TE Austin Hooper - Cleveland Browns

6-4, 254Born: 10-29-1994College: StanfordDrafted: Round 3, pick 2016

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs MIN (9 / 9 / 77 / 0 rec)

Hooper led Falcons receivers and was left open in the flats repeatedly in this game, catching five of his nine targets in this area of the field. Only one of his receptions was a pass over the middle. Hooper and the rest of the Falcons offensive line and backs struggled to contain the Vikings blitz as pass protectors and there were some questionable designs from the offensive staff in an attempt to use the backs and tight ends in this area of the game.

2019 Week 2 vs PHI (6 / 4 / 34 / 0 rec)

He earned a first down on a quick out route on the second offensive play of the game against tight coverage. Hooper's second catch was a seam route with a half roll to the right by Matt Ryan to create the open area. His next catch came on a flat route with a little more than a minute left for seven yards. Hooper ran around the first man on a tight end screen, but then took a huge hit at the end of a four-yard gain

2019 Week 3 vs IND (7 / 6 / 66 / 2 rec)

He caught a quick flat route for 10 yards off play action early in the game. ON the next drive, Hooper earned 19 up the seam. Ryan overshot an open Hooper on a corner route in the end zone late in the half. Hooper snuck into the middle of the field on a play-action red-zone pass leading to a touchdown. Hooper earned his second touchdown at the goal line on a sit-down route. Hooper slipped a tackle to earn nine yards on a short target up the right sideline midway through the fourth quarter. He earned a short target over the middle during the fourth quarter.

2019 Week 4 vs TEN (11 / 9 / 130 / 0 rec)

He earned a quick five yards in the flat to begin the second series. Ryan found Hooper up the seam a few plays later for 28 yards. Hooper was wide open against theTitans' zone. Ryan threw the ball behind Hooper on a crossing route that should have been caught but arrived at an awkward angle early in the Falcons' third series. Ryan went back to Hooper up the middle on third down for 16 yards in the middle of the Tennessee zone. He earned a settle route for 10up the middle just prior ot the two-minute warning. He hurdled a defender and extended for the first down in the flat after the two-minute warning. Later in the drive, Hooper gained nine in the same flat on a pass where Ryan took a hard shot while releasing the ball. He worked up the middle for 24 yards off a play-action pass into an empty zone, gaining 100 yards at that point in the game. Ryan tried to squeeze an over route to Hooper late in the third quarter but underthrew the pass. Hooper earned another 15 yards up the right seam on third down.

2019 Week 5 vs HOU (9 / 6 / 56 / 0 rec)

He earned a quick throw-out for five yards on second down to begin Atlanta's first offensive series. Hooper juggled a backside screen on the second series of the third quarter and was wrapped quickly. His calf cramped up and he left the field under his own power. Hooper earned an over route that was high and behind him late in the third quarter. Ryan found Hooper on third down for a short completion on a crossing route while under heavy pressure--forcing a punt. Hooper worked open and waited on a Ryan scramble to earn the two-point conversion and cut the Texans' lead to eight points. Hooper earned a significant garbage-time reception of nearly 20 yards to reach midfield late in the game and then earned another first down on the next play against the Texans' soft coverage.

2019 Week 6 vs ARI (8 / 8 / 117 / 1 rec)

He leaked to the backside flat on third down and turned a check-down into a first down and more yards that got Atlanta across midfield. On the next series, He worked from the slot on a quick stop route for six yards on second and long. Hooper worked through the coverage effectively for a nice gain breaking into the left flat midway through thte third quarter to get Atlanta just outside the red zone while down 27-10. Hooper earned a flat route late in the third quarter and tried to back his way to the marker but the linebacker stuffed him shy of the spot, setting up a third-and-one. Matt Ryan's throw was a little behind the receiver. Hooper found the soft spot of the Cardinals' zone for his fifth catch for another first down late in the third quarter to get Atlanta to the 42. Hooper followed with a corner route to get across midfield. Hooper snuck across the field on a deep seam route off play action for a catch that he tracked over his head, earning well over 30 yards on the target.

