WR Michael Floyd - Free Agent

6-3, 220Born: 11-27-1989College: Notre DameDrafted: Round 1, pick 13 (2012)

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Game Recaps

2018 Week 7 vs DAL (3 / 1 / 20 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd got more action today with a Paul Richardson out. He only had one catch for twenty yards. The passing game wasn't very productive today and didn't benefit second tier options.

2018 Week 10 vs TB (3 / 2 / 15 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd had very little impact on this game. He recorded two catches for fifteen yards. As a deep bench backup it is unlikely he was part of the gameplan versus Tampa Bay.

2018 Week 11 vs HOU (3 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd had three targets in this game and only came down with one for eighteen yards. As the passing game struggled in this game it would be difficult to make an impact as a 4th or 5th option.

2018 Week 13 vs PHI (2 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd had one catch for nine yards. He received an endzone target as well but a near sack threw the pass off target going directly into the air. Michael isn't a weekly contributor so his production usually fluctuates.

2018 Week 14 vs NYG (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd was held to zero catches on two targets. As a bottom tier option in the passing game Michael Floyd will continue to be an inconsistent contributor.

2018 Week 15 vs JAX (3 / 2 / 16 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd had two receptions on three targets versus Jacksonville. Neither of his catches made much impact on the game as both were short throws. As a bottom tier option in the passing game, Michael doesn't get many opportunities.

2018 Week 16 vs TEN (3 / 1 / 7 / 1 rec)

Michael Floyd made his one reception count as he scored the only touchdown for Washington's offense. There was an extremely low volume of passing for this game so there weren't many opportunities for a third option.

2017 Week 5 vs CHI (1 / 1 / 19 / 0 rec)

This was Floyd's first game back from suspension and he played a non-factor for most of the game. He did account for the longest pass play of the night with his 19-yard reception down the sideline, but he did not have another target the rest of the game. It will be interesting to see how Floyd fits into the offense as the season progresses and how many targets he will be able to pull from Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph. There are heavy performance incentive clauses in Floyd's contract but due to the suspension and slow start to the season he is nowhere near a pace to reach them.

2016 Week 1 vs NE (7 / 3 / 61 / 0 rec)

There seem to be two viewpoints when examining Floyd's game, those who believe he is continually primed to breakout and those who continue to see him as failing to live up to his abilities. Sunday night was another game for Floyd that fueled both party's fires. At times, he looked un-guardable, utilizing his big body to shield off defenders and his deceptive speed to haul in the lone deep ball of the night. In other instances, like his dropped touchdown late in the 4th quarter, he showed the inconsistencies that Cardinals coaches, fans, and fantasy owners have found so maddening. This is a contract year for Floyd, who desires to be paid like the league's elite wide receivers. The talent is apparent, and the opportunities will be plentiful all season long, but at this point, it is incumbent on Floyd to finally breakout or become a perennial frustration.

2016 Week 2 vs TB (6 / 2 / 8 / 1 rec)

Floyd was a nonfactor for much of the game on Sunday, catching the second pass of the day and a one-yard touchdown late in the first half. Floyd was targeted 4 other times, one of which likely would have been another touchdown if not for a missed defensive holding call, but by and large left little impact on the game. Teams are clearly trying to scheme away the deep-ball away from the Cardinals, which will undoubtedly have an effect on Floyd's numbers, but he was heavily involved in the offense week one and was still the second-most targeted receiver on Sunday. His numbers Sunday were much more likely an outlier performance than anything predictive going forward.

2016 Week 3 vs BUF (11 / 4 / 65 / 0 rec)

In an afternoon overwhelmed with disappointment, maybe nobody contributed more towards that than Michael Floyd. At times Floyd looks average, and it is disappointing that he is not great. Sunday, however, Floyd failed to even look average. Floyd opened the game with a drop that hit him square in the chest and little improved from that point on. Additionally, a bobble on a sideline route turned a first down into an incompletion, and the failure to attack the ball at its highest point let a big play become a broken-up ball. These were the miscues from Floyd on plays in which he actually ran the correct route, problems only compounded when he didn't, leading to one of Palmer's many late interceptions. Floyd may always be the player leaving fans and fantasy owners wanting for more, and in a contract year he may still cash-in, but through three games, Floyd's been more disappointing than impressive.

2016 Week 4 vs LA (7 / 3 / 36 / 1 rec)

Floyd was able to close out the first half well, catching a difficult red zone pass before capping off that drive with a touchdown, but had a disastrous game outside those two catches. After dropping his first target of the day on what would have been an important early 3rd down conversion, Coach Arians benched Floyd for much of the first half. John Brown became the primary second receiver and Jaron Brown filled in for 3-WR sets. When Arians finally brought Floyd back in, he promptly dropped a pass. While Floyd managed to momentarily get himself involved in the game, it was fleeting at best, managing only 3 catches on his 7 targets. Floyd admitted in a local radio interview recently that his contract situation has weighed on his mind, and while that is understandable, his play is not. No one single person on this offense should shoulder all the blame for the unit's struggles, but Michael Floyd more than deserves his fair share.

2016 Week 5 vs SF (3 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Michael Floyd is at somewhat of a crossroads at this point in the season, and it is difficult to know where he will ultimately go from here. Floyd was targeted a measly three times on Thursday, dropping two of the passes and again losing snaps to John Brown, Jaron Brown, and now even J.J Nelson. Some of that may have simply been the game plan, and part of that too may have been a result of Stanton starting, but it is impossible to look at the situation as a whole and not see everything trending downward for Floyd. Arians has been very vocally supportive of Floyd despite diminishing his playing time, so where he stands with his head coach is a bit of a mystery too. This was supposed to be a season of answers from Floyd, but instead through five weeks it has just been one of more questions.

2016 Week 7 vs SEA (7 / 5 / 65 / 0 rec)

Without John Brown for Sunday Night's matchup, Floyd resumed his role of the first few weeks of the season as the team's second wide receiver. The results were up and down, with a crucial drop once again highlighting his failures. In addition to the overtime drop, a 3rd-down play which would have given Arizona a fresh set of downs at the Seattle 15, Floyd was called for three offensive penalties, once for holding and twice for pass interference. But in between those failures Floyd has as his best game of the season, catching 5 of his 7 targets with many as crucial conversions. It just does not look like it is going to all come together this season for Floyd, a shame for a player in his contract year, but maybe next year once that is settled for him, so too will he. Floyd lacks the consistency to be an elite wide receiver, but throughout his career has had a lot of boom to go with the bust. This season, and again on Sunday Night, it was the 'bust' that will be the takeaway.

