WR Darrius Heyward-Bey - Free Agent

6-2, 210Born: 2-26-1987College: MarylandDrafted: Round 1, pick 7 (2009)

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Game Recaps

2017 Week 17 vs CLE (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 29 / 1 rush)

Early first quarter, Darrius Heyward-Bey took a reverse around the right side for a 29-yard touchdown run. On the play, Heyward-Bey hit the corner with speed as he dashed through three Browns defenders for the score.

2016 Week 4 vs KC (1 / 1 / 31 / 1 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with an early touchdown reception. On 3rd and 9, Heyward-Bey ran a crossing-route and was left uncovered for an easy 31-yard touchdown reception. Heyward-Bey later left with a shoulder injury.

2016 Week 5 vs NYJ (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with an early touchdown reception. On 3rd and 9, Heyward-Bey ran a crossing-route and was left uncovered for an easy 31-yard touchdown reception. Heyward-Bey later left with a shoulder injury.

2016 Week 6 vs MIA (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 60 / 1 rush)

Mid 1st quarter, Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with a 60-yard rushing touchdown. On the play, Heyward-Bey ran an end-around the right side of the line. He broke a shoulder tackle before splitting two defenders accelerating down the right sideline for the touchdown.

2016 Week 7 vs NE (7 / 3 / 30 / 1 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with a 14-yard touchdown reception. Early 2nd quarter on a 3rd and 4, Heyward-Bey displayed excellent concentration keeping both feet in bounds as he came down with the touchdown reception in the left corner of the end zone. Heyward-Bey had a 2nd touchdown called back due to an offensive holding penalty. Late 2nd quarter on 3rd and 3, Heyward-Bey ran an out-route for a 9-yard reception.

2016 Week 9 vs BAL (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Early 2nd quarter, Darrius Heyward-Bey ran a deep post-route in tight coverage. On the play, he came up clutching his right ankle. He had to get medical attention on the field as he seemed to be in a great deal of pain. Heyward-Bey had to be carted off to the locker room and missed the remainder of the game with a right foot and ankle injury.

2016 Week 17 vs CLE (4 / 1 / 46 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with a 46-yard reception midway through the 4th quarter. On the play, Heyward-Bey showed good concentration coming down with the ball while in man-to-man coverage.

2016 Week 18 vs MIA (1 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey only had one reception in the game. Early first quarter, Heyward-Bey ran a curl-route for a 10-yard reception.

2015 Week 1 vs NE (7 / 4 / 58 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey was inconsistent throughout the game. During the third series on a 3rd and 8, Heyward-Bey caught a 48 yard pass for a 1st down. While it was a good catch, the pass was perfectly dropped in by Ben Roethlisberger. During the fourth series on a 4th and 3 from the Patriots 35 yard line, Heyward-Bey caught a quick slant for the first down. On the same drive with thirteen seconds before halftime, Heyward-Bey caught a basket catch in the end zone for what looked to be a touchdown. It should have been an easy touchdown but his right foot was out of bounds on the chalk.

2015 Week 2 vs SF (5 / 4 / 77 / 1 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact in the passing game with his vertical speed. On the second series of the game, Heyward-Bey caught a 41 yard pass on a vertical route. This play was the springboard that got the offense started. Later in the first half, Heyward Bey caught a 35 yard touchdown reception when he outran the defense on another vertical route.

2015 Week 3 vs LA (3 / 3 / 19 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey did not have the same amount of targets as he did during the first two weeks of the season. During the second series on a 1st and 10, Heyward-Bey caught a WR screen for a 6 yard gain. After the touchdown, Heyward-Bey was targeted on the two point conversion attempt, which was blocked. During the 3rd quarter, Heyward-Bey caught a quick pass for a 6 yard gain. Late in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and 9, Heyward-Bey caught a crossing route for a 7 yard gain.

2015 Week 4 vs BAL (5 / 4 / 31 / 1 rec)

Late 2nd quarter on a 1st and 10 from the Baltimore 22 yard line, Darrius Heyward-Bey ran an out-route for an 11 yard reception. Early 3rd quarter on a 3rd and 5 from the Baltimore 9 yard line, Heyward-Bey ran a corner route in the left corner of the end zone. On the play, he caught a Michael Vick play-action pass for the Steelers second touchdown of the game. Early 4th quarter, Heyward-Bey caught a jump ball for a 12 yard gain. A few plays later on a 3rd and 4 from the Pittsburgh 38 yard line, he caught a delayed out-route for no gain.

2015 Week 5 vs SD (6 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made two receptions late in the 4th quarter. The first reception was a short 9 yard comeback route. On the next play, Heyward-Bey made a 14 yard reception in loose coverage near the left sideline.

2015 Week 6 vs ARI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey only received one target in the game. With the return of Martavis Bryant, Heyward-Bey's playing time looks to be significantly reduced.

2015 Week 7 vs KC (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey received zero targets in the game. Martavis Bryant's return has factored Heyward-Bey out of the game plan.

2015 Week 8 vs CIN (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey was targeted twice but did not have any receptions. Late 1st quarter on a 3rd and 6, Heyward-Bey ran a deep route down the right sideline. Roethlisberger's pass hit Heyward-Bey in the hands but he could not come down with the reception.