2019 Week 7 vs LAR (5 / 4 / 46 / 1 rec)

Hooper held the Dante Fowler on a run to the outside that earned Freeman a crease for about seven yards. Hooper got open on a tight end screen but Fowler batted down Ryan's pass. His first target came on a flat route for 18 yards against zone coverage to get Atlanta past midfield with 1:15 in the third quarter. He earned five yards in the flat late in the game from Matt Schaub. He scored two plays later up the seam with a diving catch of a low throw for Atlanta's only touchdown of the afternoon.

2019 Week 8 vs SEA (7 / 6 / 65 / 1 rec)

He converted a third and five with a short flat route from the slot against the rookie Marquise Blair. He earned two yards on a short stick route to the flat with his quarterback under pressure. Hooper began the second half with a huge gain up the left flat on a backside screen where he dipped inside a double team in the flat and hurdled a safety's attempt at midfield to reach Seattle's 35 for a 35-yard gain. He made the first man miss working inside on a pass to the flat for a first down during a two-minute drill late in the game. Schaub overthrew Hooper on an out route in the end zone, which was more likely a throwaway more than a high pass. A few plays later. Hooper caught a low throw inside the end zone on a short stick route against K.J. Wright to close the game to 10 late in the fourth quarter. Schaub targeted Hooper once again on a two-point conversion attempt but the window between two defenders was too tight.

2019 Week 10 vs NO (5 / 4 / 17 / 1 rec)

Hooper earned man coverage on a linebacker during the second drive but Ryan over shot him. Hooper scored on a contested play from an inline position. Worked towards the safety in the air and took the hit in the end zone. Hooper took the ball to thet 12 with a quick-hitting throw across the middle late in the half. He earned nine yards on third and long with a wide-open target in the right flat to cross midfield early in the fourth quarter. New Orleans cut down Hooper for a loss two plays later on a throw-out to the left flat and Hooper hurt his lower leg on the play.

2019 Week 14 vs CAR (6 / 2 / 32 / 0 rec)

He got open on an out route to the flat but Ryan had to deliver the ball over a defensive lineman in his face and sailed the throw over Hooper on the first drive. Hooper made a nice extension on a 14-yard yard out against man coverage at the right sideline to begin the third series. Hooper earned a first down midway through the second quarter in a short release up the right flat and earned another 12-13 yards for close to 15 up the sideline. Hooper got open on a break to the inside but didn't break it far enough to the middle and the ball wound up over his head instead of him making the catch in the end zone. Ryan led Austin Hooper too far on a third-and-seven early in the fourth quarter.

2019 Week 15 vs SF (6 / 3 / 20 / 0 rec)

Ryan was off-target on a third-and-four pass to Hooper in the right flat, leading to a series-ending punt to begin the game. Hooper ran a nice flat route against Greenlaw to get Atlanta into the red zone during a second-quarter drive. He followed up with a gain of 6-7 on a screen. He began a mid-fourth-quarter drive with a screen that he took up the left flat for nine yards. Ryan nearly hit Hooper on a post between two defenders in the end zone with 29 seconds left. Later in the drive, Hooper made a great extension for the ball in the end zone but could not maintain possession according to the rules, which before the Calvin Johnson Rule would have easily been a touchdown.

2019 Week 16 vs JAX (9 / 7 / 82 / 0 rec)

Ryan found Hooper on a play-action throw-back to Hooper on a corner route, who got wide open thanks to Olamidea Zaccheaus' deeper route running off the zone. The pay got Atlanta to the 17 and set up a toss play to Freeman for a 17-yard touchdown. Hooper caught a stop route at the hash for six yards between defenders to begin the third drive. Ryan began the second quarter with a flush to his right and throw on the move to Hooper over the middle in traffic for a first down. Hooper earned another stop route against man coverage underneath for a four-yard gain with a little over a minute left and then Ryan tried to squeeze the ball into Hooper on the next play but the coverage knocked the ball away to set up a third and six. Hooper earned a pass working back to the quarterback along the right sideline but didn't get out of bounds on the short gain and forced Atlanta to take a timeout late in the half. Hooper backed his way inside the five on a third-down throw to the sideline with less than 15 seconds in the half to set up a 23-yard field goal to effectively end the half and put Atlanta up by 14 once again. Ryan delivered a third-down top route to Hooper while under pressure. Hooper got his hands on the accurate throw but failed to secure it while going to the ground, forcing a punt. Hooper earned long catch on a deep corner route late in the game to put Atlanta at midfield late.

