WR Ryan Grant - Free Agent

6-0, 199Born: 12-19-1990College: TulaneDrafted: Round 5, pick 2014

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Game Recaps

2019 Week 1 vs DEN (4 / 3 / 16 / 0 rec)

Grant was the clear No. 2 receiver for the Raiders, playing 73% of the snaps. Aside from Tyrell Williams, he was the only Raiders receiver to play more than 30%. Grant made a tough 5-yard grab against tight coverage to move the chains on an early 3rd-and-4. Grant dove to the ground to snag a low pass on a slant route for a 9-yard gain. After the opening drive, he was only targeted twice.

2019 Week 2 vs KC (5 / 1 / -2 / 0 rec)

Grant drew a 43-yard pass interference penalty on a deep play action pass in the first quarter to setup the Raiders only touchdown.

2018 Week 1 vs CIN (9 / 8 / 59 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant caught a slant for a 3 yard gain. Ryan Grant ran a curl route and picked up 6 yards. Grant made a nice catch over the middle working between the linebackers and safeties for 13 yards. Grant made consecutive catches underneath for gains of 8 and 13 yards. Grant ran a quick out route for 5 yards. Grant was targeted downfield on back shoulder throw but the pass was well defended. Grant made back to back catches of 4 and 8 yards.

2018 Week 2 vs WAS (2 / 2 / 30 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant picked up 8 yards on his first catch of the game in the fourth quarter. Grant picked up 21 yards running a deep crossing route the following play.

2018 Week 3 vs PHI (5 / 3 / 35 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant made a nice effort to pick up 8 yards and a conversion on 3rd and 8. Grant beat Ronald Darby on a fade route for a 5 yard touchdown. Grant picked up 22 yards running an in route.

2018 Week 4 vs HOU (7 / 5 / 64 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant ran up the seam from the slot and got open against zone coverage for a 23 yard gain. Grant made a 9 yard catch running a comeback route. Grant gained 13 yards running a comeback route. Grant ran a slant for a gain of 8. Grant came open running a comeback route for 11 yards.

2018 Week 5 vs NE (9 / 6 / 58 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had a pair of ugly drops against the Patriots. Grant dropped his first target running a slant. Grant made a contested catch running a comeback for 8 yards. Grant got open downfield against zone coverage running an in breaking route for a 19 yard gain. Grant dropped what would have been a 20 yard gain running a deep comeback route. Grant made a nice 14 yard catch to convert a 3rd and 10. Grant made an impressive juggling catch for a 10 yard gain on 4th and 5.

2018 Week 6 vs NYJ (5 / 2 / 24 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant made his first catch with two minutes left in the first half running a comeback route for 12 yards. Grant picked up 12 more yards running another comeback route. Grant was largely not involved in the game and was unable to get open downfield.

2018 Week 11 vs TEN (3 / 2 / 15 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant has taken a back seat to Dontrelle Inman who is more sudden, reliable, and explosive. Grant had his first target hit him in the hands but a physical play from Malcolm Butler did not allow a catch. Grant made his catch in the flat for 8 yards. Grant made a 7 yard catch working back to Luck as he scrambled.

2017 Week 1 vs PHI (6 / 4 / 61 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had a productive game considering he wasn't viewed as a starter. He had four receptions and his longest went for thirty-four yards. Ryan's speed can be an asset to the Washington offense but he is merely a fill in until they can get their young promising receiver Josh Doctson up to speed. The quick passing game Washington uses is perfect for Ryan as he can use his outstanding acceleration after the catch. Overall, none of his catches made much impact as the entire offense struggled on the day.

2017 Week 2 vs LAR (2 / 1 / 11 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant only had one reception and it came as the game winning touchdown. His eleven yard reception late in the fourth quarter came on a roll out from Kirk Cousins. He played the majority of the snaps in two wide receiver sets but wasn't a priority in the passing game.

2017 Week 3 vs OAK (4 / 3 / 31 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant grabbed three receptions in this game but his impact was minimal. He is third or fourth on the totem pole in the passing game so he will often find himself struggling to get consistent looks.

2017 Week 4 vs KC (3 / 2 / 16 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant was nearly invisible for this game but he did catch one of the two touchdowns for Washington. Kirk found him on a three yard slant in the third quarter that helped take the lead. Ryan's role is minimal and he doesn't get enough opportunities on a weekly basis to be a consistent contributor.

2017 Week 6 vs SF (5 / 3 / 39 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant has been a part time factor all year rotating with Josh Doctson playing opposite Terrelle Pryor. He had three receptions for thirty-nine yards was third best for Washington receivers in this game. His biggest play came on a third down conversion late in the fourth quarter to seal the win for Washington. Ryan has quietly made a few clutch plays this season but with so many weapons it is difficult to get consistent production from him.

2017 Week 7 vs PHI (3 / 3 / 19 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant continued his part time role in this offense as he recorded three receptions for less than twenty yards. He is low on the food chain in this offense so it will take a splash play in order for him to make an impact any given Sunday.

2017 Week 8 vs DAL (7 / 5 / 38 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had one of his busier games as Kirk got him more involved. The impact was minimal but he tallied five catches. Ryan isn't a main contributor so his production will always vary.

2017 Week 9 vs SEA (3 / 3 / 39 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant totaled three receptions in this game and his biggest play went for twenty-three yards. It seemed as if Ryan might have a bigger role in today's game with the quick passing game. Kirk was off all day due to pressure so it was difficult to get in a rhythm. Ryan's receptions didn't make much impact in this game.

2017 Week 10 vs MIN (3 / 3 / 25 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant continues to be a part time receiver and not being a focal point in the offense. He left this game with a concussion.

