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RB Kenyan Drake - Miami Dolphins

6-1, 210Born: 1-26-1994College: AlabamaDrafted: Round 3, pick 2016

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17 at BUF 42 11 43 0 5 5 52 0 0 8.5

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Recent Game Summaries

2018 Week 17 vs BUF (11 / 43 / 0 rush, 5 / 5 / 52 / 0 rec)

The Miami back field has been an enigma all season long. They have been unwilling to commit to Drake as their lead back, even with the injury to Gore. Drake had 1 fewer carry and 4 less yards than Ballage out of the backfield, but he did lead the team in receiving. Drake fell 5 yards shy of 100 total yards this week, but it had more to do with game flow than anything else. The Dolphins dug themselves a hole and then ineffective quarterback play doomed the second half after they pulled back to even. There seem to be some questions as to what direction this offense is going to go next year. Drake had long figured to be in their plans going forward, but that is not how they have used him this season. He took a back seat to Gore early in the year and now Ballage seems to have surpassed him in ball carrying duties. Drake's longest rush was 9 yards off the edge and he had the longest play of the game for Miami with a 19-yard catch and run play down the sideline. It was not the season the Dolphins envisioned after the first few weeks and they are going to have to take a hard look at every position group in the offseason.

2018 Week 16 vs JAX (6 / 23 / 0 rush, 5 / 4 / 31 / 0 rec)

The strength of the Jacksonville defense continues to be the rush defense, and that hurt any chance of Drake having a big game. He received only 6 carries and broke a single run for 9 yards as his longest play on the ground. The rushing attack only managed 18 total carries and 62 yards combined. It was not a great showing for a team that clearly missed Gore out of the back field. Drake had more carries than any other back and barely edged out his quarterback for total rushing yards. He also caught 4 of his 5 targets. He led the team in targets and receptions this week and trailed Amendola by only 9 yards for the lead through the air. 54 total yards is not a great game, but that is how it has gone for Drake. Even with Gore out due to injury, Drake has not fully taken over out of the back field. He has one more chance to show that he can be the lead back next week against Buffalo.

2018 Week 15 vs MIN (1 / 6 / 0 rush, 3 / 3 / 28 / 0 rec)

With Gore going down early with an injury, you would think Drake would step in and take the reps. That was not the case this week as third string Kalen Ballage stepped in. Drake was only given a single carry (6 yards) and caught all 3 of his targets in the passing game. It has been a frustrating season for Drake. He has taken a back seat to Drake after being slated as the lead back coming into the year. Then he finally gets his chance with an injury and is leap frogged. Drake still appears to be the back of the future for Miami, but they have not committed to him in recent weeks. He scored the miracle touchdown last week and did not carry any of that over to this week.

2018 Week 14 vs NE (6 / 24 / 0 rush, 1 / 1 / 55 / 1 rec)

It was a very slow game for Drake, until the final play of the game. He had only rushed for 24 yards and had not caught a pass until that final miracle play. His longest rush was 11 yards and he saw only 6 carries to Goreís 12. Bolden even had a better game and surpassed his yardage with a single run. None of that mattered after the final play when he sprinted 55 yards to the end zone. Tannehill found Stills across the middle, he lateraled to Parker, who then pitched it to Drake. He went down the sideline before cutting back inside and then back to the corner where he outran the defender for the final score. The play was reviewed and upheld as the game winning touchdown with no time left on the clock. Drake was an afterthought this week until that final big play.

2018 Week 13 vs BUF (7 / 31 / 0 rush, 4 / 2 / 13 / 1 rec)

There was not a lot of success on the ground and Drake was no exception. He had 1 fewer carry than Gore, but 10 more yards. Drake had 4 targets to Gore's 1 and only 3 more yards. The important part was the 3-yard reception for a touchdown. He leaked out into the flat and took a Tannehill pass to the pylon for the score. Drake had the longest play of the game for the Dolphins with a 20-yard burst on the ground. He only managed 11 yards on his other 6 carries and suffered the same fate as Gore with being met at the line of scrimmage by a defender on almost every play. The Dolphins really struggled against a poor run defense this week and will need a much better showing next week against the Patriots.