2019 Week 17 vs TB (9 / 7 / 45 / 0 rec)

He earned his first catch early in the second quarter on a flat route outside the numbers where he extended fully on the run for a low pass that he caught in stride five yards downfield and turned up the sideline for a total gain of nine. Hooper nearly high-pointed a crossing route on 3rd and 6 in the middle of the second quarter but the tight coverage knocked the ball free. However, a roughing the passer foul negated the drop and earned Atlanta a first down pat midfield. Hooper caught the ball on a high target across the middle midway through the third quarter to get Atlanta across midfield. He earned a stop route late in the third quarter to earn a first down. Hooper only earned a few yards later in the drive on a middle screen before the quarter ended. Hooper caught an over route against zone and took a hit as he returned to earth to reach midfield midway through the fourth quarter. Hooper set up a third-and-short at the two-minute warning with a comeback against tight coverage as Ryan delivered the ball while flushing to his left.

2018 Week 1 vs PHI (4 / 3 / 24 / 0 rec)

He earned four on a low-and-away throw in the red zone off a bootleg left. A defender trailing a route outside of Hooper collided with the tight end within five yards of the line of scrimmage and threw off the timing of a third-down red zone pass to force a field goal to finish the second offensive series. Hooper earned 15 yards on a play-action crossing route. He earned a hitch route in the two-minute drill.

2018 Week 2 vs CAR (5 / 5 / 59 / 1 rec)

He juggled his first target on a play-action shallow route for seven yards, setting up a third and one. He caught a bullet on a shallow route at the first down marker late in the half to get Atlanta inside Carolina territory. Hooper followed up with an out against single coverage for a touchdown. Hooper also made a fantastic block on an edge defender to begin the third quarter to clear a pocket for a Ryan-to-Jones pitch and catch but then missed the same block when forced to run the play again on a deep post and the edge defender was savvy to adjust. Hooper worked wide open in the fourth quarter corner route and got Atlanta deep into Carolina territory in the mid-fourth quarter.

2018 Week 3 vs NO (4 / 3 / 23 / 0 rec)

He made the first man miss with a mini-hurdle in the right flat during the first drive. He earned a few yards in the left flat two drives later on another flat route. Hooper earned a two-point conversion on a quick seam route that came wide open early in the fourth quarter.

2018 Week 4 vs CIN (2 / 1 / 19 / 0 rec)

Hooper earned a 3rd and 13 check-down up the seam and broke a pair of tackles while splitting multiple defenders for a first down. Ryan overshot Hooper on a wide open post in the end zone late in the game.

2018 Week 5 vs PIT (12 / 9 / 77 / 0 rec)

Hooper earned a pair of receptions during the first drive, including a hook from the slot for 14 yards against the Steelers' zone on third down. Hooper earned five yards on a tight end screen up the middle as Atlanta crossed midfield. Hooper earned a first down over the middle settling inside the Steeler's zone on 3rd and 10 early in the second quarter. Hooper earned eight catches in the middle of the field during the first half but yardage and targets were more of an extension of the ground game.

2018 Week 6 vs TB (10 / 9 / 71 / 1 rec)

Hooper earned five yards on second and six on a route breaking back to Matt Ryan over the middle. The Buccaneers stuffed Hooper on a tight end screen when the defense out-flanked the three blockers trying to set up the screen. Hooper then earned 14 on third down with the safeties dropping three-deep and well beyond the sticks. Hooper earned a deep out against and oiverwhelemed cornerback misplaying zone for a 17-ayrd gain. Most of Hooper's targets were routes underneath facing the quarterback. He earned eight on a 1st and 25 in the third quarter on a route like this one. Hooper dropped a third-down pass near midfield after stumbling during his break and forced a third punt in the quarter. Hooper caught key third-down pass up by two points with a linebacker wrapped around him at the marker

2018 Week 7 vs NYG (4 / 3 / 48 / 0 rec)

Ryan found Hooper over the middle for eight yards on a throw placed behind him with trail coverage tight. Hooper went over the top of R.W. Webb for 36 yards on a play-action pass to begin its fourth series. Ryan threw the ball behind Austin Hooper on a skinny post in the end zone with seconds remaining in the half and Hooper could only get one hand on the ball. Late in the game, Ryan targeted Hooper on a short route in the right flat shy of the sticks and the Giants wrapped the tight end shy of the marker at the two-minute warning.

