions should surprise nobody who has been watching the film, it's one of his worst habits as a rookie quarterback.

2019 Week 12 vs CHI (21 / 36 / 150 / 2 / 0 pass, 2 / 27 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones struggled to get much going for the Giants on Sunday. He had a mediocre running game from Barkley to keep defenses honest and felt a decent pass rush for most of the game. As a result of the pressure up front, Jones and the Giants kept the passing game short. He rarely pushed the ball downfield and wasn't afforded the opportunity for the most part. Jones had some drops, including a clear first down play from Barkley but shrugged them off. He should have been picked off with a pass on the outside but the defensive back couldn't come up with the ball. Jones rolled out a lot but had to throw away the ball frequently as he found nobody open. He had an easy touchdown in the flat with Smith in the redzone after an excellent misdirection fake to Barkley caught the defense off guard. Jones should have been picked off twice more, one was successfully broken up by his intended receiver Shepard. The Giants were down for most of this game and they became pass happy in the second half. The Bears could play the pass and were very effective in coverage. Jones made a terrific throw on 4th and long to Tate for his second touchdown, placing the ball high and just deep enough for his target to secure it in the endzone.

2019 Week 10 vs NYJ (26 / 40 / 308 / 4 / 0 pass, 3 / 20 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones had a bounce back game and was better at taking care of the football. He was without Engram and Shepard, though he has played several games without these players due to ongoing injuries. Jones kept the Giants moving, had no interceptions and can't be held accountable for the loss as he did his part. He still has an issue with taking too many sacks however. Many drives were finished off with a sack of Jones and he held onto the ball too long often. His first touchdown came in the redzone in the first half. Jones was forced to hold the ball but got excellent pass protection and eventually hit Slayton in a tight window just over the goal line for the score. Jones found Slayton again on a post route in which the defensive back lost his footing. Slayton used his speed to outrun the defense and scored his second touchdown. The Giants tried a QB sneak with Jones but it failed on 4th and 1. Jamal Adams stole the ball while Jones was looking downfield and scored a defensive touchdown in the process. Jones must improve his pocket awareness and speed up his clock, he does not see defenders around him until its too late. He did have a strong connection with Slayton throughout the game, the duo was a key factor in the Giants sustaining drives. Jones got his third touchdown on a simple screen pass to Tate who used his blockers well and outran the secondary for a big score down the sideline. He hit Tate again shortly after in the redzone and Tate was able to turn it up-field for another score. Jones rolled right and had Tate open deep in the corner of the endzone but overthrew him. He could have been picked on a forced pass to the outside which slipped through the hands of a Jets defender. The Giants were in pass mode late in the game and Jones took a beating as they were down. He was sacked often as he held the ball and could not overcome the pass rush.

2019 Week 9 vs DAL (26 / 41 / 210 / 1 / 1 pass, 6 / 54 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones struggled against the Cowboys on Monday night. The Cowboys had a strong pass rush for a lot of this game and Jones felt it. He took several sacks in key situations and failed to see the rush coming at times. This rush also lead to turnovers which continues to plague Jones as a quarterback. He tried to connect deep several times but his receiver had no separation and it fell incomplete. Jones did manage to scramble for yards and was successful at picking up first downs doing this. He tried to hit Engram in the back of the endzone but it was simply an inaccurate ball. Jones struggled in the redzone and it really cost the Giants as they only got one touchdown from several redzone visits. He found Tate on the sideline and threw it where only Tate could grab it, putting it up for grabs but trusting his teammate. Jones almost got a rushing touchdown but was tackled just shy of the goal line. He subsequently hit Latimer who was wide open in the flat after excellent play design left the receiver uncovered. Jones was intercepted on a deep, high ball that hung in the air too long and was an easy target for the defense. He lost two fumbles in the second half and this sealed the Giants fate. His ball security is questionable as he loses control of the ball in the pocket very often. Jones could not score in the redzone and this was also the main downfall of his night.