2017 Week 11 vs NO (3 / 3 / 59 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant had three catches but his biggest one went for a forty-yard touchdown. He was wide open down the sideline as the Saints sent a full on blitz. Kirk was able to stand in and find Ryan who beat the nonexistent coverage for the easiest six points Washington may have scored all year.

2017 Week 12 vs NYG (2 / 1 / 3 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had one reception in this game and had no impact on the game versus the Giants.

2017 Week 13 vs DAL (9 / 5 / 76 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant had his most productive game this season against the Cowboys. Ryan's five receptions and seventy-six yards receiving were season highs. He also caught one of the only two touchdowns Washington scored on the evening. Ryan scored at the end of the first half as Kirk found him on the edge of the end zone. His longest reception went for twenty-four yards and Ryan was able to gain separation all night. The attention being given to Jamison Crowder opened some opportunities for Ryan to make plays. Ryan doesn't consistently have productive games like this but he has shown a penchant to make plays when his number is called.

2017 Week 14 vs LAC (1 / 1 / 28 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had one catch for twenty-eight yards. It was a great slant route that would have been a touchdown if he wasn't tackled by a shoestring. Ryan didn't make much impact beyond this catch as the entire offense struggled to move the ball.

2017 Week 15 vs ARI (3 / 2 / 20 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant didn't make an impact in this game as he only recorded two receptions. The offense was stalled all day which hindered Ryan's opportunities.

2017 Week 16 vs DEN (6 / 4 / 85 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had his most receptions yards of the year in this game. He also had the most receptions with four. Kirk was able to find Ryan on a thirty-six yard gain and a few big first downs. Ryan didn't record any of the three touchdowns but he led all receivers in yardage and receptions.

2017 Week 17 vs NYG (5 / 2 / 23 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant played a minimal role in this game as he only recorded two catches for twenty-three yards. As a fourth option receiver in the Washington offense it simply doesn't lend to heavy production. However, Ryan's speed and versatility to play outside or in the slot gives them a guy who can fill in periodically throughout the year.

2015 Week 1 vs MIA (2 / 1 / 15 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant was never a factor in this game as he was only targeted twice. He did connect with Cousins for a big first down in the fourth quarter but that was his only highlight.

2015 Week 2 vs LA (6 / 3 / 45 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant is an intriguing player that the Redskins like a lot. He is essentially the replacement for Desean Jackson as he works to stretch the field in the passing game. He only had 3 catches, but he had a potential touchdown on a 35 yard pass that was underthrown. As they get more comfortable in this offense he may see more opportunities but today wasn't one of them.

2015 Week 3 vs NYG (5 / 2 / 9 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant is a receiver the Redskins are very high on but he was basically absent with only 2 catches.

2015 Week 4 vs PHI (7 / 5 / 45 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant continues to play solid and his role continues to grow in this offense. Ryan had 5 catches in this game and could have had more if it weren't for a few misfires by Cousins. Ryan showed good precision on intermediate routes for a guy who is best on deep passes. He is slowly gaining more trust from the coaching staff and Kirk as he hauled in a couple of big 3rd down conversions to keep drives alive. Grant's contributions are minimal based on the passing attack but he is on a steady incline in this offense.

2015 Week 5 vs ATL (4 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant is highly liked by the coaching staff but the emergence of Jamison Crowder and Chris Thompson has diluted his role in the offense. He only had 1 catch on the day.

2015 Week 6 vs NYJ (4 / 2 / 22 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant was an afterthought in this game as he only tallied two catches.

2015 Week 7 vs TB (3 / 3 / 54 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant continues to show the coaching staff that he can be a difference maker. He was especially big in the third quarter as he made back to back catches that helped get Washington into scoring position. Ryan also had the touchdown that pulled the deficit to within three points. Ryan has a knack for big plays but the numerous weapons they have won't allow him to establish any consistency.

2015 Week 15 vs BUF (2 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant made an appearance in this game as he had 1 catch. He hasn't been used much lately as Jamison Crowder and DeSean Jackson have swallowed his opportunities.

2015 Week 16 vs PHI (3 / 1 / 24 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant had 1 catch in this game and remains a minor part of the passing attack with Washington having a fully healthy receiving core.

2015 Week 17 vs DAL (4 / 3 / 18 / 1 rec)

Ryan Grant had 3 catches but he made his biggest impact on a red zone touchdown. Ryan wasn't really involved much in this game but he did get in the end zone for an 11 yard score.

2014 Week 2 vs JAX (8 / 5 / 57 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant served as the fourth receiver for Washington, filling in for the injured Desean Jackson. He mostly worked underneath the defense as a possession receiver. Grant almost had a TD catch in the third quarter, but failed to finish his route as Cousins's pass sailed past him. Grant caught a beautiful 21 yard pass down to the 3 yard line where the young receiver ran straight to the pylon behind the slot corner and laid out completely for the grab.

2014 Week 3 vs PHI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Ryan Grant was targeted only once and failed to convert a third down catch down the field, missing a pass thrown well behind him.

2014 Week 5 vs SEA (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

The promising rookie Ryan Grant failed to see any action in the game, as Cousins primarily targeted his underneath receivers and his deep threat in DeSean Jackson. Grant runs similar routes to Pierre Garcon, who also failed to make any impact in the game.

2014 Week 14 vs STL (3 / 1 / 4 / 0 rec)

Rookie WR Ryan Grant stepped into a limited role sharing time with Santana Moss in place of the injured DeSean Jackson. Grant was partially responsible for McCoy's first pick of the game running a weak route up the seam. He was targeted deep twice in the game but both passes were uncatchable.