2018 Week 9 vs WAS (3 / 3 / 41 / 0 rec)

The tight end worked in a trips bunch formation against zone to earn a wide-open third-down look at opposite sideline and earned another 10-12 yards after the catch. Ryan found Hooper wide open in the middle of the field after settling in the zone and turning up the middle for another 14 yards to reach the red zone and converting its sixth third down in the half.

2018 Week 10 vs CLE (11 / 10 / 56 / 1 rec)

He earned 11 yards on a play-action boot pass to the left flat on the second play of the game against a tight zone. He earned another catch in the right flat two plays later for five yards. He earned his fourth reception on an RPO look split from the formation on a slant. Ryan overshot Hooper while reacting to pressure up the middle in the fourth quarter, leading to a third and three. Hooper caught an out and up on third down at the goal line but Atlanta didn't challenge this late fourth-quarter play. He saved Atlanta with effort coming back to an off-balance Ryan throw under pressure on fourth and goal to score and get Atlanta within 12 points.

2018 Week 11 vs DAL (8 / 4 / 27 / 0 rec)

Ryan found Hooper on a short flat route against the blitz on the fourth play of the game for a gain of four to set up a third and five. Hooper dropped a quick seam route to begin the third series that should have gone for a gain of 15-25 yards. Ryan found Hooper on the next play off a three-step drop where nobody came open and Ryan had to flush right and throw across his frame to his left to Hooper up the seam for nine yards. Ryan followed up with an eight-yard gain to Hooper for a third time in the series. Hooper earned another six yards on a short pass to the flat just ahead of the two-minute warning.

2018 Week 12 vs NO (5 / 5 / 31 / 0 rec)

He earned his first catch with under a minute in the half as the second read over the middle for a six-yard gain into field goal range. Ryan hit Hooper on a shallow out for about six yards to begin Atlanta's second drive of the third quarter while down by 21. Ryan found Hooper just past midfield on a fourth-down shallow route against the safety in tight coverage for the first down. Demario Davis drew a defensive pass interference foul on an arrow route to Austin Hooper on 2nd and 17 in the middle of the fourth quarter. Two plays later, he caught a shallow route with Davis stuffing him for a minimal gain to set up a third down. He was not a factor until the Saints were well ahead.

2018 Week 13 vs BAL (5 / 5 / 44 / 1 rec)

Atlanta opened with a slant to Hooper for eight yards against a blitz. Ryan made an off-balanced throw to Hooper on a crossing route on third and five for 16 yards. Hooper turned it up the right hash for another 10 on the play at the end of the first quarter. Hooper earned 18 yards on 1st and 20 in the second quarter on an over route that was wide open. Ryan threw a touchdown to Austin Hooper to the goal line on a fade away throw late in the fourth quarter with pressure bearing down.

2018 Week 14 vs GB (6 / 4 / 37 / 0 rec)

He caught a pass in the right flat and exited the boundary with a first down early in the Falcons' second drive near midfield. He earned some short targets during the second half but limped off the field with about 90 seconds remaining.

2018 Week 15 vs ARI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

He dropped a third-and-goal whip route against bracket coverage in the end zone, forcing a field goal for Matt Bryant. It was the extent of his action as a receiving during meaningful competition.

2018 Week 16 vs CAR (2 / 2 / 36 / 0 rec)

Ryan found Hooper on a sail route for 32 yards against the zone in the second quarter, earning 7 of those yards after the catch. It was most of his production for the day.

