WR Darrell Jackson - Free Agent

6-0, 197Born: 12-6-1978College: FloridaDrafted: Round 3, pick

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Game Recaps

2008 Week 1 vs OAK (1 / 1 / 48 / 1 rec)

Darrell Jackson came in for one play when Eddie Royal needed a break and made the most of it, catching a 48 yard touchdown pass from Cutler.

2008 Week 6 vs JAX (5 / 3 / 18 / 0 rec)

Jackson only caught three of his targets for 18 yards. The majority of these yards came on an 11 yard reception, his long of the afternoon.

2008 Week 7 vs NE (3 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

Jackson's only catch of the game came near the end of the second quarter. He was the intended target on a deep pass that was intercepted by New England.

2008 Week 10 vs CLE (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jackson did not catch a pass in this game.

2008 Week 12 vs OAK (2 / 1 / 28 / 0 rec)

Jackson's lone reception was a big play that at first was ruled a 64 yard play, but after review, it was determined he was down by contact after hauling in a 28 yard pass.

2008 Week 15 vs CAR (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jackson dropped his only target and took a big hit on the play. Jackson was called for a holding penalty.

2008 Week 16 vs BUF (1 / 1 / 30 / 0 rec)

Early in the game Jackson caught a 30 yard pass but then wasn't heard from again.

2008 Week 17 vs SD (1 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

Jackson came in as the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart and saw very few plays.

2007 Week 1 vs ARI (8 / 4 / 36 / 0 rec)

Jackson was the 49ers most targeted receiver with ten targets. He saved the game winning drive when he recovered the Battle fumble in the end zone to preserve the drive. He finished the night with four receptions for 36 yards.

2007 Week 2 vs STL (5 / 3 / 61 / 0 rec)

Jackson was Smith's most reliable target. He had the most catches although he only had three. They were for good yardage as he accumulated 61 yards.

2007 Week 3 vs PIT (8 / 4 / 69 / 0 rec)

Jackson led the 49ers in receiving yardage. He caught only one pass for twelve yards in the first half, however, and was unable to get open deep downfield. Jackson did a nice job of getting both feet down in bounds on a sideline route in the second half.

2007 Week 4 vs SEA (10 / 3 / 38 / 0 rec)

Jackson was the primary target for the 49ers, though he couldn't get behind the defense for any long gains, as Trent Dilfer was frequently forced to get rid of the ball quickly due to the Seahawks pass rush.

2007 Week 5 vs BAL (3 / 2 / 6 / 0 rec)

Jackson received three targets in this game, none of them coming until the third quarter. He caught two for six yards. Though he started the entire game, he struggled to make an impact with the 49ers offense running through Frank Gore.

2007 Week 7 vs NYG (5 / 2 / 6 / 1 rec)

Jackson, who was targeted five times, was only able to bring in two passes for six total yards and a score. He managed to find the back of the end zone as time was expiring in the fourth quarter, on a pass from Trent Dilfer.

2007 Week 9 vs ATL (8 / 2 / 21 / 0 rec)

Jackson looked a little sluggish in his return to the lineup after sitting one out with a quad injury. He was targeted once in the red zone, and Smith looked his way more often as the game progressed, but the results were just not there.

2007 Week 10 vs SEA (6 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Jackson had a quiet night against his old team as his only catch of the game came in the third quarter.

2007 Week 11 vs STL (8 / 2 / 36 / 0 rec)

Jackson came up with just two catches on his eight targets, including a very catchable ball in the fourth quarter that would have tied the game at 13-13. Jackson was targeted three times in the end zone on the final two drives, including the final play of the game in which Dilfer was intercepted.

2007 Week 12 vs ARI (9 / 5 / 43 / 0 rec)

Jackson was targeted often across the middle and had a couple of drops in this game. In all, he finished with five catches for 43 yards, with a long reception of ten yards.

2007 Week 13 vs CAR (7 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

Jackson was thrown to seven times but only caught one pass for 12 yards. Jackson was the intended receiver when Dilfer was intercepted and the ball was returned for the touchdown. The turnover was not Jackson's fault since the pass was just thrown too low.

2007 Week 15 vs CIN (10 / 8 / 86 / 0 rec)

Jackson, who has been invisible most of the season, made a nice connection with QB Shaun Hill. He made a nice diving catch for 14 yards and a first down early in the game. He caught a 19 yard pass on the left side line late in the first half for his biggest gain of the half. Jackson had his best receiving game of year by far, by catching eight passes for 86 yards. Hill's solid play benefited Jackson the most, but the Bengals poor play from there cornerbacks added to his success as he had little trouble getting open.