2018 Week 12 vs IND (8 / 32 / 1 rush, 6 / 5 / 64 / 1 rec)

The running back quandary continues in Miami. Frank Gore continues to get more carries, but Drake had more success again this week. He had a touchdown on the ground and through the air this week and led the team in targets. Drake kicked things off with a 33-yard touchdown reception on the first drive of the game. Tannehill got the Colts to jump and rather than take a shot down the field he swung the ball out to Drake. It looked to be a short gain, but Drake was able to follow his blocks and then weave through the defense for the score. The Colts showed poor tackling on the play, but Drake's vision proved too much as he evaded everyone for the score. His longest rush of the game was coincidently his second touchdown as well. He took the ball 14 yards up the middle of the defense just before the end of the 3rd quarter. He did not have the same success on the ground as Gore, but he played a bigger role over the course of the whole game. Drake is the back of the future and he has 2 juicy matchups against the Bills to close out the season and prove his worth for next year.

2018 Week 10 vs GB (8 / 27 / 0 rush, 2 / 2 / 11 / 0 rec)

Another week goes by and another question mark out of the back field. After starting to take command of the back field, Drake has once again faded to Gore. Even with the score close enough to not abandon the run in the first half, the Dolphins were content giving the ball to Gore. Drake was out-carried 8 to 13 by Gore and even saw his edge in targets in the passing game decline. The Dolphins know that Drake is the future but do not seem willing to commit at the moment. They are on the verge of a lost season, despite the struggling play of the Patriots, and rather than see if Drake is their true back of the future, they continue to hand the ball to Gore. His longest play of the game was an 8-yard catch and his longest rush was 6 yards. Drake managed 3.3 yards per carry this week and continues to struggle with the time share created with Gore. At some point a commitment needs to be made to a back in Miami or they are going to continue to struggle to run the ball consistently.

2018 Week 9 vs NYJ (3 / 9 / 0 rush, 6 / 4 / 26 / 0 rec)

After more or less taking the reins in recent weeks, Drake was left in the dust by Gore this week. This was biggest inequity in regard to carries this season. Drake had 3 carries to 20 for Gore. Neither back was able to break free and Drake could not even surpass 10 yards on the ground. His longest run was 5 yards and then he was used sparingly, even with the Dolphins trying to run out the clock at the end of the game. He did have the 2nd most targets of anyone on the team and was second in receiving yards. All 4 of his catches came underneath and his long was 9 yards. This was not a very productive game for Drake this week, but the team came away with the win. This is an offense without an identity right now and Drake is suffering from that.

2018 Week 8 vs HOU (12 / 58 / 1 rush, 2 / 2 / 37 / 1 rec)

The run game was the only thing really working for the Dolphins this week and it all started with Drake. The touch distribution between Drake and Gore was 14-13 but Drake came away with both touchdowns for the Dolphins. He also averaged just under 5 yards per carry this week and was not skewed by a single long run. Drake's longest run of the game was also the longest run for the Dolphins. He took the ball off the right end for 12 yards and the touchdown. Drake bounced to the outside and ran straight to the pylon without being touched. The play only happened after an unnecessary roughness call nullified the previous field goal and gave the Dolphins a fresh set of downs. His second touchdown came on a trick play and it was a thing of beauty. It looked like the Dolphins were setting up a quick screen to the outside to Amendola, but Drake leaked out of the backfield and worked his way down the sideline. Amendola took a step back and launched the ball 28-yards across and down the field and hit Drake in stride for the touchdown. Had the safety not bit on the fake to the left, it would have been an easy interception as he floated the ball all the way across the field. After struggling early this season, Drake has put up back to back solid games and is separating himself from Gore.

2018 Week 7 vs DET (6 / 72 / 1 rush, 8 / 4 / 15 / 0 rec)

After the costly fumble last week, it was hard to imagine that Drake would be in the good graces of the coaching staff this week. That looked to be true as Frank Gore out rushed Drake 10 to 6. However, Drake ripped one of his six carries for 54 yards and a touchdown this week. He did not have any issues holding on to the ball and he was targeted a team high 8 times out of the back field. Drake burst through the line on his long run and was barely touched until he made it to the goal line. He only managed to snare 4 of his 8 targets and a lot of the work came because the Dolphins were playing from behind almost the entire game. Drake provided the big play for this week and is forcing the coaching staff to give him the ball more. With the short week, Drake should have the ability to bounce back more so than Gore and may be in line for a larger workload.

2018 Week 6 vs CHI (13 / 57 / 0 rush, 6 / 4 / 21 / 0 rec)

The workload between Drake and Gore was very close this week, and while the lines look totally different, it was mostly because of a single big run by Gore. The biggest things to note was the fumble by Drake on the 1-yard line in over time. He was trusted with the ball in a key situation after Gore had done all of the work to get them there and he gave it back to the Bears. This is something that cannot happen and may cut into his workload going forward. He did regain most of his passing down work and racked up 6 targets to Gore's 1. He did not do very much with the 4 catches he had, but it shows where the touch distribution is going. Drake's longest rush was 12 yards, and it seems like he did just enough this week to keep the workload close to a 50/50 split. However, if he puts the ball on the ground on the 1-yard line in overtime again, he may not have a job at all after that.