2018 Week 17 vs TB (6 / 5 / 67 / 0 rec)

He earned 15 yards after turning it up field on a short drag route on 2nd and 12. Hooper earned four yards on a short throw over the middle on third and long that lead to an eventual punt that ended the first drive. He earned a sail route for 20 yards in the half, taking a hit from the safety over the top after the catch. He earned a second consecutive sail route at the sideline to get inside the Tampa 35 - gaining 60 yards in the first half. Hooper got open between bracketed defenders on a play-action throwback crossing route deep at the goal line, but Isaiah Johnson disrupted the target and Hooper dropped the ball.

2017 Week 1 vs CHI (2 / 2 / 128 / 1 rec)

Hooper had the biggest gain in any game with 88 yards on Ryan scramble in pocket to stay alive and hit him at the 50 and then a stiff arm and a block by Gabriel to get up the right sideline. Then a delayed release in the mid fourth to catch the ball, stiff arm a defender and run through a second wrap for 40 yards. Hooper and a third catch and dive on third and short catch short of the marker, but a holding call by Marcus Cooper on Taylor Gabriel gave the Falcons a first down.

2017 Week 2 vs GB (2 / 2 / 7 / 0 rec)

He exhibited a good head and shoulder fake to get inside for a three-yard catch in the right flat late in the half. He also caught a short out inside the three on 1st and goal with 0:24 in the half and then ran a route at the goal line that opened an outside lane for Coleman to run free up the right flat. The rest of this game was spent run blocking and helping Ryan Schraeder's injury replacement at right tackle with chips and double teams.

2017 Week 3 vs DET (2 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Ryan overthrew Hooper on a flag route off play action during the second series of the game. He also committed a penalty in the red zone that led to a 2nd and 15 during the second series. He ran a quick slant two plays later to set up a 3rd and 2, catching the ball at his back shoulder in traffic and taking the hit.

2017 Week 4 vs BUF (7 / 5 / 50 / 0 rec)

He earned nearly 20 yards on a dig route in the middle of the field under the safeties during the second drive of the game. Then he earned 11 yards on a routed settled into the zone on 3rd and 12 with 5:00 in the half, forcing another punt. In the third quarter, Hooper made two men miss in the flat for a first down. He dropped an open hook route on 3rd and 4 with 2:53 left as the single right receiver in the formation. Two plays later, Hooper got Atlanta across midfield for a first down catch in the right flat against the Bills' zone at the two-minute warning. Hooper finished with a 9-yard gain on 2nd and 10 on a short out with 0:54 left.

2017 Week 6 vs MIA (9 / 7 / 48 / 0 rec)

He earned five with a diving catch on a play action drag route off a boot right to open the game. Hooper made two defenders miss with a hurdle over a blocked CB and twisted through a second defender on a shallow route for a first down on 2nd and 10 during the opening drive. Hooper's next catch came over the middle under the zone for a first down with 0:30 left. He earned the first down with 0:55 left to get inside the Miami 30. Ryan tried going to the well with Hooper again on a skinny post in tight coverage, but Rashad Jones wasn't fooled by the Ryan look-off and was in great position to catch the rebound of the tipped pass made by the trailing cornerback for a game-sealing interception. The trailing cornerback's position to knock the ball away from Hooper's reach was a fantastic effort that likely doesn't happen in this situation on 8 of 10 targets.

2017 Week 7 vs NE (1 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

He earned his first catch late in the fourth quarter for six yards in the left flat. It was his first target of the game and got them inside the Patriots' 15. When Hooper earns targets in space, he's routinely making the first man miss. However, Atlanta is not shifting Hooper pre-snap to find mismatches and it's not using enough misdirection to get him and other receivers easier opportunities.