2007 Week 16 vs TB (3 / 2 / 27 / 1 rec)

Jackson was targeted just three times, but finished with two receptions for 27 yards that included a second quarter score from 21 yards out.

2007 Week 17 vs CLE (6 / 3 / 28 / 1 rec)

Jackson was able to catch a touchdown in the game as he broke away from Leigh Bodden on a nice corner route. Outside of the touchdown catch, Jackson had a quiet day, being targeted but struggling to get into any kind of rhythm with Chris Weinke. Jackson finished the game with three catches for 28 yards.

2006 Week 1 vs DET (6 / 5 / 47 / 0 rec)

Jackson was on the field for the majority of Seattle's offensive plays. All of his targets were within ten yards of the line of scrimmage on outs and slants. His final target was short in the right flat, but instead of stepping out of bounds Jackson opted to reverse his field cutting all the way back around the formation and up the left sideline for a 13 yard gain leading to the game winning field goal. Jackson showed no ill effects from his knee surgeries that kept him off the field during the entire preseason.

2006 Week 2 vs ARI (10 / 5 / 127 / 1 rec)

Jackson appeared to be fully recovered from his knee injury and played a full game for the Seahawks. He was Matt Hasselbeck's primary target and caught the Seahawks' only passing touchdown of the game on a deep route in the first quarter. Jackson finished with five receptions for 127 yards. It will be interesting to see how the presence of Deion Branch affects his numbers.

2006 Week 3 vs NYG (9 / 7 / 57 / 2 rec)

Jackson was Hasselbeck's favorite target in the passing game, getting nine looks for the game, and catching seven balls for 57 yards and two scores. His touchdowns came from four and 12 yards out.

2006 Week 4 vs CHI (7 / 5 / 62 / 0 rec)

Jackson once again led Seattle in receiving. His numbers were unspectacular as a result of a couple of drops and a suffocating Bears' defense.

2006 Week 6 vs STL (9 / 4 / 94 / 1 rec)

A last second tipped pass kept Jackson from a huge gain, possibly a touchdown in the second quarter. His third quarter touchdown catch came deep in the end zone in triple coverage and would have made the game's highlight reel if not for the spectacular touchdown that Rams' receiver Torry Holt made later in the game. WR Deion Branch saw three more targets and notched one more touchdown than Jackson in this game, but Jackson recorded more yardage. He finished with 94 yards.

2006 Week 7 vs MIN (14 / 7 / 136 / 1 rec)

Jackson was the lone bright spot in the Seahawks' offense in this game. He was the favorite target of both Seattle quarterbacks, catching seven passes for 136 yards and the Seahawks' only touchdown.

2006 Week 8 vs KC (9 / 3 / 64 / 1 rec)

Jackson is still the go to receiver for the Seahawks. He was targeted eight times. He only pulled in three passes but one was a huge break away play covering 49 yards for a touchdown. Jackson and Branch make for a formidable wide receiver tandem.

2006 Week 9 vs OAK (7 / 5 / 36 / 0 rec)

Jackson had a quiet game. His longest reception was for 17 yards and a first down and he caught four short passes. Jackson also dropped two passes including one that was straight to him.

2006 Week 10 vs STL (9 / 5 / 85 / 1 rec)

Jackson was the Seahawks' leading receiver with 85 yards on five catches and a first quarter touchdown. He had quietly been a very consistent producer for Seattle this season with seven touchdowns in nine games.

2006 Week 11 vs SF (8 / 4 / 77 / 1 rec)

Jackson was held without a catch in the first half, but rebounded in the second half with a 41 yard touchdown, his eighth of the season. He added three other catches, ending the game with 77 yards.

2006 Week 12 vs GB (7 / 2 / 20 / 1 rec)

Jackson did not get many opportunities in the first half. He was targeted in the end zone on the Seahawks' sixth drive, but the ball was uncatchable. He then dropped a difficult ten yard pass in the end zone at the end of the half after it was almost intercepted. Hasselbeck looked to Jackson more often in the second half. He dropped one pass before making a 16 yard catch for a first down. Hasselbeck threw a fade to him at the end of the drive and it was caught for a four yard touchdown. Jackson saw one more end zone target but it sailed over his head and was uncatchable.

2006 Week 13 vs DEN (10 / 6 / 91 / 0 rec)

Jackson was Matt Hasselbeck's favorite target, earning double digit looks. He led Seattle in receptions and receiving yards. Jackson dropped several of his initial looks in the game, and was the target on Hasselbeck's lone interception. He had a couple of big gains (27 and 33) on Seattle's second-half touchdown drive.