2018 Week 5 vs CIN (6 / 46 / 0 rush, 11 / 7 / 69 / 1 rec)

The game script should have given both Drake and Gore a chance to run the ball and run the clock. However, with the poor play of Tannehill that did not happen, and Drake only pulled half the carries that Gore did. This was especially surprising when it seemed like Drake was having more success running the ball. Half of his yards came on a single 25-yard rush, but his average was still just under 5 yards per carry without that play. Drake was given more opportunity in the passing game this week and had more targets than any receiver on the team. Drake caught 7 of his 11 targets and a touchdown. The scoring play came on a 22-yard corner route by Drake out of the back field. Tannehill saw that he would have a linebacker in coverage and knew it was a plus matchup. Drake did out-touch Gore by the end of the game, but the lack of rushing attempts is concerning. There is no clear split for carries in Miami right now despite all the reports saying Drake is the starter. He had a good game this week and that may be enough to have his number of touches trend in the right direction.

2018 Week 4 vs NE (3 / 3 / 0 rush, 2 / 1 / 13 / 0 rec)

With only 4 touches the entire game, it is easy to think that Drake got hurt or was benched for some reason. However, he just was not used as much as Frank Gore this week. With the Dolphins playing from behind early and getting down big against a superior opponent, they did not see the point in risking injury to their lead back. Gore did find some success with the added touches, but he does not figure to be the lead back going forward. If we see similar usage of Drake again next week it may be time for owners to panic, but right now this game just looks like it will be a blip on the radar.

2018 Week 3 vs OAK (5 / 3 / 0 rush, 4 / 2 / 7 / 0 rec)

Despite being a close game and the potential to control the clock with the run game, the Dolphins were not interested in that. As a team they only ran the ball 14 times, with Drake only seeing 5 of those carries. By comparison, the Raiders ran the ball 32 times and their lead back carried the ball 19 times. As a whole, the Miami offense only ran 38 plays, 1 shy of the amount of times Derick Carr threw the ball. With all of that said, Drake could not find any room to run with his 5 carries. He had a single run that went for 3 yards and then 2 other carries that did not net a yard. He was also targeted in the passing game 4 times but only snagged 2 of those passes for just more than double his rushing yards. This is a game where you look at the stats and wonder how they won, especially since Drake did not seem to play any role at all in the final score.

2018 Week 2 vs NYJ (11 / 53 / 1 rush, 4 / 4 / 17 / 0 rec)

After struggling in week one, Drake showed why he is the lead back this week. He was the most effective runner and out touched every other back for Miami. Drake is still splitting carries with Gore almost 50/50 but will create more opportunity if he continues to have games like this. Drake managed 4.8 yards per carry and ripped off a 20-yard run right up the middle to help run out the clock at the end of the game. Drake also contributed in the passing game and reclaimed a lot of the third down work he lost in week one. The biggest contribution for Drake this week was his 6-yard touchdown run. He took the ball right up the middle and powered his way in for the score. This was the first touchdown of the game and helped set the tone for the rest of the day.

2018 Week 1 vs TEN (14 / 48 / 0 rush, 4 / 3 / 18 / 0 rec)

The Dolphins started out with Drake as the clear-cut lead back, but as the game wore on he seemed to lose steam and Frank Gore seemed to get going. Drake had 5 more carries than Gore and 13 fewer yards overall. He had one long run of 16-yards where he managed to break into the second level, but outside of that he was stopped at the line time and time again. Drake also did not contribute much to the receiving game either as his 3 receptions accounted for less than 20 yards. It was a very sloppy game for all parties involved and the weather really did not help things. Drake is still going to be the feature back going into next week, but if Gore continues to perform well, he may push the workload split closer to 50/50.


Latest News

Dolphins | No extension talks with Kenyan Drake (Wed Apr 17, 09:43 PM) - Miami Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake is entering the fourth and final season of his rookie contract, and there are no contract extensions talks at the moment, according to a league source.

Our View: We'll see if Drake is used more this year as the lead back for the Dolphins. New OC Chad O'Shea could use him similarly to the way the Patriots use James White, and Drake has been studying White's game to gain some insight. In a contract year, Drake could finally play up to his potential in 2019.
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