2017 Week 8 vs NYJ (6 / 4 / 47 / 1 rec)

It was an up-and-down day for Hooper. He made a sliding catch from the slot on a zone route for a third-down conversion to reach the Jets' 26 on the second drive of the game. He followed up two plays later with a corner route from the slot to reach the Jets' 1. His jump before the catch was unnecessary and it cost him the final yard to the end zone. However, Hooper scored on the next play when he worked back to the inside on a corner fade from the 1 that Ryan was too hesitant to initially throw. Hooper's second effort got him wide open and Ryan anticipated the adjustment well for a score. Hooper later dropped a 3rd and goal over route after he earned strong separation off the line against two defenders trying to slow him down in succession. Once again, Hooper leaped unnecessarily to catch the ball arriving at chest level and it disrupted his focus. Hooper late got open in the flat on the first third down of the second half, but Darron Lee tackled the tight end a yard shy of the marker, forcing a punt.

2017 Week 9 vs CAR (6 / 3 / 36 / 0 rec)

The tight end had a mistake-filled day. He dropped a tightly-covered target with Thomas Davis trailing him on 3rd and 7. Hooper then gained 13 on a throw-back to the left side after some pre-snap shifting that set up a play-fake to Freeman on a run to right tackle and let Hooper slide to the left flat and gain most of his yards after the catch. Later in the drive, Hopper gained seven yards on a stop route in the left shallow zone. He also caught a dump-off on a wide-open cross for a 16-yard gain up the left flat. Although the penalty wasn't the reason for the turnover on downs, Hooper was called for an illegal crack-back block on a 4th and 1 run. The 15-yard penalty was awarded to the Carolina offense to begin its series and Carolina scored on the resulting drive. Hooper also broke further down field on a crossing route and Ryan threw it wider than Hooper anticipated, which allowed the safety to break across the tight end for the interception late in the half for a 35-yard return.

2017 Week 10 vs DAL (6 / 6 / 49 / 1 rec)

He gained seven on 2nd and 14 on a crossing route near midfield during the second series, nearly breaking a tackle at the end of play. Hooper earned the first down on the next play; a route to the right flat. Hooper side-stepped the safety at the sideline and then stiff-armed a second defensive back to reach the first down marker before he extended to the 40 for a gain of 10. A few plays later, he earned nine yards on a 3rd and 11 late in the drive at the end of the quarter. This play set up a 50-yard field goal at the end of the quarter. Taylor Gabriel picked up a good lead block Austin Hooper against a linebacker at the numbers of the left flat on a jet sweep. Hooper's efforts opened a huge lane up the flat for a gain of 16. Hooper caught a boot-action drag route in the shallow zone during the first drive of the third quarter on 2nd and 8. He caught the pass 3 yards down field, side-stepped the cornerback at the 26, earned the first down, and leaned though a wrap at the 20 for a gain of nearly 13. However, the officiating crew penalized Levine Tiololo for block in the back on Jaylen Smith and it nullified the play. Hooper put Atlanta inside the Dallas one on a play action drag route to the right flat from the Dallas 15. He caught the ball at the 13, worked up the right sideline, and leaped inside a defender shooting for his legs at the four. His momentum carried him to the one, and Atlanta extended its lead to 17 by running the same play to Hooper on the next snap.

2017 Week 11 vs SEA (2 / 2 / -1 / 0 rec)

He wasn't targeted in the first half, but he delivered a good block on a linebacker that sprung Tevin Coleman on a 3rd down passing play to get Atlanta across midfield late in the half. He was stuffed on a TE screen by Bobby Wagner for a two-yard loss on 2nd and 12 near midfield that took Atlanta out of field goal range in the early fourth quarter. Hooper stumbled during his release on a TE screen to the right flat during the next drive and only gained yard on the reception.

2017 Week 12 vs TB (5 / 3 / 38 / 0 rec)

He gained nine with a six-yard catch on a bootleg pass to the right on 1st and 10 during the Falcons' initial series. Tevin Coleman took a toss play around left end for 20 to lead off the second series, and Hooper did a good job setting the edge with his block in the backfield. Hooper dropped a very low throw well short of the marker on 3rd down because Ryan rushed his read to Hooper's outlet route due to pressure during the second drive, forcing a punt. Hooper earned eight in the right flat during the late-half drive to set up a 2nd and 2 with 0:45 left. He earned a wide-open arrow route to the right flat for 23 yards on 2nd and 13 to get inside the Tampa 12 during the first drive of the second half. Ryan was short of target on an outlet route to Hooper while under pressure in the early fourth quarter.