2015 Week 9 vs OAK (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey was targeted twice but did not have any receptions.

2015 Week 13 vs IND (2 / 1 / 21 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey had 1 reception on 2 targets for 21 yards. Early in the 1st quarter, Heyward-Bey ran an out-route for a 21 yard reception.

2015 Week 16 vs BAL (1 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey had 1 reception on 1 target for 10 yards. Early 3rd quarter, Heyward-Bey ran a crossing-route for a 10 yard reception.

2015 Week 17 vs CLE (5 / 2 / 74 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey made an impact with 2 receptions for 74 yards. Early 1st quarter, Heyward-Bey ran an out-route for an 8 yard reception. Early 3rd quarter on a 3rd and 2, Heyward-Bey ran a vertical route for a 66 yard reception. On the play, Heyward-Bey got behind the defender and was tackled from behind.

2014 Week 7 vs HOU (1 / 1 / 17 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey split time in the slot with Lance Moore (21 snaps versus 24 snaps, respectively). Heyward-Bey pulled in his only target of the night, a 17-yard reception on a 3rd and long situation from the Steelers' own 2-yard line.

2014 Week 8 vs IND (1 / 1 / 16 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey saw a season-high 29 snaps in a game where the Steelers were busy with 3 wide receiver sets. He only caught a single pass, however, and he subsequently fumbled the ball after getting up to try for additional yardage.

2014 Week 18 vs BAL (1 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey played ~ 28% of the Steelers' offensive snaps, an extremely high percentage for a receiver who was used limitedly throughout the season; despite the increased field time, Heyward-Bey only saw a single target, which led to a 6-yard gain and a first down near the end of the first half. He remains a non-factor in all fantasy formats.

2013 Week 1 vs OAK (4 / 3 / 33 / 0 rec)

There wasn't much flashy about the game DHB had, but he did what was needed. A physical run blocking WR, DHB had some solid blocks on the longer runs of both Ballard and Bradshaw. He (obviously) got the start in the 2-wide sets, and while he was only targeted 4 times, he caught the 3 targets that he reasonably could. His long of 16 was the result of him putting a move on rookie DJ Hayden and getting himself open just enough for Luck to put it where it was needed. The receiving core in general didn't have the best of days outside of Wayne, so this rather bland box score you see of DHB was more telling of the way the game went, not what DHB couldn't do. He'll continue to be the WR2 in Indy until there's shown reason why he shouldn't be.

2013 Week 2 vs MIA (5 / 2 / 10 / 0 rec)

He started in the 2-wide sets to start the game as usual, and that's about it on the positive side for DHB this game. He was mostly in as a blocking receiver and did his job well in that regard outside of a holding call in the red zone that ultimately ended up leaving them scoreless on that specific drive. The big DHB news here is on his 2nd catch of the afternoon, a quick screen, he got tackled funny by the sidelines and instantly stayed over there; as the game progressed you'd see DHB on the sidelines grimacing in what seemed like pretty legit pain. He didn't return at all after the injury and what was at first being called a rib problem, has now turned into an MRI on his shoulder come Monday morning. Bruised ribs would make him day-to-day, but with something more severe, like broken ribs, this could end up being multiple weeks. It couldn't come at a worse time for DHB as the Colts are trying to get TY Hilton involved more- this injury could doom DHB's outlook in more ways than one. And for what it's worth, Griff Whalen, former teammate of Luck's at Stanford, came in and filled in as the WR3 once DHB went down. Owners of DHB or just fans in general will want to stay tuned on what his MRI reveals later today.

2013 Week 3 vs SF (5 / 5 / 59 / 0 rec)

As per usual, it was Heyward-Bey starting in the two-receiver sets for the Colts. Covered by a rather sloppy Tarell Brown, Heyward-Bey recorded two catches on the opening drive, getting plenty of space on both. In the battle of snaps between Heyward-Bey and T.Y. Hilton, the former ran away with it this time around owing to his far superior run blocking skills. With the Colts leading from the second quarter and just churning the clock away, they needed Heyward-Bey more this game than his teammate Hilton. Heyward-Bey came up clutch on the game-clinching drive with a catch moving the chains and then drawing two penalties on the defense, both resulting in first downs.

2013 Week 4 vs JAX (6 / 3 / 33 / 0 rec)

A statistically quiet day for DHB, he found himself run blocking most of the afternoon, with his 6'2 frame and long arms, you can't blame the Colts for using him in that fashion. With one of his three receptions coming on a quick screen, the other two happened on plays where Luck rolled out to DHB's side of the field and Luck found him hugging the sidelines on both receptions. He saw six targets so it's not like he wasn't looked at, with him dropping a few it couldn't have sat well with the coaches.

2013 Week 5 vs SEA (6 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 7 / 0 rush)

With Hilton breaking out and Wayne being Wayne, there wasn't much room for a third WR to do much, and that unfortunately meant a not so pretty day for DHB. He didn't record one catch although targeted 6 times (just as many as TY Hilton), DHB dropped a few of them. The secondary had their way with him as he was not getting any separation, and most of his targets ended up with him complaining for a flag, when ultimately it was just him not getting open. The potential lone bright spot was a deeper pass from Luck, that DHB would've scored on, however Reggie Wayne thought it was intended for him, and not knowing his teammate was behind him, Wayne undercut it, caught it, and tripped up and fell at the 3. That TD catch would've totally changed the outlook on DHB's quietist game up to date. Hilton going off isn't going to help DHB's chances going forward, however the Colts still see him as a solid pass blocking WR, and that's something Hilton won't be able to succeed passed DHB at.