2016 Week 8 vs CAR (0 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Floyd was only on the field for 29 of the team's offensive snaps, limited by a hamstring injury that kept him out of practice for most of the week. With zero targets and receptions Sunday, Floyd's contributed as much on the field as he did on the sidelines. The bye week undoubtedly comes at a good time for him, providing an opportunity to get both his hamstring and head right, but even still expectations for Floyd's second half are nonexistent. Floyd was forthright early in the season about the affect his looming contract was having on him, but in the second half his biggest concern may be less about his contract and more about his spot on the depth chart. The slow emergence of J.J. Nelson has at the very least called Floyd's spot on the depth chart into question.

2016 Week 10 vs SF (6 / 5 / 101 / 0 rec)

After a lot of bluster over the bye week from Coach Arians, Floyd backed up his coach's words with what was his best game of the season. Despite not finding a way into the end zone, Floyd caught 5 of his 6 targets, many requiring impressive acrobatics, and much like Palmer himself, proved best during the team's 2-minute drive before the half and later on the game winning drive. So many of Floyd's shortcomings this season have been in at critical moments, so it was encouraging to see him step up when it was most important. Time will tell whether this was a single-game breakout or the start of a second-half run, but either way it was nice to see the good Michael Floyd again.

2016 Week 11 vs MIN (5 / 2 / 21 / 0 rec)

Another Minnesota native like Fitzgerald, Floyd started the game in similar fashion, looking impressive drawing penalties, and making difficult catches. The success, unfortunately, did not last long. Floyd was sick with the flu according to Arians and frequently had to leave the game for breathers. While that can give some perspective to part of Floyd's struggles, his biggest failure was simply an issue of effort. On one of the few deep balls of the game, Floyd simply abandoned his route near the end of it, apparently thinking he was not the target on the play, resulting in an easy interception. On the play Palmer threw into double-coverage, an error in its own right, but the lack of effort proved costly. These issues have been apart of Floyd's struggle all season, and frankly speaking, it is simply astonishing they have not changed.

2016 Week 12 vs ATL (5 / 2 / 31 / 0 rec)

Floyd was a game-time decision due to a hamstring injury suffered in practice this week, but suited up Sunday for what amounted to more of the same from Floyd. While the injury likely limited some of Floyd's route-running, he again had two big drops that cannot be justified or excused. In his post-game presser, Arians seemed lost in addressing Floyd's season long struggles.

2016 Week 13 vs WAS (8 / 3 / 18 / 1 rec)

With only 18 yards and three receptions, it is hard to say Floyd had a huge impact on the game Sunday, but credit where due Floyd made his receptions count. Floyd's touchdown reception late in the 3rd quarter gave his team an only temporary lead, but it capped off a drive that resulted from the Cardinals recovering a strip-sack fumble, providing a significant swing in the game's score and momentum. Seeing the way the team embraced Floyd after the touchdown it is clear to see the affection his teammates have for him and empathy for his struggles this season. It would be foolhardy to assume this will be some turning point for Floyd, but if Arizona is going to make any final push towards the playoffs, simply put Floyd will have to be an important factor. Sunday marked a nice start for that.

2016 Week 14 vs MIA (3 / 2 / 18 / 0 rec)

On Sunday Floyd was for all intent and purpose a complete non-factor in the game. That is not so much a criticism of him, but an indictment of the passing game as a whole. His three targets all came in the second half of the game and one such target sailed about 10-feet over his head. No Cardinals player has had a more disappointing season than Floyd, hoping to finally break out in his contract year, but Sunday's offensive struggles were a result of the circumstances around him, not because of him.

2016 Week 16 vs NYJ (2 / 1 / 6 / 0 rec)

Floyd made his Patriots debut on a handful of snaps, catching one pass from Jimmy Garoppolo.

2016 Week 17 vs MIA (4 / 3 / 36 / 1 rec)

Playing 50 snaps on the day, Floyd had two plays that were key highlights in the game. The first was his 14 yard slant touchdown which saw him absolutely will his way into the endzone from the 2 or 3 yard line despite several defenders draped on him and dragging him. How he made it into the endzone isn't quite clear, but it was a feat. The second was his block on Julian Edelman's touchdown scamper, in which he absolutely crushed Tony Lippett. Floyd integrated well considering he was forced into action due to Malcolm Mitchell and Danny Amendola injuries.

2016 Week 19 vs HOU (3 / 1 / 9 / 0 rec)

Floyd had a pretty down day. His most notable play was an interception that Tom Brady threw his way. Don't be surprised if Malcolm Mitchell usurps Floyd's spot against the Steelers.

2015 Week 1 vs NO (1 / 1 / 18 / 0 rec)

After missing nearly all of training camp and preseason with a hand injury, Floyd was gently worked back into action Sunday. He only had one reception on the day, early in the first quarter, and did not play at all in the 4th. This was mostly by design, his conditioning and timing in the offense is not where it needs to be, but now that he is healthy, those things should not take long to fall back into place. It will take a few weeks for him to find his place in the offense again, but expectations were high before the injury, and his quick recovery allows for optimism to remain high.

2015 Week 2 vs CHI (1 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Floyd is still slowly working his way back from his preseason hand injury, and finding his role in the offense. He was not targeted on Sunday, which is not terribly surprising considering Fitzgerald's herculean effort, but he showed good effort when run blocking and should continue to see his role expand as the weeks go on.

2015 Week 3 vs SF (5 / 1 / 12 / 0 rec)

Despite the nearly nonexistent stat-line, there were plenty of positive elements to take away from Floyd's game on Sunday. He tied for the second most targets, with three of his five in the end zone and two on consecutive fade-routes from the red zone. He also made a highlight worthy catch on a 40+yard, throw out-jumping two defenders only to have it called back on a holding penalty. With only one ball to go around, Fitzgerald's dominance may prevent Floyd from having the breakout season many anticipated, but Sunday was actually a strong step towards reintegrating him into the offense.