2019 Week 8 vs DET (28 / 41 / 322 / 4 / 0 pass, 4 / 13 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones had a very productive game for the Giants and looked a lot better but still had a few plays that should have resulted in turnovers that he got away with. In the first quarter, Jones threw an ill advised ball short to Barkley that was ruled a lateral and Detroit took it into the endzone. Jones got away with a throw that should have been intercepted but the Detroit player couldn't keep his feet in bounds. He began to relax after this and looked downfield to connect with Slayton for his first touchdown. Jones simply gave his receiver a chance to come down with the ball as the coverage was good but Slayton used his better positioning to snag the big score. His decision making was generally better and he forced less balls. Jones took less sacks, got rid of the ball and seemed to feel the rush in this game. He scrambled a lot outside, connected with players for first downs and managed to shake off a potential sack before getting rid of the ball to live for another day. Jones hit Slayton again on a close coverage pass down the field, there was a bit more separation this time and placed the pass just where his target could catch it. The rookie duo seem to have incredible chemistry and trust with each other, which should benefit the Giants a lot going forward. Jones found Engram wide open after a rub route on the goal line left his target wide open for the easy score. Jones fumbled the ball in the pocket later but managed to recover it. He should have been picked off again on a short pass to the outside that was clearly forced but his receiver managed to break it up. Jones tried to connect for a third time in the endzone with Slayton but the coverage won the battle this time. He found Barkley in the flat for an easy score as the game was ending. The Giants failed to recover the onside kick. Jones made several big throws down the field and avoided pressure a lot more but still is too reckless with the ball at times. He will have to reduce his turnovers and "turnover-worthy" decisions.

2019 Week 7 vs ARI (22 / 35 / 223 / 1 / 1 pass, 4 / 35 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones had a poor game with yet again too many hits in the pocket and too many turnovers. Jones failed to see the rush coming on several occasions and did not react well when faced with pressure. He got sacked often in key situations and these kind of plays quickly ended several Giants drives prematurely. Jones started the game with a nice scramble for a first down and made several nice throws on the run. However, soon after this, he forced a bad ball into double coverage and it was easily picked off by the Cardinal defense. Jones did float a terrific ball over the shoulder to Ellison on a post route down the field, resulting in a spectacular touchdown between two defenders. When Jones was afforded time in the pocket, he showed accuracy and competence to deliver the ball on time. When faced with pressure quickly after the snap however, his play deteriorated rapidly. Jones had several dropped balls from his receivers but nothing too game breaking. He had a really rough end to the game as the Cardinals teed off on the young quarterback. The Giants kept moving backwards due to sacks, putting Jones in obvious passing situations and they blitzed him with great success. Jones lost the ball twice, recovered once but the lost yardage was damage enough to seal the game for the Cardinals. Jones needs to improve his pre snap read of the defense and react better to pressure or the turnovers will continue to plague his performances. The turnovers are hurting the fantasy potential of the entire team due to the reduced scoring opportunities. Jones' chemistry with Tate is definitely improving and the duo connected throughout the game for first downs, which is a positive to see.

2019 Week 6 vs NE (15 / 31 / 161 / 1 / 3 pass, 2 / 8 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones struggled for the majority of this game and had too many interceptions to keep the Giants from realistically winning this game. Jones made many dangerous throws, only some of which were picked off. The Giants receiving corps was heavily depleted due to injuries and this was evident. Jones was forcing balls into covered receivers as a result and trying to make something out of nothing. He tried to hit Tate on a slant over the middle but the inaccurate ball bounced into the air and easily picked off. Another pass attempt deep was tipped, resulting in a lofty ball that was also intercepted. Jones did make an excellent touchdown play with Tate later. He floated the pass perfectly in front of Tate and allowed his receiver to run onto it and escape untouched for the score. Jones tried Tate deep on a post late in the game. Tate was fouled but no flag was thrown. He almost connected with Slayton along the sideline but the defender was close by and able to break it up. Jones was under pressure a lot and did his best to extend the plays but this also resulted in a lot of negative plays for the Giants. The lack of separation from his receivers forced Jones to hold the ball. He had no running game to work with also. Jones final pick was on a forced ball outside that the defender was in perfect position to grab.