2013 Week 6 vs SD (2 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey's trend continues to go down, and in this game it couldn't have gotten much worse. His main strength as a WR is his ability to run block- well there was multiple plays in this one where DHB just couldn't seal off the defender he was suppose to be blocking- it led to plays being blown-up prematurely when initially it seemed like something was there. And that wasn't even the worst part of his game. Luck found DHB streaking down the sideline wide open on what seemed like a coverage error on the part of San Diego. Luck lays the ball out there for DHB, and while it could've been a slightly better pass, Heyward-Bey got both hands on it- and get his hands on it is all he did and it went right off them and ended up being the most crucial play of the game. Luck only went his way one other time in the game and that was on their final possession when they were in full blown hurry up mode. With TY not being phased out this game, DHB really hurt himself in this one. The ramifications of that drop could end up being detrimental to his fantasy value as it seemed apparent after it that Luck was not trying to get him the ball. The talk of DHB being a valuable fantasy player for this Colts team has long passed.

2013 Week 7 vs DEN (7 / 4 / 44 / 1 rec, 1 / 30 / 0 rush)

People who wrote off DHB after these last few weeks are definitely eating some crow this morning as DHB posted a solid statline as was a key piece to the Colts winning this game. The once a game end around that the Colts seem to always get him went for 30 yards and he continually saw targets all night. To add to his outlook, the news this morning of the ACL tear for Reggie Wayne means even a more expanded role is in line for DHB as he, on paper, will line up as the Colts WR1 from here on out. DHB has showed flashes of a special player in Oakland, however up to this point in Indy that's not the case. The Colts do have a bye upcoming for them to situate this WR mess they now have, but one has to think that regardless of what they decide, the stock arrow for DHB is definitely pointing up.

2013 Week 9 vs HOU (6 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

In a spot where he could've emerged himself as Luck's top option now with Wayne out for the year, Heyward-Bey did about the opposite, resorting to his old tricks of just not being able to hold onto the football. On his six targets, he only caught one and at least two, probably three, will go down as drops as Heyward-Bey just can't seem to get a grip on the football even at this stage of his career in the league. He got taken out early on in the 4th after what seemed like a head shot- he did not return however Coach Pagano in the after-game presser let the media know that Heyward-Bey didn't sustain a concussion and that he could have came back in but the training team decided against it. It leaves Heyward-Bey in limbo going forward, especially with Hilton rising to the occasion and taking over that top WR role- working on a small sample size here, however it doesn't seem like DHB will be benefiting much from the loss of Reggie Wayne.

2013 Week 10 vs STL (6 / 3 / 30 / 0 rec)

Catching half of his 6 targets, DHB couldn't find space most of the game and all 3 of his catches came on passes underneath the defense. The idea of DHB stepping up to be something more with Wayne out is long gone as he just doesn't make necessary plays; and when he does, he has a tendency not to hold onto the football. DHB is going to continue to get his opportunities, but if he hasn't taken advantage of them yet, why would one optimistically think at some point this year he will?

2013 Week 11 vs TEN (3 / 1 / 10 / 0 rec)

DHB's low point finally happen, as if you thought it already had- DHB caught his first pass thrown his way and then proceeded to drop the remaining two targets. It got so ugly in this one that Griff Whalen and LaVon Brazill ended up with a higher snap count this game. The window of opportunity was really there for DHB to make something of his season when Wayne went down, but it turns out he has only made a turn of the worst and it doesn't look like the team has much faith in him at this point.

2013 Week 12 vs ARI (6 / 3 / 22 / 0 rec)

After being totally phased out of the offense last week, DHB got himself some catches and targets- both of which practically all came in the garbage time. Coverage wasn't very tight on any of DHB's three receptions and he didn't do much with the catches when he caught them. In a blowout loss the Colts were sending out receivers they hadn't all season- so one would figure these DHB catches truly were nothing more than garbage time, boxscore fillers.

2013 Week 13 vs TEN (5 / 1 / 23 / 0 rec, 1 / -11 / 0 rush)

DHB caught Luck's longest completion of the day (23), unfortunately that lone stat isn't what he's going to take away from this one- after his second bad drop of the game, and the fans having to deal with it all season, Indy's ìfaithfulî finally were fed up and let the boo birds fly, letting Heyward-Bey know how they really felt about him and his butterfingers. After his final drop, DHB didn't see the field again.

2013 Week 14 vs CIN (3 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Phased out of the gameplan so much that he wasn't even in on three-receiver sets, DHB can't be relied on whatsoever, and that shouldn't be breaking news at all. He dropped one of his three targets, as his lone two catches came on quick sideline routes. It seems as if the Colts have moved on from this project, and with Rodgers and Brazill both getting two scores in this one, one must assume that DHB's role will be very minimal moving forward.