2015 Week 4 vs LA (7 / 5 / 59 / 0 rec)

All signs continue to point up for Floyd, as he seems both fully recuperated from his preseason hand injury, as well as fully reintegrated into the offense. Floyd looked crisper in his routes on Sunday and his timing with Carson Palmer appeared much improved. Floyd was finding continual success working outside the numbers on intermediate routes. What seems to be holding Floyd back most are the number of other offensive weapons on the team and a bit of bad luck. Last week against the 49s, Floyd had a spectacular 40+ yard catch called back on a holding penalty. This week, the Cardinals were unable to convert the pass interference penalty he drew in the end zone into a touchdown, and then saw another deep interference penalty Floyd drew negated due to an offensive holding penalty. His role in the offense is increasing, as well as the end zone attempts, but with all three receivers healthy, and Ellington due back any week, it may take several weeks to settle on any sort of consistent offensive distribution.

2015 Week 5 vs DET (3 / 1 / 15 / 0 rec)

Floyd was essentially a non-factor on Sunday, with all three of his targets coming late in the game, and two of them with Palmer already out. Floyd looked to be gaining steam with consecutive weeks with strong involvement in the game plan, so we'll see if this was more due to the offenses' overall volume of plays, or more in line with his pecking order in the offense.

2015 Week 6 vs PIT (8 / 5 / 50 / 1 rec)

Even in Floyd's good games-and this was by far his best of the season- he still finds ways to frustrate. Floyd was targeted 8 times, with three of those coming in the end zone for his most significant offensive involvement all year. The results were mixed at best. Floyd's touchdown featured a gorgeous stutter-step at the line to gain immediate separation from his defender and he made a spectacular catch on a 3rd-down conversion. These are the plays many have been waiting for Floyd to begin making. However, they were not without their faults either. On that same 3rd-down conversion, Floyd stopped his route forcing the great catch instead of a relatively routine play. Floyd later missed out on two other touchdowns, both perfect passes from Palmer, by first committing a (very questionable,) offensive pass interference penalty, then failing to get both feet in bounds on a boundary throw. A third touchdown failure came on a clearly blown defensive pass interference call, but on a play Floyd very much still could have made. The consistency, quite simply, still is not there for Floyd and its fair to wonder if it ever will be.

2015 Week 7 vs BAL (4 / 3 / 59 / 1 rec)

Each week Floyd continues to better find his footing within this offense, as Palmer has continued to target him with more frequency and the coaching staff better scheming ways to get him involved. While last week's game against the Steelers-Floyd's best of the season- still featured more close misses, Monday's game was finally about conversions for Floyd. Floyd caught three of his four targets, including a short touchdown and a 33-yard catch that immediately preceded Chris Johnson's touchdown run. Having provided a crucial block on that touchdown run, Floyd's contribution to the team's first scoring drive was immense. While this type of balance in the receiving distribution may put fantasy owners in a tough spot as the season progresses, it is also what will ultimately allow the Cardinals to maintain one of the league's best passing attacks all season long.

2015 Week 8 vs CLE (8 / 4 / 106 / 1 rec)

For those who have remained supportive of Michael Floyd through his tumultuous last two seasons, Sunday's game felt like vindication. Floyd was downright dominant, amassing over 100 yards on four receptions, including a 60-yard score. What does not show in the box score is how much bigger Floyd's day could have been. On the Cardinals second drive of the game, Floyd was overthrown on a deep ball in which he'd easily beat his defender and likely would have resulted in an 80+ yard touchdown, while having another score (on an incredible one-handed catch,) taken away from him at the end of the half due to an illegal shift penalty. The breakout was no doubt in part due to John Brown's absence, providing more targets for Floyd, but seems also to be the culmination of several weeks of close-but-not-quite build up for Floyd. If Floyd can continue this impressive, play through the second-half of the season, the Cardinals passing attack could somehow become even better. A truly scare notion for opposing defenses.

2015 Week 10 vs SEA (9 / 7 / 113 / 2 rec)

Just as he has finally started to truly gain steam in this offense, it is a shame an injury may set Michael Floyd back a bit again. Prior to that hamstring pull late in the fourth quarter- the severity of which is still unknown- Floyd was having an absolutely monster game, beating both Seahawk cornerbacks for deep scores and consistently moving the chains on his other catches. Floyd worked the sidelines expertly all night, using his big frame and long stride to gain separation deep throughout the night. Floyd has improved week-to-week since returning from his preseason injury, finally becoming a significant target in the offense, so hopefully the hamstring injury won't end up being too severe.

2015 Week 12 vs SF (2 / 1 / 14 / 0 rec)

Floyd was a mostly non-factor in his first game back from his hamstring injury. Historically Floyd has seen a lot of success against San Francisco, but the combination of him at less than 100% and the offense never managing to find its groove left him with little contribution to Sunday's win. Floyd had really been hitting his stride before his injury, so it is at least an encouraging sign he was able to return after only one missed week and hopefully should be fully back into form for a (likely) playoff run.

2015 Week 13 vs LA (12 / 7 / 104 / 0 rec)

Sunday was a very Michael Floydish game. There is almost no other way to express it. Floyd was open all day, and largely exploited that coverage regularly and with ease, leading to a team-high 12 targets. He made some important chain-moving catches, had a few frustrating drops, and made a couple sensational catches along the way. It was exactly the performance that we have come to expect from Floyd at this point. The flashes of brilliance in part make up for the frustrating near-misses, but also make you question why the near-misses happen at all. He always appears on the cusp of breaking out, but never quite gets past the cusp. But when he makes plays, he really makes plays. Had it not been for the Kerwynn Williams touchdown run (and maybe Fitzgerald's milestone catch,) Floyd would have had the play of the game. Facing a 3rd-3 from their own 10-yard line and with only a seven-point lead, Palmer faced heavy pressure right up the middle and simply heaved up a jump-ball in Floyds direction. Using his big frame, Floyd out-positioned his defender and rose up, catching the ball at its high-point for a huge 31-yard gain and an important conversion. The Cardinals would go on to score a touchdown on the drive, breaking the game open into a two-score contest. Consistency continues to elude Floyd, but the flashes of brilliance are pretty exceptional to watch.

2015 Week 14 vs MIN (9 / 5 / 102 / 1 rec)

While Fitzgerald stole the highlight on Floyd's biggest play of the night, Floyd was undoubtedly the highlight of the receiving corps on Thursday. Floyd led the team in targets on his way to collecting over 100-yards for the 4th time in his last 5 games, making important chain-moving catches and showing off some impressive hands and body control on a few sideline throws. Finally healthy and fully incorporated into the offensive game plans, Floyd is showing off the potential that has had Cardinals fans so excited with a great deal more consistency than ever before. If Floyd can ever go a stretch of games without catching the injury bug that has found him at seemingly the most inopportune times, then the sky is the limit for the still-young wide receiver.