2019 Week 5 vs MIN (21 / 38 / 182 / 1 / 1 pass, 3 / 12 / 0 rush)

Daniel Jones struggled for most of this game while looking like a rookie at times. He did have issues with his accuracy and ball placement which cost the Giants touchdowns as he left plays on the field. Shepard was wide open down the sideline and Jones overthrew him by a few yards which almost definitely would have resulted in a big touchdown play. Jones showed some good awareness by tucking the ball at the right time and picking up a first down on the ground but this was rarely accomplished on Sunday. He made an incredibly accurate throw to Slayton for a big touchdown in the back of the endzone on a go route, placing the ball just in stride for his receiver to be able to catch it in bounds. This was the highlight for Jones however as his struggles began afterwards. He forced a deep pass into double coverage and was fortunate it wasn't picked off. Jones had Shepard again wide open for a touchdown but his ball placement was too high and off target so Shepard landed out of bounds. He began to take sacks in crucial situations and backed the Giants away from the goal line. He threw a lot of passes at receivers that were well covered and was generally late on a lot of throws. This caused defenders to be able to hit his intended targets very quickly and several catch attempts were broken up. His only interception came at the very end of the game on 4th down as he tried to sneak a short pass outside but the defender stepped in front of it. If Jones had hit some of his touchdowns, his day would have been dramatically improved from a fantasy perspective. More of a down day but nothing to be concerned about long term. Not recommended as a fantasy option.

2019 Week 4 vs WAS (23 / 31 / 225 / 1 / 2 pass, 5 / 33 / 0 rush)

Jones was solid in his second start, albeit against a weak defense. He was on time on third down, mainly to Sterling Shepard, and he was also good at recognizing the blitz and quickly getting the ball out. Jones had a great sense of when to break the pocket on third down and use his athleticism to get the first down with his legs. His touchdown pass came on a walk-in easy short pass to Wayne Gallman, although pass interference was committed in the end zone on Rhett Ellison on another drive that was capped by a Gallman run instead. Jones underthrew a deep ball that was almost picked and another underthrow was picked by Quinton Dunbar right after he peeled off of his man to pick Jones, accounting for the two interceptions thrown by the rookie. The game was out of hand by the second half and Jones didn't have to push the ball downfield, which capped his fantasy production. There was a long gain to Gallman left on the field when the ball was slightly overthrown.

2019 Week 3 vs TB (23 / 36 / 336 / 2 / 0 pass, 4 / 28 / 2 rush)

Daniel Jones was spectacular in his debut for the Giants and the offense looked completely different under the young quarterback. Throughout the game Jones was decisive and played with confidence. He kept his eyes downfield, trusted his offensive line and was not afraid to test Tampa Bay deep. Jones relied on Shepard and Engram heavily as Barkley left the game in the first half due to an ankle injury. He has great athleticism as a quarterback and his ability to run must be respected by defenses. Jones was able to keep many plays alive with his feet, while keeping his eyes downfield. He also picked up first downs on the ground and wasn't afraid to tuck the ball if he saw a gap. Jones slightly overthrew Barkley in the redzone on a quick out, which should have been a touchdown. Jones shook this off however and took a designed run to the pylon while beating out the chasing defender for the score. He should have been picked off over the middle as a late ball was in harms way but the defender was unable to catch it. Jones did also have two lost fumbles which were as a result of holding onto the ball too long in the pocket. These relatively minor hiccups should be noted but hopefully it does not continue to plague his season. Jones sold an excellent play action fake and hit Engram over the middle who was successfully able to outrun the entire defense down the sideline as he scored on the explosive play. Jones hit Slayton down the field on a corner route, placing the ball perfectly in stride for his receiver. He scored his second touchdown pass with another impressive throw, hitting Shepard in the corner of the endzone and putting the ball exactly where it needed to be. Jones was exactly what this offense needed and completely energized the unit. He torched Tampa bay down the field when given time to throw, bought time in the pocket and scrambled to keep drives alive. He displayed incredible accuracy and decision making also, looking very comfortable and competent in the offense. Jones could have high value as a quarterback due to his rushing potential.


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