2012 Week 1 vs SD (5 / 3 / 43 / 0 rec)

The theme of the game for Oakland was not necessarily the players who were there but rather the guys who weren't. With both Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford nursing injuries, Heyward-Bey was the only notable experienced receiver in the Oakland passing game. And the fact that he was notable probably explains why he commanded so much attention. Despite the fact that Carson Palmer completed 32 passes, Heyward-Bey caught just three of them. Most of the time, there was very little separation in the secondary. He did make one terrific catch on a tough leaping sideline grab, even taking a big shot at the end of the play but managing to hang on. He and Palmer showed great timing on a couple of occasions, with Heyward-Bey not even out of his break when the ball was being delivered. It will take some repetitions and a little less attention on him, but the two seem to have a pretty good chemistry so far. Late in the game, Heyward-Bey had his hands on a deep ball down the seam near the end zone but it was batted away by the defender covering.

2012 Week 2 vs MIA (8 / 4 / 41 / 0 rec)

DHB led the team in targets, but only pulled down 4 receptions. Palmer missed him in the endzone , and DHB tripped on a screen pass in the fourth quarter that could have led to a long gain. Late in the game with a 4th and 4 on the 10 yard line, Palmer threw a fade to DHB off his back foot, but Bay was double-covered and isn't much of a jump ball WR. So it's encouraging that he keeps getting targeted, but overall, Heyward-Bay was pretty quiet on the day, only catching a few short passes and not able to get downfield consistently.

2012 Week 3 vs PIT (5 / 2 / 14 / 1 rec)

Heyward-Bey caught his first touchdown of the year on a short pass where he ran a wheel route from the slot as the receiver from the wide side crossed with him. He caught the ball over his shoulder and easily got both feet down for the score. He was also targeted in the end zone on a deep ball from the Pittsburgh 32 yard line, but the play was broken up by a defender. In the fourth quarter, Heyward-Bey was hit by a defender's helmet under his chin and fell to the ground unconscious. He had to leave the game on a stretcher and a cart, so his status will certainly be worth monitoring. But it will be a big surprise if he doesn't miss any games. The combination of Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore both being healthy at the same time for an entire game is still yet to occur.

2012 Week 7 vs JAX (7 / 4 / 85 / 0 rec)

In his second game back from taking a nasty concussion, Heyward-Bey led the Raiders in receiving, hauling in 4 out of 7 targets for 85 yards. He got free down the right sideline for a 59 yard catch and run in the first quarter. Later on that drive, he was stopped short on the Jacksonville 3 after catching a short pass; this play set up the Raiders first 3 points of the game. Although he was quiet for most of the rest of the game, Heyward-Bey did draw a 24 yard pass interference penalty on Aaron Ross on 4th and 10, setting up the game tying TD plunge by Palmer. On the other side of the coin, nearing the two minute warning in the first half, Heyward-Bey dropped a pass that would have given Oakland a first down inside the Jacksonville 15. Instead, the Raiders settled for a field goal before halftime.

2012 Week 8 vs KC (3 / 1 / 32 / 1 rec)

Starting the game off right, Heyward-Bey broke his route off early on quarterback Carson Palmer's first pass, allowing Chiefs cornerback Stanford Routt to pick him off on the first offensive play of the game. Heyward-Bey redeemed himself later, catching a Palmer pass on a comeback route along the sideline, and taking it up the middle of the field for a thirty-two yard Raiders touchdown. Heyward-Bey broke multiple Kansas City tackles on his way to the end zone to put the Raiders up by fourteen in the middle of the third quarter. His touchdown catch was his only reception of the day.

2012 Week 9 vs TB (6 / 5 / 74 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey's first reception came 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage when he was initially held up in pass protection. He caught the ball as Palmer was under pressure and made one defender miss before getting back to the line of scrimmage. His second reception was a curl route that went for seven yards on second and 12. With his side backed up against their own goalline, Heyward-Bey ran a nice comeback route along the sideline to get an important first down with his third reception. The receiver was definitely in a zone in this game as he followed that up by sprinting straight past EJ Biggars and pinning the ball to his chest with one hand for what was an outstanding reception. Heyward-Bey proved that he wasn't just a deep threat in this game also as he caught a pass for five yards on second and three. It may not have looked like much, but Heyward-Bey beat his defender at the line of scrimmage to come free immediately.

2012 Week 10 vs BAL (8 / 5 / 82 / 1 rec, 1 / -4 / 0 rush)

It was an up-and-down game for Heyward-Bey on the field. The efficiency of Carson Palmer and the 45 pass attempts as a team helped the receiver to a nice fantasy line. In the first half, Heyward-Bey's physicality was on display as he eluded the first defender on a screen pass and converted a hitch route into a long touchdown reception. On third-and-long with the Raiders down 20-3 in the closing minutes of the first half, Heyward-Bey bounced off an oncoming Ed Reed en route to a 55-yard score. In the second half, Heyward-Bey's play was marred by missed opportunities. On two occasions, he had chances to make similar big plays to the first half. He did not take advantage of either opportunity. With tight coverage, Palmer threw an accurate deep pass to Heyward-Bey. He did not fight for the ball and the result was nearly an interception. Later in the second half, Heyward-Bey dropped an easy crossing route which was an easy first down with additional yard-after-the-catch available. While Heyward-Bey had a successful fantasy day, it had the potential to be well over 100 yards. His inconsistency from play-to-play is still present and should be a concern for fantasy owners.