2015 Week 15 vs PHI (8 / 5 / 70 / 0 rec)

Floyd failed to extend his 100-yard game streak Sunday night, but apart from that played another excellent game. Throughout the game, Floyd showed every attribute in his arsenal, making the game's best catch on a deep sideline throw, dominating the intermediate, chain-moving routes and showing off his strength and physical presence with a devastating stiff-arm on a wide receiver screen. Floyd has looked nearly un-guardable for much of the stretch since the week 8 matchup in Cleveland, with only a hamstring injury temporarily slowing him down. With some injuries on both sides of the ball starting to mount, the Cardinals will need to ride their talented wide receiver corps if they plan on making a deep playoff run, and Floyd may just end up proving to be the most important piece.

2015 Week 16 vs GB (8 / 6 / 111 / 0 rec)

By and large the conversations surrounding Michael Floyd this season has been about his potential, and what he could become. While ultimately injuries, which always remain an unpredictable wildcard, are what have prevented Floyd from fully making that leap to the next level, it is also fair to say Michael Floyd has arrived. Floyd is almost unquestionably the team's #1 receiver now, a title that started the season with Fitzgerald, was passed to Brown, and now resides with Mike. Floyd was un-guardable on Sunday, using his speed and massive frame to gain separation with ease from Packers defenders, and catching everything that came in his vicinity. Floyd led the team in both catches and targets, and while he was kept out of the end zone, did have the game's biggest catch. With less than a minute to go in the first half from the team's own 20-yard line, Floyd ran a deep dig to the inside, beating his defender with ease before taking off for another 30-yards after the catch and even getting out of bounds to save his team a much-needed timeout. In just one play, the Cardinals found themselves in Green Bay territory, which eventually led to a John Brown touchdown and a 17-0 lead at the half.

2015 Week 17 vs SEA (4 / 1 / 16 / 0 rec)

Floyd sat out the early-week practices, bothered by a bad knee that appeared to still be bothering him on Sunday. Floyd lacked a bit of his explosiveness and walked a bit gingerly on a few occasions, making one wonder why he was suited up to play in a meaningless game in the first place. Nevertheless, with two weeks to rest, Floyd should be in good shape come the Cardinals first playoff game. Floyd also contributed to the team's drop issues on Sunday, failing to secure two easy first down catches. Again, the malaise of the offensive unit affected all on Sunday. Prior to Sunday's dismal effort, Floyd had been playing at a superstar level for several weeks in a row, making many believe he had finally turned that proverbial corner of his career. Hopefully the rest and practice leading up to the Cardinals first playoff game will be enough to get Floyd and the rest of this passing offense back on track moving forward.

2014 Week 1 vs SD (7 / 5 / 119 / 0 rec, 1 / 2 / 0 rush)

While much of the focus, both defensively and with media/fan reaction, remained with Larry Fitzgerald, Floyd quietly had another fantastic game. He hauled in 5 of his 7 targets (a screen pass ended up being recorded as a run,) and amassed nearly 120 yards. His long of the night, a 63-yard reception on a deep post out of The Cardinals end zone, came with The Cardinals in a 2-TE set with both receivers (Fitzgerald and Floyd) bunched together at the top. Floyd separated easily, Palmer threw a perfect ball and a great tackle from the San Diego defensive back was all prevented a massive touchdown catch and run. So long as teams continue focusing on Fitzgerald, Floyd will put up monster numbers.

2014 Week 2 vs NYG (6 / 1 / 19 / 0 rec)

Perhaps most affected by the Palmer injury, whom he has developed sensational chemistry with, Michael Floyd was mostly a nonfactor on Sunday catching just one pass despite being targeted six times. Stanton did take a few shots deep to Floyd, but both were thrown into double-coverage forcing Floyd to defend the ball as much as try and make a play on it. Hopefully another weeks worth of reps with Stanton will have Floyd back on track next week against the 49ers.

2014 Week 3 vs SF (9 / 5 / 114 / 0 rec)

For the second time in three weeks, Michael Floyd had over 100 receiving yards, this time courtesy of two deep streaks down the sideline. The first, an early first quarter play that went for 38-yards, featured Floyd at the top of a 3-receiver bunch set to the right with Fitzgerald and John Brown. Once Fitzgerald and Brown broke inside, the safety over the top moved in that direction giving Floyd ample room to his outside shoulder, and Stanton delivered a perfect pass to him. Floyd's second big play, this time for 45-yards, came early in the 3rd quarter and was just a basic go-route outside the numbers. The Cardinals were in a 4-reciever set, with Floyd on the outside to the left. After Stanton was able to avoid a rusher, he stepped up and heaved one deep to Floyd who made an incredible adjustment on the ball to stop, maneuver around his defender and then out jump him to make the reception. Floyd's ability to adjust for the ball on deep throws is as good as any receiver in the game right now and what has made him the favorite deep target for both Palmer and Stanton.

2014 Week 5 vs DEN (7 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Floyd had his worst game of the season, with only one short reception on seven targets. No doubt hurt by the quarterback issues in the second half, but credit must be given to Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib who primarily lined up on Floyd and did a tremendous job against him.

2014 Week 6 vs WAS (7 / 4 / 47 / 1 rec)

Floyd had a bit of an auspicious start to the game. Coming off his worst performance of the season last week in Denver, Floyd dropped the first pass thrown his way. From there he settled in nicely and by and large got right back into rhythm with Palmer. Those two have had a connection since day one, so it would not be surprising at all to see Floyd's targets and number go up again with Palmer back behind center. Floyd caught the game's first touchdown on a beautiful throw by Palmer with an equally impressive play from Floyd. With The Cardinals in a 2-tight end, 2-reciever formation, Floyd was bunched in with Rob Housler to the right side. Housler ran a deep dig route and safety Ryan Clark bit with Floyd running a deep cross behind it. Palmer perfectly floated the ball above Clark and Floyd showed off his incredible body control in both boxing out his defender and in also rising up and making a tremendous catch.