2017 Week 13 vs MIN (4 / 3 / 21 / 0 rec)

He earned six on a short flat route in the right flat on the fifth play of the series. Hooper worked outside Julio Jones on a shallow round on 2nd and 15 for a gain of seven to the left sideline. Hooper took a flat route for a short gain on 3rd down, leading to a 36-yard field goal by Matt Bryant to cap Atlanta's third drive.

2017 Week 14 vs NO (4 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Ryan overshot Austin Hooper on a 3rd and 4 pass after working back to his left with pressure coming hard from his right, ending the second drive and forcing a punt. Hooper extended fully for the ball but let the target go through his hands. Ryan found Hooper on second down for a short gain to get inside the Saints' 30, following up with a second throw to Hooper who shook Vacarro with a pivot inside and out to reach the 15 for a 14-yard conversion. Hooper was also the target on yet another interception early in the second half.

2017 Week 15 vs TB (2 / 2 / 12 / 0 rec)

He earned five yards on a short out to begin the Falcons' second drive. It was his only target of the game.

2017 Week 16 vs NO (4 / 3 / 18 / 0 rec)

He caught a 2nd and 36 pass for 6 yards in the right flat during the Falcons' third drive of the game. Hooper earned 10 up the left seam on 2nd and 11 during the second drive of the second half.

2017 Week 17 vs CAR (3 / 3 / 35 / 0 rec)

He earned 9 yards during a two-minute drill on a catch and run up the right seam with less than 30 seconds in the half to get Atlanta near midfield. Hooper earned over 20 yards up the middle with a catch and run to cross midfield but the Falcons could not clock the ball in time to bring the field goal unit onto the field and the half ended tied at 7.

2017 Week 18 vs LAR (5 / 3 / 15 / 0 rec)

Hooper made small contributions in the short game, including a reception to set up first and goal. He had an end zone target, but it was just off and fell incomplete.

2016 Week 1 vs TB (1 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

Of Coleman's first four touches, three of them were perimeter plays. His best play was a 47-yard swing pass to the right flat. Ryan threw the ball behind Coleman and the second-year tight end made an excellent back shoulder adjustment on the move to snare the ball and take it up the right sideline. Coleman's outside plays were exciting and he came close to breaking his second touch to the right side, but he was not effective inside. When he earned more than a few yards up the middle in this game, he was given the ball on "long" down and distance situations that meant a four-yard gain wasn't a significant output. He gained 21 yards on a play fake and catch on a route to the flat. Then they put him outside as a receiver and ran the screen for another first down for 16 yards.

2016 Week 2 vs OAK (3 / 3 / 84 / 0 rec)

Hooper gained six on a boot-action pass to the left flat, crossing mid field on the gain. He later got wide open up the right seam for a 44-yard gain after working open at the same time Matt Ryan was climbing from Raiders' pressure. Hooper nearly matched that gain later when he earned a play-action throwback up the left sideline for 34 yards, setting up a touchdown to his teammate Jacob Tamme. Although the coaching staff says Hooper still has work to do as a blocker, he did a great job on a combination block with his right tackle to reach the linebacker at the second level and open a crease for Devonta Freeman. However, Freeman slipped after a short gain and couldn't exploit the opening.

2016 Week 4 vs CAR (1 / 1 / 42 / 1 rec)

Hooper scored on a 42-yard play-action, throw-back pass up the left seam. It was a wonderful play design with three tight ends in a run heavy formation and Matt Ryan using bootleg action to the right. Carolina followed Jacob Tamme crossing from the left to the right flat and the Panthers let Hooper sneak from the right side of the line to the left flat and left him wide open for a catch and run of nearly equal length.

2016 Week 5 vs DEN (1 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

Hooper on a short flat and turned up the right sideline for a first down for 10 yards to get to the 20 of Denver in the late first half. He also recovered an onside kick after Denver cut the Atlanta lead to 10 points late in the fourth quarter.