2012 Week 11 vs NO (5 / 4 / 69 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey led all WRs with four catches for 69 yards on five targets, but did most of his damage in garbage time against sagging coverage. Heyward-Bey didn't catch his first ball until the first possession of the 2nd half, picking up 13 yards on the comeback. And it wasn't until the 4th quarter that Heyward-Bey received his next catch, picking up 18 yards on a shallow crosser over the middle against the soft coverage. Heyward-Bey's next two catches came on the Raiders' final drive, picking up 22 and 16 yards on consecutive plays, on the same shallow crosser. Heyward-Bey did receive one red zone target in the first half (running the same fade Criner would later get his TD on), but the pass fell incomplete as Streater picked up an offensive pass interference call on a pick/rub underneath in an attempt to spring the WR.

2012 Week 12 vs CIN (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey was not a factor in the passing game despite four targets. He did not get separation on any of his four opportunities, including two third downs. After a string of solid games, this was rather discouraging for Heyward-Bey. Teammate Denarius Moore had a meager stat line but that was the result of errant Palmer passes. Heyward-Bey's misses were more a lack of separation and failing to convert on his own.

2012 Week 13 vs CLE (6 / 4 / 40 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey was invisible for large stretches against Cleveland. In the final minute of the first half, he caught his first target, but came up limping. He caught a pretty comeback route against Joe Haden in the third quarter, tapping his toe in bounds like a savvy veteran on the play. Heyward-Bey threw in an ugly drop on a hitch route when trying to make an awkward body catch. He rebounded on his final target to make a contested catch in traffic on third down. It was a 50-50 pass by Palmer that Heyward-Bey won in the air. This game was a true mixed bag for the underwhelming receiver this season. For every solid play made, Heyward-Bey seems to leave one on the field. It is clear that Denarius Moore and even Brandon Myers are the preferred targets in the passing game.

2012 Week 14 vs DEN (6 / 5 / 82 / 1 rec)

Heyward-Bey caught a five yard out route on third and 10 for his first reception. That reception came on third down when he was five yards short of the first down, his second reception came in the same situation. This time he caught the pass over the middle after bobbling it multiple times. On first and 20, Heyward Bey continued his trend of catching the ball four or five yards short of the first down marker. This time he sat down on a slant route against zone coverage for a 16 yard gain. Heyward-Bey caught a pass against off coverage at the goalline, but couldn't beat a cornerback in single coverage for the first down or the touchdown. Heyward-Bey turned a deep out route into a long touchdown when he evaded a defender in space before sprinting into the endzone.

2012 Week 16 vs CAR (6 / 2 / 31 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey caught a nice pass on a dig route off play action, a play that drew a flag for a personal foul (hitting a defenceless receiver) that was heartily booed by the Carolina faithful. Heyward-Bey managed to hang on to the football, and that was impressive considering the shot he took.

2012 Week 17 vs SD (4 / 2 / 13 / 1 rec)

Despite a limited number of targets, Heyward-Bey did what he could with them. He drew a penalty on an early deep pass from Pryor, then made a terrific adjustment on a back shoulder touchdown grab along the end zone sideline soon after. He may have pushed off a bit in order to get open, but nothing was called. Heyward-Bey was later targeted on another deep ball in the end zone, but that was into double coverage and intercepted by the defensive back with Heyward-Bey not even getting a hand on it. His last deep target of the game could have gone for a huge gain if it was thrown on-target or in stride. Instead, it was woefully underthrown and Heyward-Bey had to stop his route and try to come back to the ball. It could have and probably should have been caught, but it's not easy to completely stop your momentum, come back to the ball, and make the catch all while going to the ground.

2011 Week 1 vs DEN (7 / 4 / 44 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey got a lot of opportunities after Ford left the game, but he didn't impress. Heyward-Bey was targeted on a deep ball that he caught, but not in-bounds. He did have a few big first downs and helped key a late touchdown drive, but Heyward-Bey is not rosterable except in very deep and dynasty leagues right now.

2011 Week 3 vs NYJ (3 / 1 / 5 / 0 rec)

While the former first round pick didn't come down with most of his targets, he did draw two penalties which extended drives. Beyond that, he wasn't very effective and was well covered on a couple of throws.

2011 Week 4 vs NE (7 / 4 / 115 / 0 rec)

At different times throughout the game Bey showed his top 10 skills that many wondered if we would ever see develop at this level.  At other times Bey made horrible drops at really bad times.  He was able to catch an amazing 58 yard over the shoulder catch (Willie Mays style play) in the 4th quarter with two defenders draped all over him.  But in the same quarter he also dropped a 3rd & 3 pass where he was wide open. So this is a step forward for the youngster, and if he continues to progress, he has all the physical tools to be good wide receiver in this league. But the mental lapses are still there for the 3rd year receiver.