2014 Week 7 vs OAK (3 / 3 / 47 / 1 rec)

Once again The Cardinals struggled to incorporate Michael Floyd as a consistent part of the offense, but again he came through as the teams' big play target. Cardinals' team writer Darren Urban likened his "jump ball" skills to that of Larry Fitzgerald circa 2008. That's incredibly high praise, but watching Floyd's concentration, body control and ability to attack the ball in air it certainly seems an apt comparison. Floyd was only targeted 3 total times however. Both John Carlson and Stepfan Taylor were targeted more in the passing game. That is not properly utilizing your weapons and that is not a recipe for success throughout the remainder of the season.

2014 Week 8 vs PHI (4 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Floyd went catch-less on his 4 targets Sunday, with two of those possibly counting as drops (although certainly not easy plays to make). Twice Palmer attempted to find Floyd deep and the pair simply could not connect. Floyd also gave fans and fantasy owners a bit of a scare, hurting his knee, but eventually came back in the game and played the rest of the way. It seems like inevitably each week that one of the trio of Cardinals' receivers will not have a great day, and that's especially true with an offense as out of sync as the Cardinals' was on Sunday. Floyd has become the big-play threat but this week those plays went to Fitzgerald and Brown. Its not a satisfying answer, especially for fantasy owners, but that just seems to be the way its going to work with this team this year. Fitzgerald has had his share of down days, and Brown has disappeared at times as well. The ball goes to the open man and on Sunday that simply wasn't Michael Floyd.

2014 Week 9 vs DAL (5 / 4 / 36 / 0 rec)

Floyd had another pedestrian day on Sunday, but whereas last week against the Eagles he narrowly missed on a few big plays, this week those opportunities simply were not there. Floyd was targeted five times, and caught four of those balls, but all on short-intermediate routes. Floyd's day could have been much worse, nearly turning the ball over deep in Cardinals territory pointlessly trying to extend a play with an easy first down available, but was fortunate to pounce back on the loose ball and avoid a significant blunder. Much like Fitzgerald earlier in the season, Floyd seems to be the victim of the Cardinals ability to spread the ball around so evenly. Undoubtedly he'll have a big game soon, but its anyone's guess when that will be making fantasy starting decisions all the more difficult.

2014 Week 10 vs STL (4 / 1 / 11 / 0 rec)

This has been a strange season for Michael Floyd. Early in the season it seemed as though he'd usurped Fitzgerald's role in the offense, but as Fitzgerald got going throughout the season, Floyd has all but disappeared. His targets have dropped considerably, with just 4 total yesterday, and he hasn't been able to catch a deep ball since his touchdown grab against Oakland. Whereas last year Floyd was a primary intermediate target, setting an NFL record for consecutive catches resulting in a first down, this season it seems to be all or nothing for him. Early in the season, in games against San Diego and Oakland, Floyd was able to connect on those deep passes. Lately that has not been the case. He got his hands on two difficult balls against Philly but could not haul either in. Yesterday Palmer overthrew him in the end zone after he'd clearly beaten his defender. All have been close, but none have connected. Like Palmer, Stanton certainly has the arm strength to get Floyd involved deep, but the emergence of John Brown has shifted some of those targets away from Floyd, leaving the team with one of its best weapons being severely underutilized.

2014 Week 11 vs DET (5 / 2 / 54 / 2 rec)

Michael Floyd did not catch a single pass after the 6-minute mark of the first quarter, and yet he left quite the mark on this game. Catching two touchdowns in the first 9 minutes should be a harbinger of a huge day forthcoming, but for Floyd that never came. Nevertheless, the wide receiver was all smiles after the game, and even admitted the previous few weeks had been a bit frustrating. While his first touchdown was slightly more highlight worthy, his second showed off his skillset in equally impressive manner. Lined up at the Detroit 12-yard line, the Cardinals were in a 5-WR set with Fitzgerald, Floyd and Brown in a trips-bunch set to Stanton's right. Floyd, the outside man on the bunch set, ran a out-route right to the front pylon and used his big body to box out his defender, while out-jumping him and maintaining his body control to come down with the ball in bounds. With Stanton's penchant for the deep ball, Floyd should see some increased big-play targets these next six weeks, and how often they connect will ultimately determine Floyd's fantasy value each week.

2014 Week 12 vs SEA (2 / 0 / 0 / 0 rec)

Floyd was held without a catch on Sunday and was only targeted 3 total times. Floyd was targeted only once during the first half on a deep throw with double coverage. Floyd's lone reception of the day, an 11-yard catch in the 3rd quarter, was called back due to an offensive holding call against RT Bobby Massie.

2014 Week 13 vs ATL (10 / 5 / 53 / 0 rec)

This was a perfect matchup to take advantage of Floyd's ability and early on in the game it seemed that was exactly what the Cardinals planned on doing. Floyd was targeted early and often on short and intermediate routes, ensuring his inclusion in the offense from the get-go. By and large this was all going well until Floyd's costly fumble early in the second quarter. The Cardinals had just put together their best offensive drive of the day, when Floyd caught a 13-yard pass across the middle well in Atlanta territory. While breaking up field Floyd was stripped from behind and Atlanta recovered. The Atlanta defender likely deserves more credit for an impressive play than Floyd does scorn, but at a time in the season when you're without your starting quarterback, leading receiver and your starting running back just left the game, you'd like to see Michael Floyd step up and put the team on his back so to speak, not help bury it deeper.

2014 Week 14 vs KC (7 / 4 / 85 / 0 rec)

WR Michael Floyd, It's been a frustrating season for Floyd, with several "just missed" plays this year that could have seen his lackluster numbers look more like further evidence of an ascending star. While Sunday wasn't the dominating performance many of us expected heading into this season, it was at least a step back in the right direction with Floyd taking advantage of smaller defenders and coming up with one of the day's biggest plays. The most impressive part of Floyd's route came within the first 10-yards, where he out-muscled the smaller defender's attempt to jam, and then was able to accelerate past. All too often this season Floyd's let smaller defenders body him around, but that was not the case here. With Fitzgerald's knee still nowhere near 100%, Floyd's is going to have to make a few more big plays for this team as they head into their final stretch and hopeful playoff run.

2014 Week 15 vs STL (3 / 2 / 55 / 0 rec)

At first glance Michael Floyd's stat line looks fairly unimpressive. What unfortunately doesn't make it into his box score was the 36-yard pass interference penalty he drew. Suddenly his yardage total looks a lot better, and when considering both big plays directly lead to field goals, their importance to the game amplifies.