2006 Week 14 vs ARI (7 / 5 / 60 / 1 rec)

Jackson did not make much of a contribution in the first half, catching one of his two targets for an eight yard gain. But he began the second half well as Hasselbeck found him for an 18 yard gain before he was tackled at the two yard line. After two unsuccessful attempts to score, Hasselbeck went back to Jackson on third down and he scored a two yard touchdown in the corner of the end zone. Jackson made a 22 yard reception on the Seahawks' third drive of the second half, and it would have been a first down. Unfortunately, Jackson fumbled the ball and lost 15 yards before the Seahawks were able to recover. His final contribution of the game was a 23 yard catch on the Seahawks' final drive.

2006 Week 18 vs DAL (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Jackson's first target was a deep pass down the right sideline on the first play of the second quarter. QB Matt Hasselbeck put the ball too far out in front of him. Jackson wasn't able to make a play on the ball. He saw his only other target late in the second quarter. Reports after the game were that he aggravated his injured toe. Jackson wasn't seen on the field during the second half.

2006 Week 19 vs CHI (9 / 4 / 49 / 0 rec)

Jackson saw two targets to open the first Seattle possession. The first was bounced in by QB Matt Hasselbeck. The second was thrown into the hands of a cornerback before it was deflected up into the air. Jackson had the ball fall into his hands and ran for an eight yard gain. Hasselbeck went right back to Jackson on their next possession for a long 24 yard pass up the left seam. He made a nice sliding catch on the play. Three plays later he converted a third and ten on the right sideline to keep a drive alive. Midway through the second quarter Jackson bobbled an out route pass that would have converted a third and seven on the right sideline. He wasn't able to secure the pass until he was out of bounds. On the following Seattle possession he dropped another third down pass that would have converted a first down. In fairness, the pass was slightly thrown behind him by Hasselbeck. Jackson wasn't targeted even once in the second half of the game.

2005 Week 1 vs JAX (9 / 6 / 65 / 1 rec)

Jackson caught Hasselbeck's first two passes of the game, but wasn't targeted again until midway through the second quarter. He showed great concentration in catching his second quarter touchdown pass with a Jacksonville safety riding on his back. If this game is a sign of things to come, Bobby Engram will steal valuable fantasy points from Jackson owners.

2005 Week 2 vs ATL (11 / 8 / 131 / 0 rec)

Jackson was matched up on CB DeAngelo Hall for the bulk of the game. Jackson was able to beat him twice for long gains. He also did a nice job of getting off the line of scrimmage quickly allowing QB Matt Hasselbeck to get the ball out quickly on slants patterns. Jackson suffered his first drop of the season on a crucial third down that would have kept a drive alive.

2005 Week 3 vs ARI (13 / 8 / 125 / 0 rec)

Jackson saw a season high in targets and posted his second consecutive 100 yard receiving effort. Jackson was targeted two times in the end zone and once at the goal line. No drops to report this week (and only one for the season so far). He made a great catch on a third down slant pattern with a defensive back draped all over him. Also, late in the game with a 19 point lead QB Matt Hasselbeck delivered a 48 yard bomb over Jackson's outside shoulder on a fly route. This is of significance because in the past several years Seattle has been content to play safe with large leads leading to several remarkable meltdowns.

2005 Week 4 vs WAS (9 / 7 / 55 / 1 rec)

CB Shawn Springs had Jackson covered well when the Redskins were matched up in man coverage. The majority of Jackson's productivity came when catching balls against the zone. At half time Jackson had only one reception for no yards. He was belted right at the line of scrimmage by Springs on this play. However, in the second half Jackson started finding some room and caught six balls on seven targets including a six yard touchdown. Jackson is beginning to show the ability to make some big plays. His leaping 16 yard reception in the third quarter was most impressive because he took a big hit, but still held on. Jackson's game tying touchdown was well designed to get him one on one in the slot. The quick slant was an easy pitch and catch.

2005 Week 15 vs TEN (9 / 6 / 72 / 1 rec, 1 / 7 / 0 rush)

Jackson returned to the starting lineup and was immediately worked into the offense. Jackson was targeted on the first two Seahawks' plays from scrimmage. On the second Seattle possession Jackson ran a beautiful pump and go route down the right sideline. He completely fooled the cornerback and was alone on his way to the end zone, but QB Matt Hasselbeck overthrew the pass. Jackson also contributed with five catches on six second half targets. He made three grabs on Seattle's last scoring drive including the game winning touchdown from two yards out. Hasselbeck rolled out to his side of the field and Jackson broke free running parallel to the goal line for the score.

2005 Week 16 vs IND (4 / 3 / 34 / 0 rec)

Jackson was a game time decision but did play and made a 17 yard catch on the Seahawks' opening drive. He made a 15 yard reception near the end of the second half.