2011 Week 5 vs HOU (12 / 7 / 99 / 1 rec)

After more then two years of frustrating fans, Derrius Heyward-Bey finally showed that he has the talent to perform in the NFL. He was consistent in his route running against the Texans and showed better concentration and hands over the course of the entire game then he has previously. He primarily lined up to the left side and ran hitch routes and deep patterns. The hitch routes came when the covering corner had given him a big cushion at the line whereas the deep routes came when he was in single coverage without much room to work. His best work came on shorter routes when Jason Campbell quickly got him the ball, allowing him a chance to make something happen in the open field. Heyward-Bey's best catch came on his touchdown. On the play, he lined up to the left side and ran a quick hitch route. Upon catching the ball, the Texans defender tried to wrap up Heyward-Bey but he showed excellent leg strength in breaking through the tackle, turning upfield, and reaching top speed as he raced up the sideline for the score.

2011 Week 6 vs CLE (9 / 6 / 82 / 0 rec)

Each week Heyward-Bey is looking more and more comfortable out there. He did not have any drops, and we are seeing a receiver blossoming out there. Heyward-Bey even looked fast when he fell down on a catch he made as he popped back up in a millisecond and gained some more yardage. Somewhere up there Al Davis is smiling about being right about Heyward-Bey. Even with Campbell potentially out, the good news is that Heyward-Bey is still fantasy relevant and is currently the number one option for the team. Even in one wide receiver sets he is the one always out on the field.

2011 Week 7 vs KC (11 / 5 / 89 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey was the only Raiders receiver to help out either QB on the day and was targeted heavily because of it. He ran crisp routes and caught the ball in traffic even taking a few hits and holding on to the ball. While he did have a couple of drops himself, he was the only WR that looked like a professional for a majority of the game, catching 15-20 yard posts and outs with multiple defenders in the area. Heyward-Bey did get one look in the end zone, but Palmer missed him badly.

2011 Week 9 vs DEN (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

DHB was not on the field for most of the game. On his only target of the game he ran a deep route to the end zone but the ball was broken up by a Broncos defensive back. Monitor the situation to see if something else comes of this as it was strange to basically bench your leading wide receiver. Raider coach Hue Jackson said after the game "DHB was off the field because he wasn't in specific position groups".

2011 Week 11 vs MIN (5 / 4 / 43 / 0 rec)

After seeing just one target thrown his way in the last two games, DHB was on his way to a solid performance in replacement of Jacoby Ford. He was having a pretty solid game, and Palmer was looking to him frequently. He had a big 30 yard gain called back in the second quarter, where Palmer found him down the left hash on a perfect pass, but there was offensive holding on the play. However, early in the 4th quarter, Palmer checked down to DHB over the middle on a short nine-yard pass. As he was being taken to the ground, he twisted to ball on his back, but his head hit the knee of E.J. Henderson, knocking his helmet off as he went to the ground. DHB tried to get up, but immediately fell back to his knees in pain. He was carted off the field on a back brace, but was able to move his arms and legs. Details of the injury are still vague, but he was released from a local hospital and he did make the trip home from Minnesota with the team.

2011 Week 12 vs CHI (10 / 4 / 42 / 0 rec)

DHB had a couple nice catches but was held in check by DB Spencer Tillman. DHB may have been playing hurt as well since he had that scary neck injury just last week. DHB also didn't have any long targets but had a couple nice comeback receptions.

2011 Week 13 vs MIA (8 / 3 / 23 / 1 rec)

Short hook route on the left sideline for his first catch. Had a chance for a big play but Vontae Davis leaped to break up the pass play from Carson Palmer. Same drive he made a nice catch on a 15 yard out route to the right sideline. Later on that drive he had a completion for about 20 yards called back because of a holding call. Frustrating for owners as he could have racked at least 60-75 yards early on in this game as Oakland was decimated by injuries to their WRs. Late in the 1st half he caught a nice 12 yard out to the right but again the play was called back for a holding call. Had a late end zone target that would not have counted due to a holding call. Finally made a nice 1 handed grab late for a touchdown to make a solid day for owners. DHB could have had a banner day if not for some well timed pass deflections by defensive backs covering him as well as a few penalties along the way. As it stands he did pretty well for coming off an injury and looks set to make some big plays down the stretch for his owners.

2011 Week 14 vs GB (9 / 5 / 78 / 0 rec)

- Heyward Bey had a forgettable day, dropping at least 4 passes, most of which were relatively simple catches. Twice he tried to run before he caught the ball and once it looked like he was much more concerned with getting hit. He also left Palmer out to dry on an INT by Charles Woodson. Woodson beat him to the ball and Heyward Bey put up little resistance. He did make a really good catch in tight coverage later in the game and then fought through 3 tacklers all the way to the 5 yard line. Heyward Bey also left the game early with what may have been an injury, either to his body or his pride. It was very disappointing as Palmer gave him every opportunity to have a huge day with 11 targets.

2011 Week 15 vs DET (9 / 8 / 155 / 1 rec)

Had a big catch in the 2nd quarter to get the Raiders out form their own end zone area. He found a soft spot, caught the ball and took some defenders with him as he rumbled for a first down. This was the DHB we had gotten to see earlier in the season. On the same drive he took a nice slant route over the middle and broke a tackle to take it to the house. He continued to haul in passes throughout the game including 3 on the opening drive of the 2nd half to make a big day for those that rolled the dice on him this week. He had a fumble at the end of the 3rd quarter on a big pass play that would have set up Oakland deep inside Detroit territory.