2014 Week 16 vs SEA (8 / 2 / 41 / 0 rec)

Floyd had the best game of all the receivers, though still disappointing in many ways. Floyd accounted for over 70 yards when factoring in pass interference penalties, but also suffered from multiple drops. Floyd beat Richard Sherman deep a few times, including the 36-yard boundary throw down the right sideline in which Floyd impressively out-jumped Sherman to catch the ball at the point of attack.

2014 Week 17 vs SF (12 / 8 / 153 / 2 rec)

Floyd had his best game of the season, scoring both touchdowns and amassing over 100-yards for only the 3rd time this season (and first since Week 2.) Targeted a team-high 12 times, Floyd was reliable both in short and intermediate throws, while also making big plays on his deep targets. Despite hauling in both touchdown throws, Floyd's best play actually came on a 27-yard sideline reception early in the 2nd quarter. With the 49ers in a Cover-2 look, Floyd avoided any jam at the line, beating his defender to the outside with ease and making an incredible adjustment and even better catch on an overthrown ball. Its games like this that leaves Floyd fans frustrated wondering why they came so few and far between this season, but despite taking a step back this season, the future still appears bright for the young wide receiver.

2014 Week 18 vs CAR (2 / 1 / -12 / 0 rec)

The hot and cold season for Michael Floyd continued on Saturday. After coming off his best game of the season in week 17, Floyd was targeted twice in the entire game, converting one 12-yard first down and failing to draw a pass interference penalty on the Cardinals lone deep-shot of the day. While in many ways it was understandable due to the Quarterback injuries, Floyd took a step back in his development this season, and with the uncertainty of Larry Fitzgerald's status with this club going forward, it's imperative for the Cardinals that Floyd takes a big step back in the right direction next season.

2013 Week 1 vs STL (6 / 4 / 82 / 0 rec)

As advertised all off-season, Floyd's big play ability was immediately on display in week 1. A "top-10" worthy one-handed catch on a 44-yard bomb was the highlight of Floyd's afternoon, but the 38 yards Floyd managed on his 3 additional catches nicely displayed his ability to help move the chains and provide Palmer with a big, consistent target opposite Fitzgerald. Already an integral part of the passing attack, Floyd's targets should continue to grow as more and more teams shade additional coverage over to Fitzgerald's side.

2013 Week 2 vs DET (7 / 3 / 22 / 0 rec)

Floyd was the quietest receiver on Sunday, catching 3 of his 7 targets for an almost insignificant 22 yards. Floyd converted a crucial third-down during the team's go-ahead drive in the fourth, but left little mark otherwise. Fitzgerald's injury should lead to more targets as well as defensive attention for the 2nd year wideout, and his ability to elevate his game during this stretch will be important to his maturation process within the team, as well as solidifying himself as a viable fantasy starter.

2013 Week 3 vs NO (6 / 4 / 49 / 0 rec)

Floyd appeared an early focal point of the game plan, displaying his strong hands and large radius to make the game's opening catch. Much like the Cardinals passing game as a whole, Floyd was unable to continue his early success. While Sunday's game is now the second sub-par performance from Floyd this season after starting out so well week 1, it's important to note a few positives going forward. Floyd was tied along with Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Ellington for 6 targets, including one of Palmer's few deep throws. His output has been down, but Floyd is still very much a focal point of the offense, and one of Palmers favorite deep-ball targets and nothing about Sunday's game would indicate that changing anytime soon.

2013 Week 4 vs TB (10 / 5 / 87 / 0 rec)

While fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald will get much of the fanfare for catching the game-tying touchdown, it was Michael Floyd who shined most on the offensive side of the ball Sunday. Floyd was targeted a team-high 10 times, catching 5 of the passes for 87 yards. His 35 yards after the catch helped move the chains for an otherwise stagnant offense, also playing a key role in the battle for field position late in the game. Poor pass protection has often prevented the Cardinals from throwing deep and limited some of what Floyd does best, but game's like this show his ability to be a complete wide receiver, helping the passing game in all facets.

2013 Week 5 vs CAR (7 / 5 / 61 / 0 rec)

Floyd faired best of the receiving group on Sunday, but when your Quarterback throws for less than 200 yards and a 1:3 touchdown to interception ratio, you're not going to be seeing very prolific receiving stats. But Floyd was Palmer's most consistent target, and took advantage of the extra coverage shaded Fitzgerald's way. Coach Arians' placed the blame on Floyd for Palmer's first interception of the day, believing it to be a "jump ball" in which the much bigger receiver should at the very least knock the ball down to prevent the turnover. While that is true, Floyd had beat his defender by two steps and the pass should have never been a jump ball in the first place. A better throw leads to an easy deep touchdown and a much gaudier stat line for Floyd.

2013 Week 6 vs SF (6 / 5 / 44 / 1 rec)

Floyd put together another solid outing, scoring a touchdown and catching 5 of the 6 passes thrown his way, and was a slightly questionable (albeit, likely correct) offensive pass interference call away from having a huge day.  Its clear how much Floyd benefits when Fitzgerald is having success on the other side, but it also appears Floyd is being featured in a wider array of routes than he was earlier this season.  While still refining many of the smaller elements of his craft, Floyd has grown into the receiver the Cardinals envisioned when selecting him in the first round.  

2013 Week 7 vs SEA (10 / 6 / 71 / 0 rec)

For as bad as the offense played, Floyd once again was able to display his impressive skill-set.  Floyd's first catch of the night highlighted his excellent hands, and while not the fastest guy, Floyd showed power when running after the catch.  An inability to connect on any deep balls, considering his strength, was more to do with shoddy protection and QB play, than anything Floyd could have controlled.  Floyd's season has been very much under the radar due to the offense's overall struggles, but he's grown nicely as an NFL receiver, and continues to get better each week. 

2013 Week 8 vs ATL (4 / 3 / 30 / 1 rec)

While Palmer and Floyd have struggled to connect on the deep plays both are said to excel at, Floyd continues to grow each week and show value in the other areas of his game. On only three catches Floyd was able to showcase his excellent hands, increased understanding of coverage, and big frame in the red-zone to score the team's final touchdown. Additionally, Floyd had a key block sealing the edge to spring Andre Ellington's 80-yard touchdown run. Without an improved line and better QB play, Floyd's box score numbers will rarely blow anyone away, but those watching weekly can see the consistent growth and star-potential still bubbling under the surface.