2016 Week 7 vs SD (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

The rookie got wide open up the left flat on a deep cross after he executed a good swim move on the linebacker near the line of scrimmage. Hooper was behind every defender in the secondary, but Matt Ryan forced the ball into tight coverage to Julio Jones for the completion at the 29 of San Diego. It was a successful play, but a missed opportunity for a touchdown to the tight end. Hooper also made a nice tackle on a kick return in the first half, stopping the return short.

2016 Week 8 vs GB (5 / 5 / 41 / 0 rec)

With Jacob Tamme injured, Hooper earned more targets and caught all of them. He caught an open speed out in the left flat for a few yards, but was chopped at the legs to limit his gain at the catch-point. The throw was delivered behind Hooper and limited his chance to earn yards after the catch. In the mid-second quarter, Hooper earned five on a short out and later gained close to 10 yards for a first down in the left flat with more than half coming of the total coming after the catch. He was stuffed on a drag route for a loss a play later, but a late hit on Datone Jones gave Atlanta the first down. His best play was a seam route on a play beginning from the Packers' 27 where he executed a swim over the linebacker and got the ball inside the Packers' 6. His finished the game with a short catch in the flat to get the first down with less than a minute left inside the 12 of Green Bay for a first down, setting up the winning score.

2016 Week 9 vs TB (6 / 3 / 46 / 1 rec)

The rookie made a diving attempt on 3rd and 7 up the left seam in tight coverage inside the 10, but could not hang on and the play would have been nullified by an Andy Levitre facemask. He ran a good crossing route with a shoulder dip under the linebacker to get open and earn the first down near the 12 of Tampa Bay on 3rd and 7 with 5:20 in the half. He also ran a good seam route for nearly 30 yards inside the cornerback on the right side of the field inside the Tampa zone. Hooper couldn't get open on a crossing route on a play action goal line route in the fourth quarter. When Ryan tried to draw the LB inside on the rollout and float it over the defender, the LB tipped the pass intended for Hooper. On the next play, Ryan hit Hooper on a slant from inside the five for Ryan's fourth TD. It was a rub route with Sanu. Look for Hooper to lead the three tight ends with targets moving forward. He wasn't a go-to option in this game, but he made enough plays to gain more of Matt Ryan's confidence moving forward.

2016 Week 10 vs PHI (3 / 1 / 8 / 0 rec)

The rookie dropped a pass in the middle of the field on 3rd and 18 with 3:03 in the half and it led to a 43-yard FG. Hooper caught a short pass in the flat in the fourth quarter for eight yards to set up a 3rd and 12 with less than 6 left and down by 5. It was the extent of his production.

2016 Week 12 vs ARI (2 / 2 / 8 / 0 rec)

The tight end caught a stick route for a first down for a gain of nearly 5 with less than a minute in the half and then later converted a 3rd and 2 in the right flat. This was the extent of his production in the passing game.

2016 Week 13 vs KC (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

The tight end forced the Chiefs' safety Sorensen to commit a defensive pass interference foul at the goal line on 3rd and 11 from the 12 during the first series. Hooper did so with a good release, swimming over the defender at his break point and drew a wrap around his waist. The only other time he was targeted was the series after Matt Ryan threw the pick-six late in the half. Hooper got open on an out at the right sideline and Ryan underthrew the pass. The defender should have caught his pass and if he did, it would have been a consecutive pick-six in two series.

2016 Week 14 vs LA (3 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

The rookie earned a first down for a short gain under the linebackers in the middle of the field with 3:00 in the half. He was targeted on a post against tight coverage and the hit was hard enough to disrupt the catch with 0:17 in the half. It was the extent of his participation in the passing game.

2016 Week 15 vs SF (1 / 1 / 9 / 1 rec)

Hooper saw just a single target in Atlanta's blowout home win against the 49ers. His target turned into a highlight jump ball touchdown in the red zone, showing off the rookie's receiver-like ball skills in a one-on-one contested situation. While Hooper's volume has been low even with incumbent starter Jacob Tamme out of the lineup, he has an optimistic three touchdowns on the season.

2016 Week 19 vs SEA (1 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

Although targeted only once, Hooper got wide open on a shallow out to the left flat and turn up the left sideline for a gain of 11 and a first down. It came from a two tight end set as the outside tight end in-line with the front.