2011 Week 16 vs KC (5 / 4 / 70 / 0 rec)

Throughout regulation, he looked much more comfortable on the short routes than he did going deep. He caught three short outs, each time running solid routes to get open and then showing solid hands when the ball got there. He did have a drop on a deep out, but no one will remember that after what he did in overtime. He made a nice adjustment on the bomb from Palmer and outran the Chiefs' safety to the 53 yard pass. The catch set the Raiders up for the game winning FG and gave DHB a solid day receiving.

2011 Week 17 vs SD (17 / 9 / 130 / 1 rec)

Heyward-Bey turned in the second huge outing in his last three games with a 9-catch, 130-yard performance in this game. He added a touchdown to his stat line, though that was a bit dubious as to whether it should have counted or not. QB Carson Palmer lofted a perfect fade pass over his head, and the ball was juggled just a bit. By the time he had regained possession, it appeared that his left foot was clearly on the sideline and out of bounds. It was ruled a touchdown initially, and after review the call was upheld. Heyward-Bey nearly added a second touchdown from a bit further out later in the half, but the defender stripped the ball out of his hands as he was getting his feet down in the back of the end zone. In the second half, Heyward-Bey made his biggest gain of the afternoon. With the defender sitting back and waiting for the interception, Heyward-Bey went over the middle and reached in front of his man for the big 39-yard catch and run. With the way Heyward-Bey closed out his season, he is certainly near the top of the list of potentially huge breakout candidates in 2012.

2010 Week 1 vs TEN (2 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey's first target came late in the third quarter, and he had no chance on a tipped pass. Later, he made an 11-yard reception that took him to the 5-yard line.

2010 Week 2 vs STL (13 / 6 / 80 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey, like McFadden, played up to the level at which he was drafted. He made himself available for his quarterback and made plays when given the chances. Murphy is clearly this team's number-one, but if Heyward-Bey can build on this performance and continue to perform, he can become a viable number-two. Everyone knows he has the physical tools to do so. Heyward-Bey outfought defensive players for extra yardage and had the best game of his career by far.

2010 Week 3 vs ARI (11 / 3 / 49 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey did not make a big impact on the stat sheet, but he drew multiple pass interference penalties, including the one that set up what should have been the game-winning field goal. Gradkowski missed Heyward-Bey when he was open downfield early, and the two's timing was off on another early throw, but the combo started hooking up as the game went on and Heyward-Bey showed off his excellent run after catch instincts. Heyward-Bey got numerous end zone targets in the fourth quarter, but couldn't convert any of them, although one drew a pass interference. The terrible rookie season seems to be completely behind DHB.

2010 Week 4 vs HOU (5 / 1 / 2 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey was once again inconsistent as a receiver against the Texans on Sunday. He was targeted deep downfield twice, once resulting in an incompletion and once resulting in an interception off a deflection. He also was targeted on four short passes but was only able to catch one at which point he was immediately wrapped up for a two yard gain. As the game wore on, it was clear that quarterback Bruce Gradkowski was targeting Zack Miller and his running backs much more then Heyward-Bey. On most routes after the first quarter, Heyward-Bey was sent on short crossing patterns or hooks and was ignored almost completely as the Raiders offense went to other parts of the field.

2010 Week 5 vs SD (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Heyward Bey suffered from Jason Campbell syndrome today. He had no catches, which is not atypical for a boom or bust WR of his calibre. He just did not get enough looks downfield from Campbell, and is perhaps lacking his trust to put the ball out there for Heyward Bey to catch.

2010 Week 6 vs SF (4 / 3 / 19 / 0 rec)

The effectiveness of Darrius Heyward-Bey was limited due to the poor play of the Raiders offensive line, which didn't afford Campbell time to get the ball to his receivers downfield. Heyward-Bey made a nice catch early in the game as he caught a pass along the sideline and absorbed a wicked hit, but impressively maintained possession. The 49ers only gave up yards in small chunks to the Raiders passing game, and Heyward-Bey couldn't get into his stride.

2010 Week 8 vs SEA (9 / 5 / 105 / 1 rec, 1 / 30 / 0 rush)

Thrust into the number one role, Heyward-Bey looked like a legitimate NFL starter. He showed that he's more than a one-trick pony, as he burned the defense on short comeback patterns when they over respected his speed, burned them deep when their coverage lapsed, and even started out the game with a 30 yard gain on the ground. His touchdown was gorgeous: he stopped his man with a turn-around move, then zoomed upfield and caught it as the safety was bearing down on him. He then took advantage of the safety over-committing, and made his way easily into the end zone. He still had rough patches (unable to bring his body to the ball on one long would-be catch, for example, and instead reached out and bobbled it awkwardly) so he probably shouldn't be counted on yet from week to week, but is definitely heading in the right direction.

2010 Week 9 vs KC (5 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey had an ugly game, characterize by multiple drops, including one in the end zone, and errant passes from Campbell when he did get open. DHB's thunder from last week was stolen by Jacoby Ford in this game, so it's questionable whether he is worth holding through his bye next week.