2013 Week 10 vs HOU (2 / 2 / 31 / 0 rec)

Floyd looked good again early, catching two quick passes from Palmer, but left the game in the first quarter with an apparent shoulder injury. In his postgame press conference Head Coach Bruce Arians said he hopes to have Floyd back next week, but this is definitely something for fantasy owners to monitor.

2013 Week 11 vs JAX (11 / 6 / 193 / 1 rec)

The impressiveness of Floyd's game on Sunday cannot be overstated. Playing with a partially separated shoulder, Floyd started off sluggish dropping two balls before coming to life with an incredible, acrobatic 22-yard sideline catch. The play seemed to wake Floyd up, who then went on to catch 5 more passes including his 91 yard catch and run showing his impressive combination of speed and strength by both running through and past defenders. At times he still rounds off his routes a little too much, but his massive catch radius can often makes up for it. When he's running crisp routes, he can appear nearly un-guardable.

2013 Week 12 vs IND (7 / 7 / 104 / 0 rec)

Floyd's performance was overshadowed by Fitzgerald's milestone and two touchdown day, but that should take nothing away from an absolutely dominant performance.  Leading the team with 7 receptions (on 7 targets) and yards, Floyd's physical presence was simply too much for any Colt cornerback.  Floyd was a big reason for the Cardinals' exceptional 50% 3rd-down conversion ratio, often coming back to aid Palmer and using his big frame to overpower defenders. Floyd has developed into the counterpart for Fitzgerald the team has lacked since Anquan Boldin's departure and his chemistry with Palmer is clear.  Its a pick-your-poision situation right now between Fitzgerald and Floyd, and on Sunday both players took turns delivering deadly doses. 

2013 Week 13 vs PHI (10 / 5 / 99 / 1 rec)

With extra attention continually sent Fitzgerald's way, Michael Floyd is quietly flourishing. Once again on Sunday he appeared simply un-guardable, being targeted 10 times and amassing just under 100 yards with a score. Floyds' day could have been much bigger as he easily beat his defender deep on what turned out to be Palmer's first interception of the afternoon instead of the 50+ yard touchdown a better throw would have resulted in. He clearly has developed a nice chemistry with Palmer, and his massive catch radius is often reminiscent of Fitzgerald's. On occasion Floyd still rounds-off his routes, something he'll have to always work on as a bigger bodied WR, but his progress this season gives Cardinals fans a lot of hope for the future and someone for fantasy players to target next year.

2013 Week 14 vs STL (5 / 2 / 26 / 0 rec)

After several strong weeks persevering through multiple injuries, Sunday Floyd finally struggled. He still was able to extend his streak, now 22 straight catches resulting in either first downs or touchdowns, but Floyd was clearly bothered by the ankle injury suffered last week against the Eagles, and the shoulder injury which has bothered him for half the season. Coach Arians has pushed Floyd hard in practice, but rest might be necessary as the Cardinals will need more out of their number-2 receiver as they continue on in their, albeit unlikely, playoff push.

2013 Week 15 vs TEN (5 / 2 / 33 / 0 rec)

Floyd is clearly struggling to play through his ankle and shoulder injuries, but gutted through another performance, picking up a few crucial first downs as well as breaking up a potential interception. Coach Arians' continues to push the second-year WR hard, imparting the importance of practicing through the week if he is to play on Sundays, so while his numbers have fallen a bit the past few weeks, he must be credited for his gutsy effort in simply suiting up.

2013 Week 16 vs SEA (5 / 1 / 31 / 1 rec)

Michael Floyd managed only one catch on the afternoon, despite tying Fitzgerald for a team-high 5 targets, but it'd be an understatement to say Floyd made sure his one catch counted. With the team trailing by 1 late in the 4th quarter, Floyd beat his defender in a one-on-one situation down the left sideline for an incredible 31-yard touchdown catch, requiring exceptional concentration and equally impressive hands. A highlight worthy catch, to cap off an incredible win as the Cardinals reach double-digit wins and continue fighting for their slim chance of a playoff bid.

2013 Week 17 vs SF (12 / 6 / 91 / 0 rec)

Floyd struggled with drops early in the game, failing to convert a first down which directly led to a Jay Feely missed FG, but the second year WR came on strong in the second half, amassing 91 yards and out-jumping two defenders for a 44-yard "jump ball" catch while eclipsing 1000 receiving yards on the season. The future is bright for Floyd, who continues to become a more refined route runner, and now has a much firmer grasp of Arians' complex offense. With some likely upgrades to the offense around him, Floyd is primed to explode statistically in 2014. He should be targeted as a high-WR2 in any fantasy league.

2012 Week 3 vs PHI (2 / 1 / 8 / 1 rec)

Michael Floyd's first career reception came on the game's first touchdown on a play where good fortune had more to do with the reception than any design. He showed concentration as he stayed with a ball that was batted twice by Eagle defenders, plucked it out of the air, and skipped into the end zone for an 8 yard TD. It was his only reception of the day.

2012 Week 4 vs MIA (8 / 4 / 35 / 0 rec)

Floyd did well to get free deep down the left sideline, but couldn't adjust to a slightly underthrown football from Kolb. He caught a curl pass for 10 yards and a first down in single coverage from the slot. On the very next play, he caught a curl pass for 10 yards and a first down in single coverage at the sideline. Floyd couldn't catch a curl route with a defender on his back as he had to stretch his hands back for the football.

2012 Week 5 vs STL (3 / 1 / 17 / 0 rec)

Floyd's first impression was not good, as he dropped an easy would-be first down catch. He made up for it somewhat with a big third down conversion in the fourth quarter - with a great job of catching the low ball while still maintaining his balance and running for more yardage. Floyd was involved a lot as the team went to a lot of four-wide sets after they abandoned the run.

2012 Week 6 vs BUF (3 / 1 / 24 / 0 rec)

Floyd was targeted three times, but only registered one catch. Working against Aaron Williams, Floyd did a nice job leaving plenty of space for Kolb to use the sideline on the somewhat blind throw and Floyd made a great diving catch picking up 24 yards and the Cardinals' first 1st down. Floyd also drew a holding penalty late in the 4th quarter that precipitated Fitzgerald's 28-yard catch.