2010 Week 12 vs MIA (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

Had 1 carry in the game and that was it. No factor in the passing game at all.

2010 Week 13 vs SD (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 14 / 0 rush)

Heyward-Bey didn't record a single reception in the game, and was limited to a ten yard rush on a reverse on the play that Jason Campbell had to leave the game briefly due to injury.

2010 Week 14 vs JAX (3 / 2 / 40 / 0 rec)

DHB looked good catching the ball on a comeback route, getting excellent separation from his DB and showing reliable hands that have been questioned many times so far in his short career. DHB also was able to get inside on a mis match vs. a Safety and exploited this after play action for another big pass. DHB has not become the go to guy however and his involvement and presence on the field was still spotty at infrequent at best.

2010 Week 15 vs DEN (2 / 1 / 20 / 0 rec)

Darrius Heyward-Bey only made one catch but it was an impressive 20 yard grab along the sideline as Campbell put it up high and DHB attacked it in the air. He did well to come down with it.

2010 Week 16 vs IND (6 / 4 / 40 / 0 rec)

DHB had a few short passes, and was able to probably the most consistent receiver for Campbell. However, Heyward-Bay wasn't brought to the Raiders to be a possession receiver, and at no time was he able to get deep down the field and stretch the defense.

2010 Week 17 vs KC (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

DHB fumbled early on an end around and despite being targeted a couple of times, he failed to make any catches in this one. What he lacks is that polish that receivers need to succeed at the pro level. He fails to grasp the little things like coming back to the football to help your quarterback and general field awareness. In time, he can become better but I wonder just how good DHB can be if his career continues on this conspicuously unproductive path.

2009 Week 1 vs SD (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

DHB got numerous targets, but couldn't do anything with them. He looked a little overwhelmed out there, and Heyward-Bey will likely go to the bench when Chaz Schilens returns. Louis Murphy is the WR the Raiders hoped DHB would be, but it's still very early. You can drop him in leagues that you drafted him as a late flyer.

2009 Week 2 vs KC (6 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec)

The seventh overall pick caught his first NFL pass, and he also had a nice block in the end zone on Darren McFadden's game-winning TD run. Heyward-Bey showed his deep ball prowess, tracking a bomb from Russell and hauling it in, but DHB was out of bounds. It was still nice to see the reason the team spent such a high draft pick on Heyward-Bey show up on the field.

2009 Week 3 vs DEN (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Both of Russell's interceptions were passes intended for Darrius Heyward-Bey. He was blanketed all day by the Broncos secondary, and was unable to get open on Sunday. For a time during the game it seemed like Russell wasn't even looking at the coverage, and was just trying to force feed the ball to Heyward-Bey. Forcing the ball against a secondary like Denver's only leads to turnovers, as the Raiders found out in this contest.

2009 Week 4 vs HOU (6 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec, 1 / 20 / 0 rush)

Darrius Heyward-Bey only had 34 total yards on two touches (one rush for 20 yards and one reception for 14 yards) against the Texans. He was covered all game by Duante Robinson and found very little room to work, particularly down the field. Quarterback Jamarcus Russell avoiding throwing the ball downfield where Heyward-Bey should be most effective.

2009 Week 5 vs NYG (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Both of Heyward-Bey's targets were uncatched because they were low and short of the receiver. He continues to struggle to make any kind of impact.

2009 Week 6 vs PHI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec, 1 / -1 / 0 rush)

Darrius Heyward-Bey had one target in Week 6 against Philadelphia, dropping his lone chance in the first quarter. That was all the work he saw for Oakland, so you can make the easy call here for his current fantasy value.

2009 Week 7 vs NYJ (4 / 2 / 28 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey finally showed some signs of life in Week 7, getting deeper down the field and making a nice 24-yard grab in the first quarter. Heyward-Bey is locked in as the starter for the Raiders, but his production is minimal at best right now both due to his limited route-running skills (all he seems to do is "go deep") and the abysmal passing game from Oakland right now.

2009 Week 10 vs KC (3 / 1 / 22 / 0 rec)

Heyward-Bey was almost always on the field, but he was a liability in this game. Other than a catch on the fourth-quarter desperation drive, DHB contributed a drop of a deep ball inside the five, and the inexplicable bobble that cost the Raiders a chance to win the game. He is atop the depth chart at WR, but he deserves to be benched.

2009 Week 11 vs CIN (6 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Despite being the team's most targeted wide receiver, Heyward-Bey struggled against Cincinnati. He dropped a pass after getting separation on a hook route early, then struggled to get open for the rest of the day. He was targeted deep on two occasions, but couldn't gain separation on either Bengals' cornerback to make plays. His lone catch came on a comeback route after being given a large cushion by the Cincinnati nickel defense.

2009 Week 12 vs DAL (5 / 2 / 21 / 1 rec)

Rookie Darrius Heyward-Bey snagged two passes on Thanksgiving Day against Dallas including his first NFL touchdown on a nice out route at the back left corner of the end zone. Heyward-Bey went up well and pulled in his first of what many hope to be numerous career scoring plays, but let's see Heyward-Bey build on this performance. He later added a 17-yard grab in the waning moments in garbage time as he closed the game with two catches after getting nothing in the first half.