2012 Week 7 vs MIN (1 / 1 / 7 / 0 rec)

Other than a wide receiver screen at the beginning, Floyd barely registered as a factor in the passing game.

2012 Week 8 vs SF (11 / 5 / 36 / 0 rec)

Almost the entirety of Floyd's production came in garbage time, with Skelton throwing quick balls to Floyd on short routes to nickel and dime against a San Francisco defense that was playing soft. Floyd did exhibit some great athleticism and hands on this drive though, especially on one play when Skelton threw a ball that wasn't even close to Floyd, but Floyd was able to sprawl out and bring the ball in to his body with one hand. Skelton also targeted Floyd in the corner of the end zone, and maybe with a little more height on the pass Floyd could have made the catch, but Culliver made an incredible leaping play to swat the ball down.

2012 Week 9 vs GB (7 / 5 / 80 / 0 rec)

The rookie out of Notre Dame had his biggest receiving day as a pro on Sunday. Floyd was scantily used in the first half, but with the Cardinals down by multiple scores in the second half, and Early Doucet suffering a case of the drops, his time came. Flashing some of the potential that saw him get selected as the second wide receiver (13th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft, Floyd caught a couple passes short of the first down chains, made a guy miss, and picked up the first down. Late in the fourth quarter, Floyd hauled in a 37-yarder, which required great concentration, as Davon House was right in his face. Using his size and strength, he was able to pick the ball out of the air and hang on while going to ground. Although he did a lot of his damage in partial garbage time, against a secondary that has been picked on, it is promising for Floyd., With the attention that defenses have to pay to Larry Fitzgerald, he will very much have opportunities over the rest of the season.

2012 Week 11 vs ATL (4 / 2 / 18 / 0 rec)

Floyd only managed two catches on Sunday but was somehow the second leading receiver for his team which doesn't say much for the Arizona passing game. The entire Cardinals passing game struggled to maintain drives for any length and both QB's that played had great difficulty picking up first downs, which really hurt the production of every receiver including Floyd. Floyd had one drop early in the game but managed to make a great catch on a deep curl route. Floyd leapt high above the defender and snatched the ball securely. Floyd also showed impressive concentration as he caught a short pass he initially juggled before finishing the catch. Floyd is not a startable WR in Fantasy now, especially with the unknown factor at QB and the fact that no Arizona WR is a consistent player in terms of production.

2012 Week 12 vs STL (4 / 4 / 35 / 0 rec)

Floyd caught a quick pass at the sideline for a first down just before the half. Floyd caught a curl pass underneath on the same drive, but he was benefiting from off coverage from the defense. Floyd was getting repeated success with the same route as he ran another curl route on the right sideline for a first down and 10 yards. Floyd caught exactly the same pass again for a first down in the fourth quarter. A fifth reception was added...exactly the same way as the previous four.

2012 Week 13 vs NYJ (10 / 2 / 22 / 0 rec)

Floyd's production was plagued by Lindley's erratic play. Despite receiving a game-high ten targets, Floyd was only able to secure two catches. Floyd did not make his first catch until the third quarter when secured a short four-yard gain on an out-route. Two drives later, Lindley came back to Floyd, hitting him on a deep crossing route for an 18-yard gain. Lindley was clearly trying to get the ball to Floyd, but most of his throws were off target and Floyd did not have an opportunity to make a play.

2012 Week 14 vs SEA (5 / 2 / 30 / 0 rec)

Floyd made two of the better receptions for Arizona in their blowout loss to Seattle. Late in the third quarter, he made a nice reception on a deep comeback route, then giving a great stiff arm for additional yardage after the catch. Later in the second half, Ryan Lindley delivered his best pass of the day - a 10-yard out route right on the money to Floyd. Floyd remains a keeper and dynasty league prospect as he has had just one game over 40 receiving yards as a rookie. The quarterback and offensive line play will need vast improvement for Floyd to be a viable option as the no.2 target down the road.

2012 Week 15 vs DET (5 / 3 / 37 / 0 rec)

The rookie receiver led the team with 37 receiving yards, which is impressive considering there were only 104 to go around against the Lions. He has yet to really flash first round talent this season and that was again the case this week. He did not gain yards after contact on his receiver screen or make any above-average plays on the ball on his other two receptions.

2012 Week 16 vs CHI (8 / 6 / 47 / 0 rec)

Floyd had one of his better games as a pro. He ran some nice, tight routes (such as on a 14 yard reception late in the first quarter) and good hands with one notable exception. He nearly turned the ball over at the end of the first half, as he caught the ball short of the first down line and the Bears did an excellent job yanking the ball free. Luckily for Floyd and the Cardinals, his knee hit the ground before the football came out. Floyd saw a dip in the quality of targets when Hoyer took over and had multiple balls fly wide of him which were almost uncatchable.

2012 Week 17 vs SF (14 / 8 / 166 / 1 rec)

Turning in his best performance to date, Floyd was all over the field and catching balls at every level. He caught short hook routes and fought for yardage. He caught quick slants and snatched the ball out of the air while meeting contact. He ran great deep routes and elevated to the highest point, fighting with a physical secondary for the catch. His first long catch came on a deep route to the right. Floyd beat his man with a stutter step and gained enough separation for Hoyer to deliver a ball over the corner's shoulder. Floyd was able to turn, locate the ball and catch for a gain of 34 yards. At the end of the 2nd quarter, Hoyer again went deep to Floyd down the left side, but the corner was able to get the better of Floyd in the fight. As the 3rd quarter progressed, Floyd caught a quick slant and evaded the first tackler then absorbed a hard hit, holding on to the ball the whole way. Unfortunately for Floyd, his next reception proved to be tougher to hold on to as the wide receiver shrugged off the first tackler, but was soon met by a flying fist that punched the ball straight out of Floyd's loose grip for a fumble. As the 49ers pulled away from the Cardinals, Hoyer began to take more deep shots to Floyd, and on one sideline route Floyd was able to use a double move to again beat his corner and catch the deep ball over the shoulder, shedding the corner's tackle and running for 53 yards. Even with the game winding away and the Cardinals facing a 4th and 24, Floyd ran to the corner of the end zone while tightly covered, and with the ball arriving Floyd stopped, leapt and caught the ball in his gut as the corner struggled to locate the pass. The touchdown may not have helped the Cardinals win the game, but it was a perfect cap to what was a hard fought and physically impressive game by the rookie.